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Chapter 1136:Taking the Treasures

    Chapter 1136:Taking the Treasures




    As Lin Ming entered the grand hall of Starbind Bank, several young martial artists caught notice of him.

    "That person… did you see him?" A youth said with a true essence sound transmission.

    "Eh? His aura isn’t bad. This sort of feeling should come from some specially raised genius from a large sect or noble family." A white-clothed youth leisurely said, swinging a fan as he did so. He noticed Lin Ming had a ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation and he was also an outstanding one amongst them. Such a person likely came from a widely renowned sect or family.

    "Mm? He went in. The inner temple of Starbind Bank is only for three-star guests to deposit and withdraw violet sun crystals. That young man really must come from some wonderful influence.

    "Haha, Young River is too humble. Besides some major influences, there aren’t many others that can compare with your River Family. As for a three-star guest, Young River has long since become one…"

    These people jollily laughed as they spoke. Although they spoke with true essence sound transmissions, they didn’t hide their eyes and expressions. Lin Ming naturally noticed that they were talking about him.

    After Lin Ming entered Starbind Bank, he intentionally exuded the aura of a powerhouse. This Immemorial Imperial City was a place where everyone was a rising dragon. If he showed off some of his strength and background then he would be able to avoid some unnecessary troubles and smoothen things out.

    For instance, the inner temple of Starbind Bank was one such case. If an ordinary-looking person wanted to enter, they would be immediately blocked until they were able to show proof of their financial resources or records of their accounts. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to go in. However, those that looked like extremely talented young geniuses would be able to directly enter without a hitch.

    "Young Sir, would you like to use your true martial rune to withdraw violet sun stores or crimson sun pills? Or perhaps you’ve come to manage the property you have held here?"

    Just as Lin Ming entered Starbind Bank, a pretty young woman came out to greet him. She wore the uniform of Starbind Bank and exuded a very warm and sensual flavor.

    In the Divine Realm, there were several types of common resources used as money. The two most common types were violet sun stones and pills.

    There was no need to expound on the uses of violet sun stones. They were used to power array formations, spirit ships, and were also necessary to enter divergent mystic realms. As for pills, they were essential to raising disciples of large sects.

    Crimson sun pills were an extremely common type of pill. They were worth the equivalent of a violet sun crystal, which was the same as 10,000 violet sun stones.

    For the purpose of facilitating easier and simpler transactions and calculations, many large banks would reduce violet sun stones or crimson sun pills to a standard currency unit. For instance, Starbind Bank’s true martial runes.

    "I’ve come to take out something I left here." Lin Ming calmly said.

    "What does Young Sir wish to take out? What is the account number? I will immediately bring it out." The young woman charmingly smiled.

    Lin Ming gave the account number. This long account number included various types of information, including the date the account was opened on. As the young woman heard this she was a bit surprised. This account had already been here for 50,000 years.

    Even to those old monsters, saving something for 50,000 years was an extremely long time. They would often only store something for several thousand years before taking it out.

    "Please follow me."

    The young woman took out an array disc. After fiddling with some runes on the array disc, it emitted a brilliant light that wrapped around the woman and Lin Ming, bringing both of them to a separate minor dimension. Within this minor dimension was a giant sealing array formation. When Mo Eversnow had deposited her treasures here in the past, she had done so within this this minor dimension’s sealing array formation. Starbind Bank’s sealing array formation was laid down by a World King level powerhouse. Even if a peak Holy Lord level martial artist came to this minor dimension, he still wouldn’t be able to break it open.

    "Please enter the rune password."

    The young woman pointed towards the array disc on top of the sealing array formation. There were all sorts of complex symbols and lines traced over the array disc. In just runes alone, there were thousands of them, and a single password could consist of 20 lines of rune symbols. Thus, the possible combinations were nearly infinite. If one didn’t know the correct password it was impossible to open.

    Lin Ming chose the 22 rune symbols according to the password that Mo Eversnow had told him and then aligned them in a specific order. Afterwards, there was a light clicking sound as a common-looking spatial ring was shot out, falling into Lin Ming’s hands.

    This was the wealth that Mo Eversnow had deposited in Starbind Bank in the past.

    As Lin Ming swept his sense through the spatial ring, a blood red jade slip immediately entered his sight. This jade slip was extremely special. Although it was called a jade slip, it wasn’t carved from any type of red jade. Rather, it was sculpted from a blood red bone and the red patterns and textures on this jade slip were similar to bloodlines and meridians.

    Without a doubt, this was the Celestial Tyrant Manual jade slip!

    Lin Ming had only touched his sense upon it but he felt as if he shared some sort of bloodline connection with it. This was because he had already practiced a part of the Celestial Tyrant Manual.

    Besides this jade slip there were also several boxes in the spatial ring. As he opened these boxes, he found neat piles of crystal cards located within them. Each crystal card had a pattern of runes and lines carved on top of it, each card symbolizing 10,000 true martial rune symbols. If he brought one to Starbind Bank, he could instantly exchange it for 100 thousand violet sun stones or 10,000 crimson sun pills.

    Lin Ming roughly estimated that there were around 3600-3700 of these cards in total, which was the equivalent of 360-370 billion violet sun stones. In addition to the wealth he had obtained before, Lin Ming’s total wealth had reached 500 billion violet sun stones.

    "Mm? A bit over half of the wealth is missing…" Mo Eversnow was startled as she inventoried the crystal cards. She seemed to recall something and let out a long sigh.

