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Chapter 1103:Sudden Attack

    Chapter 1103:Sudden Attack




    Under the commentary of White Mirrorjade and his subordinates, Ye Rosewater and the others all had affronted expressions on their faces. Lin Ming sneered. He took out Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile’s spatial rings from his Extreme Violet Ring. Then, he took one back and said, "I can acknowledge that you played some part in everything. Since that’s the case, fine, of the two spatial rings I will take one and the other I will give to you."

    As Lin Ming spoke, the disciples around White Mirrorjade became enraged. "You simply don’t know what’s good for you. Senior-apprentice Brother White isn’t haggling with you and yet you are trying to climb all over him! You want to take one? Even if the heavily wounded Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash were killed by you, you still relied on the team to kill them. What rights do you have to take one?"

    "Senior-apprentice Brother White, this dastardly fellow simply doesn’t know what death or danger is. You should just deal with him according to the sect rules. With Senior-apprentice Brother White’s strength, doing so would be beyond easy! If one dares to defy orders in a mystic realm, that was originally a capital crime to begin with! The Council of Elders will not say anything about it."

    Many disciples complained. As for White Mirrorjade, he gloomily looked at Lin Ming. He could indeed deal with Lin Ming by using the excuse that Lin Ming was disobeying a command, but now was not the time for infighting. For one, they hadn’t completely escaped danger, and he also didn’t know just what hidden strength Lin Ming had.

    "Whatever. I’ll let you jump around for some hours and then after I leave the Red Desolate Mystic Realm I’ll have the support of a Highest Elder. I wonder just how you’ll jump then."

    White Mirrorjade thought like this as he reached out to take the spatial ring in Lin Ming’s hand. But, just as he was about to touch the spatial ring, a brilliant purple light suddenly flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes.

    In that moment, Lin Ming became a human bomb. His aura suddenly erupted!

    Eight Inner Hidden Gates, first six gates open!

    Blood of the Ancient Phoenix, burn!

    Heretical God Force, open!


    With an explosive sound, the several disciples around White Mirrorjade were sent soaring backwards by the terrifying shockwaves!

    In just a split instant, Lin Ming had already thrust out the Phoenix Blood Spear he had prepared. The spear howled forth with 999 small blood spears flying outwards. An incomparably strong fire-attribute true essence flooded the Phoenix Blood Spear.

    Blue Lotus Flame Dance!

    This was a killing move right from the start, and this was also a surprise attack!

    For someone like White Mirrorjade, Lin Ming’s first idea had been to kill him from the start. However, there were too many disciples around White Mirrorjade, and if he directly attacked then Ye Rosewater might not support him and might even try to stop him. Thus, he chose to kill him in a close range surprise attack. This was the quickest method to kill White Mirrorjade without giving him the smallest chance to run. This sort of person had inherited the legacy of an unknown powerhouse and likely had many life-saving methods, so this was the best method.

    "You!" White Mirrorjade’s eyes widened. He never imagined Lin Ming would suddenly have the gall to do this. He wanted to kill him in front of everyone else? Was he insane!?

    In such an important matter, even Ye Rosewater wouldn’t dare to conceal the truth.

    In just a split-second, White Mirrorjade wasn’t able to think too much. He drew backwards, taking out his top-grade saint artifact sword from his spatial ring and meeting Lin Ming’s attack.

    However, White Mirrorjade wasn’t stronger than Lin Ming to begin with and he had even consumed a great deal of his energy and was wounded all over. Moreover, he was unprepared for this. Facing Lin Ming’s surprise Blue Lotus Flame Dance, the results could be imagined!


    The sword light shattered and Lin Ming’s spear light continued onwards, unstoppable. White Mirrorjade stuffily coughed as his protective true essence shattered. He spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backwards.

