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Chapter 1145:Marvelous Ability

    Chapter 1145:Marvelous Ability




    "You can see the location of violet sun stones? Those people that captured you didn’t know this?" Lin Ming found this surprising. Violet sun stones and violet sun crystals were often buried deep underground, isolated by thick layers of soil. In addition, these layers of soil were often like the purple mountain in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm and had certain properties that could isolate divine sense. They were extremely difficult to discover. If Yan Littlefish had this ability, then just this point alone would cause countless underworld influences to compete for her.

    Fishy shook her head. She clenched her small fists and said, "They were bad guys so I didn’t tell them. If I did, then it would have been really sad for me. I would have to rush every day to help them mine stuff, but the truth is if I look for things for too long then my head hurts and I will feel dizzy and sick."

    As Fishy spoke, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow felt their hearts touched. Although Fishy was young and she didn’t have much courage, she was quite smart. A rhino would often die because of their horn and elephants were hunted for their pure white ivory tusks. It wasn’t easy for an 11-12 year old child to understand this and hide their own abilities.

    It also seemed that Fishy revealing that she knew the whereabouts of the violet sun stone embryo was because she had no choice. Since she didn’t have any cultivation, she couldn’t use a true essence sound transmission to tell Lin Ming this; she could only speak it out loud. Luckily, Fish didn’t continue to hide her ability, otherwise Lin Ming wouldn’t have a clue to find the violet sun stone embryo and Fishy wouldn’t have been able to leap out of her sea of suffering.

    "How did they treat you?" Mo Eversnow sighed as she remembered how Fishy had fear in her eyes when she saw that Mister Luo and Madame Luo.

    Fishy said, "They let me eat at the start, but they also forced me to train a lot. They didn’t let me sleep or even rest, and afterwards that Madame Luo kept calling me useless trash and yelled at me, hit me, and finally locked me up. They didn’t let me eat anymore and only wanted to sell me away. They had wanted to sell me to a terrible witch for alchemy, but that witch thought I was too expensive and didn’t buy me. I was afraid of what would happen if I stayed there. I knew if I did, I would die sooner or later. That’s why I couldn’t help but call out for Big Brother…"

    Yan Littlefish guiltily looked at Lin Ming. She hadn’t thought that her calling out to him would cause him so much trouble.

    "These underworld gangs are truly heartless…" Lin Ming said, but, he understood that this was simply how it was in the world of martial artists. These underworld gang influences didn’t need to worry about what the public thought of them, thus they were able to seek profits at any cost, no matter how horrible it made them. The reason that they gave Fishy violet sun stones to eat at the start was only that they wanted to train her so when she matured they could sell her for a higher price. Thus, this was why they rigorously trained an 11-12 year old girl. Afterwards when they discovered that their training had no effect, they thought of simply selling her instead. As for what her fate would be and whether she would live or die, none of them cared.

    "Big Brother and Big Sister are fierce! Those bad guys were all beaten up!" Fishy said, excited, as she thought of how Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow had shown off in such great glory.

    Mo Eversnow smiled and shook her head, "We’re not as fierce as you think we are." As she spoke, she couldn’t help but lift her hand and rub Fishy’s cheeks. She could rely on energy to simulate touch, a touch that felt like water.

    "Big Sister, your hands are very cold." Fishy said. She didn’t avoid Mo Eversnow but only looked at her strangely.

    Mo Eversnow faintly smiled. Being called a big sister by such a little child was quite strange to her. She said, "You can call me aunty from now on. I’ve always had such a cold body."

    "Aunty…" Fishy tilted her head, thinking about it. She said, "But I like to call you big sister more! And Big Sister doesn’t seem to be much older than Fishy."

    "A bit." Mo Eversnow chuckled, thinking it was funny. The time whilst she slept in the Magic Cube had been extremely strange. It hadn’t dimmed her fires of life at all, and they were still as vivid as they were 50,000 years ago. It was like time had stopped and only restarted when she had awakened with Lin Ming.

    As she stood together with Lin Ming, they were like mortal youths in their prime, brimming with vitality. This was one of the most fascinating aspects of following the martial path, in that one could extend their youth.

    Those that cultivated martial arts were not willing to resign themselves to the ebb of time. As years passed, their life force and strength would be slowly sucked away. Even though they had the ability to move mountains and sunder seas, they finally couldn’t escape the slow changes of destiny.

    Often, a martial artist would constantly seek out lucky chances, passing through layers upon layers of dangers to climb to a higher peak of martial arts. What drove them was not just peeping at the wonders of the Heavenly Dao Laws, but also to obtain longer youth and longer life.

    Even an Empyrean was unable to achieve that faint and illusory immortality that existed in legends. As for whether one could even achieve immortality through the martial path and surpass the scope of the Heavenly Dao, that had always been an enigma.

    "Alright, eat something, you look hungry." Lin Ming took out several high quality violet sun crystals from the purple crystal mountain and passed them to Fishy.

    As Fishy saw this violet sun crystal and the incomparably rich energy within it, she bit her lips and said, "This is very expensive… Big Brother Lin Ming’s crystals are much better than ordinary ones."

