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Chapter 1117:Ninefall Realm

    Chapter 1117:Ninefall Realm




    Rumble rumble!

    The surging heaven and earth origin energy had already formed a giant rainbow-hued vortex that extended for several hundred miles outwards. The rainbow vortex’s center dropped down to Carefree Palace, similar to a titanic funnel whose end connected to Carefree Palace.

    Carefree Palace gathered more and more of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy. This origin energy was so thick that it had condensed into mist. Most of this mist was sucked into Carefree Palace, but some still remained outside where it formed origin energy rain.

    With such a massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy that had Carefree Palace at its epicenter, the richness of this origin energy could be imagined!

    As for Lin Ming, his seclusion spot was right there.

    The Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree had been completely refined by Mo Riverbliss. When this incomparably pure energy that inherently contained the Source Laws entered Lin Ming’s body, his withered body began to emit a blindingly bright light.

    At this time, Lin Ming’s body seemed to be dried up without the least bit of vitality. But, this was a phenomenon caused by the Ten Severing Dao Fruits. If one used a saint artifact to slash at Lin Ming’s body, they would find that he was still as hard as divine iron. Although his flesh, skeleton, and organs seemed to have lost all their vitality, their degree of hardness never weakened at all.

    To decompose Lin Ming’s body was extremely difficult!

    This was also the greatest difficulty that body transformation martial artists had to face when crossing Ninefall:they were unable to decompose their bodies!

    Mo Riverbliss watched as Lin Ming’s withered body emitted a light like a rising sun, her face calm all the while. Ninefall would be Lin Ming’s most difficult pass to cross for some time. It would be much harder than him entering the Divine Sea or Divine Transformation realm in the future. Now, she began to use the spirit essence of the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree and the massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy gathered by Carefree Palace to start refining Lin Ming’s body.

    Refining his body bit by bit so that his Ninefall would reach the limit.

    This was an incomparably long process. Lin Ming’s body itself was like a chunk of divine iron and this immense amount of heaven and earth origin energy was like true fire. This was to use true fire to slowly melt divine iron until it was liquid metal, and then temper it.

    During this process, Lin Ming would have to withstand a tremendous amount of pain from having his body be refined by energy. As for Mo Riverbliss, she also had to shoulder a frightening use of her own energy; she would even lose a bit of her cultivation.

    Woosh woosh woosh!

    Mo Riverbliss pointed towards the lotus flower throne and began to shoot out a stream of mystical runes. Under her control, the heaven and earth origin energy there began to combust in a dazzling light. Lin Ming’s physical body began to slowly melt away, starting from his hair, his hands, to his skin, flesh, and blood.

    A bit at a time, incomparably slowly.

    Until now, Lin Ming had crossed eight stages of Life Destruction. Because he cultivated the body transformation system, passing each stage was a difficult task. Even so, from the point when Lin Ming detonated the true essence in his dantian and decomposed his body, it usually happened in a very brief moment of time. It wasn’t like today, when his body would start melting away through little pieces.

    Indeed, he was melting.

    During the past Life Destructions, Lin Ming’s physical body, dantian, and soul would be crushed into the tiniest particles and then tempered by energy.

    But this time, his body was melting into droplets. This was a true liquid form.

    No matter how small the tiny particles that his body disintegrated to before were, they still wouldn’t be smaller than liquid.

    Correspondingly, if one were to temper the body in such a state, the baptism of energy they would receive would be much more thorough.

    In this dim and vague state with his vitality cut off, Lin Ming withstood the intense amounts of heaven and earth origin energy melting his body…

    After nine full days, only then did the melting of Lin Ming’s physical body complete. His flesh and blood, bones, organs, all of that was turned into liquid. In the surging heaven and earth origin energy, faint traces of red light shined in the air. This was his body undergoing the tempering of heaven and earth origin energy.

    Lin Ming’s dantian was also completely disintegrated, and his soul shattered, turning into the purest soul force that mixed into this strange ‘fog of life’.

    Strange Laws of the universe allowed all of this to happen. And beside Lin Ming, Mo Riverbliss also remained highly vigilant, her mind constantly tense. In these past nine days, she hadn’t rested even once. And now, Lin Ming had only completed the start of Ninefall and was beginning to temper his physical body. This process would still continue onwards for a very long time.

    It would take much longer for Lin Ming to cross Ninefall in comparison to other martial artists. And the phenomenon occurring outside of Carefree Palace also continued all this time…

    In the blink of an eye, a month passed.


    Many Elders gathered in a meeting chamber, the fiery light of a sound transmitting talisman burning in front of them.

    This was Island Master Xiao Skywhite’s Carefree Command.

    "The Island Master has issued an order. He wants us to go out and start preparations. Lin Ming is nearing the crescendo of his Ninefall and he wants us to go and ready the concealing array formation." Xiao Haogan said, a bit of resistance in his voice.

    Lin Ming was breaking through Ninefall, and their mission was to conceal the heaven and earth origin energy fluctuations that would arise during that time.

    In the skies above Carefree Island, the rainbow-hued vortex of origin energy didn’t diminish at all. Rather, it only grew larger over time.

    Fortunately, Carefree Island was extremely broad, otherwise this origin energy vortex might have extended into the sea.

    This vivid scene and rich origin energy vortex had actually continued for an entire month!

    This heaven and earth origin energy was gathered at the beckoning of Carefree Palace’s array formation. But in order to activate Carefree Palace’s array formation, a massive amount of violet sun stones needed to be consumed!

    Xiao Skywhite suspected that in this month he had already used up billions of violet sun stones.

    This was an extreme amount of resources! The young disciples had to experience a bitter life or death battle in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm in order to gather these resources.

