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Chapter 1153:Grandest Event of All Ages

    Chapter 1153:Grandest Event of All Ages




    "He’s your big brother?"

    Lin Ming casually asked after the blue-clothed youth left.

    River Feather revealed an embarrassed expression, "Brother Lin must think it funny, but he is really my brother. He was born a few years before me so his strength is naturally higher than mine."

    "Mm… he said that he was the only one of your River Family that was able to participate in the finals?"

    "That’s right…" River Feather wryly smiled. "The finals have around 200 people that were chosen, and around 80 of them are disciples of Sacred Martial Mansion. The remaining 120 are divided amongst the other influences… the competition is intense, and there is also the True Martial Holy Lands to worry over. They only sent a very small number of disciples to attend, but they still account for over a dozen participants."

    Since this Sacred Martial Grand Tournament was held by Sacred Martial Mansion, the prizes were also distributed by them. And, the most valuable of these prizes would likely be obtained by disciples of Sacred Martial Mansion in the end. It would be difficult for any outsiders to have a chance. As for the True Martial Holy Lands, they had merely sent some stronger disciples to join in on the fun; they couldn’t be considered as having sent their peak disciples, or else that would have been a slap to Sacred Martial Mansion’s face.

    After paying an entrance fee of some violet sun stones, Lin Ming and River Feather entered the martial field. Luckily, Lin Ming had already known that this grand finals arena would be gargantuan. Even so, as he entered the arena he was startled. This arena actually held its own dimension realm inside, and extended for 800 miles!

    800 miles. If Lin Ming was running at full strength, it wouldn’t take long to cross. But, if this size were reflected in just a single building, then that was terrifying!

    At this time, the stands in the arena were over a thousand feet high and already filled with people. Looking from afar, the spectators resembled a swarm of ants. Further away, they merged into a dark mass, and even the entire arena appeared solid with people!

    The arena stage was divided into a hundred martial fields, and every martial field had its own battle playing out. All sorts of energy explosions recklessly struck against the protections of array formations with dazzling sparks shooting off into the sky. Giant ringing sounds of energy detonations filled the air. When these sounds combined with the raucous cheers of the audience, they seemed to overwhelm the world!

    This massive building over 800 miles wide and over 1000 feet high could easily fit a hundred million people!

    And in the sky, there were massive array discs floating about. These were battle array discs, similar to the battle array discs Lin Ming had once seen at Skysplit Tower that recorded the battles of the Eightfall War Emperor. However, these battle array discs were much more exquisite and high quality. They were able to gather up the world Laws to form massive phantom projections in the air, reflecting everything happening in the battlefields below them!

    At this time, one of the array discs was displaying one of the many battles occurring on stage. Two youths were fighting in the center of a martial stage, their momentum irresistible.

    Their phantoms were enlarged by thousands of times until their images were tens thousands of feet tall. Their projections were reflected in the skies above the martial field. In the 800 mile large arena, they were like two giants battling in the air. Even a mortal with poor vision could still see them from a hundred miles away. Of course, there were no mortals present in the audience so they were able to see even more clearly, as if the fight were happening right in front of their eyes!

    "What a wonderful atmosphere!"

    Lin Ming praised. This sort of martial field really had a magnificent aura to it. The arena was able to hold a hundred million spectators and 100 matches were occurring at the same time. And, the key matches were projected into the skies, allow martial artists from every corner of the arena to see what was happening there!

    Just a single Immemorial Imperial City could hold a tournament with such momentum. This was far from what any influence in the lower realms could hope to achieve. As Lin Ming recalled the tournaments that were once held at the Seven Profound Valleys, the difference between the two couldn’t even be described as a firefly to the moon.

    As the two youths fought, they sent out energy shockwaves. Sword light, spear light, battle spirit projections, and every other aspect of their battle was amplified to epic proportions for all to see!

    This was a truly three-dimensional image. When a massive sword light was sent out, it shot towards the audience, even cutting down upon them!

    When this phantom sword light passed through their bodies, those affected really did faintly feel as if they had been spiritually struck. This oppressive feeling was truly lifelike!

    Watching such a shocking and stupefying battle, even if one knew that this was only a light projection, it still thrilled the heart!

