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Chapter 1152:Sacred Martial Mansion

    Chapter 1152:Sacred Martial Mansion




    Illuminated by the rising sun, Immemorial Imperial City seemed like an incomparably massive monster that floated in the skies. It blocked all sunlight for tens of thousands of miles, casting an enormous shadow on True Martial Mainland.

    At any moment there were countless spirit ships and mounts shuttling back and forth around Immemorial Imperial City. The smallest of these were like horses, but the larger ones were bigger than mountains. They were like a swarm of locusts that extended to the distant horizon, endless.

    Walking through Immemorial Imperial City, there were very few Revolving Core martial artists. If some were seen, they were often young elites that still hadn’t grown. As for ordinary martial artists, it was impossible for them to pay the fee to enter the city.

    "This second time I’ve come to Immemorial Imperial City, it seems as if it’s much livelier than it was eight months ago." Lin Ming rubbed his chin. The last time he came to Immemorial Imperial City he had felt that there were many young heroic elites, and now there were even more of them. For every 10 people he saw on the street, no more than three or four of them would be over 50 years of age.

    As Lin Ming arrived at a corner of the city, he lit up a sound transmitting talisman. This was the sound transmitting mark that River Feather gave to him.

    After just 10 breaths of time, Lin Ming received a reply. River Feather was already on his way.

    Ever since the last trading fair where Lin Ming had displayed a strength that far surpassed a genius of a World King level Holy Land, River Feather had wholeheartedly wanted to pull closer his relationship with Lin Ming. River Feather would naturally do his best with the task Lin Ming had given him.

    "Brother Lin!" In less than an hour, a white-clothed River Feather appeared in Lin Ming’s sight, a bright and excited smile on his face. "Haha, lady luck was smiling on me this time; I didn’t humiliate myself. I have already prepared all of the materials you wanted!"

    "Thank you Brother River." Lin Ming cupped his hands across his chest. It wasn’t easy to find the materials required to refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill. Many of the materials were strange and unorthodox ingredients. River Feather’s family had a large number of channels and contacts throughout Immemorial Imperial City. With his help, Lin Ming was able to save himself a great deal of time.

    "In terms of price, I will make sure to pay you more than enough. I won’t let Brother River suffer a loss here."

    River Feather was startled. He quickly said, "Brother Lin, what kind of words are these? I was only helping you with some minor matters, and even if you paid me at the normal price my River Family would still turn a profit."

    Compared to a favor from Lin Ming, violet sun stones weren’t worth mentioning at all.

    "That’s right, Brother River, I just returned to Immemorial Imperial City and discovered that there are many more young geniuses than there were before. What’s going on? Is there some important event that happened recently?"

    Lin Ming was only casually asking, but after River Feather heard this, his face glowed with excitement. He enthusiastically said, "These young geniuses are all here to participate in the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament! The Sacred Martial Grand Tournament is a competition between geniuses of the younger generation. There are countless masters and the prizes are extremely rich. But what a pity, the tournament is already half over. Brother Lin missed out this time!"

    River Feather shook his head in regret, "They’ve already begun the knockout rounds. If Brother Lin had come several months ago and signed up, you surely could have won the championship and dazzled everyone!"

    "Oh? Sacred Martial Grand Tournament?" Lin Ming’s eyebrows arched up. He didn’t feel bad that he missed out on the Saint Martial Grand Tournament. This sort of tournament was only a battle between the geniuses in Immemorial Imperial City. No matter how large a city was, there were still limits. It didn’t matter if he missed it or not.

    "That’s right! I have no idea why, but recently True Martial Great World has been holding many tournaments so that juniors can compete with each other. As for my Immemorial Imperial City, this Sacred Martial Grand Tournament is being held by the second World King level influence here:the Sacred Martial Mansion!"

    In Immemorial Imperial City, there were two World King level holy lands that had bases. The first was True Martial Holy Lands. That was a Holy Land built by the Great World King of True Martial World and was also the top Holy Land of True Martial World. As for the second World King level Holy Land, that was Saint Martial Mansion.

    The two World King level Holy Lands only had a part of their forces based in Immemorial Imperial City; their main headquarters weren’t here. But, this was simply how things were. It was already amazing enough that two World King level Holy Lands were based in the same city. Even throughout the entire Divine Realm, this city could be considered somewhat famous.

    "It’s still a bit early. I’ll have my subordinates gather up all the materials for Brother Lin. Brother Lin, if you’re free, how about following me to the venue of the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament and taking a look at these geniuses as they fight? The Sacred Martial Grand Tournament is nearing its latter stages, so the ones stepping on stage are all peak talents of Immemorial Imperial City. There are even extraordinary geniuses from the two World King level Holy Lands! The battles are sure to be amazing!"

