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Chapter 1138:The Little Girl Who Eats Violet Sun Crystals

    Chapter 1138:The Little Girl Who Eats Violet Sun Crystals




    The treasures that the early Divine Transformation man took out immediately attracted everyone’s eyes.

    The specialty of this trade fair that attracted so many people was its strange and uncommon treasures.

    "How interesting. Let me take a look."

    A tall, thin youth with a forked beard took that bone shard and investigated it.

    Another youth took that white rubber object and also studied it.

    "Miss Mo, what do you think those two objects are?" Lin Ming asked Mo Eversnow with a true essence sound transmission.

    Mo Eversnow thought for a moment and then said, "That bone shard has a language written on it that stems from an extremely ancient era of the Divine Realm. It should be the language once used by the Saint race… that is already billions of years, even a matter of 10 billion years ago. At that time, the Laws of this world hadn’t yet changed and body transformation techniques were quite mainstream in the world of martial artists. That incomplete bone shard should be similar to a jade slip, or rather, it’s best to call it a bone slip. There should be some type of records located within it."

    As Mo Eversnow spoke, these objects were passed to Lin Ming. Lin Ming investigated them for a moment. As Mo Eversnow had said, the bone slip really did contain many types of records. The textures and lines were extremely mystical; Lin Ming wasn’t able to understand them at all.

    "Miss Mo, can you understand the writing within this?"

    Mo Eversnow replied, "Only a small part of it. In the past when I was studying the Celestial Tyrant Manual, I found that it deviated towards the language of the ancient Divine Realm eras. Thus, I referenced many ancient Divine Realm texts. Gradually, I was able to read a little bit of it. This bone slip should record some type of cultivation method, but if you really wish to unravel its meaning then that will require a period of time."

    Besides the bone slip there was also that rubber-like object. Lin Ming looked at it and found that it really did look like rubber. It was only when he tried to pinch it a bit did he discover that it was actually very hard and also very heavy. Even though it was a very small object, it weighed dozens of jins.

    Mo Eversnow said, "I cannot tell what the origin of this is, but it’s probably some magic weapon fragment or array disc fragment. Although there are some mysteries in it, far too long of a time has passed and it is too incomplete to be of use or value. However, buying it as part of a collection would be quite nice."

    Mo Eversnow roughly guessed what the two objects were, more or less correctly.

    Although the others didn’t have Mo Eversnow’s vision, they also investigated the objects and were able to approximate that they were ancient fragments of some sort. The chance of comprehending anything useful from such fragmented and incomplete ancient treasures like this wasn’t too likely, although they were interested in collecting them. However, these wealthy young masters weren’t idiots. If the price was too high then they wouldn’t buy them.

    "Mister Luo, how much is that bone shard?"

    The fork-bearded youth was the first to ask a question. He reclined in a comfortable position, vigorously rubbing the breasts of the young woman in his arms.

    "3 million violet sun stones." The Divine Transformation man referred to as Mister Luo smiled. This wasn’t a strange price.

    "3 million violet sun stones isn’t too bad. I can buy this to play around with a bit. I’ll pay the price." The fork-bearded youth gaily said, his eyes sweeping over the martial artists behind him.

    It was impossible for anyone to contend with this fork-bearded youth for a bone shard that none of them could comprehend anything from. The youth himself was at the middle Divine Sea and he was extremely talented. His background was also good and he held a position of great status in this group.

    The lack of reaction satisfied the fork-bearded youth. Just as he thought he had the deal, a voice of disagreement rang out, "I’ll pay 3.5 million violet sun stones. This fellow, how about passing over this bone shard to me? I’m quite interested in collecting artifacts like this."

    "Mm?" The youth frowned. In truth, he also discovered that there were some records contained within the bone slip and one of his Elders just happened to be a researcher on ancient languages. This youth had some hopes that this Elder would be able to discover some useful things from this bone shard.

    The youth turned around and swept over Lin Ming’s cultivation, coldly saying, "Sorry, but I’m not in the habit of passing over things I like. 4.5 Million."

    "5 million."

    Lin Ming calmly raised the price. All of the youths present were from Holy Land level sects or families. Moreover, they were outstanding individuals of their generation. But even so, the wealth they brought with them was limited, likely to 100 million. This would be the wealth they specifically brought to partake in this trade fair.

    Originating from a Holy Land didn’t mean that they were able to control the entirety of that Holy Land’s wealth.

    Compared to Lin Ming, their wealth was simply trivial.

    Lin Ming’s wealth came from the complete treasures that Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan had found in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, and that was also a mission that they had paid a deep price to enter. In addition to the wealth that Mo Eversnow had left behind in the past, this was a giant sum of 500 billion violet sun stones!

    When the quasi-Holy Land Carefree Island had put forth 10-20 billion violet sun stones, that was already nearly a complete gamble with most of their resources on the line. As for 500 billion violet sun stones, that was an amount that even an upper ranking Holy Land would have trouble collecting. And, a great deal of a Holy Land’s wealth came from fixed assets like its properties that couldn’t be easily converted into currency.