    Even though Carefree Island had obtained a great harvest in the last mission into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, they still couldn’t afford to use up resources at such a prodigious rate.

    And this was just crossing Ninefall! If one didn’t know, then one would think that one of Carefree Island’s Highest Elders was truly stepping into the Holy Lord realm!

    Such a rich heaven and earth origin energy even caused origin energy rain to frequently fall all over Carefree Island.

    Xiao Haogan looked at the origin energy rain falling down from the sky and pouted, a bit depressed. He said with a true essence sound transmission, "This is breaking through Ninefall? The entirety of Carefree Palace’s array formation is used for him, and all of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy for thousands of miles is gathered up here. Isn’t this just a bit too exaggerated? If he attacks the Divine Lord realm in the future, then wouldn’t he need to eat up powers like Carefree Palace as if they were candy to succeed?"

    In these past days, underneath Xiao Haogan’s words, the Elders that were dissatisfied with Mo Riverbliss had gathered together. Of course, they used true essence sound transmissions to speak; none of them dared to utter a single word out loud.

    Most of the Elders more or less disagreed with Mo Riverbliss. A minority of them were neutral and didn’t express any particular view.

    "That’s enough. Lin Ming is a dual body and energy cultivator, thus him crossing Ninefall is something that violates the Laws of the world and is the same as defying the will of the heavens. That is the only reason there is such massive momentum occurring. It’s best if we just do as we’re told. Even if any of us are dissatisfied, you all should be aware that her status is sensitive and cannot be made known. If we don’t manage the array formation well enough, then that might arouse interest in Carefree Island. If that happens, we might attract the attention of this unknown mysterious enemy and be buried along with everyone here!"

    A neutral Elder said. All of them couldn’t help but fear Mo Riverbliss’s mysterious blood enemy. If this mysterious enemy ever tried to take revenge, Mo Riverbliss might not be able to kill him and Carefree Island would encounter a true calamity. Carefree Island’s roots were deeply connected to that destroyed Holy Land of the past, and it would be impossible for this mysterious enemy to let Carefree Island go.

    Xiao Haogan dismissively said, "You’re making a fuss over nothing. Even if Lin Ming summons a Nine Layered Heavens or even a 12 Layered Heavens during his Ninefall, so what? I can hold it down alone."

    In the martial world, Ninefall would bring about different ranks of origin energy clouds and they also had different names.

    Every single Layered Heavens of Ninefall corresponded with three miles of origin energy clouds. The first three Layered Heavens were considered the most basic steps of Ninefall. That would produce an origin energy cloud that was up to nine miles wide, and was known as the inferior three levels.

    When crossing Ninefall, nearly 99% of martial artists would stop at these first inferior three levels. Of them, the most common were the Two Layered Heavens and Three Layered Heavens.

    In Ninefall, from Four Layered Heavens to Six Layered Heavens, that was considered the intermediate three levels. When White Mirrorjade and Ye Rosewater crossed Ninefall, they had achieved a Six Layered Heavens and were considered part of the intermediate three levels.

    After that were the superior three levels. That corresponded to Seven Layered Heavens up to Nine Layered Heavens.

    To achieve a superior three levels, that would be someone who ranked at the very peak of a Holy Land. For instance, in the Ancient Phoenix Clan that would be an outstanding genius like Xiao Ping.

    To reach the superior three levels and a Nine Layered Heavens was considered a great watershed for most martial artists. To them, they took nine as the supreme number, and it was said that once one reached a Nine Layered Heavens, they could reverse the universe with but a snap of their fingers! This meant that if a martial artist could reach a Nine Layered Heavens during their Ninefall and receive the baptism of the Heavenly Dao Laws, then they would surely be able to become a Holy Lord in the future. If they became a Holy Lord, they would be able to reverse yin and yang and turn over the world.

    However, above the completion of the superior three levels, there was a boundary even higher than Nine Layered Heavens. Above that were the extreme three levels. The extreme three levels extended up to 12 Layered Heavens during Ninefall. That was yet another boundary.

    Among the juniors of the four God Beast Clans, there had only been a single one able to achieve an extreme three level Ninefall, and that was the Ancient Dragon Clan’s Dragon One. Even if the current Lin Ming were to fight with the middle Divine Sea Dragon One, he still wouldn’t have full assurance of defeating him and could only guarantee that he would be able to retreat with his life intact.

    Above the extreme three levels was yet another boundary, the absolute three levels. But to the Elders of Carefree Island, this boundary was nothing but a legend.

    The absolute three levels would only appear in a World King level Holy Land. For instance, it would have to be a monstrous genius like Crimson Strifecloud.

    To the Elders of Carefree Island, a World King level Holy Land was simply an existence that they couldn’t touch. And, when the genius disciples of a World King level Holy Land crossed Ninefall, they would do so in a top secret location. Where would these Elders of Carefree Island ever have had the chance to see them?

    Let alone the illusory absolute three levels, even a Seven Layered Heavens superior three levels was rarely seen by these Elders.

    They were only vaguely aware that there existed boundaries such as the extreme three levels and absolute three levels in this world. Even in the absolute three levels, there were monstrous geniuses that surpassed the rest. As for what sort of phenomenon would occur when they crossed Life Destruction, none of them knew.

    Thus, when the Elders present suddenly heard Xiao Haogan mention a 12 Layered Heavens extreme three levels, all of them were shocked.

    "12 Layered Heavens, perfect extreme three levels? Great Elder, are you saying that Lin Ming can cross a 12 Layered Heavens Ninefall?" An Elder asked with disbelief in his voice. He had no idea what a 12 Layered Heavens 36 mile origin energy cloud would look like.

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