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Chapter 1106:Highest Elder

    Chapter 1106:Highest Elder




    "Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, take a look, how much wealth is inside that ring?" Junior-apprentice Brother Song quietly whispered to Ye Rosewater as he looked at White Mirrorjade’s spatial ring.

    Ye Rosewater turned towards that Junior-apprentice Brother Song and berated him, "Are you a heartless idiot? Now is not the time to be caring about things like wealth. Moreover, it doesn’t belong to you to begin with, so why do you care so much? Hurry up and record a jade slip report that covers everything that happened in this battle in detail. Make sure you highlight the several questionable points that happened to us in the sandstorm, and also make sure you emphasize Junior-apprentice Brother Lin’s role on the battlefield. Ah… just write it as truthfully as you can."

    Ye Rosewater sighed. "I hope that the merits recorded in the report can help Junior-apprentice Brother Lin. Otherwise, even if White Mirrorjade is found to be a traitor, those Elders that support him won’t give up…"

    Junior-apprenticed Brother Song slowly nodded. Beside him, Xiao Raingem said, "Senior-apprentice Sister Ye shouldn’t worry too much. Although Junior-apprentice Brother Lin hasn’t accompanied us for too long, he’s always done things with full assurance and knowledge of his actions; this time shouldn’t be an exception either. Let’s take a quick inventory of the resources and write up a report for the Elders. Oh, and also, those Revolving Core disciples should be safe."

    "They’re okay." Ye Rosewater shook her head. As long as they won the battle then the Revolving Core disciples would be alright. Otherwise, if they had lost then they would have all been annihilated.

    Everyone waited for several hours. No more dangers appeared during this period. Soon, their time within the Red Desolate Mystic Realm was coming to an end…


    Meanwhile, deep in Carefree Palace, in a barren land, there was a rock mountain thousands of feet high. This rock mountain was constructed from some sort of unknown stone and it didn’t seem too special at first glance. However, it had a boundless and vast atmosphere to it, as if it had experienced the passing of countless years.

    Above this space, a vast galaxy swirled around it. Rivers of stars flowed like threads of silk, continuing past the ends of heaven, glorious and magnificent!

    This random deep space opened within Carefree Palace was even larger than a Divine Kingdom of the Sky Spill Continent.

    At this time, scattered on top of this mountain, there was a group of powerhouses sitting around. These were Elders of Carefree Palace and there were even Highest Elders amongst them. This was a meeting of Carefree Palace’s Elders.

    "Considering the time, this trip into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm should come to an end soon." The one who spoke was a delicate and handsome youth; he was the Island Master of Carefree Island, Xiao Skywhite.

    "That’s right… our Carefree Island invested an immense amount of resources into this trip to the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. Several thousand Revolving Core disciples, over 100 direct disciples, and also more than 20 billion violet sun stones. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this is a war that concerns our sect’s destiny. If we can achieve total victory in this war then our Carefree Island will be able to take another step further towards becoming a Holy Land. But if we are defeated, then I fear we will fall into decline for some time. It will take time to recover from the loss of the Revolving Core disciples, direct disciples, and massive resources that we invested. We will slowly diminish until we reach a similar level to Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, therefore we absolutely cannot lose this battle!"

    At one of the highest peaks of this rock mountain, an old man was speaking with a worried expression. His name was White Brook, and he was the second Highest Elder of Carefree Island. In a true comparison of strength, Carefree Island was naturally inferior to the combined forces of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, so how could he not be worried?

    "Haha, Honorable Master has truly considered this carefully." On a slightly lower peak, a red-robed middle-aged man with long, hanging ears smoothly smiled. This person was the Great Elder of Carefree Island, Xiao Haogan. When there was a discussion about handing the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree to Lin Ming, he had taken a completely different stance from Island Master Xiao Skywhite. They had engaged in a fierce dispute, and Island Master Xiao Skywhite had finally left in an angry huff.

    However, Xiao Haogan simply didn’t fear Xiao Skywhite at all. He had the support of a Highest Elder. The second Highest Elder White Brook was Xiao Haogan’s master.

    The Great Elder traced his beard and said with confidence, "For this mission I passed command over to White Mirrorjade. Even if we can’t obtain a total victory, our disciples should still be able to return safely and at least have caused Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan to suffer some losses. Honorable Master should remember that Mirrorjade has a calm temperament, the wisdom of a mighty general, and he is also superbly strong. He won’t commit to something that he doesn’t have full grasp of. Mirrorjade also has a great destiny upon his body. He has obtained the inheritance of a peerless powerhouse and has many secret abilities hidden away. In these past years, he has shown absolute superiority to all powerhouses of his age. With his life of a peerless emperor, even if he were to be besieged by three or four late Divine Sea masters, he would still be able to safely escape!"

    "Mm, Mirrorjade is indeed outstanding. With the destiny he has, it won’t be easy for him to perish. The only reason that I agreed to this sort of bitter war with no retreat is that he would be the one to lead the mission. This is a gamble with over 20 billion violet sunstones on the line. If we lose, the very foundation of our sect will be influenced to some extent." White Brook said and the other Elders nodded in agreement. White Mirrorjade had indeed obtained the inheritance of a Holy Lord level powerhouse.

    This was a matter that White Brook was well aware of. A peerless talent needed the support of many lucky chances, and the lucky chance that White Mirrorjade had stumbled upon were much greater than those of a normal genius! This was why Xiao Haogan said that White Mirrorjade had the life of a peerless emperor.

    In truth, concerning White Mirrorjade’s ability, even Island Master Xiao Skywhite had to praise him. Although White Mirrorjade was on the side of one of the Highest Elders, and one that he didn’t agree with too much, he had to acknowledge that White Mirrorjade was a much better choice for leading than Ye Rosewater. That was why he didn’t oppose the Great Elder passing over command to White Mirrorjade during this trip into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. He simply followed Mo Riverbliss’ wishes and placed Lin Ming in the group.

    At this point, White Brook seemed to remember something. He said to Xiao Skywhite, "Island Master Skywhite, when I was deep in seclusion within a separate time and space in Carefree Palace, I remained unknowing to what was happening outside. But I heard recently that a junior arrived at my Carefree Island called Lin Ming, and he also claims to be a descendant of that mysterious person from 50,000 years ago. And you, because of this matter, had even decided to give the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree to Lin Ming?"

    White Brook’s voice was neither slow nor fast, and had a harmonic cadence to it. He sounded like an old countryside grandpa, someone unable to harm a human or fly.

    But Xiao Skywhite would never believe this. When White Brook competed with Xiao Skywhite’s father for the position of Island Master in the past, he had been defeated at the last step. This was the only reason he had become a Highest Elder. Ever since, White Brook had also been suppressed by his father for such a long period of time. It was now no longer possible for White Brook to succeed the position of Island Master, but this did not mean that his thirst for power had ever abated.

    Wherever there were people, there would also be struggles for authority. Carefree Island was no exception. This was because authority could be translated into tangible benefits. With power and authority in one’s hands, one could find more resources and greater benefits.

    Thus, whether it was because of struggles of authority, or the problems left behind by Xiao Skywhite’s father leaving, this Highest Elder White Brook had never had amicable relations with Xiao Skywhite.

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