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Chapter 1132:Mystery of the Black Bead

    Chapter 1132:Mystery of the Black Bead





    Lin Ming’s right hand reached out and grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear.

    In Lin Ming’s hand, the Phoenix Blood Spear emitted an excited cry. He could clearly sense a connected feeling coming from the Phoenix Blood Spear as if they shared the same flesh and blood. At this moment, the Phoenix Blood Spear seemed to be an extension of his own body.

    Wisps of light began to spin above the shaft of the Phoenix Blood Spear.

    Everything in this world had its own extreme habitat. Birds flew in the skies, tigers stalked through the forests, dragons ruled over the seas, and the extreme of the Phoenix Blood Spear happened to be Lin Ming’s hand, the place where it could display its greatest combat strength!

    "Good! Very good! I never thought that even you would obtain the tempering of heavenly tribulation and rise into a spirit artifact. From now on, you will be my comrade as we wander through and surmount the world!"

    As Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, in that instant his valor and heroic spirit seemed to rise 100,000 feet into the heavens!

    In comparison to martial artists who had lived for such a long time, Lin Ming was far too young. Even if he were several thousand years old, if he was converted to mortal years he would still only have been in his teens. Lin Ming had plenty of time to attack the next boundary and ascend to the peak of martial arts. Even so, he was so young when he had crossed a 33 Layered Heavens, nine by nine Life Destruction. He had crossed heavenly tribulation and also successfully dual cultivated body and energy. His future was limitless!

    The Elders of Carefree Island naturally realized this point and the way they looked at Lin Ming changed. Before, if they were dissatisfied and a bit critical of him, now all of that had turned into utter awe. Lin Ming was someone who would be able to affect their future fates, allowing them to rise to never before seen heights!

    "Amazing, I never imagined that my Carefree Island would someday be able to befriend a World King level powerhouse."

    "Horrifying, that is a true Great World King… an existence born from a trillion trillion lives. Only one appears every thousand years or so, and this is not something that can be achieved through just talent. For our True Martial World’s Great World King, let alone seeing him, even his disciples have a higher status than our Island Master. This sort of character is impossible to imagine…"

    To the Elders of Carefree Island, a Great World King was similar to an emperor in the mortal world, and they were nothing but commoners. The difference was simply too great.

    Once the dust had settled, Lin Ming had perfectly crossed his Ninefall!

    At this time, Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and floated in the ruins above Carefree Island, handsome and elegant like a divine being.

    At this level, Lin Ming could be called the extreme of all geniuses. He was the true favored of heaven, someone with a thousand destinies gathered on his body.

    Mo Riverbliss floated into the sky and said with a true essence sound transmission, "All Elders, follow me to Carefree Palace for a meeting!"

    As Mo Riverbliss spoke, the Elders of Carefree Island understood that she was going to give them orders. But, after Lin Ming’s Ninefall had reached such a terrifying and awe-inspiring degree, no one continued to object to her previous decision of giving Lin Ming the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree.

    As Mo Riverbliss finished speaking, she flew towards Carefree Palace. In that instant when she moved, she glanced at Xiao Haogan. That brief glance left Xiao Haogan panic-stricken. He said to White Brook with a true essence sound transmission, "This Lin Ming… our future days won’t be much better…"

    "Stop panicking and let’s go. She cannot directly move against us."

    Xiao Haogan and White Brook also flew towards Carefree Place. Since ancient times, regardless of whether it was the world of mortals or the world of martial artists, struggles over power and authority had always been cruel and brutal. To sympathize with the enemy was a completely stupid idea.


    "Lin Ming, come with me." Mo Eversnow’s voice resounded in Lin Ming’s ears. Lin Ming nodded and followed Mo Eversnow to Carefree Palace.

    "Lin Ming, do you know what that black bead you swallowed is?" Mo Eversnow cut straight to the point.

    "I don’t. I obtained it from the Blood Slaughter Steppes and was only able to approximately ascertain its origin."

    Lin Ming detailed all of his thoughts of the black bead to Mo Eversnow, from beginning to end.

    The truth was that at that time Mo Eversnow had been deeply sleeping within the Magic Cube. She had been watching Lin Ming’s journeys and experiences from the side of her vision, but as for something like digging out the treasure chambers of the Steppes Master, she naturally wouldn’t care about such a minor matter. It simply wasn’t worth her paying attention to, so she didn’t.

    "So it’s like that…" Mo Eversnow mumbled to herself, lost in her thoughts. If that bead was something from the Eternal Demon Abyss, then that was much easier to understand. It was likely related to Empyrean Primordius, and anything related to Empyrean Primordius was no trivial matter!

    In fact, she had a guess in mind. Now that she learned of the black bead’s origins, she was much more certain of her own speculations. "Lin Ming, when you crossed Life Destruction your body turned into pure blood energy and submerged into that origin energy cloud. You may have noticed that above the origin energy cloud, three types of phenomena appeared. The first two belonged to two different types of transcendent divine mights:the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower and the Heretical God Sprout. The third phenomenon included the Magic Cube but also two other objects. One of them was a round bead, similar to the one you swallowed down. Do you think that these two beads are the same?"

    Mo Eversnow’s thoughts were what anyone would think. Mo Riverbliss also had this sort of suspicion. As for other people of Carefree Island, they didn’t know of the Magic Cube, much less what those three objects represented. Thus, they would never have thought of this. Then again, the black bead was mixed in with all the dragon bone relics, and many of them didn’t even know of the dragon bone relics, so how could they notice the strange black bead?

