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Chapter 1121:The Riddle of the Magic Cube

    Chapter 1121:The Riddle of the Magic Cube




    In the origin energy cloud above Carefree Island’s skies, the dragon and phoenix-engraved Prime Emperor Red Lotus bloomed alongside the fire and thunder rune-covered Heretical God Sprout!

    Not only did a phenomenon appear during Lin Ming’s Ninefall, but there were even two of them!

    Two different transcendent divine mights each produced their own phenomenon!

    At this time, Xiao Haogan felt as if his heart had withered away. As for the other 11 Elders responsible for managing the concealing array formation, all of them were pale. They were struggling to resist the Heavenly Dao Laws, but even the aftermath shockwaves of the Heavenly Dao Laws weren’t something that Divine Lord powerhouses could withstand!

    Originally, it was already difficult for them to withstand the red lotus phenomenon. But now, this unknown sprout that appeared out of nowhere left them miserable beyond compare. They were rapidly reaching their breaking point!

    Mo Eversnow noticed this and said, "Aunty, those 12 Elders might not be able to last much longer, you’ll need to send several more people. In the past, when the Conch World King crossed his Ninefall, a supreme conch phenomenon appeared and its sound spread out for 800,000 miles, and there was no barrier that could obstruct it. This no longer has anything to do with cultivation. These phenomena that are appearing around Lin Ming cannot be understood by any disciple of Carefree Island, but if we’re unlucky and some old monster with an extremely rich experience sees it then that will mean trouble."

    Although Mo Eversnow knew the chances were low, they still had to prepare for any unexpected variables.


    Mo Riverbliss nodded, her face full of smiles. Lin Ming’s current achievements had already surpassed all of her expectations. Her heart was filled with anticipation for his future.

    Mo Riverbliss sent out another sound transmission and had Island Master Xiao Skywhite personally help to conceal the energy fluctuations of the world Laws.

    "Little Snow, you were right. Lin Ming can really become a Great World King in the future!"

    "Only become a Great World King…?" Mo Eversnow thought to herself, not responding. In truth, her ambitions for Lin Ming were much greater. A Great World King was formidable, but Mo Eversnow had already experienced a Great World King, and that was her grandfather!

    As for Mo Eversnow herself, if she hadn’t experienced such tragedy in the past then she too would have become a Great World King. There was also Tian Mingzi. With his martial talent and cunning, he also had similar hopes of becoming a Great World King!

    What Mo Eversnow desired was to surpass a Great World King!

    She thought that Lin Ming could break through the World King boundary in the future and become an Empyrean!

    The fabled Empyreans were the true gods of the Divine Realm. Countless years would pass before a single one was born, and the most outstanding among them could produce their own transcendent divine might! Even God Beasts had to submit before the might of an Empyrean!

    What sort of boundary was an Empyrean? In front of an Empyrean, even Holy Lords that controlled their own domain were nothing more than a gathering of ants!

    When speaking of an Empyrean, all martial artists in the Divine Realm, and even the glorious World Kings, would also feel a deep reverence from their hearts. This was the same as a mortal being awed by a god.

    These aspirations were truly too great. Even Mo Eversnow didn’t have full confidence that she could help Lin Ming become an Empyrean.

    She only had an idea of this, but she didn’t say it out loud. This was because she knew such words would attract the ridicule of others. When talking to her aunty Mo Riverbliss, Mo Eversnow knew that she wouldn’t be laughed at by her. At most, her aunty would urge her not to think of such unrealistic matters.

    Thus, Mo Eversnow had chosen to stay silent about this and keep this idea snugly suppressed at the bottom of her mind.

    "Lin Ming… I have no idea what boundary you will arrive at in the future, but my destiny has already been tied to yours, and there is no way we can be divided any longer… your future, will also be my future…"

    Mo Eversnow whispered in her heart. At this time, the origin energy cloud above Carefree Island had expanded to 81 miles!

    An 81 mile origin energy cloud, that was a 27 Layered Heavens Ninefall!

