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Chapter 1147:Divine Seal Art

    Chapter 1147:Divine Seal Art




    "This… this is… am I imagining things!?"

    Lin Ming investigated a 10 mile radius around him with his sense. He couldn’t believe his eyes!

    "How could there be such a massive violet sun crystal mine? No… that isn’t a violet sun crystal mine but an incomparably massive and pure violet sun crystal!"

    Normally, violet sun crystals would come from violet sun stone mines. The violet sun stone mine that was located in the purple mountain within the Red Desolate Mystic Realm was already considered to contain top high-grade ores. But, the violet sun stones within were only tiny chunks that were sporadically located within the purple mountain. If one wished to dig them out, they needed to be constantly screened and purified.

    This was the only method to obtain violet sun stones.

    As for violet sun crystals, they were extremely rare crystallizations of energy located within violet sun stones mines. They were just like diamonds found within volcanic ash; they were very rare.

    In the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, over a hundred Revolving Core martial artists had worked non-stop for several days to mine the purple mountain. They managed to mine several million violet sun stones, but only several tens of thousands of violet sun crystals. Piled together, that formed a tiny hill.

    But compared to this massive violet sun crystal mountain that lay before Lin Ming, it simply wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

    "Can there actually exist such a massive violet sun crystal in this world? Is this naturally formed? Or is it man-made?"

    Lin Ming found this unbelievable. Just how much wealth was this? It was simply incalculable.

    If it were natural, it was impossible to imagine just what sort of Laws and powers of nature needed to collide to produce such a mystical and massive violet sun crystal!

    But if it were man-made, Lin Ming couldn’t think of just who had such great ability. Perhaps only an Empyrean would have such skill and resources available to do this. Even so, why would that Empyrean leave behind such a massive violet sun crystal in this hidden underground space dimension? Wasn’t it just a waste?

    Could it be that this violet sun crystal was the wealth left behind by some ancient Empyrean, waiting for some predestined person to unearth it? If that were such, then perhaps not even a top Holy Land would be able to use it up!

    If he could obtain it then wouldn’t he be able to freely spend resources as he wished in the future? Besides those things that couldn’t be purchased with violet sun stones, such as supreme God Beast bones or transcendent divine mights, anything else could be purchased!

    However, if this was truly the inheritance of an Empyrean, then inheriting it wouldn’t be easy. As Lin Ming was lost in his thoughts, Mo Eversnow suddenly said, "This violet sun crystal forms a character…"

    Mo Eversnow’s divine sense was much stronger than Lin Ming’s. Lin Ming could sense an area of 10 miles, but Mo Eversnow could see for hundreds of miles around. She could easily make out a total view of this giant violet sun crystal.


    Lin Ming’s mind connected with Mo Eversnow and he was able to see from her point of view. As he overlooked this mysterious place, he finally saw the entire scene of the violet sun crystal.

    The massive violet sun crystal formed a strange character. Every stroke was as thick as a mountain range, as if it were dividing this world in half.

    This character exuded a boundless and ancient aura, as if it had been sleeping here for countless eons!

    But, Lin Ming simply didn’t know what this character was.

    "This is probably… the ancient language of the Divine Realm?" Lin Ming recalled the bone slip that he bought at the trade fair. The characters had some similarities so they should have come from the same system.

    "This is indeed the ancient language of the Divine Realm, and I also recognize this character." Mo Eversnow said. In the past, in order to understand the ancient Celestial Tyrant Manual jade slip, she had specifically studied every possible ancient language of the Divine Realm that was possible. In terms of studying the ancient language, she could be called a top first-class master within the Divine Realm.

    "What character is it?" Lin Ming curiously asked.

    "This character is… seal!"

    "Seal?" Lin Ming’s mind shook. He looked at this character and felt as if there really was a world sealed within it, hidden from all!

    "A sealing array formation? Heavens! Just what is it that would need such a massive violet sun crystal to form the seal? And just what cultivation did the person who laid down this sealing array formation have?"

    Lin Ming was utterly shocked. This mysterious character had actually used a massive violet sun crystal that rose and curved like mountains and rivers to form a single ‘seal’ character. Someone with this ability had to be at least an extreme Empyrean!

    And whatever was sealed here was likely a super existence on the level of an Empyrean. It was at least a God Beast!

    "This is… Miss Mo, do you know how long this sealing array has been here? Who laid it down? In Immemorial Imperial City was there another war between Empyrean level characters?"

    Lin Ming asked as he took a deep breath.

    Mo Eversnow shook her head. "I cannot estimate this at all. It could be hundreds of millions of years or even billions of years. It might even be longer than that. This has existed for far, far longer than the Sky Spill Planet’s Eternal Demon Abyss. And this ‘seal’ character, if I’m not wrong, was likely created by a type of transcendent divine might:the Divine Seal Art…"

    The Divine Seal Art was a transcendent divine might that Mo Eversnow had only heard of in the past. But as for what it actually entailed, she had never experienced it before. She had only seen some descriptions in the ancient texts that seemed similar to this massive ‘seal’ character in front of her.

    "Transcendent divine might!"

    Lin Ming forcefully gulped. Up until now, the number of transcendent divine mights he had heard of could be counted on a single hand.

