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Chapter 1148:Ancient Spirit

    Chapter 1148:Ancient Spirit




    The discovery of this strange space left Lin Ming shocked. There were far too many secrets hidden within the Divine Realm. Who knew just how many world-shattering battles had occurred before this mysterious ancient ruin was left behind?

    An Empyrean was someone that held life and death in their hands. For them to display such an amazing technique and lay down this sealing array formation, just what reason could it have been for?

    Lin Ming couldn’t help but glance at Fishy. He felt that if Fishy could find this place, there was no way she was a simple little mortal girl. Moreover, why would this place be secretly hidden deep beneath Immemorial Imperial City?

    Could that Empyrean who laid down this massive sealing array be related to Immemorial Imperial City? Or, was it possible that Immemorial Imperial City was founded by that person to serve as the eye for this Divine Seal Array?

    Far too many thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. "Fishy, is this the first time you’ve seen this place, or is it because you have some impressions of this area that you found it?"

    Lin Ming’s question startled Mo Eversnow. She said with a true essence sound transmission, "Lin Ming, are you suspecting that Fishy is somehow related to these ancient ruins?"

    "I have no idea… I’m just randomly asking." Even Lin Ming found his own thoughts a bit too fantastical. After all, these ancient ruins had already existed here for hundreds of millions or even billions of years. There should be no life that was able to live that long. Whether it was someone deeply sleeping or even someone reincarnating, crossing billions of years shouldn’t be possible.

    Fishy tilted her head, a confused look on her face. She clearly didn’t understand what Lin Ming was wanting to ask.

    "It’s fine, pretend I didn’t say anything." Lin Ming shook his head. He continued walking through this land and reached that place where the spiritual lives were being sealed up by violet sun stones.

    He had already found a violet sun stone embryo that was buried in a very shallow area. It hadn’t yet formed its own intelligence and was shaped just like a monkey.

    But, how to take it out was another problem altogether.

    The most direct method was to destroy this violet sun crystal seal and then take out the violet sun stone embryo. But, Lin Ming was well aware of his own abilities. How could an array formation laid down by an Empyrean be easily broken by him?

    Lin Ming stretched out a hand. According to what he could sense within the violet sun crystal mountain, the violet sun stone embryo was a mere three feet away from him. However, these three feet had become an insurmountable moat.

    "Grandmist space!"

    Lin Ming’s thoughts concentrated and a lush red Prime Emperor Lotus Flower bloomed behind him. Grandmist space was able to decompose all matter and Laws. Lin Ming wanted to cover up this area with the grandmist space to see if it could do anything, but he was soon disappointed.

    Around the violet sun crystal mountain was an invisible force field that isolated all infiltration of energy.

    The energy that Lin Ming released struck this force field and it was the same as a slight gust of wind striking a towering oak; there was simply no response at all.

    "Lin Ming, it’s impossible for you to break this seal. Let alone you, even if my aunty were here she still wouldn’t be able to do anything. This is an array formation laid down by an Empyrean powerhouse. It has formed its own independent world and has even crossed through billions of years. It is not something that the average person could hope to unravel."

    Mo Eversnow’s voice echoed within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. How could Lin Ming not know this? Even so, he couldn’t stand idly by and just return empty-handed!

    At this time, Lin Ming suddenly thought of something. "Fishy, could you help me with something?"

    "Mm, alright Big Brother Lin Ming." Fishy’s voice echoed back.

    Lin Ming used his true essence to form an enchantment, isolating the high temperature and pressure in this deep underground world. Then, he traced his spatial ring and a gentle energy wrapped around Fishy, bringing her out in front of Lin Ming.

    After eating some violet sun crystals, Fishy had already restored her rosy color and liveliness. Her cute and round cheeks were just like red apples.

    "Wow, what a big purple stone! It’s much larger than what I imagined!"

    Fishy looked up at the massive violet sun crystal mountain in front of her, her dark eyes going wide. Her pupils filled with a radiant light. This was just like a little girl who loved eating sweets coming face to face with a massive mountain-sized cake.

    Although Fishy had ‘seen’ this area, she had never personally been here herself. The visual impact of this massive violet sun crystal mountain was far too great.

    "Fishy, do you think… um, well… do you think you could try taking a bite out of this violet sun crystal?"

    As Lin Ming said this, a strange and awkward color came over his face. Even he felt that his own words were ridiculous. Even he couldn’t do anything against this Empyrean level seal, much less a little girl who couldn’t even defeather a chicken. Moreover, she would have to use her teeth to do it. This was just far too ridiculous.

    However, there were too many strange things occurring within Fishy’s body. When she was in the Extreme Violet Ring’s space, Lin Ming was able to see Fishy eat violet sun crystals like they were delicious cookies. And, the hardness of a violet sun crystal far surpassed that of diamonds found in the mortal world.

    This Empyrean seal was essentially a massive violet sun crystal. If so, then Yan Littlefish might have a small chance of being able to bite it apart. There were far too many strange Laws within Fishy that Lin Ming couldn’t understand. Many of the most fundamental and basic rules of the Heavenly Dao didn’t apply to Fishy.

