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Chapter 1144:Yan Littlefish

    Chapter 1144:Yan Littlefish




    Lin Ming ignored that Mister Luo and moved towards the iron cage that was pushed away to the corner of the hall. Although the fight just now had been a bit violent, Lin Ming had intentionally tried to avoid harming the little girl. Even so, the wild and crazy explosions had caused her to pale.

    Lin Ming grasped two of the metal rails and pulled, easily pulling apart the finger-thick metal bars.

    "Come with me." Lin Ming stretched out his hand towards the little girl, a warm and inviting smile on his face.

    The little girl bit her lips and grabbed onto Lin Ming’s hand.

    Like this, Lin Ming brought the girl with him and left the hall. His steps were slow and steady, with a vague and deep pressure exuding from him that echoed in the hall, making anyone not dare to do anything.

    Mister Luo gulped, not speaking. Madame Luo’s beautiful face also paled. She retreated to a corner of the hall lest she attract Lin Ming’s ire.

    Lin Ming and the little girl left the trading fair hall with no one stopping them.

    After Lin Ming left, Mister Luo finally relaxed. He grit his teeth, taking out several pills from his spatial ring and swallowing them down.

    Today he acknowledged that he got what he deserved!

    Although he had lost face, for better or worse the truth was that the tremendous pressure that came shrouding down was from a half-step World King powerhouse who was secretly observing everything happening here. If it was said that their gang was overwhelmed by a half-step World King supreme elder, then that wouldn’t be too shameful.

    The other young elites glanced at each other in shocked dismay. This trade fair had completely broadened their horizons. Indeed, in the vast Divine Realm there truly was no limit to the universe; there would always be a higher peak and a stronger person. They were all outstanding juniors of their generation, but compared to Lin Ming they weren’t anything at all.

    "This Lin Ming… is he really a genius that could be raised by a Holy Land? Would it be a Great World King level Holy Land?"

    River Feather mumbled to himself. Although he knew that there were countless young elites in the Divine Realm that were far more formidable than him, this was the first time that he had felt so deeply powerless and frustrated. Against such a seemingly omnipotent strength, he wasn’t able to summon any courage to chase after him.

    "Perhaps it might be a Great World King level Holy Land. Moreover, Lin Ming’s talent would be amazing even within a Great World King level Holy Land! And don’t forget, above a Great World King is an Empyrean. If it was a genius trained by an Empyrean, just how high would their talent be?"


    River Feather ruefully smiled upon hearing this word. If it were the descendant of an Empyrean, just how ridiculous would that be?

    Without mentioning the resources or inheritances that an Empyrean could provide, just the level of talent that a descendant of an Empyrean would possess was far too dreadful to imagine. If the Empyrean’s spouse was also a super powerhouse and their child inherited both of their parents’ talents, that would simply be unbelievable!

    Compared to that, they were nothing more than ants!

    River Feather sighed. Then, a true essence sound transmission sounded out in his ears. It was Lin Ming’s voice, "I ask that Brother River continue to collect the materials that I requested. Without a doubt I will return within a year and pay you back the full price for them."

    As Lin Ming finished speaking he quickly dashed away, leaving River Feather in a daze. He could faintly feel that Lin Ming would shine with glory in the future Divine Realm. As for him, he would continue to strive to become the successor to his Holy Land Family, even if those hopes were slim.

    The difference in status between the two could be imagined.

    "If… if I can remain on good terms with Lin Ming in the future, then the benefits I obtain will be many. At the very least, I will be able to smoothly inherit the position of Patriarch in the future…"

    River Feather whispered to himself. As he thought of this, he secretly solidified his determination. He had to seize this chance and help Lin Ming as splendidly and smoothly as he could.


    At this time, Lin Ming had already left Immemorial Imperial City and had arrived at the distant outskirts. His speed wasn’t fast and he appeared extremely calm, but within the Magic Cube space, Mo Eversnow was releasing her divine sense, maintaining absolute vigilance.

    Lin Ming’s breathing was even, as if he were taking a casual stroll. But, his nerves were taut; he was ready to deal with dangers that might erupt at any given moment.

    He couldn’t help but be cautious. Although he had seemed to overawe everyone and smoothly walk out, the truth was that he had just escaped the jaws of death!

    That underworld trade fair was no different from a danger zone to Lin Ming.

    The reason that Lin Ming would brandish his weapon and start a fight at the trade fair was that he had no choice left.

    If he was able to melt away disasters with some wealth then he wouldn’t have chosen to fight. But, that Mister Luo was insatiably greedy, and his attempt at extortion became increasingly ruthless. If Lin Ming pinched his nose and pretended he didn’t notice this, then that Mister Luo might even have the idea to inflate the price to unbelievable heights. At the end, he might have even developed thoughts of killing Lin Ming to steal his wealth!

    After all, if Lin Ming wasn’t able to show that there was some great influence behind him and kept bearing all of the abuse, then others would think he was someone easy to bully. In this case where Lin Ming was carrying a large amount of wealth, they would think he was just some nobody that stumbled into a massive treasure trove.

    Immemorial Imperial City was a place where both good and evil were mixed up. If others believed he was no different from a fat lamb that was free to be butchered, his fate could be imagined. He might even be eaten up by someone without any dregs remaining!

