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Chapter 1137:Private Trading Fair

    Chapter 1137:Private Trading Fair




    "Oh? What sort of materials? Sir Lin, you have stumbled into the right person! My River Family has over 100 stores in Immemorial Imperial City. If there are any of these materials then I can help purchase them for you and also give you a 10% discount."

    As River Feather spoke, Lin Ming was pleasantly surprised. He reiterated the materials that Mo Eversnow said were needed to refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill. The Celestial Tyrant Manual was originally a body transformation law formula found together with the Magic Cube. No one knew of it, thus there wasn’t any problem in handing out this list of materials.

    The truth was that even if they knew, a body transformation cultivation method wasn’t enough to arouse anyone’s interest, thus Lin Ming didn’t have any worries when sharing this list.

    River Feather took the list of materials and swept over it. He was immediately puzzled. The materials that Lin Ming wanted were far stranger than what he expected and many of them were extremely valuable and precious commodities.

    These materials… just what sort of pill would they be used for?

    River Feather had an extremely keen understanding towards alchemy and was also familiar with the properties of all sorts of materials needed to refine pills. Even if he wasn’t familiar with a pill, he could still approximate its uses from the list of materials.

    But now as he looked at this strange and curious list of pill materials, he was left perplexed. Just what sort of pill was this used for?

    Originally, he had thought of speculating on what type of cultivation method Lin Ming trained in from this list of materials, or at least roughly guess his origin. But now, all of that was thrown into more confusion.

    "The materials that Sir Lin wishes to find… are not commonly used. In order to search for all of this, it will take a bit of time. In particular, there are some things like this violet sun stone embryo that even I must admit I have never learnt or heard of."

    The Celestial Tyrant Manual was an ancient manual from countless eons ago. The ingredients recorded within may have completely different names in the current Divine Realm. If it weren’t for Mo Eversnow having researched numerous ancient texts in the past in order to refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill, it would have been impossible to gather these materials. Even now, there were still some things that were far too bizarre, strange to the point that River Feather had never heard of them.

    Lin Ming said, "That is how the material is called in my great world, but it might be a bit different in yours. There are some types of spirit woods and divine stones that can absorb the essence of the world over endless years and have a small chance of breeding a spirit embryo. This sort of spirit embryo is bred at the nexus of all sorts of coincidences gathered together. For instance, it might have to be struck by lightning or even withstand a baptism from the power of heavenly tribulation, and experience many other things beyond that before it would be born. As for this violet sun stone embryo, that is a stone embryo bred within violet sun stones. It is an extremely rare material."

    As Lin Ming explained, the several youths around River Feather looked at each other in dismay. They had heard about some divine stones and spirit woods breeding a spirit embryo before. And, once these kinds of spirit embryos were found, they would often be taken away by masters to be used in creating avatars or puppets. As for a stone embryo bred within violet sun stones, that was the first time they had heard of such a thing.

    River Feather said, "Brother Lin, looking for these things will not be easy. And many of these materials will not be cheap."

    Lin Ming said, "If they can be found then that would be best, but it doesn’t matter if they can’t be found either."

    According to Mo Eversnow, it would be wonderful if Lin Ming could open the Gate of Life before entering the Divine Sea. But, it wouldn’t matter too much if he didn’t. He would be able to gather the materials for the Esoteric Immortality Pill sooner or later so there wasn’t a great hurry for that day.

    River Feather said, "How about this. Brother Lin, I can help you find most of the materials you listed. But for this violet sun stone embryo, there is a private trade fair being held in a few days. This trade fair has all sorts of strange treasures that will be sold. If Brother Lin comes with me then perhaps you’ll be able to obtain some harvests."

    "Great. Then I’ll have to thank you." Lin Ming thought for a moment before agreeing. These people were clearly young masters from noble families, but besides revealing a bit of his talent, he had remained relatively low-key. Not even the young lady from Starbind Bank knew that he now had a wealth of 500 billion violet sun stones. In this case, Lin Ming didn’t believe that River Feather and the others would aim at him.

    After leaving behind his sound transmission mark, Lin Ming bid his farewells to River Feather and left Starbind Bank.

    Immemorial Imperial City was truly a land with countless masters! Just by walking down the street, one could see Divine Sea, Divine Transformation, and even Divine Lord powerhouses everywhere. Moreover, each of these people had a background superior to other martial artists of the same boundary. This was also within reason. If just entering this city cost 10,000 violet sun stones, then it would be impossible for a low cultivation martial artist with a shoddy foundation to even pass the city gates.

    Those that were able to walk the streets of Immemorial Imperial City were either great masters or geniuses, with the worst of them being young wealthy juniors of distinguished families.

    Lin Ming found an inn to stay at, also intending to acquire some information about River Feather. The River Family was a family that had existed for tens of millions of years in Immemorial Imperial City; it was extremely easy to find information on it.

    "Their family head is a peak Holy Lord level powerhouse… they are a superior Holy Land Family. They are far from being able to compare with the Ancient Phoenix Clan…" Lin Ming quickly evaluated the River Family. It seemed that River Feather had been exaggerating the accomplishments of his family when he introduced himself.