    Mo Eversnow was speechless. Lin Ming’s attempt might have seemed absurd, but it wasn’t necessarily impossible. Fishy being able to find this place was already an unbelievable matter.

    "Bite it…" Fishy looked at that incomparably massive violet sun crystal mountain and licked her lips. Her two eyes shined and she drooled a bit, like she was becoming more and more hungry.

    "Mm, be careful though. If anything strange happens then we’re leaving immediately." Lin Ming cautioned. He used his sense to surround Fishy’s body. If anything happened he would immediately take her back into the Extreme Violet Ring.

    Fishy rubbed her small belly and then dropped down onto the violet sun crystal mountain like a tiny kitten, taking a sudden bite.


    With a loud crisp sound, a strange occurrence happened where Fishy bit down. The indescribable energy structure began to unravel, dissolving into pure energy underneath Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming’s astonished gaze!

    "Um… it’s very hard…"

    Fishy mumbled as she had something between her lips. She made a visible effort to bite down harder, just like she was chewing on a frozen steamed bun. Then, bit off that piece of violet sun crystal.

    "This… this…!" Lin Ming took a deep breath and glanced at Mo Eversnow, a deep awe in both of their eyes.

    This child… was too sturdy!

    Lin Ming also hadn’t expected anything to come from this; he had only wanted to give it a try. But, the result was that it actually worked! This Divine Seal Array was laid down by some ancient Empyrean. What would that Empyrean do if they realized that this array formation they laid down with so much effort was eaten up by a little girl as if it were food?

    "It’s very hard… my teeth hurt…" Fishy held her hands up to her small cheeks and gently rubbed them. That piece of violet sun crystal was still between in her lips; she hadn’t been able to eat it.

    Mo Eversnow looked at Fishy and gently smiled. She said, "Violet sun stones and crystals are originally a condensation of energy. It seems that Fishy’s body can decompose energy and then absorb it. This is truly incredible. Even a violet sun crystal used by an Empyrean to lay down an array formation can be eaten up by you."

    When this ancient Empyrean laid down this array formation, they had clearly refined and transformed the energy within the violet sun crystal. It was just that it still wasn’t able to surpass the strange Laws contained within Fishy’s body, thus such a result occurred. But, to depend on Fishy to eat up this entire massive seal was simply impossible. Even a hundred million years wouldn’t be enough time for her to finish it off.

    Let alone eating this giant seal, even biting through the violet sun crystal barrier and taking out that violet sun stone embryo was a vast and time-consuming project to Fishy.

    As Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming were thinking, the entire underground world began to violently tremble. With a loud rumbling sound, rocks began to fall down from all around the enchantment. Startled, Lin Ming directly received Fishy back into the Extreme Violet Ring, maintaining complete vigilance of his surroundings.

    "This is…"

    Lin Ming held his breath. He could feel abnormally great energy fluctuations all around him, as if some slumbering ancient beast was awakening.

    Mo Eversnow was also alarmed. She had specifically used her sense to investigate this underground world but hadn’t been able to find any other living life forms here. As for that giant seal, there was no way that it could have been broken just because Fishy took a tiny little bite from it.

    At this moment, a potent and ancient voice containing an ice cold killing intent echoed throughout the entire world. "Who is it? Who dares to disturb my slumber!"


    Lin Ming was beyond shocked. This underground world that had passed through billions of years actually had some sort of existence living here!

    Just how long had it slept for? Was it possible for anything to live this long!?

    And from the pressure and aura surging out from that voice, this existence’s strength had reached a terrifying boundary. Even if it weren’t an Empyrean, it was still an existence whose strength reigned near the peak! Such a being was not something that Lin Ming could deal with.

    Mo Eversnow was panic-stricken. She sent out her divine sense, and this time she was finally able to sense this other existence. Hidden deep within the violet sun crystal mountain was an incomparably powerful soul!

    It was… the same as her, a soul form!

    Soul? Could it be an Empyrean’s soul?

    Mo Eversnow sucked in a deep breath. From this other’s aura she could sense a deep killing intent. If it were truly the soul of an ancient Empyrean, then even if they only had their soul remaining, that was still countless times more than enough to kill them all without a chance of resisting!

    "Since you dare to disturb my slumber, then compensate… with your lives!" The ancient voice said, cold and heartless, without the least bit of emotion.

    This voice was the same as the uncaring Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao was unbiased and ruthless, seeing all of life as nothing at all. In front of the Heavenly Dao, humans were no different from ants, everything was equal!

    "Senior, please wait a moment!" As Lin Ming felt this killing intent he could feel sweat seeping out all over his body. If he died here then that really would be too great of an injustice. He didn’t know who this ancient slumbering existence was, but its attitude was extremely bad. Just because they had disturbed its slumber, it was actually planning to kill them in return.

    Lin Ming revolved his true essence to the limit and the Phoenix Blood Spear leapt to his hands. The Heretical God Force completely opened and the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower also bloomed behind him. In that instant, Lin Ming had used his complete strength.

    It was impossible for him to just sit here and wait for death to come to him. His only choice left was to desperately struggle for his life!

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