    As Lin Ming heard River Feather’s exuberant tone, he was indeed somewhat tempted. Up until now, the only World King level Holy Land he had experienced was the Ancient Dragon Clan. However, the Ancient Dragon Clan didn’t have a World King level martial artist in their ranks at the moment. Lin Ming didn’t know just what degree of strength an ordinary World King level Holy Land genius had.

    "Okay, let’s go take a look."

    Lin Ming followed River Feather all the way to the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament’s venue. The closer they were, the more outstanding young elites they saw on their way. Many of these people were even more talented than someone like White Daohong.

    These martial artists had come from all over True Martial Great World, crossing over countless miles to come here. They hoped to show off their skills in Immemorial Imperial City and gain glory and riches!

    "What are the prizes for this Sacred Martial Grand Tournament?" Lin Ming asked.

    This question caused River Feather to bubble with even more excitement. He fanatically explained, "The prizes are amazing! The reward for the number one champion is a Nine Divine Shifts Pill! This is a high-grade heaven-step pill that a late Divine Sea powerhouse uses to help attack the Divine Transformation realm. Through taking it, one can help develop their own inner world. If they take this pill, then during the early Divine Transformation realm, the size of their inner world would surpass even the inner worlds of middle Divine Transformation martial artists!"

    "The prize can only be used for Divine Sea martial artists to attack the Divine Transformation realm?" Lin Ming traced his chin. It would be a long time until he could use something like this.

    "Mm… normally in this sort of competition between geniuses, only Divine Sea realm martial artists will participate, many of them Ninefall geniuses. Life Destruction realm martial artists are busy accumulating energy and perceiving the Laws. Many of them are desperately suppressing their own cultivation as much as possible until they break through to Ninefall and amaze the world with their momentum! If they can reach Ninefall, they can even overturn the heavens! By reaching Ninefall, they will have the luck of having experienced a baptism of a massive amount of Laws!

    "To seek Ninefall and find the Nine Divine Shifts, the most important of these 18 boundaries is Ninefall. That is a completely different watershed from the other realms. If a genius can reach Ninefall, the further they go the greater the disparity will become! This is why Ninefall has such significance to Divine Sea geniuses!"

    Lin Ming nodded. Indeed, the future achievements of a genius and their degree of talent were most visible and accurately seen during the Divine Sea realm. If a genius couldn’t even form a Ninefall foundation, then there was no way they could ever become a Holy Lord unless they were able to stumble upon a heaven-shaking lucky chance.

    As the two spoke, they arrived at a massive palatial construction that spanned hundreds of miles. Without needing River Feather to tell him, Lin Ming could already discern that this was the arena for the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament. The surrounding martial artists had already grouped up into a seething torrent of people. From those that came in and out from countless different entrances, most of them were part of the audience.

    "This is spectacular!" Lin Ming praised. Even though this was just a tournament between geniuses in a city, it had still reached such an incredible scale.

    "Haha, of course! My Immemorial Imperial City is one of the largest cities of True Martial Great World, and Sacred Martial House is also a true World King level Holy Land. The tournament of geniuses they hold is only inferior to those held by the True Martial Holy Lands!" River Feather said, satisfied by Lin Ming’s acclaim.

    But just as River Feather revealed a happy smile, that smile froze on his face. In front of River Feather, a blue-clothed youth strolled into view, clasping a beautiful young woman at his side. This blue-clothed youth had a joking smile as he looked at River Feather.

    The blue-clothed youth had a refined and collected energy to him. One could tell that he was a master just from a glance, someone far stronger than River Feather!

    This youth didn’t pay attention to Lin Ming. He only looked at River Feather and said with a smile, "Isn’t that my dear little brother? How are you? The last I heard, you were eliminated in the preliminary matches, right? Why did you come to the main arena? Are you here to watch me compete?" The blue-clothed youth chuckled, his voice grating on River Feather’s ears.

    Lin Ming remained quiet. He was able to discern the situation with just a glance. This blue-clothed youth was River Feather’s older brother. In the mortal world, brothers were as close as they could be, mutually supporting each other. But in these distinguished martial families, especially between half-brothers, there were often struggles in the race to be chosen as the next successor of the family. These struggles could even turn tragic, and the relationship of these brothers was as volatile as water and fire. Thus, mocking each other upon meeting was also normal.

    "Hehe, River Feather, if you’re smart then I advise you not to struggle with me. Whether it is strength or how many people are under my control, you are inferior to me. In the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament, I am also the only one in the family who made it past the preliminary matches and am able to participate in the finals! In this competition, those who can step on stage are mostly geniuses of World King level Holy Lands. If I can defeat just a single one of them, my status in the family will reach all new heights!"

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