    "If that black bead is something that can exist side-by-side with the Magic Cube and also originates from the same place, then there are many things that can be explained! From this we can make some speculations. 100,000 years ago, when that black bead first appeared, Empyrean Primordius, Empyrean Thunder Punishment, and also several other unknown Empyreans must have brutally fought each other in a life or death war for this black bead! They must have discovered that this black bead had some sort of special function that was equal to the Magic Cube, or perhaps they even understood its true origin. But as for why they chose to fight at the Sky Spill Continent’s world, I do not know. But at the end of that war, Empyrean Primordius died in battle and the other Empyreans died for some unknown reasons. Or, they might have even been severely wounded and fallen into a deep recuperating coma. There is no way we can confirm any of this, but what we can extrapolate is that they didn’t succeed and they weren’t able to break through the force field that Empyrean Primordius left behind after his death. This is also the reason why the Eternal Demon Abyss contains so many deep and profound secrets.

    "And that black bead had been kept in the Eternal Demon Abyss!

    "Then, 50,000 years ago… I brought away the Magic Cube and fled from the destruction of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, but I was eventually unable to escape from Tian Mingzi’s clutches. I burnt my own soul to activate the power of the Magic Cube, annihilating 10,000 powerhouses of the Divine Realm, including a massive number of Holy Lords. After that, the Magic Cube broke through space and left the Divine Realm. With the summoning of some mysterious strength, it flew through the vast and endless turbulence of space for an incomparably long time before landing on the planet of the Sky Spill Continent. The reason it landed there was that it was seeking a similar existence:the black bead!

    "If this is true, then many things can be explained. As it happens, my grandfather obtained the Magic Cube over 100,000 years ago, the same time that the black bead appeared. It could even be that the two of them were born together! However, the calamitous waves raised by the Magic Cube were much smaller than those of the black bead. Luckily no higher level beings knew of its existence, otherwise it simply wouldn’t be something that my Verdant Feather Holy Lands would have been able to control.

    "But the black bead was just the opposite of the Magic Cube. The black bead stirred up far too much interest and even set off a great war between Empyreans! Empyrean Primordius died because of this black bead and his plans of forming his own Samsara Heavenly Dao also failed, coming to nothing. The Magic Cube arrived at the Sky Spill Continent’s world because of the black bead, and afterwards it was accidentally obtained by you. Even though us supporting each other in this journey might seem to be a coincidence, the truth is that this is all a part of karma!

    "This is because the karma and samsara between you and me was already settled 100,000 years ago when my grandfather obtained the Magic Cube!"

    Mo Eversnow slowly spoke her own speculations, causing Lin Ming to be surprised. When he was wholeheartedly crossing heavenly tribulation there had been no time for him to think of these matters. But now it seemed that everything Mo Eversnow said had a high chance of being true. Otherwise, why would the Magic Cube break through the space barrier that divided the Divine Realm and lower realms, finally arriving at Lin Ming’s world? This space barrier wasn’t easy to break at all, moreover there were over a billion boundless worlds just like the Sky Spill Continent’s world, so why would it choose that one specifically?

    In fact, it was reasonable to say that with a billion boundless worlds, the chances of the Magic Cube choosing any one of them was one in a billion. But, this was not a coincidence. This was because the world that the Magic Cube chose possessed the Eternal Demon Abyss, Empyrean Primordius, and the corpse of the goddess. These were things that should not be found at a world of the lower realms.

    There must have been some unknown relations between all of this. But, most of what Mo Eversnow said should have been right.

    The current question was what were these three objects? How did they appear? And why did they appear?

    As Lin Ming was thinking this, Mo Eversnow said, "Lin Ming, I also have another speculation. Think about it. Although the Magic Cube has a strange origin and we do not know its exact functions, we can confirm that it is a treasure related to the soul. As for that black bead, according to what you said, it was a flesh and blood existence that seemed to have its own life. It should be a flesh and blood related treasure.

    "We can also see this point from Empyrean Primordius. Although I can’t say for certain whether or not Empyrean Primordius dual cultivated in body and energy, if he only cultivated the essence gathering system then the strength of his mortal body would be limited even if he was an extreme Empyrean. But, the mortal body of Empyrean Primordius was strong to an incredible degree. His body was so powerful that he could rip out his heart and place it in the body of the goddess where it would continue beating on for 100,000 years without end, perfectly maintaining her youthful vitality. Just this is strong evidence that the black bead is a flesh and blood treasure!

    "There is also you! At the final heavenly tribulation when you were about to be crushed to death, you relied on this black bead to instantly regenerate your flesh and blood. This sort of miraculous effect is something that not even a transcendent divine pill could accomplish!

    "Then, the Magic Cube is the soul, which is the ‘divine’ of essence, energy, and divine. As for that black bead, that is the flesh and blood, which is also the ‘essence’ of essence, energy, and divine. Then, that third card-like object should be ‘energy’ of essence, energy, and divine. It should be a treasure that controls energy!"

    Lin Ming couldn’t help but admire Mo Eversnow’s sharp mind. She had extrapolated all of these guesses from the little bits of information available to her. Moreover, 80-90% of these guesses were likely true.

    Lin Ming calmed his mind and thought for a moment. He swept his mind through his body, trying to investigate the existence of that black bead. But after sweeping through his body, he was a bit dazed. He said, "Miss Mo, what you said indeed sounds real. But, you might be a bit mistaken about that black bead."

    Lin Ming shook his head. Although that black bead was incomparably precious, it still wasn’t something similar to the Magic Cube. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to suck away a third of its power.

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