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Chapter 1142:Intimidating All Present

    Chapter 1142:Intimidating All Present




    This Mister Luo was at the Divine Transformation realm!

    Lin Ming was only at the ninth stage of Life Destruction!

    From Divine Transformation to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, that was a disparity of over a large boundary! Even if Mister Luo wasn’t some earth-shaking genius, his strength still surpassed some of those lesser known Divine Transformation martial artists from small sects. It was already astonishing that Lin Ming’s fist had managed to severely wound Yue Ironrock, but compared to that, Lin Ming attacking Mister Luo was absolutely mind-boggling.

    This was a Ninefall war god transformation!

    "Brat, do you really think you are invincible!?" Mister Luo spat out as he clenched his jaws. Even so, he didn’t dare to look down on Lin Ming at all. Lin Ming had managed to severely wound Yue Ironrock. Although this was partly because Yue Ironrock had underestimated Lin Ming, Lin Ming was also attacking two of them at the same time and that counterattack had merely been a casual punch.

    The difference in strength was clear!

    Mister Luo drew backwards and took out a five foot long saber from his spatial ring. At the same time, his entire body began to blaze with black flames. These black flames condensed behind Mister Luo, forming the phantom of a hydra.

    This hydra was thicker than a water barrel and every head was fierce and lifelike. The scales that covered the hydra heads were the size of bowls and its long poisonous teeth shined with a sharp and cold light, surging with reckless killing intent.

    It was clear that this Mister Luo was part of the Hydra Clan. In using the power of his bloodline, he was already giving this his everything!

    Hissss –

    After this hydra appeared, all nine of its heads hurtled towards Lin Ming!

    At this time, what Lin Ming faced didn’t seem like a phantom formed from energy, but a true and living ancient great hydra!

    "Hydra bloodline? This bloodline is really too cheap!" Lin Ming sneered. When Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Continent, before he had killed Yang Yun, his path had crossed with Whitedemon’s. Whitedemon had come from the Divine Realm and had been suppressed and locked within the Sea of Miracles. He too had the Hydra bloodline. It seemed that this Hydra bloodline was quite common in the Divine Realm.

    "A mere nine-headed worm wants to contend with the glory of a True Dragon?"

    Lin Ming cried out, his entire body emitting crackling noises. These popping sounds gathered together, echoing, resonating until they formed the keening cry of a dragon, directly impacting through the world. And behind Lin Ming, the phantom of an Azure Dragon formed!

    The Azure Dragon was much smaller than the hydra behind Mister Luo, but the pressure it gave off was unbelievable, a completely different level!

    Lin Ming had purposefully revealed the power of his dragon blood. After absorbing the dragon marrow, although Lin Ming didn’t possess a perfect Ancient Dragon bloodline, this was only because his bloodline was lacking in quantity. In terms of quality, the power of Lin Ming’s bloodline far surpassed the Ancient Dragon Clan’s Dragon One!

    A true God Beast, an ancient Azure Dragon, was inherently suppressive to those of the Hydra bloodline. Moreover, as Lin Ming released the power of the Azure Dragon bloodline he also released the grandmist space. As the two strengths superimposed on each other, the hydra phantom that hurtled towards Lin Ming rapidly weakened!

    Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force. True essence surged from his body, flowing into the Phoenix Blood Spear. At that moment, the Phoenix Blood Spear released an ear-piercing screech as the artifact spirit slumbering within it was awakened!

    Although this was an incomplete elementary artifact spirit, it was still an incomparably rare and precious source artifact spirit. It wasn’t something that a normal false artifact spirit could compare with!

    Even if the Phoenix Blood Spear had just grown into a spirit artifact, it was already an existence that surpassed a peak low-grade spirit artifact!

    Lin Ming’s full force attack was combined with the spirit artifact level Phoenix Blood Spear! In that instant, Lin Ming’s striking power rose dramatically. Wherever the spear light went, space would tremble. The minor dimension that this trade fair was located in wasn’t able to withstand the sharp energy of the Phoenix Blood Spear. After all, an artificial minor dimension was less stable than the space of the Divine Realm.


    The gigantic hydra phantom was twisted apart by the Phoenix Blood Spear. The hydra wailed in pain and horror. Lin Ming’s spear light continued forth with unstoppable strength, completely annihilating that hydra phantom and continuing to stab towards Mister Luo!

    Mister Luo’s complexion completely changed. He opened his mouth and spat out a foot long black snake, as thick as a thumb. After that, Mister Luo spat out black flames that enveloped him, even as black scales wrapped around his cheeks and body.

    Mister Luo was still a Divine Transformation powerhouse and thus much stronger than Yue Ironrock. By using his bloodline power as a catalyst, the power of the black flames he emitted was no joke. In the legends, every head of a hydra could spit out a different substance, such as demonic flames, freezing ice, venom, and so forth. This caused the Hydra Clan to divide into nine branches and this Mister Luo just happened to be part of the Demonic Flame Branch.

    These black demonic flames were able to scorch away even true essence. At that time when the Phoenix Blood Spear thrust into the black demonic flames, the black demonic flames seemed to pervasively penetrate the spear light as if it possessed a mind of its own, seeking every possible weakness.

    Chi chi chi!

    The spear light and black flames smashed into each other, emitting a harsh grating sound!

    "That… is that… a spirit artifact!?"

    It wasn’t known just who cried out in alarm in the crowd. The biggest difference between a spirit artifact and a saint artifact was that a spirit artifact had an intelligence of its own. Ordinarily a saint artifact would only be controlled by the martial artist; the weapon itself didn’t have the ability to control energy. But, a spirit artifact could fight in tandem with the martial artist to attack. This was just like the difference between a person and a puppet, and a person with a live partner. This was especially true if a martial artist was able to become one with their spirit artifact and achieve a heart-to-heart thread of communication. At that time they would be no different from allies in battle, fighting side-by-side.

