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Chapter 1126:Boiling With Blood

    Chapter 1126:Boiling With Blood




    At this time, Lin Ming was half buried in scorched earth and his body was charred black. His flesh body had withered away; this was the result of the black wind tribulation blowing over him. If this wind tribulation blew through a mountain peak, it would turn that mountain peak into powder. If it blew upon a normal martial artist, that martial artist would completely dry out, leaving nothing but a mummified husk behind.

    Like this, that wind tribulation had poured into Lin Ming’s body. His long hair had withered away and his skin had ruptured, scorched. Flakes of burnt skin floated into the wind, turning into dust that fell down.

    The reason that Lin Ming ended up in such a situation was 90% because of the wind tribulation. With the twin wind and thunder tribulations, the majority of the thunder tribulation had been suppressed by the Heretical God Sprout. Otherwise, the situation would have been devastating.

    The Heretical God Force was truly worthy of being called a transcendent divine might. A normal cultivation method followed the Heavenly Dao Laws to display a semblance of combat strength, and even a peak heaven-step cultivation method was only able to apply the Heavenly Dao Laws to the extreme.

    However, only a transcendent divine might was able to control the Heavenly Dao to a certain degree; it was a cultivation method capable of altering the Heavenly Dao!

    A cultivation method of this rank was in itself a violation of the universe and an existence that angered the Heavenly Dao. It was an ability that controlled the Heavenly Dao and used it as a tool, so how could a transcendent divine might not stir the rage of the Heavenly Dao?

    Thus, when a transcendent divine might was born unto the world, it would also bring upon itself heavenly tribulation!

    Only when the transcendent divine might survived the Heavenly Dao would it truly be considered alive.

    The Heretical God Force was a transcendent divine might and thus able to change the Heavenly Dao to a certain extent. It was a cultivation method capable of suppressing heavenly tribulation. Its existence had already allowed Lin Ming to suppress the fire tribulation and thunder tribulation by 70-80%, otherwise Lin Ming would probably have died by now. This was because the fire tribulation and thunder tribulation had occurred at the same time as other tribulations, in the water and fire dual tribulations and the wind and thunder dual tribulations. With the Heretical God Sprout suppressing one side, this allowed Lin Ming to wholeheartedly deal with the other. Even so, Lin Ming had reached the limits of his strength!

    "Is Lin Ming dying?" All around Lin Ming, the Elders of Carefree Island looked at each other with dawning horror. If Lin Ming died then that would truly be a joke. Such a genius with so many heavenly materials invested in him was finally cut down by heavenly tribulation. If that wasn’t a joke, then what was?

    "He’s not dead, his body still contains a deep vitality! Moreover, it’s even slowly restoring itself. Heavens! A normal Life Destruction martial artist would have died long before becoming like this, yet Lin Ming is still living! What sort of life force is this!?"

    The Elders of Carefree Island shouted out. From Lin Ming’s originally deathly body, they could feel a surge of blood energy. Although it was weak, it was truly there!

    As time passed, his life force became increasingly strong, actually boosting the development of new flesh and blood.

    "Lin Ming passed! Haha, he finally crossed this heavenly tribulation!" An Elder happily said.

    "Not true. Look above, that tribulation cloud is still there. Perhaps there is still something else!"

    "What? No… that’s impossible. If that’s true then Lin Ming will really die! For a monstrous genius like Lin Ming, the destiny gathered upon his body is unfathomable. He’s someone who will become a Great World King in the future, so how could he possibly die to heavenly tribulation?"

    "Don’t underestimate heavenly tribulation, that is the power of the Heavenly Dao. In the legends, there were peerless geniuses and unsurpassed treasures that were destroyed by heavenly tribulation. The Heavenly Dao will not brook the existence of anything that is too perfect. If something is too perfect then they will possibly be able to reverse the Heavenly Dao in the future. Lin Ming is such an existence that surpasses perfection!"

    These Elders fervently discussed. At this time, Mo Eversnow and Mo Riverbliss both held their breath, their beautiful eyes wide as they stared at the tribulation clouds.