    Especially since these people were all martial artists. As they saw a fight like this, they all began to roar out together!

    As martial artists, and especially genius martial artists, the pressure placed on them was intense!

    The pressure of competition, the pressure of life or death risks, the pressure of cultivation:when all of these pressures were combined together, they really required an outlet to be released. Now that they could howl out like this, all of them were happy and ecstatic!

    "This is crazy!"

    Lin Ming took a light breath. In the mortal world, there were all sorts of sports that attracted many people. For instance, kickball competitions and other such movements. These sorts of competitions were able to attract a massive number of fans and spectators, all of whom would cheer during the competition, causing the atmosphere to turn crazy with elation.

    But no matter how crazy they were, they could never be even a thousandth as crazy as martial artists watching a battle between powerhouses!

    In the world of martial artists, there was no one who didn’t practice martial arts. This was the absolute competition that everyone shared between them. The road of martial arts was everything to a martial artist. In this case with such a spectacular fight occurring right in front of their eyes, the impact could be imagined!

    When these martial artists all gathered together, the atmosphere was enough to make their blood boil over!

    Many of those in the audience were friends or relatives of the competing martial artists. They were senior-apprentice brothers, junior-apprentice sisters, good brothers, and so forth. As they all shouted out together, their voices were collapsing mountains, spreading over the world like an endless tsunami!

    "Oh? Isn’t that Yue Ironrock?" Lin Ming discovered that in a corner of the arena there was a towering young man. That was Yue Ironrock.

    "When Yue Ironrock stayed in the enchantment that hastened the flow of time, that was all for this Sacred Martial Grand Tournament?"

    As Lin Ming thought about this, he looked over at Yue Ironrock. Currently, Yue Ironrock’s complexion was extremely poor. The opponent he faced was a red-haired youth with sharp eyebrows that slanted upwards, bright eyes, and a square face that looked as if it had been hewed from stone with a very sharp axe. This person’s aura seemed to light up with red flames. His aura was wild and reckless, as capricious as a demon!

    "That is really Yue Ironrock. His luck is poor enough. The opponent he’s facing is one of the leading juniors of Sacred Martial Mansion. He’s called the Little Sovereign of Sacred Martial Mansion, Sacred Yueping!"

    River Feather shook his head. Before he finished speaking, his words were drowned out in a roar of cheers –

    "Little Sovereign is invincible! Little Sovereign will win!"

    Waves over waves of momentum completely overwhelmed all other sounds on the martial field. As for Yue Ironrock, as Sacred Yueping’s match, the pressure on him could be imagined!

    Without needing to think, one could already tell that the reason this battle was projected into the skies with a battle array disc was not because of Yue Ironrock but because of Sacred Yueping.

    "You are not my match!" Before the battle had begun, Sacred Yueping had already issued a declaration of victory.

    Yue Ironrock angrily said, "If you want to defeat me you will still have to pay the price!"

    Yue Ironrock roared and extracted a giant halberd from his spatial ring, chopping down at Sacred Yueping. When Yue Ironrock had fought Lin Ming, he hadn’t used a weapon at all.

    When he fought Lin Ming he had underestimated him. But now fighting this Sacred Yueping, one of the leading juniors of Sacred Martial Mansion, he naturally put forth 120% of his strength!


    The return strike from Sacred Yueping was a blood red spear light. This spear light was like a dragon swimming through the oceans, wildly delving into Yue Ironrock’s attack.

    With a loud rumbling sound, Yue Ironrock’s giant halberd was struck down by the spear light. Before he could even use a second move, his protective true essence was pierced through by Sacred Yueping. He was sent flying backwards, blood splashing out from his body!

    "Sacred Yueping, victory!"

    After being enhanced by an array formation, the voice of the announcer spread throughout the entire martial field, causing the atmosphere to grow even crazier!

    Although this result was well within everyone’s expectations, when it truly happened, the fans and supporters of Sacred Yueping still issued out deafening cheers that seemed capable of washing the clouds away.

    As for the disciples of Sacred Martial Mansion, they were much calmer. Defeating a mere Holy Land level genius wasn’t anything to cheer for.

