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Chapter 1151:Refining the Stone Embryo

    Chapter 1151:Refining the Stone Embryo




    Lin Ming hesitated for a bit. If he really asked what was suppressed beneath the Ancient Elysium Seal then that would be unavoidably rude and offensive. This was definitely something that the Ancient Elysium Seal’s artifact spirit wouldn’t be willing to reveal.

    Thinking like this, Lin Ming said, "Senior, junior would like to ask you a question. How come you decided not to kill me when you saw the Magic Cube?"

    Lin Ming felt this was a bit strange. This ancient soul clearly knew the value of the Magic Cube but it had no intention of fighting Lin Ming for it. This seemed a bit contrary to common sense.

    The ancient artifact spirit laughed as it heard Lin Ming’s question. Its gruff voice sounded a bit lonely and desolate. "Every person and every treasure has their own time and era. My era ended with Empyrean Divine Seal 3.6 billion years ago. That bygone and splendid era had belonged to us, but now I will no longer fight for anything. It is impossible for me to make another breakthrough in my path. The reason that I used the Destruction Sundering Art was to extend my own life, because the only reason I have left for existing is to protect this Divine Seal Array Formation!

    "And when the true heavenly tribulation arrives, it will need heroes of that era to step forwards and lead the charge to battle against destruction. There will need to be a protagonist that can rise above all, and I clearly cannot be that person. Even if this Divine Seal Array Formation no longer needed my protection and I was capable of leaving this land, the most I could accomplish would be to play a supporting role. As for you, you do have a faint chance of becoming that leading hero that this era needs. Of course, whether or not you can accomplish this is actually an unknown."

    The ancient artifact spirit said. Rather than believing in Lin Ming, what it believed in was the Magic Cube.

    Those that obtained the Magic Cube didn’t necessarily have the destiny to withstand possessing it. In the past, Mo Eversnow’s grandfather was a Great World King and Mo Eversnow herself was a peerless genius. They had found the Magic Cube, but not only did they not become the hero of their era, but they had instead suffered catastrophe.

    If Lin Ming perished, there would be someone else who would inherit his destiny.This cycle would continue on and on until the Magic Cube would fall into the hands of the true protagonist!

    Just how long was a hundred million years? Even if the Magic Cube only changed masters every 10,000 years, it could still switch between the hands of 10,000 masters. Among these people, there was bound to be an unrivalled hero.

    "Senior… are you saying that for these last 3.6 billion years, you’ve been… protecting this Divine Seal Array Formation?"

    "Yes. Are you curious as to what is suppressed underneath the Divine Seal Array Formation? I advise you to put away your curiosity. This thing far surpasses your wildest imaginations. It is something related to the great world calamity from 3.6 billion years ago! If you learn what it is, not only will it bring no benefits to you, but it may even draw a disaster upon your head."

    As Lin Ming heard the ancient soul’s words, his mind turned numb.

    3.6 billion years… no matter what kind of blood and flesh life form it was, it should have been turned to dust by now!

    The only possibility was if it was an energy life form like an artifact spirit. But, whatever it was actually needed such a grand and mighty array formation to suppress it? Could it be…

    Lin Ming thought of the demon bead and purple card that appeared beside the Magic Cube’s phantom. If it were those items, they would truly need to be suppressed like this!

    But thinking about this further, Lin Ming shook his head. This ancient soul had said these three objects did not possess artifact spirits. A treasure without an artifact spirit shouldn’t have any intelligence of its own and wouldn’t need to be suppressed by this seal. Moreover… if they really did possess artifact spirits, then perhaps even the Ancient Elysium Seal wouldn’t be able to suppress them.

    Lin Ming didn’t think about it any further. The day that he grew strong enough, he would inevitably find out what was suppressed here. There was even the possibility that… he would have to face it!

    But for now it was just like the Ancient Elysium Seal said. With his weak strength, knowing such a heaven-shaking secret would only bring disaster upon him.

    "Senior, junior has one last question. About Yan Littlefish, she is the little girl that this junior brought here. Would you know what secrets her life has?"

    The ancient soul was silent for a moment. It said, "About her, I only have some faint speculations. I have been sleeping here for far too long and there are many matters that happened outside which I cannot guess. Fate is illusory and unpredictable. Even an Empyrean cannot grasp the winding roads of fate that we all walk down, and the future will always be shrouded in mist. But, at the appropriate time, you will find out the truth."

    The ancient soul slowly said, its voice bringing with it a dim bleakness. Lin Ming heard it and remained silent. Even an Empyrean was unable to control fate. In truth, things like destiny, lucky chances, and karma, when all of these were combined together, they formed something that could be called a road that existed separate to and above the Heavenly Dao. It was whimsical, unpredictable, and impossible to determine.

    "Junior, you and that little soul form girl within you are extreme geniuses of your generations. Even that little child that eats violet sun crystals is not ordinary. You came here to where I slumber and wanted to break off a piece of this grand array. Just what do you seek here?"

    "Junior came for a violet sun stone embryo." Lin Ming directly said.

    "Violet sun stone embryo… a spirit body bred within a violet sun crystal? That’s easy. My manifested body has many such things sealed within it. I will bestow you one. But after this, you will have to walk down your own road. I will wait 10,000 years for you and see whether you fade into ashes or become a truly supreme character of the Divine Realm! Hahaha!"

