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Chapter 1112:The Power Behind The Throne

    Chapter 1112:The Power Behind The Throne




    "The truth is now clear. I feel extremely regretful for everything that has occurred, but White Mirrorjade has already been punished for his actions. I will inform the entire sect of this matter and have it serve as a warning to the disciples!" Xiao Skywhite summarized. This sort of scandal would severely shame the White Family and ruin their reputation.

    However, Xiao Skywhite wasn’t doing this to attack the White Family. Rather, the matter of Lin Ming killing White Mirrorjade was known by the direct disciples. Now, the disciples beneath them probably knew and there had to be an explanation for all of this.

    White Brook’s lips twitched as he heard Xiao Skywhite. He remained silent throughout. Today was truly a living nightmare.

    He turned and suddenly glanced at Mo Riverbliss. "You… who are you? Why would you appear in Carefree Palace?"

    As White Brook spoke, everyone’s eyes turned to Mo Riverbliss. They too wished to know just who she was.

    Mo Riverbliss stood atop a square of rainbow-colored silk, her entire body clothed in white. Her fingers linked together and sent out several seals. In the space and time within this mystic realm, large runes began to appear from all over, floating in the surrounding space.

    Then, the high mountain peaks that these Elders were standing on began to rumble as they sank into the earth. Everyone fell onto the ground!

    This scene caused all of the Elders to be shocked. Mo Riverbliss didn’t depend on her own brute strength to flatten the mountain peaks into the earth, but had rather operated the array formations of Carefree Palace!

    Carefree Palace itself was an extremely high grade spirit artifact. It was offensive and defensive; a natural war fortress that resisted the world. If the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree was related to the destiny of Carefree Island, then Carefree Palace was the foundation with which Carefree Island was able to remain a sect. If Carefree Island didn’t have the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, they would only have less resources and would be hindered in their future development, making it hopeless for them to become a Holy Land. But without Carefree Palace, Carefree Island’s defensive power would plummet to a far lower level. At this time, if Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan were to join forces and attack Carefree Island, then Carefree Island might even be totally obliterated!

    Not just that, but the deep time-space locations within Carefree Palace were the best places to cultivate in all of Carefree Island. All of Carefree Island’s Elders and their most amazing direct disciples would enter seclusion here. If they didn’t have Carefree Palace, then the losses to Carefree Island would be even greater than losing the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree.

    It was also because of this reason that since ancient times, only the Island Master’s symbol was able to operate Carefree Palace. But now, this mysterious woman was also able to control Carefree Palace’s array formations. How could the Elders present not be surprised?

    "You… how can you control Carefree Palace!?" White Brook shouted, his expression that of someone who saw a ghost.

    Mo Riverbliss lightly glanced at White Brook and said, "Carefree Palace is my spirit artifact to begin with. I placed it at Carefree Island to serve as the foundation for Carefree Island to remain a sect. However, absolute dominion of Carefree Palace has always remained in my hands. All of the Island Masters have only been allowed to use it."

    "What?" White Brook was completely bewildered. This mysterious woman actually controlled Carefree Palace!

    It had to be known that these Elders usually cultivated deep within Carefree Palace. With this mysterious woman’s terrifying strength, that meant that she controlled the lives of Carefree Island’s Elders at all times, and also had the very fate of Carefree Island itself in her grasp!

    Suddenly, White Brook remembered that 10,000 years ago, because information of the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree had been revealed, it had caused a super influence to lead an invasion against Carefree Island in the hopes of capturing the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. At the end, when Carefree Island nearly couldn’t continue to support itself, a mysterious person had appeared. This mysterious person had managed Carefree Palace with strength approaching a World King, and finally their enemies were all forced back.

    After this, Carefree Island experienced thousands of years of peace, and their sect also rapidly expanded in both size and power. Slowly, Carefree Island gained the strength to stand firm in the world, and gained the qualifications of a sect that was able to defend themselves.

    As White Brook thought of this now, he realized that the reason this mysterious woman’s aura was familiar to him was because it was the same aura as that mysterious person’s from 10,000 years ago!

    "10,000 years ago, you moved to help manage Carefree Palace’s array formations and force back the Seven Element Sect? And, the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree was also left here by you?"

    White Brook suddenly thought. It was highly likely that the person supporting Lin Ming from behind was this mysterious woman.

    "You can say that." Mo Riverbliss said.

    "So that’s how it was. No wonder, no wonder, hahaha! I was truly laughable!" White Brook shook his head, his face filled with self-deprecation.