    In order to combat these types of snakes, one could only be even more ruthless and thoroughly suppress them so that all they knew was fear.

    "No one is chasing after us. There were several senses that were following you for a distance but they eventually returned." Mo Eversnow said from within the Magic Cube space.

    "Got it." Lin Ming slowed down flying, a fearless look in his eyes. He didn’t hide his whereabouts nor did he purposefully change directions. It was only until he flew another thousand miles away and Mo Eversnow confirmed again that there was no one following him that he rapidly accelerated. He instantly blew past 10,000 miles in a single go, crossing through several mountains and valleys and switching directions several times. Finally, he stopped by a quiet forest where no one was living.

    He was finally out of danger!

    Lin Ming let out a long breath. This period just now had been an extreme test on his mentality. Although he appeared completely confident, the truth was that he was extremely anxious with nerves tighter than wires.

    Mo Eversnow faintly smiled, "Your acting skills aren’t bad."

    Lin Ming chuckled, shaking his head. "Miss Mo was much calmer than me. When you put that pressure out, there wasn’t the faintest feeling that you lacked any energy at all. It was truly the aura of a top master who controlled the lives of all present, as if they could all be killed with a single wave of the hand. As for me, I was just putting on a child’s play."

    As Lin Ming spoke, his thoughts moved and his figure appeared within the Extreme Violet Ring. At this time, Mo Eversnow also turned into a stream of light that entered into the Extreme Violet Ring’s world.

    Here, a little girl was sitting down near the medicine garden, holding both of her knees. She stared at the wondrous sight in front of her:20 mountains of purple crystals!

    Each crystal mountain was formed by a massive amount of piled up violet sun stones and violet sun crystals.

    Lin Ming had exchanged the wealth he took from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan at Carefree Island for violet sun stones and received over 100 billion. And, he had also inherited over 300 billion from the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. He had already exchanged the latter for crystal cards, around 3600-3700 of them. Each crystal card was worth 100 million. These crystal cards could be exchanged at any major bank of the great worlds for violet sun stones or different kinds of pills.

    And now, these 20 purple crystal mountains had formed a tremendous visual impact on this little girl!

    During her time at Immemorial Imperial City’s underworld influence, she had never had enough to eat. From the start, their only desire had been to study her special physique and ascertain just what it was. Thus, they had supplied her with many violet sun crystals. But in the end, this had come to nothing and they were only able to sell her for a price of 2 million. Afterwards, while she had been waiting to be sold, this little girl nearly never had anything to eat, and she had been in a starving state for a long time.

    In fact, even when she had violet sun crystals to eat at the start, she only ate 20 some per day. That was equal to 200 thousand some violet sun stones, so when had she seen such a massive violet sun crystal mountain?

    The little girl couldn’t help but lick her lips. She was unbearably hungry, but since she didn’t have Lin Ming’s permission she could only look on.

    As she saw Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow arrive, she was startled and quickly stood up.

    "Eat as much as you want." Lin Ming casually said.

    The little girl knew that Lin Ming had seen her hungry appearance and blushed, a bit embarrassed. She didn’t have the courage to directly start eating the violet sun crystals, but looked at Mo Eversnow with a confused look on her face instead, "You are… that big sister in the hall?"

    The little girl suddenly asked, startling Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow.

    The two of them glanced at each other and then turned to that little girl in disbelief.

    "How did you know?"

    "A feeling… I had a feeling that this big sister’s aura is the same as the big sister’s aura in the hall…" The little girl said, shrinking her neck back.

    After Lin Ming listened to her, he looked at the little girl with a bit of surprise in his eyes. She clearly didn’t have the least bit of cultivation and Mo Eversnow had been purposefully avoiding placing any soul pressure on her. Even so, she was able to remember Mo Eversnow’s soul fluctuations, and even now when Mo Eversnow was restraining her soul aura, she had still been able to recognize her!

    This was something that not even a martial artist skilled in the aspect of soul would be able to achieve!

    "What’s your name?" Mo Eversnow asked.

    "I… I am called Yan Littlefish, but you can just call me Fishy…" The little girl whispered in a clear voice.

    "Yan Littlefish, that’s a very beautiful name. May I ask you a few questions?"

    "You can ask me, Big Sister." Fishy said, without the least bit of wariness towards Mo Eversnow.

    "Mm… I want to know what your background is. Who are your parents? How could you only eat violet sun stones? And how do you know where the violet sun stone embryo is?"

    Hearing Mo Eversnow’s questions, Yan Littlefish thought very hard for a time before shaking her head. She said, "I don’t remember where I came from… all I remember is that I have always been alone around Immemorial Imperial City, and I don’t have any parents…"

    "You’re alone? Then how did you live when you were a little child? Where did you obtain violet sun stones from?" After hearing Fishy’s words, Lin Ming was surprised. It was simply impossible for a lonely and defenseless little girl to live near Immemorial Imperial City for all this time. Moreover, Fishy didn’t eat normal types of food; she only ate violet sun stones and violet sun crystals, so where would she have obtained them?

    Yan Littlefish hesitated for a moment before finally saying, "The truth is that… I can see violet sun stones buried underground. I can even see them when they are super super far away. It’s just that I am very weak so I can’t dig them out, but… I can sometimes dig out some small pieces and eat them…"

    Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were dumbfounded. There was actually such a mystical ability??

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