    White Mirrorjade’s clothes had been torn apart, revealing a top grade saint artifact vestment. However, this vestment had only been able to block 60-70% of the Phoenix Blood Spear’s strength. The remaining 30-40% roared into White Mirrorjade’s meridians and a blazing fire-attribute true essence mercilessly raced through him. White Mirrorjade’s entire body was in excruciating pain and his pupils contracted.

    "Lin Ming, you are courting death!"

    "The one to die will be you!"

    Lin Ming coldly said. He opened the Gate of Wonder and activated the Mystic Lightning Shade. Immediately, his body turned into an afterimage as he shot straight towards White Mirrorjade, intending on dealing the killing blow!

    Ye Rosewater, Xiao Raingem, and the others were all stunned. They never thought that Lin Ming would suddenly attack like this!

    As for the disciples around White Mirrorjade, they were all left dumbfounded. Everything had happened so fast that they weren’t able to clearly figure out just what happened.

    In the previous moment, White Mirrorjade had been an invincible existence. But now, that invincible existence had been struck to the point of vomiting blood by Lin Ming, a mere eighth stage Life Destruction martial artist.

    Although it was a surprise attack, to a top master with an extremely quick response time, a surprise attack didn’t give too much of an advantage. This was because in order for Lin Ming to ensure his surprise attack was a success, he inevitably couldn’t gather up his potential and use the strongest strike he could.

    "Senior-apprentice Brother White!"

    "Protect Senior-apprentice Brother White!"

    Just as those disciples started to react, Lin Ming had already rushed towards White Mirrorjade for the second time. At this time, a tyrannical fire-attribute true essence was rampaging through White Mirrorjade’s body. Lin Ming had managed to fuse three different level Concepts of Fire, and now the tenacity of his fire-attribute was extremely strengthened. Wasn’t getting rid of it easier said than done?

    "Lin Ming!" White Mirrorjade’s eyes flashed with a dire light. "Do you want to perish with me!?"

    "Don’t be an idiot. Just you alone are unworthy!"

    Lin Ming’s spear came smashing down. His entire body emitted loud popping sounds; this was the strength of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates’ first six gates!

    Against this spear, White Mirrorjade forcefully withstood the fire-attribute true essence tearing through his body. He sent out several sword energies to ward off Lin Ming, but Lin Ming thought little of it. Lin Ming brought his spear down again and again, his speed reaching an inconceivable level, each spear stronger than the last!

    White Mirrorjade’s sword wasn’t slow. It was just that every time he blocked Lin Ming’s spear, it caused the blood to tumble in his body. There was just no time to fully suppress the fire-attribute true essence in his body.


    White Mirrorjade was breathless with anger. Lin Ming seemed to have already calculated everything. He had caught the advantage with the first blow and had made it so that he couldn’t recover! He had discovered that Lin Ming’s spear strikes became increasingly strong, whereas he was finding it more and more difficult to resist!

    "Fuck! Lin Ming, you are seeking death!"

    At this time, White Mirrorjade’s minions finally acted. Their condition wasn’t much better and each one of them didn’t even have 50% of their true essence remaining, and several of them were also wounded.

    Lin Ming sneered. With a thought, a red lotus began to slowly bloom behind him.

    Heavenly Demon force field:grandmist space!


    As all of the surrounding martial artists were covered in the grandmist space, they immediately felt their strength constantly being drained from their bodies.

    At the same time, Lin Ming’s gold battle spirit also howled forth, forming a world of will projection. His battle spirit formed substantialized spikes of willpower that shot towards White Mirrorjade’s minions.

    Puff! Puff! Puff!

    Blood shot through the air. Although Lin Ming didn’t want to take their lives, he didn’t show mercy in his attacks either. Every willpower thorn shattered their protective true essence and stabbed into their chest or stomach. Some people were even pierced through! However, to a martial artist, as long as their heart, throat, and brain weren’t wounded then it wouldn’t be fatal.


    These disciples emitted heart-rending cries of pain. It was only at this moment that they profoundly realized just how terrifying Lin Ming’s strength was!