    "Since you’ve always been controlling the Carefree Palace spirit artifact, and also had such overwhelming strength, that is the same as all of Carefree Island never leaving your grasp. If that’s true, then why not directly take away the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree? None of us would be able to resist you."

    Mo Riverbliss said, "Why should I answer to you about the decisions I make?"

    In the end, the reason that Mo Riverbliss had hidden in the shadows all these years and had others represent her in leading Carefree Island was because of how sensitive her status was. It was easy for her to attract the attention of others if she were to appear. After all, even in the entire Divine Realm, a half-step World King powerhouse wasn’t a cabbage that could be found anywhere. If one were to suddenly appear, then a few thousand years of secrecy was possible. But, if she had remained in public for 50,000 years then it was possible that Tian Mingzi would have realized it was her, and thus brought the fate of total annihilation upon Carefree Island.

    In this sort of situation, patiently hiding and keeping the lowest profile possible was the best decision.

    But once Mo Riverbliss truly appeared in front of everyone and began to personally control Carefree Island herself, that symbolized that the time for the true battle had begun. This meant that Mo Riverbliss would finally begin the earnest reconstruction of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands and also begin the plans to battle Tian Mingzi.

    Lin Ming’s appearance was clearly the impetus that caused Mo Riverbliss to appear and finally wield power over Carefree Island. From the very start, Mo Riverbliss had only been observing Lin Ming. Finally, after all of this occurred, Mo Riverbliss approved of Lin Ming from the depths of her heart. Even if she had to discard all of Carefree Island’s benefits to raise up Lin Ming, she would still do so. She had faith that within several hundred years or a few thousand years, Lin Ming would have the ability to help her reform the Verdant Feather Holy Lands.

    Mo Riverbliss said, "I know that my appearance here today has caused suspicions and rejection to appear in your minds. But, because of my strength and because I am the one who truly controls Carefree Palace, none of you will dare to disobey me. Even so, you will resist me in your hearts through all sorts of ways!"

    As Mo Riverbliss spoke, her sharp and fierce eyes swept through everyone present. All of the Elders felt as if they were seen through and were unable to even look back at her.

    Mo Riverbliss had allowed Carefree Island to freely grow for 50,000 years. Through all of the previous and current high level figures of Carefree Island, no one had ever known of Mo Riverbliss’ existence besides the Island Masters. Now that she suddenly appeared and announced that she was the true shadow master of Carefree Island, this certainly would cause the high level figures of Carefree Island to resist her. This sort of feeling was as if a mortal had carefully cultivated and raised a fruit tree, and just when the tree had borne edible fruits, the secret master of the orchard had suddenly appeared. This secret master could allow you to eat a fruit, but they could also take back the orchard and deny the tree. At this time, it was normal for someone to feel uncomfortable about this situation.

    Mo Riverbliss said, "I can understand if you all have thoughts of resisting me. This is because you do not understand me, and also because you do not understand the history of Carefree Island. In your beliefs, if there is a day that Carefree Island could rise into a ninth-grade Holy Land, then that would be your greatest glory. And, a ninth-grade Holy Land is also the final goal that is in many of your hearts.

    "But in my view, even if Carefree Island rises to become a ninth-grade Holy Land, Carefree Island will still be among the weakest of ninth-grade Holy Lands for a very long time. If this sort of Carefree Island were placed in the entire Divine Realm, it would be nothing but a tiny little insignificant sect. If Carefree Island were a ninth-grade Holy Land, then in every major world of the Divine Realm, there would be at least a hundred, if not far more sects of the same level. And, these do not include the hidden sects that are scattered all over. There are even the countless sects that exist in the medium worlds and small worlds. Placed among all of this, Carefree Island is just a drop of water in the ocean!

    "If that is truly your final goal, then your achievements will also be limited to this! You can simply call all of yourselves short sighted."

    As Mo Riverbliss spoke, many of the Elders faintly frowned. What Mo Riverbliss said was true, but it was also common knowledge. There was no one present who didn’t know how terrifyingly broad and limitless the Divine Realm was.

    They were well aware of the vast Divine Realm and just how scary the true top sects were. But, for Carefree Island to become such a sect was simply a dream. In Carefree Island, a Divine Lord powerhouse was an Elder. But in those bigger sects, a Holy Lord level powerhouse was an Elder.

    Mo Riverbliss could naturally see what these Elders were thinking about. She slowly said, "You all probably think that what I speak is the foolish talk of an idiot, nothing more than an improbable fantasy that will never occur. But, what if I were to tell you that the predecessor of Carefree Island was a World King level Holy Land? Would you still think the same?"

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