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Chapter 1105:Aren’t You The Best Evidence?

    Chapter 1105:Aren’t You The Best Evidence?




    White Mirrorjade sneered inwardly. He never imagined that Lin Ming would correctly guess that he was the one who had betrayed them. Nevertheless, his actions had been particularly discreet and he had never left behind any clues.

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I know that you wish to have sole possession of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain’s resources, thus you tried to kill me. Greed is the inherent nature of all men, but don’t you think the excuse you found is a bit too paltry? If you say that I was the one who betrayed you, do you have evidence?"

    "Evidence?" Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a taunting smile, "Aren’t you the best evidence?"

    As Lin Ming spoke, he suddenly moved once more, swinging out the Phoenix Blood Spear again and again. Cold light flashed in the air. In a brief moment, all of White Mirrorjade’s ligaments and tendons in his arms and feet had been completely severed.

    White Mirrorjade weakly coughed and his body shivered. Because of excessive blood loss, his blood pressure was too low. Even though his tendons and ligaments had been cut apart, he didn’t bleed too much.

    After seeing White Mirrorjade being butchered like a pig by Lin Ming, all of White Mirrorjade’s subordinates began to tremble. Some of them were trembling from anger, but even more of them were trembling from fright.

    Lin Ming put away the Phoenix Blood Spear and then struck his palm against White Mirrorjade!

    Pulse Cutting Palm!

    In that instant, Lin Ming’s strength broke into White Mirrorjade’s body, cutting off all of his meridians and shattering his dantian, destroying all of the martial arts White Mirrorjade had cultivated!

    It had been a long time since Lin Ming had used this move. Although it wasn’t too useful in combat, it was extremely convenient in dealing with losers and making them unable to play any tricks.

    Ye Rosewater could clearly see what happened in this strike. Her beautiful eyes widened like twin moons.

    "Lin Ming, you have crippled White Mirrorjade!?"

    Like this, there was no longer any possibility of mediation. Although Mirrorjade had been beaten into a pulp, as long as he had all sorts of good medicines and was able to peacefully recuperate for several months, he would be able to restore himself. At most it would leave behind some minor wounds and affect his future achievements a little. But now, Lin Ming had completely obliterated all of White Mirrorjade’s meridians and dantian; this was the same as thoroughly crippling White Mirrorjade. For a martial artist, once their cultivation was wasted, that was a fate worse than death.

    "That’s right. This person has too many schemes up his sleeve. This is to prevent him from playing any tricks in the future." Lin Ming shrugged. It was like he was holding a grasshopper and tearing off its wings to prevent it from flying away.

    This tone actually caused all of White Mirrorjade’s minions to explode with rage.

    "You bastard!"

    "You madman! You are simply insane!"

    If it weren’t for Lin Ming’s aura being too fierce, they would have already rushed towards Lin Ming.

    In that moment, White Mirrorjade’s face was ashen like fading embers. He no longer maintained that lofty and arrogant attitude, like he would never be defeated. Now, his eyes were empty as he looked at the sky. It was like he had already died.

    In the moment when White Mirrorjade realized his cultivation had been abandoned, he felt the entire world slip away from him, leaving nothing but the sound of his will and soul shattering all around. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. His future, his ambitions, all of it had been turned to dust!

    He fervently wished that this was a horrifying nightmare that he would soon awaken from.

    "Lin Ming… you… will… die… with… me!"

    Because White Mirrorjade’s true essence was rapidly passing away, his words also came intermittently.

    Lin Ming chuckled. "I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. You are destined to travel the lonely road to hell by yourself. I will make sure to seal up the true essence in your body so that you will live, and then offer you to the Council of Elders so that they can search your soul. I think that even though Carefree Island is considered a righteous orthodox sect, at least in the Disciplinary Hall, can there be no one who can use a soul searching technique? I also know that such a technique will cause irreversible damage to a person’s spiritual sea. Moreover, the greater the person’s strength, the more difficult it is to use this technique on them. If your future was still brilliant and you were at your peak, I wouldn’t have any evidence at all and no one would dare to use a soul searching technique on your body. I don’t even think a Highest Elder would agree to that.

    "But now, you are simply a cripple with no strength left. Using the soul searching technique on you will be much, much simpler and there is also no chance for you to resist. Moreover, it’s fine even if the soul searching technique turns you into an idiot. In order for the Elders to punish me and not allow me to take away the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, they will definitely not oppose this. Mm, this is also the reason I dealt with you like this. I decided to take action first and then explain later, otherwise my plan would never have worked."

    As Lin Ming spoke, he shot out dozens of symbol runes to seal up White Mirrorjade’s bodily functions. With a twist of his finger he also shot a pill into White Mirrorjade’s mouth in order to maintain his life. Like this, White Mirrorjade couldn’t move a finger and he also couldn’t kill himself.

    White Mirrorjade’s words were filled with limitless hatred and animosity. "Lin Ming, I… will never… let you go… even… if I’m… a ghost!"

    "Sorry, but I’m going to annihilate your soul so that you don’t even have a chance of becoming a ghost." Lin Ming said. With that, he took off White Mirrorjade’s spatial ring and then tossed him like a dead dog into the Extreme Violet Ring’s minor dimension, imprisoning him.

    After all of this was done, he turned to look at Ye Rosewater. Ye Rosewater was still pale like before. She didn’t know what to say. She thought that White Mirrorjade was already ruthless enough, but she never imagined that Lin Ming was ruthless to yet another level. For better or worse, White Mirrorjade wouldn’t attack in full view of the public; Lin Ming was completely unscrupulous in his actions.