    "It seems like that River Feather is trying to win you over, thus he’s showing such goodwill to you on his own initiative. The competition between the juniors of these families can be intense." Mo Eversnow said with a true essence sound transmission.

    "Mm… it’s good if he has a motive like this. If I couldn’t see his motive then I would have to guard against him." Lin Ming casually replied, not thinking of it much further. He sat down in his room and began to meditate.

    Three days later, a flame lit up in front of Lin Ming. It was River Feather’s sound transmission talisman; the private trade fair was about to begin.

    According to River Feather, the private trade fair was attended by youths with status, and the one managing the trade fair was an underground influence of Immemorial Imperial City. They were similar to gangs or triads of the mortal world. They were always engaged in some behaviors that ran counter to the rules and regulations of Immemorial Imperial City.

    Lin Ming arrived at the place that River Feather described. There was already a young and beautiful girl there waiting for him. This girl was at the Xiantian realm and she was extremely sensual.

    "Sir Lin? I have been waiting for you. Sir, please follow me."

    The woman led Lin Ming past a broad square before arriving at a stone house. As they entered the house and went to the basement, they came upon a painting-covered door coated with runes. The woman walked up to the door and began touching the runes, causing it to shine with a bright white light.

    The girl waved at Lin Ming. Lin Ming could see that sealed behind this door was a minor dimension.

    Lin Ming raised his senses, keeping alert of his surroundings. He carefully walked in. After he passed through, the stone door behind him closed. Lin Ming arrived at a spacious hall that had a massive circular stone table in the center. At this time, there were already many people sitting around this stone table.

    Lin Ming saw River Feather and several of his friends sitting at the stone table.

    Not just that, but there were also several other youths with a Divine Sea cultivation. It was just like River Feather had said:they were extraordinary individuals of their generation.

    "Brother Lin, over here!"

    River Feather smiled at Lin Ming in greeting and Lin Ming nodded in return. After Lin Ming sat down, a group of Xiantian realm girls walked in, setting down snacks and tea for everyone. These girls all had extremely loose and sparse clothing, revealing all the forbidden parts of their bodies.

    Several of the young girls, after setting down the refreshments, were about to leave when they were suddenly grabbed and pulled into the embraces of some guests.

    Although these girls were surprised, they didn’t resist. They obeyed those guests, allowing them to stroke or touch them as they wished.

    It was clear that this was something that often happened in this type of underground trade fair. Those guests were frequent patrons, so Lin Ming wasn’t surprised by this. This was truly an underground influence; it was naturally easy for a person to unleash their primitive and lustful nature here. Those several youths had extremely abundant amounts of yang energy in their bodies and likely trained in some sort of sexual cultivation method that required great deals of yin energy to neutralize their own imbalance.

    After this group of young girls walked in, a man and woman soon followed.

    The man was at the early Divine Transformation realm. He was dressed in black and his complexion was extremely pale, even seeming a bit sinister and depraved.

    And the woman was at the late Divine Sea realm. She had a busty figure with a charming face. She wore a red dress that followed the curves of her body, with long slits that revealed snowy white thighs. In fact, this dress was so tightly stretched that it seemed as if it would burst apart at any moment.

    These two people clearly belonged to the underground influence that ran this trade fair.

    "Everyone has been waiting for a long time!"

    As the woman spoke, her voice was very clear and lustful, as if she were constantly moaning in ecstasy. It made one’s heart itch a bit listening to her.

    "Haha, Madam Luo, hurry up and begin! I’ve waited for too long! I heard that you brought many good things this time!"

    A young man with a girl hugged to his chest said, happily laughing as he saw the woman called Madam Luo step up.

    "Haha, Young Master Sun is too impatient. This trade fair truly has many good things, but the rules will still be the same. Besides what we sell, if any fellow guests here have things they wish to sell, you may also exchange them as you wish. Now, let us begin."

    Madam Luo clapped her hands. A beautiful maid appeared, holding a box. Madam Luo opened it, revealing a group of tiny white objects that looked like stacked pearls. They were insect eggs.

    "Whitejade spirit silkworm eggs, 20 of them. If anyone wishes to purchase these, they can barter a price with other goods, or even trade with true martial rune symbols."

    As Madam Luo finished speaking, the early Divine Transformation realm man beside her took out some other things. Lin Ming wasn’t able to recognize any of these treasures at all.

    There was a gruesome-looking bone shard. This bone shard had strange letters written on it, but as for what these letters meant, Lin Ming hadn’t even seen this language before. This bone shard exuded a hoary aura; it had clearly come from a time long gone. It didn’t seem fake, but Lin Ming simply didn’t know of its true function or value.

    And beside this bone shard was a white rubbery-looking object. Lin Ming didn’t recognize this either. The man had just taken out a few treasures, but Lin Ming was completely unable to recognize the use or value of two of them. This aroused a bit of interest in Lin Ming towards this trade fair.

    Indeed, it was just like River Feather had said. There were some strange and curious things that appeared at this trade fair. Perhaps he really would have some harvests here.

    It had to be known that even though Lin Ming’s experience wasn’t too good, Mo Eversnow’s sight and experience were beyond ordinary!

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