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Chapter 1119:Where Lies the Limit?

    Chapter 1119:Where Lies the Limit?




    High above the sea of clouds around Carefree Palace, the origin energy surged about. The winds became more and more turbulent, and the weather turned increasingly dark and stormy. Vaguely, one could make out an auspicious rainbow-hued divine halo of light surrounding all of Carefree Palace. This colorful light was created by all the different types of energy gathered around Carefree Palace.


    Two hazy lights shot out from Carefree Palace. One of them was Carefree Island’s Island Master, Xiao Skywhite. As for the other, they were completely wrapped in a bright white light, making one unable to discern their appearance at all. This person seemed like a profound woman that had descended from the highest heavens.

    Great Elder Xiao Haogan instantly recognized this woman. It was Mo Riverbliss herself!

    "Those two fellows also came out…"

    Xiao Haogan whispered. If Mo Riverbliss and Xiao Skywhite emerged, then that proved that Lin Ming’s Ninefall was truly coming to an end. At this time, Mo Riverbliss had done everything she could do. The final stretch would all depend on Lin Ming himself.

    Following that, a white-robed man slowly flew up from the skies above Carefree Pavilion. This person had a wizened appearance. He was the strongest master in Carefree Island outside of Mo Riverbliss, Highest Elder White Brook!

    Behind White Brook were two other old men. They were also Highest Elders of Carefree Island. They had once been Vice Island Masters, but in terms of strength and status, they were worse than White Brook.

    As the many disciples of Carefree Island saw these three people, all of them were shocked. It was naturally impossible for them to recognize Mo Riverbliss, who was shrouded in a bright white light, but there were enough disciples that were able to recognize White Brook and the other Highest Elders.

    "Heavens! Isn’t that our Carefree Island’s three Highest Elders? Even Island Master Xiao is there!"

    "Why would they all come out together? I thought that one of them was making a breakthrough, but now it seems that it’s someone else. Just who is in Carefree Palace?"

    All of the disciples present were floored. As young disciples, they had never seen such a great scene as they had today. Naturally, they all thought that this sort of world phenomenon could only be produced by a late Divine Lord powerhouse.

    At this point, a resonant cry resounded from the depths of Carefree Palace, shaking through the world, piercing into the heavens!

    This sound was like the roar of a True Dragon awakening from a deep slumber, singing to the heavens!

    After that, from the vault of Carefree Palace, a divine light lit up the world. A pure blood energy turned the clouds crimson. The red light penetrated through the skies, bathing everything in crimson, blinding everyone’s eyes.


    The condensed blood energy swirled about, manifesting into the shape of a red True Dragon. It rampaged through the skies, washing all of the clouds away. In the skies above Carefree Island for several hundred miles, there was only this blood energy dragon form dancing throughout, spurring the universe!

    As this blood energy dragon rollicked in the air, a vast power of blood vitality surged outwards like an endless tsunami, crashing forwards without limit!

    All of Carefree Island’s disciples changed complexions. This blood energy dragon that roared out from Carefree Palace had such a rich and vivid blood vitality that it wasn’t something a human could possess! This was no longer a question of cultivation. As an essence gathering system martial artist’s cultivation increased, it would only increase their life force and allow them to live longer. However, their blood vitality would still be limited. Whether it was a Divine Lord, Holy Lord, or World King, they still shouldn’t possess such a terrifyingly vast blood energy. This blood energy was so vast that it resembled a fathomless sea!

    "Is it not a martial artist but an ancient great beast?"

    All of the young disciples of Carefree Palace had this idea.

    At this time, the heaven and earth origin energy finally began to condense. Countless Heavenly Dao Law Fragments gathered in the air, forming an origin energy cloud!

    "The origin energy cloud has appeared!"

    "It’s finally here!"

    Mo Riverbliss, Xiao Skywhite, and all the other Elders of Carefree Island were waiting for this moment. This was the most critical period of Ninefall:the forming of the origin energy cloud!

    "Mm… this origin energy cloud…" Mo Riverbliss frowned. She looked up at the skies. Normally, a martial artist would produce an origin energy cloud that was very colorful and auspicious. Its color would symbolize the type of cultivation method that they practiced. For instance, many of Carefree Island’s martial artists cultivated the Wood Laws, thus the clouds they formed were a deep emerald green. The Ancient Phoenix Clan cultivated the Fire Laws, thus their origin energy clouds were a vivid red. The Electric Violet Kirin Clan cultivated the Thunder Laws, thus their origin energy clouds were purple.

    But, Lin Ming’s origin energy clouds weren’t red like fire or purple like thunder but a deep gray. This massive storm also contained a calamitous killing intent, as if it would swallow up the world!

    As this origin energy cloud began to spread over Carefree Island, it was like the end of all times had come.

    After it appeared it rapidly inflated. In just several breaths of time, it climbed to the inferior three levels, intermediate three levels, all the way to the superior three levels!

    "A 24 mile origin energy cloud, that is an Eight Layered Heavens. If he continues upward then he will reach the extreme three levels!"

    "From how this is developing, perhaps the extreme three levels might not be Lin Ming’s limit. He might even reach the absolute three levels!"

    "Maybe… if that’s true, then Lin Ming will steadily reach large success Holy Lord and reach the peak of the Holy Lord realm in the future. But, for a half-step World King, an absolute three levels origin energy cloud might not be enough…" Xiao Haogan slowly said as the Elders began speaking to each other.

    At this time, his complexion wasn’t too good. He didn’t know why, but as he faced this origin energy cloud that seethed with a terrible killing intent, he felt a great pressure pushing down on him.

    He was a solemn and dignified late Divine Lord, and yet facing the origin energy cloud from a mere junior that was crossing Ninefall, he actually felt oppressed!