    If Lin Ming wanted to roll over this fork-bearded youth with his wealth, that would be easy. But, that would make others curious about his motives for obtaining the bone slip.

    In the blink of an eye, the price rose to 8.5 million. The youth’s complexion became increasingly ugly. 8.5 million was not a minor amount of the wealth he brought. Moreover, this price vastly surpassed what he was psychologically willing to pay.

    He wasn’t even sure if he could learn anything from this bone shard.

    He took a deep breath and suppressed his impulse to offer a higher price. Face was important, but it still couldn’t compare with his wealth.

    "This brat… look up what background he has!" He said to one of his lackeys with a true essence sound transmission.

    The lackey said, "That person was brought by Young Master River; his background shouldn’t be too bad."

    The fork-bearded youth simply didn’t place Lin Ming’s Ninefall cultivation in his eyes. What he worried about was Lin Ming’s background:this was what he had to be careful about. If this fellow could so casually toss out 8.5 million violet sun stones to buy an incomplete bone shard then that meant he came from a disgustingly wealthy and opulent background.

    After Lin Ming’s purchase, those Whitejade spirit silkworm eggs were bought by someone for 4 million violet sun stones. As for the other things, no one cared about them.

    In such a trade fair there was a limited number of guests and often many objects that no one would want to purchase. Thus, they would be put back.

    Mister Luo laughed and put away the treasure no one wanted. It wasn’t a big deal if they didn’t sell it. And at this time, Madame Luo next to him deliberately raised her voice and said with a beguiling tone, "Those were only some little gadgets. Next up are some more… interesting things."

    Madame Luo clapped.

    Two men in uniforms pushed in three carts. These carts were covered with red curtains. Madame Luo walked towards then and then tore off the curtains, revealing three iron cages that were as tall as a person. And, in these cages were three living people. One was a 20 year old young girl, one was a 11-12 year old little girl, and another was a seven or eight year old boy.

    As these three people appeared, almost everyone’s eyes turned to that young girl’s body. She had elegant and soft features and a tender, watery expression. With her Revolving Core realm cultivation, her appearance easily aroused the pity of others.

    "Chaotic yin body!"

    The fork-bearded youth immediately recognized this young girl’s special physique.

    Madame Luo chuckled, saying with great satisfaction, "Young Master Sun has good eyes. This is exactly the chaotic yin body! From birth, a woman with this type of body has extreme yin energy within their body. If they cannot find sufficient yang energy to bring their body into balance, it will be impossible for them to take even a tiny step forwards in their cultivation. If they try to force it, the yin energy within their body will turn to chaos, their meridians will reverse, and then they will fall into depravity!

    "But what Young Master Sun trains in is a cultivation method that fills you with overflowing yang energy. What you just happen to need is yin energy to neutralize it. How about it, is Young Master Sun satisfied with this? This young woman is an extremely good cultivation furnace for you. As long as Young Master Sun is willing to spend some resources, you can easily bring this young woman to the Divine Sea realm in her thirties. At that time, she will be able to display an even better effect for you!"

    Madame Luo’s words truly did tempt the fork-bearded youth. "Is there any problem with her background?"

    This sort of special physique came with an extremely high level of talent for cultivation. It normally wouldn’t appear in the common people. There was a high chance that this young woman came from some large sect, thus he had to ask if there were any problems with her background.

    "Rest assured. She is from a family that was annihilated in a war. She fled from that catastrophe and was rescued by us. Then, she also agreed with the conditions that we proposed to her. For her to follow Young Master Sun is a blessing to her."

    As Madame Luo spoke, the chaotic yin physique woman sighed, as if she were lamenting her own destiny. But, she also had no other choice. With the decline of her own family, she was desperate to find a turn in her fate. If she wanted to continue cultivating, her only choice was to attach herself to a powerhouse, otherwise there was no way she would be able to obtain resources. But, as she thought about herself being brought here for sale, she felt saddened.

    "Good! Good!" This Young Master Sun was also very satisfied.

    His eyes then moved over to that 11-12 year old little girl. He rubbed his chin and said, "Does this little girl also have some sort of special physique?"

    If she did, then he could raise her for several years and use her all the same.

    As the little girl was noticed by others, she immediately became nervous. She huddled in a corner of the cage, her tiny hands clinging to her shoulders as she trembled.

    "Yes, and it is also a very special physique." Mister Luo said with a smile.

    "Oh? What kind of physique?" Many people leaned forward in interest. Even if they didn’t practice dual cultivation methods, they were still interested in what sort of special physique this little girl had. If her talent was good they could bring her back to the sect and raise her as a talented disciple.

    "Well…" As Madame Luo and Mister Luo were asked this question, they looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

    "We’ve referenced countless texts and sources to search for what exact type of physique she has, but we haven’t managed to determine it. All we know is that her physique is special. After she came here, she didn’t eat food but ate violet sun stones and violet sun crystals. If there are also energy stones available she will eat them. Every day she will eat five violet sun crystals…"


    As Mister Luo spoke, all of the heroic young elites present were shocked. There was also this type of physique? This was the first time they had heard of such a thing!

    This great and wide world truly possessed every possible strange thing!

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