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Chapter 1154:The Yan Littlemoon of Years Gone By

    Chapter 1154:The Yan Littlemoon of Years Gone By




    As the vast voice vanished, the force field also retreated like a receding tide!

    Everyone in the giant arena was still immersed in a moment of shock. The tournament had paused and didn’t continue yet.

    "The First Martial Meeting of the Divine Realm, hahaha! The news that we heard was correct! Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe! Two great Empyreans, conducting the First Martial Meeting that well sweep over the entire Divine Realm! I’m looking forwards to this so much! In comparison to that, this Sacred Martial Grand Tournament is just an appetizer; it cannot show our true strengths!" On the martial field, Sacred Yueping wildly laughed, his red hair blowing in the wind.

    "It’s impossible to know when this sort of martial meeting will truly be held. But, as the date of this martial meeting approached, all of the great influences had received some type of rumor on the wind, and because of this many geniuses were raised by these large influences. This is the greatest martial meeting beneath the heavens! Many great influences, including even our Sacred Martial Mansion, have been hurriedly training their geniuses to prepare for this once in a lifetime event! I thought it was just a rumor, but it turned out to be completely true!"

    Sacred Tianhao avidly said from beside Sacred Yueping, his expression clearly excited!

    Recently, great tournaments had been held at Immemorial Imperial City again and again, all in order to prepare for this upcoming Divine Realm First Martial Meeting.

    The First Martial Meeting was a chance which all geniuses of the Divine Realm could participate in. Among the young geniuses produced from the great influences, all of them were arrogant talents of their generation and none of them were willing to admit that they were worse than others. They all looked forwards to competing against other geniuses at their age and being able to shine in glory at this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting!

    "The Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. Miss Mo, do you know about this?" Lin Ming asked. He was also filled with anticipation towards this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. He had heard again and again how vast and broad the Divine Realm was and how many powerhouses there were, but as for how great it was and how many powerhouses there were, Lin Ming hadn’t truly experienced it.

    And this time was the best opportunity for him to do so! Only competing on this incomparably grand stage could cause his blood to boil over with passion!

    "I do. The First Martial Meeting can only be initiated by an Empyrean. Normally, there are different Empyreans that take turns hosting this event.

    "Not every generation of geniuses can encounter the First Martial Meeting. This is because every time the First Martial Meeting is held, the momentum of the event grows far too huge. The consumption of resources and energy is tremendous, thus oftentimes there can be 2000-3000 years between each First Martial Meeting! There are even some great influences that will have their young geniuses enter into time-changing enchantments if they feel that the time for the First Martial Meeting will begin soon. They will have their geniuses come out only when the date for the First Martial Meeting arrives. However… I didn’t do this in the past, nor did I participate in the First Martial Meeting!"

    "Miss Mo, you didn’t participate?" Lin Ming asked, stunned. He felt it somewhat a pity. Mo Eversnow was the most talented person he had ever encountered to date. If she had participated in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, she would have inevitably blossomed in glory.

    Mo Eversnow said, "Even if I did participate in the martial meeting, there is no saying how I would do. The Divine Realm is filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons; there are far too many powerhouses, more than you could ever imagine. And especially in this First Martial Meeting. It will have gathered the greatest extreme talents of the past several generations. Even for you, I can’t say how well you would do when competing against all the young geniuses of the Divine Realm.

    "The key point is that you are too young. You’re just over 30 years old, but the requirement for the First Martial Meeting is only that all heroic young elites must be at the late Divine Sea realm and below. This is mainly a test of Laws, perception, battle spirit, foundation, and other such factors. There are many people that will pause at the late Divine Sea realm even until they are in their fifties so that they can participate. These types of people will have over 20 more years of practice and experience than you!"

    "I understand." Lin Ming thought little of it. Instead, his fighting spirit rose, bubbling with excitement. For a genius to grow, they needed a greater stage. Before this, the Ancient Phoenix Clan that Lin Ming had gone to, and even Carefree Island, could only be considered Holy Land and quasi-Holy Land level sects. As for World King level influences, he hadn’t yet experienced them, much less something far greater like an Empyrean level influence.

    This Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was an amazing chance for him to temper himself and gain experience!


    Before, the great voice that echoed throughout the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament wasn’t limited to just the True Martial Great World. It also reverberated through all the great worlds of the Divine Realm, including all the dimension realms and minor dimensions. This voice passed through all barriers, entering the ears of all.

    At this time, at the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters in a deep crimson space, three old men were standing before a blood pond. And in front of them were seven or eight youths. One of them was an elegant and beautiful young woman with a wonderful aura about her. She was Yan Littlemoon.

    After several years had passed, Yan Littlemoon had become slimmer and more graceful than before. She had lost a bit of her past naiveté and gained a heroic and daring air to her. The energy from her body was faster and sharper, and she exuded a feeling as if she were a honed long sword.

    "You should all know that the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting will be held three months from now!"

    An old man slowly said in front of these youths. His voice was potent and filled with a boisterous energy, every syllable vibrating to the bone. This person was one of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Highest Elders, the peak Holy Lord Huo Violentstone.

    "Understood." The several youths nodded, taking deep breaths. Their hearts were still beating faster than before. They had the chance to participate in this martial meeting and face all the young geniuses that existed in the entire Divine Realm, so how could they not be excited?

    "Mm, I won’t speak any crap. My only requirement for you lot is that at least one of you pass through the qualifying round and enter into the top 100,000 rankings!"

    "Pass the qualifying round and enter into the top 100,000 rankings?" The several youths looked at each other, a bit confused.