    Of course, this sort of oppression didn’t come from Lin Ming, but came from the Heavenly Dao Laws. It was like he was facing the entirety of the vast universe.

    As these Elders spoke amongst themselves, the range of the cloud had already reached 27 miles; this was a Nine Layered Heavens!

    The first nine Layered Heavens were respectively called the Divine Heavens, Blue Heavens, Teal Heavens, Core Heavens, Reverence Heavens, Shaking Heavens, Purple Heavens, and Overwhelming Heavens.

    Upon reaching the Nine Layered Heavens, that was to hold the chaos of the universe between one’s fingertips!

    A Nine Layered Heavens Ninefall was an entirely new level!

    One step back was mortality, one step forwards was sanctification.

    Whether one could achieve a Nine Layered Heavens was the symbol of whether a genius could become a true Holy Lord in the future!

    For the last 50,000 years of Carefree Island, a true Holy Lord had never appeared. Only the old Island Master and the current White Brook came infinitely close to becoming a true Holy Lord. Even so, they were always a single step off.

    In the Divine Realm, a Holy Lord was an illustrious character even in a major world, so how could this boundary be so easy to reach? The only reason there were so many Divine Realm Holy Lords was simply because the Divine Realm was far too vast!

    Of course, to Lin Ming, a Nine Layered Heavens was only a brief stop. Soon after, the origin energy cloud grew to 30 miles.

    10 Layered Heavens!


    11 Layered Heavens!

    12 Layered Heavens!

    The origin energy cloud was like a monster as it continued to expand. It broke through the 12 Layered Heavens without pause!

    To reach 12 Layered Heavens was to reach perfection of the extreme three levels. Above the Nine Layered Heavens were the Primal Chaos Heavens, Zenith Heavens, and True Outer Heavens!

    After 12 Layered Heavens were the absolute three levels of Ninefall!

    "He actually reached the absolute three levels! Heavens! It’s said that those who reach the absolute three levels have hopes of becoming a peak Holy Lord!"

    "I wonder if Lin Ming has a chance of breaking through the absolute three heavens. What could lie beyond that boundary?" Those Elders controlling the concealing array cried out. Some of them looked over to the ‘richly experienced’ Xiao Haogan for answers.

    Xiao Haogan wryly smiled. He certainly had no idea what lay beyond the absolute three levels of Ninefall. This sort of matter had already surpassed his scope of knowledge.

    "This brat’s luck is quite good. He managed to enter the absolute three levels. However, every level after that multiplies in difficulty…"

    Xiao Haogan forcefully ‘explained’ as he attempted to maintain his face. But in truth, as for what lay beyond the absolute three levels, or how difficult it was to reach it, he didn’t have the slightest idea.

    The origin energy cloud broke through 36 miles and reached 40 miles wide. At the same time, the origin energy cloud’s thick killing intent became increasingly heavy and dire!

    In those clouds, all sorts of postcelestial dao diagrams began to form. These dao diagrams were both mysterious and profound. Some shined like suns, some were plain and simple, and some even exuded surging killing intent!

    Those roiling origin energy clouds were like a fierce ancient monster, stretching out its body. It was gluttonous and insatiable, swallowing up all the heaven and earth origin energy around it without end!

    The Divine Lord realm Elders were fine, but the junior disciples felt a tremendous pressure.

    The mammoth blood energy, the dim and dire killing intent, the boundless breath of the Great Dao, all of this made this event difficult for them to withstand.

    "What is happening? Is a True Dragon hatching within Carefree Palace?"

    Although many of Carefree Island’s junior disciples had seen the direct disciples break through Ninefall and withstand the baptism of world Laws, they were unable to reconcile those scenes with this Ninefall occurring before their eyes.

    Of course, Ye Rosewater was already aware of Lin Ming crossing Ninefall. At this time, as Ye Rosewater looked at the origin energy clouds in the sky reaching a 14 Layered Heavens, she sucked in a breath of cold air. Was it still going to grow? Just where did Lin Ming’s limits lie?

    "Perhaps… when that mysterious senior said that Junior-apprentice Brother Lin would cultivate into a Great World King and then support Carefree Island in turn, all of that could truly become reality…"

    As Ye Rosewater thought of this, all sorts of brilliant lights shined in her beautiful eyes.

    16 Layered Heavens!

    He had broken through the absolute three levels of Ninefall!

    If this continued forwards, that was a domain none of them were knowledgeable about. Out of everyone present, besides Mo Riverbliss, none of them had ever experienced such a scene.

    Only now did a faint trace of satisfaction appear on Mo Riverbliss’s face.

    In her opinion, after Lin Ming broke through the absolute three levels he still maintained enough momentum to continue forwards. He would at least be able to break through another five or six Layered Heavens. Only then would he reach the most basic requirements that Mo Riverbliss desired from him. If he couldn’t even break through the absolute three levels of Ninefall, then all of her previous efforts would have been a joke.

    "Little Snow, your judgement is quite good." Mo Riverbliss said to Mo Eversnow with a true essence sound transmission,

    Mo Eversnow gently smiled. "Aunty, what you’ve seen is only the opening act. Lin Ming’s talent is extremely good to begin with, and he has also used countless heavenly materials in the Life Destruction realm. There were some treasures that would even make a World King crazy with jealousy. All of those treasures were used to lay down his foundation and help train his dual body and energy cultivation. Now that he has broken through Ninefall, he is simply a dragon that has emerged from a pool and is ready to soar into the heavens. How could he possibly stop at 16 Layered Heavens? This is only the beginning. I’ve watched him grow up, so I know this clearly in my heart!"

    "Oh? Little Snow, you think that Lin Ming could surpass the past you?"

    "Yes!" Mo Eversnow decisively nodded, her eyes brimming with hope.

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