    Lin Ming didn’t bother with them any longer. As he released the grandmist space and world of will protection, he also viciously charged after White Mirrorjade. Not only did his onslaught of attacks not stop, but they even became stronger.

    This was the advantage of a deep true essence base brought by the dragon marrow blood. It allowed him to continue releasing the extremely energy-consuming grandmist space as well as to display his full striking power. In other words, the true essence inherent within Lin Ming was like a vast and limitless void. At his boundary, it was difficult to ever use it up!

    But as for White Mirrorjade, his situation became increasingly bad.

    Peng peng peng peng peng!

    At this time, Lin Ming had already struck out his spear 99 times; this was his 100th attack!

    "Celestial Tyrant Manual’s Hundred Layered Waves!"

    Lin Ming’s 99 spear strikes hadn’t been arbitrary; he had been gathering strength with each attack. The goal was this last spear. Following the attack technique recorded within the ‘Celestial Tyrant Manual’, this strike completed the Hundred Layered Waves, increasing his striking power by several times!

    As Lin Ming thrust out his spear, the compressed true essence within the Heretical God Sprout completely erupted. A terrifying true essence gushed out, overwhelming the world.

    All of White Mirrorjade’s minions were stopped by the battle spirit projection and the grandmist space. As for Ye Rosewater and those with her, they were all still watching in a daze. In this situation, they really had no idea what to do.

    "Lin Ming! I’ll kill you!"

    White Mirrorjade’s eyes turned blood red as his pupils shrank. In this life or death moment, he suddenly bit down on his tongue and spat out blood essence onto his sword. At the same time, he combusted the blood essence that the ancient supreme elder had left behind on this top grade saint artifact sword.

    In a situation where he was in horrible shape, White Mirrorjade had paid the tremendous price of burning dual blood essences to instantly restore his strength to the peak state, and even some above that!

    Facing this strike, Lin Ming didn’t care at all. He directly rushed at White Mirrorjade’s sword light, thrusting out with the Phoenix Blood Spear at the same time. This was a completely suicidal attack!

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, be careful!"

    Ye Rosewater blurted out. At this time she had absolutely no idea what to do. These words were all subconsciously spoken.

    As for White Mirrorjade’s minions, all of them were panic-stricken. In the face of such a terrifying strike, all of them ignored their severe wounds and ran away. Because they had attacked Lin Ming just now, they were too close to the battlefield. At such a distance, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the shockwaves.

    "That’s Lin Ming? Does he really have an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation? How could he possibly send out such an attack?!"

    "Too terrifying! He is a demon! A demon!"

    All of these thoughts flashed through the minds of White Mirrorjade’s minions. However, before they could think further, the horrifying explosion swallowed them all, lighting up the endless horizons. The blood red land was sundered in half and the endless red sand surged outwards like giant tsunami waves.

    Many of White Mirrorjade’s minions felt as if they had been struck by a massive iron ball. They were sent flying backwards, blood spurting out all over their bodies before being enveloped in the waves of red sand.

    Ye Rosewater and the others were standing very far away. Even so, they were forced back again and again by the shockwaves and had no choice but to use their own attacks to block the terrifyingly powerful red sands.

    After stabilizing herself with great difficulty and repelling the sand around her, Ye Rosewater looked forwards to see that on top of the battlefield, White Mirrorjade’s chest had been smashed in by Lin Ming’s spear. Nearly all of his ribs had been shattered and one of his arms was dangling uselessly, nearly crushed to a pulp. The Phoenix Blood Spear was deeply embedded into White Mirrorjade’s chest with blood spewing forth from the wound.

    As for Lin Ming, his clothes were torn and his face was pale:he had clearly been struck by White Mirrorjade’s sword. It was just that with the Dragonscale Robe left by Dragon One, the supreme dragon bone essence within his body, and also the defensive ability granted by the Gate of View, he was able to completely withstand the attack. Thus, he emerged relatively unharmed while White Mirrorjade was completely ruined.

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