    All of Carefree Island’s Elders were daunted by this sight. The origin energy cloud was simply expanding too quickly. None of them knew just how to react to this.

    Normally, when a genius crossed Ninefall, it was already extraordinary for them to produce more than One Layered Heavens.

    Every single higher Layered Heavens up meant far more unfathomable advantages. It meant greater potential, and it also meant that one’s cultivation would reach a far higher boundary in the future.

    And for Lin Ming crossing Ninefall, the origin energy cloud was rapidly inflating. This wasn’t rising by one Layered Heaven at a time, but rather by three Layered Heavens at a time! That meant that this origin energy cloud was expanding by nine miles each time!

    Now, it had already reached a 27 Layered Heavens, an 81 mile origin energy cloud!

    The number 81 came from nine times nine. Two nines together, this itself contained the principles of the Great Dao. But, this still wasn’t the limit.

    At this time, Xiao Haogan’s face was ashen.

    Although Xiao Haogan was aware that Lin Ming’s combat strength far surpassed all other martial artists’ at his level, he subconsciously believed that the only reason Lin Ming was able to do so was because of all the heavenly materials used on his body. If these heavenly materials were given to him instead, and he could form a solid foundation in his youth like Lin Ming did, then it wouldn’t be a problem for him to reach an absolute three levels Ninefall and show disdain for all other rivals of his generation.

    But now, as Xiao Haogan looked at that 81 mile origin energy cloud in the sky, his mind had gone utterly blank.

    Even calling Lin Ming a monstrous genius didn’t do him justice.

    Not too far away from Xiao Haogan, White Brook’s face was also fading like a dying fire. He couldn’t imagine that Lin Ming would achieve such a scene underneath the Divine Sea. Once he stepped into the Divine Sea, just how dramatically would his combat strength rise? And, when Lin Ming reached the middle Divine Transformation realm, Xiao Haogan feared that he would no longer be a match for him!

    With Lin Ming’s cultivation speed, it might only take a dozen or so years for him to reach the middle Divine Transformation realm!

    In just a dozen some years, Lin Ming would have the ability to contend with him in frontal combat.

    In 20 years, Lin Ming would be able to kill him.

    In 30 years, Lin Ming would be able to instantly kill him like a tiny ant!

    White Brook found such a gap hard to accept. After all, Lin Ming was only a junior. 30 years from now, he would only be 60 years old. To martial artists that lived for an incomparably long time, 60 years was only the beginning of their lives. They still had their excellent golden years awaiting them.

    As for White Brook himself, he was already in his fading years. Towards Lin Ming, he felt nothing but absolute envy.

    The origin energy cloud expanded yet again.

    28 Layered Heavens!

    29 Layered Heavens!

    30 Layered Heavens!

    At 30 Layered Heavens, a completely unexpected change occurred!

    A massive phantom appeared in the origin energy cloud in the sky, covering the entire land!

    "Phenomenon? Is this another phenomenon?"

    "Heavens! This is the third phenomenon! In just crossing Ninefall, there will be three phenomena!"

    The Elders and direct disciples of Carefree Island were speechless, no longer knowing what was happening. The reason that a phenomenon was called a phenomenon was that they were ridiculously rare. But with Lin Ming, these phenomena began to appear one after the other!

    The phantoms of the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower and the Heretical God Sprout were completely covered inside this newly appeared phenomenon. The borders of this phenomenon gradually solidified until it seemed to become reality, forming a mysterious cube. This cube didn’t emit the least bit of light. It looked simple and common, but it exuded a mystical and boundless aura. All sorts of lines appeared on this phantom. Some lines were dim and hazy and some lines were clear. However, no matter how much one stared at these lines it was impossible to grasp their path. They were baffling and incredible.

    As Mo Eversnow and Mo Riverbliss saw this cube phantom, both of them paled. This was a projection of the Magic Cube!