    At this time, they no longer assumed that they were going to get lucky. This was because the tribulation cloud did not disperse. Rather, it began saving energy!

    It was certain that nine different heavenly tribulations would come! The key question was just when these final two disasters would fall!

    Mo Eversnow gripped her hands together, her soul form shivering. Mo Riverbliss’s forehead was wet with beads of sweat, and yet she couldn’t bother to wipe them off.

    At this time, no one could help Lin Ming. The tribulation cloud above his head was the life annihilating death god, the true arbiter of destruction!

    "Could it be the Magic Cube…" Mo Eversnow thought to herself. Such a terrifying heavenly tribulation was not in any way, shape, or form a type of tempering to Lin Ming. Rather, the heavens truly wished to exterminate him. The last thread of hope that the heavens should have thrown to him was so faint that it couldn’t even be seen. Since ancient times there were truly many existences that were too perfect when they were born, thus they attracted heavenly tribulation. For instance, transcendent divine mights, transcendent divine pills, and monstrous Great World Kings. When these things were born, they would encounter heavenly tribulation and possibly fall from the sky. But, those that perished were in the minority. The heavens never sealed off all paths of hope. The Heavenly Dao was a completely contradictory concept. Even though it tried to destroy all those existences that dared to violate its Laws, it would also allow them a faint chance of survival.

    However, if those extremely ancient super existences were to face a brutal heavenly tribulation that was the same rank as the one Lin Ming was facing, then Mo Eversnow estimated that most of them would have perished. Even if they were peerless beings or treasures, Mo Eversnow was confident that Lin Ming wouldn’t lose to any of them.

    If Lin Ming died in this heavenly tribulation, then that meant they would have all died too!

    Thus, a dual body and energy cultivation and two transcendent divine mights should have aroused a surprising heavenly tribulation, but it shouldn’t have been so fierce!

    Then, if there was a reason to be found for all this, then the prime culprit would be the Magic Cube!

    What was the Magic Cube? Could it truly be a harbinger of doom!?

    It was no longer possible to trace the identity of the Magic Cube’s first master. But, one of its subsequent possessors had been Mo Eversnow’s grandfather, a Great World King. After obtaining the Magic Cube, he had suffered a grievous soul wound because of an accident. Afterwards, he was severely injured by Tian Mingzi and thus died!

    Then Mo Eversnow had inherited the Magic Cube, and her mortal body had been annihilated.

    Now the Magic Cube had fallen into Lin Ming’s hands!

    Everything that was known about the Magic Cube was information gathered and speculated on by Mo Eversnow’s grandfather and herself. As for whether or not any of it was true, none of it was possible to verify!

    Also, when Lin Ming had crossed the 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall, two other phenomena had appeared beside the Magic Cube. Just what had those phantoms been?

    What were these three types of existences? Were they destined to bring upon the curse of the world?

    "Heavenly tribulation… Heavenly Dao, please slow down, slow down! Give him some time to catch his breath…"

    Mo Eversnow earnestly prayed in her heart. She didn’t know what the final two levels of heavenly tribulation would be, but they would absolutely be far more terrifying than the first seven levels!

    These final two heavenly tribulations might fall down together. Their might could be imagined!

    If Lin Ming was still at his peak condition then he should have been able to resist it. But how could the current Lin Ming possibly defend against such an attack?

    All she could hope was that there would be some time before the eighth and ninth levels of heavenly tribulation fell down, so that Lin Ming could restore himself as much as possible!

    Time passed a breath at a time. The tribulation cloud in the sky still roiled together. The Laws that were limited to a 99 mile range began to manifest into all sorts of shapes, ferocious, diabolical, overflowing with killing intent!

    To Mo Eversnow and Mo Riverbliss, each breath of time was incomparably long.

    At this time, the Elders of Carefree Island gradually began to understand what was happening. Even if they couldn’t understand what was happening in those tribulation clouds, they could still make out the nervous expressions of Xiao Skywhite and Mo Riverbliss. From that alone it was obvious that the Heavenly Tribulation had yet to end!

    "Oh Heavens! How could this be!?"