    "Sacred Yueping is too strong. He’s one of the strongest disciples of Sacred Martial Mansion and one of the leaders of the younger generation! In my Immemorial Imperial City, he can be considered the number one junior master of the spear!" River Feather praised from his heart as he watched this battle. He was filled with envy of Sacred Yueping’s talent and strength. They could both be considered outstanding individuals of their generation, but if he were to be compared with Sacred Yueping, the difference would be like cloud and mud.

    "He really makes others jealous. He’s strong, has tremendous momentum, has the worship and adoration of countless women, and Sacred Martial Mansion will also vigorously train him. In the future, it won’t be any problem at all for him to become a Holy Lord level powerhouse!"

    In the Divine Realm, if one wanted to become a World King:even the worst of World Kings:that was still something that was as difficult as ascending to heaven. Thus in most cases, describing a genius as someone that would become a Holy Lord was already a very high evaluation.

    Lin Ming didn’t respond, only silently watching the tournament. The central battle array disc was naturally used to project the battle of Sacred Martial Mansion’s strongest talent. As for the smaller battles happening at the sides, Lin Ming didn’t miss them either. As he continued to watch them, he gained an approximate understanding of the average level of strength that the young elites in Immemorial Imperial City possessed.

    There were truly a great number of heroic young elites here!

    This wasn’t just Holy Lands and quasi-Holy lands, but also included the geniuses of hidden martial families as well as the disciples of some roaming old eccentric martial artists. These martial artists would often accept a person as their disciple to inherit their legacy. When all of these were added together, there were simply far too many!

    Among these people, there were sometimes dark horses that appeared from time to time. Lin Ming observed a few of them. They were hiding away in various areas of the arena, conserving their strength for the future matches.

    As the tournament grew increasingly intense and the battles more brilliant and splendid, these hidden masters would begin to emerge one after another! However, Sacred Martial Mansion still suppressed them all. Their three leading figures, Sacred Yueping, Sacred Tianhao, and Sacred Yanran, all seemed invincible!

    All of the martial artists in this tournament seemed strong. But when facing these three, they couldn’t even last three moves!

    "Heavens! They’re too strong! They only have a middle Divine Sea cultivation, but even a late Divine Sea genius of a Holy Land can’t even last for 10 breaths of time in front of them. Is there anyone in the junior generation that can possibly be an opponent to them?"

    "That’s right, and they haven’t even revealed their complete strength! This junior generation of Sacred Martial Mansion is truly strong! I fear that even the geniuses of the True Martial Holy Lands are equal to them. Even in the entire Divine Realm, these three outstanding geniuses of Sacred Martial Mansion truly have the capital to be famous!"

    "Famous throughout the Divine Realm? What sort of domineering confidence is that? Hahaha!"

    As these martial artists were speaking, the atmosphere became increasingly heated.

    But at this moment, a sudden change occurred throughout the entire arena!

    An indescribable force field came crashing down from the skies, swallowing up all sound and all light!

    The horrifying pressure of this force field caused every fight happening in the arena to stop. None of them were able to summon any strength in the face of this power. In that instant, everyone felt as if they had lost their breath, suffocated, locked into a separate space-time where they could only hear their own heartbeat.

    Heavens! Just what kind of force field was this!?

    Lin Ming was shocked. This force field was able to cover such a terrifying scope!

    This force field wasn’t even aimed at him, but just by being caught in it, Lin Ming felt as if he faced the endless universe, unable to resist at all.

    At this time, a boundless and potent voice reverberated through the endless space…

    "Three months from now, the First Martial Meeting of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds will be held in the Divine Dream World, held jointly by Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean Divine Dream! All heroic young elites of the Divine Realm may participate!"

    This great voice echoed in space for a long time, resounding again and again.

    Lin Ming was completely stunned. The First Martial Meeting of the Divine Realm, and it would be conducted by Empyreans? This was actually Empyreans!

    This was a grand tournament that covered the entire Divine Realm and also included every single young elite of the Divine Realm!?

    The Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds held numerous World King level influences, countless Holy Land level influences, and all sorts of hidden families and descendants of roaming masters. This unimaginable quantity of people would be completely gathered at the Divine Dream World!

    Among these people were even descendants of Empyreans!

    What kind of scene would that be!? That would be the grandest event of all ages!

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