    "Spirit artifact!? That is a weapon that only a Divine Lord or at least a middle or late Divine Transformation genius can use. How could Lin Ming control one at the Life Destruction realm?"

    To galvanize a spirit artifact, one needed the power of a world. In other words, one needed to be a Divine Lord realm powerhouse! But, there were also a small number of Divine Transformation realm masters that could use spirit artifacts, and all of them were bound to be top geniuses!

    Just as that man cried out in alarm, his voice was immediately drowned out by the maddening explosion!


    A brilliant light flashed throughout the entire hall. The black flames were forcefully torn apart and the spear light also faded away. Mister Luo’s forehead was covered in sweat. He quickly tried to summon true essence for another attack, but Lin Ming’s second attack had already arrived!

    "Phoenix Blood Spear:Blue Lotus Flame Dance!"

    In that moment, a brilliant and captivating blue lotus bloomed behind Lin Ming:this was the Blue Lotus Domain. With every step Lin Ming took, a lotus flower would blossom beneath his foot. This was the fusion of the first three level Concepts of the Fire Laws, and with even the fourth level Concept fused in too.

    With the Blue Lotus Flame Dance displayed through the spirit artifact level Phoenix Blood Spear, the power of this attack increased by yet another level!

    "You bastard!"

    In a rush, Mister Luo chopped down with his saber. But just as he did, he felt as if his hands were bound by something strange, like invisible ropes were tied around his wrists.

    ‘This is… a world of will! A battle spirit projection!’

    Mister Luo suddenly released his divine sense and ‘saw’ that there were countless strands of gold light binding his hands together!

    "Large success gold level battle spirit!?"

    Mister Luo was shocked, nearly losing his composure. He tried to force open the will tentacles, but in that brief moment of delay, he no longer had time to evade Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear. He could only withstand it with his black flames.


    The black fire burst apart. Before the unstoppable spear light, the demonic flames only lasted for a few blinks of an eye before collapsing. Lin Ming’s spear pierced the right side of Mister Luo’s chest, running straight through!


    Mister Luo pitifully cried out as blood splashed into the air!

    "This… this…"

    All of the other martial artists were left bewildered with sweaty palms. What kind of ridiculously fierce combat strength was this? This was simply a monstrous talent!

    In particular, River Feather, who had brought Lin Ming here, had his mouth hanging open. He was simply unable to gather himself. He had originally thought of winning Lin Ming over to his side to help him compete for the position of successor to the River Family’s house head, but now he felt as if all his ideas had simply been laughable.

    Lin Ming’s combat strength was not something that an ordinary Holy Land level family could produce! Even a top Holy Land wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. Lin Ming was a genius that only a World King level Holy Land could produce!

    Ninefall war god transformation:what sort of concept was that? It was simply unimaginable!

    River Feather looked at Lin Ming’s weapon, the Phoenix Blood Spear, once more. That was an extremely high quality spirit artifact!

    It had to be known that to these peak geniuses, a spirit artifact was precious but not impossible to obtain. As long as they cultivated to the late Divine Transformation realm, their families would be able to forge or hand down a low-grade spirit artifact for them. But, Lin Ming’s spirit artifact was clearly different!

    In order to stimulate a spirit artifact to movement, one needed the world power that was bred within a martial artist’s inner world. By just depending on true essence alone, it was extremely difficult to do this. This was because world power was in simpler terms all the power that could exist in a world. There was true essence, the power of life, pure heaven and earth origin energy, and the faith energy of all living beings!

    Only by combining all these various types of power was one able to activate a spirit weapon. But Lin Ming was just a Ninefall martial artist who had only formed a world seed, so how could he possibly produce world power?

    If he could control the Phoenix Blood Spear, that only left one possibility, and that was that Lin Ming was interlinked with his Phoenix Blood Spear in their minds and hearts and it willingly allowed Lin Ming to use it.

    The artifact spirit of this spirit artifact had an extremely high chance of being a source artifact spirit. That meant that it was an artifact spirit bred by the weapon itself!

    The growth of the artifact spirit would also enhance the quality of the spirit artifact. In truth, for the physical body of a spirit artifact alone, as long as one fused in various types of rare and heavenly materials, it was possible to increase the physical quality. The only extremely difficult part was growing the artifact spirit itself!

    A spirit artifact that could constantly grow and be enhanced was far different from other spirit artifacts that were set in rank once they were forged. There was no way of comparing them at all.

    To match a junior disciple with a spirit artifact that had its own source artifact spirit, just what kind of extravagant luxury was that! Even an ordinary World King level Holy Land wouldn’t have the courage to do so!

    When River Feather combined this with the scene of Lin Ming tossing out several hundred million violet sun stones to purchase that little girl, he was finally aware that he had far underestimated Lin Ming’s background!

    If he was just rich, then it was possible that he might have stumbled across some great lucky chance and unearthed some treasure.

    But, a true spirit artifact with its own source artifact spirit that could communicate as one was impossible to obtain through lucky chances alone. This was because a spirit artifact must be picked up from someone else, thus it was impossible to have a high fusion compatibility, so it should have been impossible for Lin Ming to use it. The only reasonable explanation was if the sect master of a large and grand sect helped Lin Ming personally forge such a weapon with countless heavenly materials!

    And finally, there was also Lin Ming’s terrifying strength and horrifying talent. It was impossible for such a character to appear from a small family. The background behind him must be dreadful to the extreme!

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