    Of them, he had only learned the Heavenly Demon martial intent and Heretical God Force. The former was an incomplete third, and as for the latter, Lin Ming wasn’t able to confirm whether or not it was complete.

    There was simply nothing that could be done about this. A transcendent divine might jade slip was often a unique and singular existence, something that was inherited over hundreds of millions of years. These jade slips would often experience countless battles and looting over them and the chances that they were incomplete was high.

    Every single transcendent divine might was incomparably precious. Even Crimson Strifecloud’s father, a Great World King, only had a fragment of a transcendent divine might jade slip. A fragment couldn’t even be called an incomplete transcendent divine might.

    With only a fragment of a transcendent divine might, it was simply impossible to cultivate it. At most one could perceive some martial skills from it.

    "An Empyrean used the Divine Seal Art to lay down this sealing formation? Hundreds of millions or even billions of years passed, so could this existence that was suppressed still live? Perhaps even that Empyrean who created this sealing formation has turned to dust by now!"

    Lin Ming looked at the massive violet sun crystal mountain in front of him and found it hard to calm himself. Although he didn’t know whether or not the existence that had been sealed was alive or dead, what he did know was that even thinking of taking this violet sun crystal would not be easy. If this was laid down by an Empyrean, then even if billions of years passed, wanting to move it would still be impossible!

    "Fishy, could the violet sun stone embryo you mentioned be bred in this violet sun crystal mountain?" Lin Ming asked Fishy, who was hidden in the Extreme Violet Ring.

    "Yes… it’s in there…"

    "This is…" Lin Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Before this, he had in truth been afraid that Fishy would turn out to be a violet sun stone embryo that had developed its own consciousness and taken human form. If that had happened, then all of those bizarre matters like eating violet sun stones as food and being able to feel out the location of violet sun stones could be explained. Even remembering this position could be understood then. But if that were true, it would also be extremely troublesome because Lin Ming would never sacrifice Fishy to use her in alchemy.

    Now that he knew Fishy was not a violet sun stone embryo, he relaxed a great deal. But, the position of the violet sun stone embryo actually caused him to have a bitter taste in his heart. How could he possibly obtain the violet sun stone embryo that was within an Empyrean’s sealing array?

    Lin Ming asked, "Fishy, are you sure? This area is 5000 miles beneath the ground and also hidden away in a space node. The violet sun crystal mountain is extremely large so it wouldn’t be surprising if you could see it, but… the violet sun stone embryo is so small, so how are you sure that it has been bred within this violet sun crystal mountain?"

    Lin Ming found this difficult to explain, but Fishy tilted her head and said, "Yes… that is because… there are a lot of them…"

    As Fishy spoke, Lin Ming froze for a moment. Mo Eversnow suddenly said, "Fishy is right, there are indeed many of them…"

    As Mo Eversnow spoke, she projected the image of her divine sense into Lin Ming’s mind. Then, Lin Ming was also able to see the image within the violet sun crystal mountain. As he saw this, his mouth fell open and he found it difficult to close.

    With Mo Eversnow’s senses piercing into the violet sun crystal mountain, he could see that there was another world contained within. He didn’t know if this was a world formed from energy or if it were real. Sealed inside were lakes, forests, rolling fields, majestic palaces, and grand heavenly temples. He had never seen such a scene or imagined such an ability.

    And deep within this world, there were also living beings!

    There were people as well as other living beings. These other living beings had blurry shapes, as if they weren’t fully complete yet.

    "This is…" Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. Today, he had really opened his eyes and broadened his horizons. This feeling was similar to the time he had first seen the Eternal Demon Abyss. Everything he saw here had gone beyond his understanding.

    All things had a spirit. In the legends, all of this world’s plants, creatures, even stones, once having experienced countless years and unimaginable coincidences, could gain wisdom and turn into a monster.

    And all of these spiritual beings that Lin Ming saw were clearly bred from violet sun crystals!

    Mo Eversnow said, "In order to be bred, a violet sun stone embryo requires a massive amount of energy and the purest violet sun stone crystal as a foundation. It would have to experience heavenly retribution and the baptism of the Heavenly Dao, absorbing nearly limitless world essence and passing through endless years before being formed! It is already extremely rare if a violet sun crystal can form a violet sun stone embryo, but for so many to appear here, it is better to say that this violet sun crystal mountain is not breeding life, but breeding a world!"

    The quality and amount of energy within this massive violet sun crystal left behind by an Empyrean could be imagined. After being refined by a transcendent divine might and becoming an existence that surpassed the Heavenly Dao, it had passed through perhaps billions of years, absorbing infinite world essence during this period. If this happened, how could there only be a violet sun stone embryo bred here?

    Now Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming could see that what was bred was a world!

    Not only was there life, there were mountains, rivers, insects, plants, and all sorts of wonders!

    Mo Eversnow took a deep breath. She said, "In the Heavenly Dao Laws, the driving force for creating all life is energy. Even our universe was bred within an infinitely hot blazing mass of energy. From this energy came plants, mountains, rivers, seas, and following that came spiritual matter from which all life was formed. Now, the world bred within this violet sun crystal mountain has similarly wonderful principles driving it just as our universe does.

    "In the legends, those supreme elders that reached the peak of the road of martial arts could open up their own boundless true world. Still, I never imagined that we would find a world bred within a violet sun crystal while looking for the violet sun stone embryo."

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