    "It should be Little Moon who took half the wealth away. Only she would know the password to bypass the sealing array formation. But why would she be in such a hurry to use this wealth? Is it because she needed to make a breakthrough in her boundary?"

    Mo Eversnow found it difficult to remain calm. No matter when, she was always concerned for her little sister. If she couldn’t find her then she would always feel a faint emptiness in her heart. Besides her aunty, her little sister was Mo Eversnow’s only remaining family.

    "I wonder where she is or what she’s doing right now…"

    Lin Ming said, "Miss Mo, you do not need to worry. Although the Divine Realm is vast, if the day comes when we can reestablish the Verdant Feather Holy Lands and even kill Tian Mingzi, then the name of our new Verdant Feather Holy Lands will ring through the Divine Realm. I’m sure that Miss Mo’s little sister will naturally come to look for us then."

    "Mm… I hope so." Mo Eversnow nodded. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t rid herself of a faint uneasiness in her heart.

    "Lin Ming, take everything. Since we’ve arrived at Immemorial Imperial City, we shall begin to make the final preparations for you to attack the Divine Sea realm. If possible, before you reach the Divine Sea I would like you to open another gate:the Gate of Life. After you step into the Divine Sea you can attempt to open the Gate of Death. And after that is the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. If you can truly manage to break through into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, you will have created a miracle!"

    "Open another gate before the Divine Sea?" Lin Ming was startled. According to the Celestial Tyrant Manual, even in ancient times when the Laws of the Divine Realm hadn’t yet changed and dual cultivating body and energy was still feasible for many, wanting to open the seventh gate before the Divine Sea still wouldn’t be easy.

    "Mm… originally it would have been impossible. However, when you crossed your Ninefall heavenly tribulation, you borrowed the power of heavenly tribulation to break past the life and death threshold. There is also that mysterious black bead that regenerated and improved your body as well as a massive amount of the dragon bone relics’ strength still remaining in you. This altogether is what causes me to believe that you can attempt to break through the Gate of Life!

    "For most martial artists, Ninefall is considered the most important boundary that they will have to cross. This is because the process of Ninefall plants a world seed in your body. The quality of this seed will play a great role in determining your future achievements. Although it is only a seed and it has also been planted, how you raise it is extremely important. If you can further solidify your foundation before you reach the Divine Sea, then once your world seed sprouts and forms your inner world, your world will be far larger, stronger, and tougher than an ordinary martial artist’s!"

    "Miss Mo is planning to refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill?" Lin Ming remembered Mo Eversnow’s original plan. In the Celestial Tyrant Manual, it was recorded that there were two kinds of pills needed in the method to open the Gate of Life and Gate of Death. In order to attack the Gate of Life, one needed the Esoteric Immortality Pill. In order to attack the Gate of Death, one needed the Esoteric Mortality Pill.

    The techniques to refine the pills were recorded in the Celestial Tyrant Manual. But, regardless of whether it was the Esoteric Immortality Pill or Esoteric Mortality Pill, both were not pills that a Life Destruction martial artist should be able to withstand.

    Of course, Lin Ming was unique in that regard. His body had been continuously tempered through heavenly tribulation and he had also been transformed by the black bead and the dragon bone relics. The toughness of his body had reached an unbelievable boundary. Although he was still far from being comparable to a God Beast, sweeping away random ancient vicious beasts wasn’t a problem.

    As Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were speaking, they bumped into those young heroic elites that had entered Starbind Bank. The old men following behind them were late Divine Lord realm stewards, specially sent to watch over them.

    A youth waving a fan smiled at Lin Ming. "Friend, may I know your name? What influence do you come from, and what family are you from? Would I, River Feather, know of you?"

    This young fellow called River Feather was able to see that Lin Ming’s status was extremely mysterious. His talent and wealth far surpassed other genius youths’, thus River Feather wanted to become friends with him.

    To a disciple of a distinguished family, developing one’s own strength was extremely important. This was because it involved the future succession battles to become the family head. Having another friend on your side would always be better.

    Lin Ming originally wanted to refuse River Feather’s good intentions, but he changed his mind upon thinking about it some more. He had just arrived at Immemorial Imperial City and was unfamiliar with the people and locations here. It wouldn’t be easy if he wanted to purchase the materials necessary to refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill. If he was acquainted with a disciple from a distinguished family, there were many matters that would become much easier.

    Thus, Lin Ming cupped his fists together across his chest and said, "My name is Lin Ming."

    "Lin Ming…" River Feather rapidly wracked his mind for an association, but couldn’t recall any distinguished family in Immemorial Imperial City that used the Lin surname. It seemed that this Lin Ming was likely from some distinguished family far away and had come to Immemorial Imperial City to adventure.

    As the two exchanged some words, they finally touched upon the subject of Lin Ming’s origin. Lin Ming declined to answer, only speaking in dire tones. River Feather could see that Lin Ming didn’t wish to reveal too much information about his own status, thus he didn’t ask. Instead, he straightforwardly and with great gusto spoke of his own family:Immemorial Imperial City’s River Family.

    The River Family was a super family that had existed for millions of years. If they were counted as a sect, they would be considered a peak Holy Land. Their family had peak Holy Lord powerhouses assuming command, and their strength was not something that a sect like Carefree Island could compare with.

    As a super family clan whose main headquarters were located at True Martial Great World, the River Family would naturally have many channels to do business through. This left Lin Ming quite interested indeed. He cut straight to the point and said, "So it’s the young master of the River Family. I just happen to have a list of materials that I wish to purchase in Immemorial Imperial City. Brother River, do you think that you can help me out with this?"

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