    Wasn’t Lin Ming afraid that his guess would be wrong? Even those from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan weren’t 100% sure. Although White Mirrorjade had the greatest motivations for doing what he did, there was no true evidence to indicate that he was the culprit. And, if it wasn’t White Mirrorjade and instead was someone else, what would Lin Ming do?

    Also, even if White Mirrorjade was the one to betray him, Lin Ming’s violent and merciless methods would anger those Elders that supported White Mirrorjade. Perhaps they would still judge Lin Ming as guilty. Otherwise, in the future, if others decided to do the same and violently attack others who they suspected of crimes and then brought them up for a soul search, wouldn’t that just bring the entire sect to chaos?

    Of course, Ye Rosewater didn’t know that Lin Ming had Mo Eversnow supporting him from behind. As long as Mo Eversnow was with him, Mo Riverbliss would never idly sit by and allow the Council of Elders to deal with him as they wished.

    Drawing back 10,000 steps, even if he really had falsely accused White Mirrorjade, Lin Ming’s life still wouldn’t be in danger. However, it would be improbable that he would be able to take away the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. In order to break into Ninefall, he might need to go elsewhere to look for more heavenly materials.

    "Miss Mo, I apologize that I must trouble you again. My extreme methods are the same as slapping the Council of Elders and those that support White Mirrorjade. I’m sure they will not let this go. At that time, I fear that I will need Senior Mo Riverbliss to shelter me."

    Lin Ming said to Mo Eversnow in the Magic Cube. During this trip to Carefree Island, he had indeed created no small amount of trouble for Mo Riverbliss. Without mentioning the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, Mo Riverbliss had also consumed a great deal of her energy to refine the supreme dragon bone into 108 dragon bone relics. If she hadn’t done that, then absorbing the 1000 foot long supreme dragon bone would have been an incomparably long project. He might not even have been able to finish absorbing it in the Divine Sea realm.

    "Lin Ming, you have done well. You are the one that I chose to be the descendant of my Verdant Feather Holy Lands. I led you to Carefree Island to take the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree and not to be insulted or used as a scapegoat. My aunty may have tried testing you a bit, but she won’t cause you trouble because of White Mirrorjade’s death. In my Verdant Feather Holy Lands of 50,000 years ago, a person like White Mirrorjade would be a common character no different from an ant. If you wish to kill him then kill him. It doesn’t matter at all."

    As Lin Ming heard Mo Eversnow say such words, he felt a warm and cozy feeling in his heart. It wasn’t wrong that he had helped Mo Eversnow, but he had received an even greater graciousness from her.

    "Thank you Miss Mo."

    "You do not need to thank me. I cannot give you too many resources and yet I will have you face Tian Mingzi. That in itself is a tremendous challenge. Tian Mingzi is a true extreme genius. This road is filled with thorns, and you naturally cannot show a single bit of mercy against any opponent that you run into. If you waver in your determination, then that will truly lead to chaos! in the past, when my grandfather found out about Tian Mingzi’s ambitions, he didn’t have any evidence that he was planning to harm the Verdant Feather Holy Lands and he also had the sentiment towards him of a master to his disciple. That is the reason that he finally ended up suffering a disastrous fate! A martial artist that cultivates the martial path must slaughter countless people on their road. On this road, there are those that have decided to step on the road to hell and there are even those who are innocent. Right or wrong, who can truly say they understand everything clearly?"

    As Mo Eversnow spoke to here, she suddenly fell into a deep recollection. Lin Ming knew that she was recalling the tragic destruction of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands 50,000 years ago, as well as her missing younger sister. Smartly, he didn’t say anything further.

    After resolving White Mirrorjade, Lin Ming played with White Mirrorjade’s spatial ring. This was a spatial ring that approached a transcendent saint artifact. Inside were 90% of the Revolving Core disciples that had come to the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, as well as a massive amount of wealth.

    Lin Ming lifted the ring up and suddenly flicked it at Ye Rosewater. The ring drew an arc in the air before falling towards her.

    "Take it!"

    Lin Ming wasn’t insatiably greedy. The wealth in this ring had been obtained at the cost of the lives of Carefree Island’s disciples. He naturally didn’t want it.

    As for the harvest of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain, that was completely obtained by Lin Ming. He naturally wouldn’t spit it back out.

    Ye Rosewater grasped the spatial ring. She didn’t know what to feel, but only whispered a single "Thank you."

    Lin Ming self-mindedly sat on the ground and began to meditate. In truth, with the dragon marrow blood supporting him, he hadn’t consumed much energy at all. This act of adjusting his condition was only closing his eyes and resting his mind.

    Of the surrounding disciples, those with Ye Rosewater were much better off psychologically. Those that had followed White Mirrorjade subconsciously hid far off, even though they didn’t leave the group around Lin Ming. With their current battered state, they were extremely vulnerable to any type of danger. If it wasn’t for this, they wouldn’t want to continue being here with Lin Ming; their hearts simply couldn’t bear it.

    At this time, it was only several hours away from the end of this trip into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. Of Carefree Island’s disciples, including those led by Ye Rosewater, there were just around 40 people left remaining. Their casualties could be called serious.

    Of course, even more of those from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan had died. All four of their late Divine Sea geniuses had been completely eliminated and they had less than 20 direct disciples remaining; everyone else had been annihilated. And, it would be impossible for them to make up for the massive amount of violet sun stones they used to transmit their disciples. All of those resources had been grasped in Lin Ming’s hands.

    Although Carefree Island had lost many direct disciples, their harvests were actually tremendous. In Ye Rosewater’s two spatial rings, there were around 100 billion violet sun stones. If they returned these to the sect, this would absolutely be considered a great merit.

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