    The ancient soul guffawed. Then, a wave of purple light surged towards Lin Ming, sweeping over him. Lin Ming felt the space in front of him suddenly distort as energy wrapped around him and he was shifted outside of the spatial node. But at this time, right beside Lin Ming, a human-sized violet sun crystal also appeared, slowly floating in air. Sealed inside this violet sun crystal was a purple stone monkey. Although it was a stone monkey, it looked completely lifelike. It had black crystal eyes and every detail on its body was utterly perfect, down to every single hair.

    This was the violet sun stone embryo.

    Lin Ming waved his hand and directly received the violet sun stone embryo into the Extreme Violet Ring.

    Mo Eversnow turned into a stream of light and entered the Extreme Violet Ring. As she saw the stone monkey in front of her, she took a light breath. "This is a violet sun stone embryo that has formed for hundreds of millions of years. Empyrean Divine Seal was truly amazing. He was able to take the massive violet sun crystal mountain as a derivative body of the Ancient Elysium Seal and constantly nourish it with energy fathered from the array formation, sealing it all away for 3.6 billion years in a single try and even creating a world that forms violet sun stone embryos. Just any one of these is a top quality treasure amongst all top quality treasures!"

    Mo Eversnow sighed as she deeply felt the difference between her strength and the strength of an Empyrean. When she had been at her peak state, she had only been a half-step World King.

    "Indeed, perhaps in the past Empyrean Divine Seal was the hero who led the forces of this universe to resist the great calamity… and even now, the Divine Seal Array Formation is still suppressing something related to the great calamity. I wonder just what it is…

    "Lin Ming, we’ve smoothly succeeded in obtaining the violet sun stone embryo, but it’s likely that River Feather hasn’t yet gathered the other materials required for refining the Esoteric Immortality Pill. Instead of returning to Immemorial Imperial City now and wasting our time, we might as well stay underground here. I will refine the essence of the violet sun stone embryo and you can cultivate. With your level of spirit body, there is no bottleneck for you between Ninefall and the Divine Sea. You only need to absorb enough origin energy and have your world seed germinate."


    During Lin Ming’s Ninefall, he had absorbed a massive amount of world Law fragments. However, he hadn’t yet found the time to perceive them. To slowly digest and comprehend these Laws was an extremely slow process.

    Lin Ming rose up until he was only 3000 miles underground and began to close up in training here. Deep underground, although the level of heat wasn’t like that of the 18 Hells of Flame, which contained different types of Laws, it was still able to play a role in enhancing his comprehension of the Concept of Fire.

    As for Mo Eversnow, after she completely refined the violet sun stone embryo, she took out the bone slip that Lin Ming purchased from the underworld trade fair and began to skim through its contents. This was a bone slip from ancient times. Although it was just a fragment, there were likely many things recorded within that were valuable.

    Fishy spent these days happy and comfortable. Eating then sleeping, then waking up to eat again.

    After the violet sun stone embryo was refined by Mo Eversnow, all that was left over was the violent sun crystal skin. This was also graciously eaten by Fishy.

    This violet sun crystal skin was of a far higher quality than ordinary violet sun crystals.

    The violet sun crystals mined from within violet sun stone mines would absorb heaven and earth origin energy from the world, even as it slowly emitted energy. Finally, this energy would achieve a balance, and the energy contained within these crystals would not increase or diminish.

    But, the Divine Seal Array Formation’s massive violet sun crystal mountain was different. Because of the barrier formed from the array formation, it would only absorb energy without any escaping. This violet sun crystal skin had formed over 2 billion years, gathering energy all the while. The purity and degree of energy contained within it could not be compared to those violet sun crystals mined from violet sun stone mines. The difference between them was like wine that had just been brewed versus wine that had been stored in a cellar for a millennium.

    After Fishy ate this violet sun crystal skin, her round face blushed red with a sunset glow, as if she had become drunk on wine. Her steps were unsteady and she finally plopped to the ground where she fell straight asleep.

    In these days, Fishy had eaten up many valuable violet sun crystals worth tens of millions of violet sun stones. This didn’t even include the incomparably precious violet sun crystal skin. Her cheeks became more and more shiny and red and seemed as if one could pinch them and find water. They were like two round happy peaches.

    Fishy rested for seven days and seven nights. After waking up, she was unexpectedly still hungry.

    Mo Eversnow investigated Fishy’s body with her sense. Although she couldn’t find any condensation of true essence, she could faintly feel as if something had changed.

    This result didn’t disappoint Mo Eversnow. If even the Ancient Elysium Seal said that Fishy’s physique was extremely special, then it was impossible to awaken her bloodline just by eating a few dozen million violet sun stones.

    After waking up, Fishy was able to eat more and more. Even so, her body didn’t change at all. It was unknown just where the massive amount of heaven and earth origin energy disappeared to.

    Like this, over half a year passed. Deep in meditation, Lin Ming’s body suddenly shook and he opened his eyes. Within his dantian, the world seed there had become smaller. But around the world seed there were violent space distortions, as if the whole thing were about to tear apart. This was the symbol that the world seed would soon erupt.

    Lin Ming was just a step away from reaching the Divine Sea. If he wanted to, he could force it and even make a breakthrough now. Of course, the best way was to suppress his cultivation to the limit until he naturally made a breakthrough.

    "Miss Mo, it’s time. Let’s return to Immemorial Imperial City."

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