    "Ha! It sounds a bit sad when you say it like that, but this is the truth. Our Ancient Phoenix Clan has one of the most extraordinary bloodlines throughout the entire Divine Realm, but we have a singular and fatal weakness, and that is that we are not true descendants of a phoenix. We are only mortals that have the phoenix bloodline transplanted into our bodies. In this aspect, the Ancient Dragon Clan, Kirin Clan, and Roc Clan are all the same as us, And, there are some unorthodox bloodlines, for instance the Hydra bloodline, that are far below us in quality. But, there are some in their ranks that truly had a hydra as their ancestor! Those hydras are great monsters that crossed through heavenly tribulation and gained the ability to take human form!

    "Not only do their descendants possess their bloodline, but they also possess the flesh, organs, and fascia of a hydra. Our Ancient Phoenix Clan simply cannot compare with them in this aspect. It is extremely difficult for a phoenix to give birth to a descendant, much less copulate and produce children with a human. Thus, the Hydra Clan is also a peak Holy Land!

    "Throughout the entire Divine Realm, every great world has 100-200 Holy Lands, and the 3000 great worlds together possess between 40,000-50,000 Holy Lands. In addition, there are also the countless medium and small worlds that existed around and between the 3000 great worlds. There are all sorts of martial families, hidden masters, and secret influences that exist in all corners of the universe. This is why the number of geniuses is at least double what you would expect!

    "As for our Ancient Phoenix Clan, we can still be considered at the peak of these influences. But above us there are also World King level Holy Lands and Empyrean level Holy Lands! To achieve a rank of 100,000 is already a wonderful result. Since ancient times, the highest result that our Ancient Phoenix Clan has ever obtained is still over 8000…"

    As Huo Violentstone spoke, all of the heroic young elites present gulped, feeling shocked. This great tournament between geniuses that would sweep through the entire Divine Realm was much more terrifying than what they imagined.

    It had to be known that in the history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there had been extreme characters such as Xiao Daoji and Huo Burning Heaven. However, the highest anyone had reached was still a ranking in the 8000s!

    Huo Violentstone suddenly turned to Yan Littlemoon. He said, "Littlemoon, your progress in these past years has been outstanding. When you crossed Ninefall you reached the peak of the absolute three levels. I have great expectations for you in this grand martial meeting. Still, you are only at the early Divine Sea realm so your cultivation is a bit low. In these next three months, you will enter a time altering enchantment and raise your cultivation to the middle Divine Sea realm. I will personally direct you in this matter."

    Yan Littlemoon vigorously shouted, "Yes, Elder!"

    "Mm…" Huo Violentstone nodded. He seemed to suddenly remember something as he shook his head, "That brat Lin Ming, I wonder just where he went to go adventuring. He’s definitely not the type that would miss out on this sort of grand martial meeting. Thinking of the time, his cultivation should be at the early Divine Sea realm by now. I wonder just how many Layered Heavens that brat managed to experience."

    Beside Huo Violentstone, another Elder heard these words and shook his head, "When Lin Ming crossed Ninefall, his momentum should surely have been more amazing than Yan Littlemoon’s. He would have surpassed the absolute three levels, or he might have even surpassed 18 Layered Heavens and reached an even higher boundary!

    "Unfortunately, he is still too young. An early Divine Sea cultivation is a bit low, but he still has three months remaining. Even if he entered into a time altering enchantment, the distorted Laws within would impede his training. If this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting had happened 20 some years from now then that would have been great. If so, Lin Ming would have definitely been able to dazzle the world. But now… perhaps he might only be able to enter into the top 10,000 ranks…"

    "Only 10,000…" Huo Violentstone quietly repeated.

    Even as one of Lin Ming’s masters, Huo Violentstone didn’t know much about his disciple. He didn’t know about Mo Eversnow, he didn’t know of the Magic Cube, he didn’t know of the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, he didn’t know that Lin Ming had stolen the supreme dragon bone in the God Beast Mystic Realm, and he didn’t know many other things. However, he could feel that Lin Ming held many secrets on his body. Thus, he was still looking forwards to Lin Ming being able to create a miracle at this First Martial Meeting.

    "I believe that he won’t stop at just being ranked around 10,000…" Huo Violentstone silently said to himself.


    In True Martial Great World, within a massive floating palace, there was a black-cloaked martial artist standing in the main hall. His back was broad and he seemed to stand as high as a mountain peak. Around him, all sorts of Laws constantly changed and transformed. There was even heaven and earth origin energy that twisted about, forming into all sorts of magical creatures. These creatures all bowed down to this person. This was a symbol of one having achieved an extremely high degree of comprehension in the Laws.

    Behind him, over 1000 youths were bent down to their knees. Each youth had their right hand placed across their chest and their heads were bowed, nearly touching the floor. At this time, these youths all had reverential expressions on their faces.

    The large man in front of them was no other than True Martial Great World’s World King. He was the one who controlled the entire True Martial Holy Lands, and was also one of the Great World Kings of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds, the True Martial World King!

    "It’s begun, it’s finally begun! I won’t speak about just how meaningful this First Martial Meeting will be to all of us. According to the past rewards, if nothing has changed, then the top three challengers will have the chance to study a complete transcendent divine might! Although they won’t give the transcendent divine might jade slip to you, this is still a mind-boggling stroke of good fortune!

    "Of course, achieving top three is impossible for you all. But, there are still incomparably rich rewards for ranking in the top 1000 or even top 10,000. The reason that I spent so much time and resources to train you was all for this moment. In three months, you must blossom on stage and dazzle the world! Do not disappoint me!

    "For the one who performs the best in this First Martial Meeting and also manages to enter into the top 1000 rankings, I… will train him as my direct successor!"

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