    They suddenly felt their hearts tighten and skip a beat. The Magic Cube contained endless amounts of secrets that none of them were able to explore now. Besides Tian Mingzi, it was possible that none of the other Great World Kings or Empyreans knew of the existence of the Magic Cube. But, if they were to find out and also lock onto the position of the Magic Cube, then the consequences would be inconceivably dire!

    The only silver lining was that none of the Elders or disciples of Carefree Island knew what the Magic Cube was. As they looked at this strange phenomenon that presented itself in the world, they seemed at a loss.

    "I will be responsible for resolving this matter." Mo Riverbliss took a deep breath, her voice solemn. She was overjoyed that she had decided to cover all of Carefree Island with a massive concealing array formation. Otherwise, if these images were to spread out then that would be dangerous!

    Although the chances were extremely slim that images of the Magic Cube would reach Tian Mingzi, Mo Riverbliss would take all precautions. She had already decided to use another spirit artifact scroll and ensure that no one would leak out any secrets or pictures of Lin Ming crossing Ninefall today.

    However, just as she spoke, she was stupefied.

    Her eyes widened like full moons. She gazed helplessly on as the Magic Cube phantom began to shrink a little. But, beside the Magic Cube, a mysterious bead phantom appeared, existing side by side with the Magic Cube!

    And this still wasn’t over. Just as that round bead appeared, another phantom appeared that was in the shape of a card, yet again standing side by side with the Magic Cube!

    There was a total of three objects!

    All three of these objects emitted a similar aura, shrouded in a dim haze. After appearing for just a fleeting moment, these phantoms disappeared into the nether!

    The many Elders and disciples of Carefree Palace were flabbergasted. They only thought that this was one of the strange phenomena that appeared during Lin Ming’s Ninefall and didn’t care too much for it. After all, every extreme genius would produce different phenomena when crossing Ninefall. And, it was also the first time that these people had seen a phenomenon appear during the crossing of Ninefall. It was normal if they couldn’t understand what was happening.

    But, Mo Eversnow and Mo Riverbliss were actually panic-stricken!

    They had never been as stunned as they were today.

    The Prime Emperor Lotus Flower and the Heretical God Seed, two sets of transcendent divine mights, were covered up by the Magic Cube. But, those two strange objects were able to stand side by side with the Magic Cube. Could it be that from the very start, the Magic Cube wasn’t unique, but part of a set of three?

    What were those other two things, and where would they be?

    Could they be in the Divine Realm’s 3000 Great Worlds, or perhaps some different universe, or perhaps even in one of the countless divergent mystic realms scattered everywhere?

    Just how were these three things created? And how were they related?

    Mo Eversnow stared unblinkingly at the space in the origin energy cloud where those three objects had appeared. They had happened for far too short of a time. She had only been able to see a single glimpse with nothing left behind. Although those three objects had different shapes, they emitted a similar aura that allowed Mo Eversnow to ascertain that they came from the same source!

    She pursed her lips together and tightly gripped her hands. To her, the Magic Cube held far too profound a significance!

    In a way, the Magic Cube had caused the eventual annihilation of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. But afterwards, the only reason that Mo Eversnow had survived through certain death was that the Magic Cube had saved her. The reason that Lin Ming could also rise to his current level was the Magic Cube!

    Originally, she thought that the Magic Cube was a soul crystal left behind from the death of an existence that surpassed an extreme Empyrean, a being that could be called a True Divinity.

    But now, it seemed as if her speculations had been wrong. It was impossible for a soul crystal to simultaneously appear in these three strange shapes.

    Just what was this?

    Mo Eversnow asked, lost in her thoughts. But at this time, a miserable scream dragged her back to reality. She looked over and saw that Great Elder Xiao Haogan had spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backwards. The array formation array disc underneath his feet suddenly shattered!

    Xiao Haogan was the main driving character who managed the concealing array formation. At this time, he could no longer withstand the shockwaves of energy coming from the world Laws of Lin Ming’s Ninefall, and was hurtled backwards.

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