    "The Heavens must destroy Lin Ming? Is the destiny of my Carefree Island too shallow that we are doomed to never give rise to a World King?"

    Everyone fixed their eyes on the tribulation cloud, praying for it to slow down. And at this time, the sky began to rumble. Mo Eversnow shivered, her hands gripping even tighter together.

    But, her prayers and everyone’s hopes no longer mattered.

    The final heavenly tribulation had begun!

    There was no time to catch a breath! The new disaster had arrived after just 20 some breaths of time. Even if Lin Ming had dragon marrow blood within him, he simply hadn’t had enough time to recover.

    Scorched completely black, Lin Ming heard the sound of billowing heavenly retribution above him. He lifted his head, opened his eyes, and looked at the brilliant tribulation cloud.

    His eyes shined like stars, sparkling with a severe light.

    Pa pa pa!

    As Lin Ming moved, his body was caught by friction and cracked apart. A massive amount of old skin fell off, nearly turning into dust. Underneath this old skin was raw flesh, dripping with blood.

    Being flayed alive was a torture method used in the world of mortals. Currently, Lin Ming had nearly been flayed alive.

    He hadn’t been skinned, but a great deal of his flesh had withered away. In truth, most of the flesh underneath Lin Ming’s skin had been dried away, and now the old skin burst apart and red and yellow liquid leaked out from him. This was already much better than his previous state of being completely dried up like a lamp without oil, because his blood vitality had managed to restore him a bit.

    Currently he was only at 10% of his peak strength. Without mentioning his flesh, even his organs were under tremendous attack. The true essence within his body had already become impossibly chaotic and the massive power of thunder tribulation and fire tribulation still rampaged within him. The Heretical God Sprout was nearly unable to suppress them, much less allow Lin Ming to use the Heretical God Force to fight.

    With the aid of the dragon marrow he was still able to burn the Ancient Phoenix blood essence. But, Lin Ming’s organs were now half-ruined by the black wind tribulation. It would be beyond difficult to bear combusting the Ancient Phoenix blood essence.

    "Lin Ming…" As Ye Rosewater saw that tribulation cloud roiling up above with heavenly tribulation soon to descend, she couldn’t bear to continue looking helplessly on. She subconsciously traced her spatial ring. However, a nearby Elder thrust out his hand and said, "Don’t be reckless. Anything you do cannot help him. It’s better if we don’t do anything unnecessary that will cause a mutation in the heavenly tribulation!"

    In fact, Ye Rosewater also knew this point. This was just a helpless and unconscious reaction from her. It was impossible to guess the motives and acts of the Heavenly Dao, and heavenly tribulation was also the same. To face heavenly tribulation was the same as a mortal facing a wild animal. They had to be careful with every action they took, and even taking a pill was nigh impossible lest they invoke the rage of their opponent, causing its attacks to become increasingly crazy!

    Lin Ming glanced at the sky, his Phoenix Blood Spear still grasped in his hands. As he shook his spear, most of his skin had already sloughed off, causing viscous red and yellow fluid to stick onto the spear shaft and slowly slide down.

    He was a person that could not be injured any further. But, his eyes contained a shining fighting spirit that made even the skies shiver.

    A man, a spear, facing the endless Divine Realm!

    A heart, a body boiling with blood, facing the boundless Heavenly Dao!

    At this time, the heavenly tribulation finally fell. In the instant when the Heavenly Dao fell, all of the world came to a standstill. In this world, there was nothing left but black and white. Everything was swallowed up by these two extreme colors!

    Black and white, incomparably distinct, incomparably radiant!

    The eighth and ninth level heavenly tribulation:yin yang tribulation!

    At the formation of the universe, the endless nothingness evolved into primal chaos, primal chaos divided into yin and yang, yin and yang formed the five elements, and the five elements gave birth to all living things.

    The five elements were the source from which all things were formed, and yin and yang were the source from which the five elements were formed.

    Yin and yang, in addition to metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder, these were a total of nine different kinds of essence energy. They were the origin of the universe from which all matter was formed, the beginning of all beings!

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