    This large fragment of violet sun crystal that Lin Ming took out was worth several hundred thousand violet sun stones. That underground influence would definitely not be willing to give Fishy such a luxurious item to eat. But to him, who had 500 billion violet sun stones, several hundred thousand was just a drop of water in the ocean.

    "Eat." Mo Eversnow smiled, "There’s much more where that came from, you won’t be able to finish it all."

    Fishy took the big violet sun crystal, a bit embarrassedly, and bit down on it.

    As Fishy ate the violet sun crystal, Lin Ming was paying particularly special attention to the changes in it. Violet sun crystals were extremely hard; not even an iron hammer would be able to break them and they could easily chip teeth. But as Yan Littlefish bit down on that violet sun crystal, part of the crystal’s energies mysteriously dissolved, just like she was biting a candied fruit instead. The violet sun crystal was simply eaten like that.

    "This…" Lin Ming glanced at Mo Eversnow, finding this incredible. Just what sort of principle was this? Fishy clearly didn’t have any energy fluctuations coming from her body. She was a true and thorough mortal little girl.

    "Yummy! I’ve never eaten something so delicious before." Fishy seemed shy as she spoke but continued to eat. The more she ate, the quicker she ate and the more lively she ate, just like an ordinary little girl eating candy.

    "I’ve never heard of this type of physique before." Mo Eversnow sighed. In the vast Divine Realm, every strange and fantastical thing was possible. Mo Eversnow considered herself well-read and experienced but she had still never seen any type of record that pertained to such a physique. Violet sun stones were the condensation of heaven and earth origin energy. Martial artists could use them to cultivate, but because large sects of the Divine Realm often had training locations with extremely rich energy, there wasn’t too great a demand on violet sun crystals for cultivation. Normally, violet sun crystals would only be used to activate array formations and drive the movement of spirit ships, or even galvanize large-scale spirit artifacts. They were even used to open divergent mystic realms.

    But to directly eat up a violet sun crystal… that was something she had never heard of.

    In just half an incense stick of time, the large violet sun crystal chunk was directly eaten up by Fishy.

    Fishy patted her full belly and accidentally let out a burp. Her face blushed red and she lowered her head in embarrassment, slowly saying, "I… I’m full. That was very delicious."

    Lin Ming looked at Fishy, a puzzled light in his eyes. In his opinion, energy in the Divine Realm was conserved. It wouldn’t come from nowhere, nor would it randomly disappear. A mortal could work labor because they ate food, and a martial artist could move seas because they absorbed heaven and earth origin energy.

    Then, Fishy ate up so much pure violet sun crystal energy, so where did that energy go?

    A little mortal girl had a limit to the amount of energy they could expend in their entire life. It probably wouldn’t even be equal to a thousandth of that violet sun crystal just now.

    Lin Ming used his senses to investigate Fishy’s body. Following the movement of the violet sun crystal after Fishy ate it, he discovered that the energy simply vanished without a trace. It was like there was a bottomless pit in Fishy’s body and she swallowed it all without end.

    Lin Ming glanced at Mo Eversnow, but Mo Eversnow only shook her head. She said, "I also cannot understand this. Fishy’s body is truly incomprehensible. She violates the conservation of energy contained within the Heavenly Dao Laws. Then again, perhaps this energy was hidden using some sort of special method, or maybe it was simply transferred somewhere else…"

    Even though Mo Eversnow’s soul force was on the level of a half-step World King, she still couldn’t discover what was happening in Yan Littlefish’s body.

    "Well, let’s consider it finished. We’ll slowly unravel whatever her physique is in the future." Lin Ming didn’t think that it would be easy to understand Fishy’s physique. Otherwise, that underworld influence of Immemorial Imperial City would have already done so.

    "Fishy, you said that you knew the location of the violet sun stone embryo. Did you find it when you were looking for something to eat?"

    "I’m not too sure…" Fishy shook her head. "That place is very strange… when I saw that place, I felt very… uncomfortable, and I didn’t know why… I can lead Big Brother Lin Ming to go there now."

    "Alright. You point the way and we’ll go together. But, we’re not in a hurry so let’s rest a bit first."

    Lin Ming turned into a stream of light that shot out from the Extreme Violet Ring. Then, his thoughts stirred and his body began to emit great snapping and crackling noises. His body began to change. His figure became much larger, his muscles thicker, and his handsome looks more ordinary. In a short while, he became a completely different person. It was impossible to find even the faintest shadow of Lin Ming in his body.

    Then, Lin Ming revolved the special martial skill Mo Eversnow taught him to conceal the energy fluctuations of grandmist space, using that to completely change his own aura. At this time, even an early Divine Lord realm powerhouse might not be able to recognize him.

    And why would an ordinary Divine Lord powerhouse have the spare time to investigate everyone they came across to see if they had changed their appearance?

    Like this, they stayed until nightfall. Under the cover of night, Lin Ming quietly moved towards Immemorial Imperial City. With Fishy’s guidance, he soon found the location where Fishy said the violet sun stone embryo was. But as he saw this place, he was actually shocked.

    How… how could it be here?

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