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Chapter 1155:Boundless World Pill

    Chapter 1155:Boundless World Pill




    A successor of the True Martial Holy Lands’ Holy Lord, the True Martial World King, just what sort of great honor was that? One could directly enjoy the most precious resources of the True Martial Holy Lands!

    Of course, even if one could become a successor of the True Martial World King, the chances of becoming a World King in the future were still incomparably slim. In fact, there actually existed many True Martial World King successors. After all, the True Martial World King had already lived for millions of years. In these millions of years, even if there was only a single successor chosen every couple tens of thousands of years, there would still be over a hundred of them. In this group of successors, it was already extraordinary if an ordinary World King could be produced amongst them. If a Great World King could be born, that would be a festive occasion celebrated throughout the entire Holy Land. But, the chances of this happening weren’t too great.

    Even so, for the True Martial World King to promise a single chance of becoming a successor was already a massive lucky chance to these juniors. As long as they were raised as a successor, their future achievements would not be lacking. They could enter into the highest echelons of the True Martial Holy Lands and become a peak Holy Lord level character.

    It wasn’t just the True Martial Holy Land’s Holy Lord that was making such a promise, but the Holy Lords of the many other World King level Holy Lands were also promising large rewards!

    Once one entered into the top 1000 or even top 10,000, not only would they obtain the rewards of an Empyrean but they would also obtain rewards from the leader of their sect or family. This was simply ascending to heaven in a single leap!

    Three days later, the detailed list of rewards for the First Martial Meeting was handed out to all the major intelligence organizations. Even though they published this list in near-infinite quantities, it still fell far short of demand.

    The Divine Realm First Martial Meeting would reward a total of 18,000 martial artists. Outside of the top 3000, one would only receive a symbolic participation prize. The reward for that was 10 million violet sun stones and a violet sun crystal medal.

    From 900 to 3000, the reward was 20 million violet sun stones and a medal corresponding to their ranking.

    Above that was 50 million violet sun stones. Moreover, there were also many other types of rewards such as spirit artifacts, pills, cultivation method jade slips, and so forth.

    The most attractive rewards were in the top 10. From tenth to sixth place, the reward was 30 billion violet sun stones!

    From fifth to fourth, the reward was 100 billion violet sun stones!

    From third to second, the reward was 300 million violet sun stones!

    And the first place reward was 500 billion violet sun stones!

    If one could obtain first place, that was equal to gaining Lin Ming’s current wealth.

    But, this massive number of violet sun stones could only be considered a tiny reward.

    What drew the most attention was that the top 10 genius disciples could enter into Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, the influence established by Empyrean Vast Universe, and accept the guidance of Empyrean Vast Universe’s chief disciple.

    The top three could obtain the chance to perceive a transcendent divine might. From fourth to tenth place, one could enter into Vast Universe Heavenly Palace and choose to study any top technique beneath a transcendent divine might.

    These sorts of top techniques were all personally created by Empyrean Vast Universe. Although they weren’t as wonderful as an incredible transcendent divine might, they were still far superior to a Great World King’s martial arts! They surpassed the inheritance of a World King level Holy Land!

    "Guidance from Empyrean Vast Universe’s chief disciple…" Lin Ming’s mind stirred, but he didn’t know what the cultivation of Empyrean Vast Universe’s chief disciple was like. It seemed that even if one obtained first place in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, it was still impossible to obtain the personal direction of an Empyrean level character.

    Mo Eversnow guessed Lin Ming’s thoughts and said, "Lin Ming, the chief disciple of an Empyrean has already reached a level of strength that is difficult to imagine. Although they aren’t Great World Kings, the truth is that the top several ranked subordinates of an Empyrean surpass most Great World Kings in status and strength! Think about it, they come from an Empyrean level influence and some of them might even be descendants of an Empyrean! The talent they inherited from their parents is simply unbelievable, and what they study are transcendent divine mights. There is no need to also mention the resources that they can enjoy. These kinds of people all have a starting baseline that is much higher than even a Great World King. There are many Great World Kings that don’t have the chance to study a transcendent divine might!"

    Although an Empyrean might not be able to create their own transcendent divine might, every Empyrean still possessed their own. This was because they didn’t create their own, but derived them from ancient texts and other legacies from the past.

    As for extreme characters like Empyrean Primordius and Empyrean Divine Seal that were able to create their own transcendent divine might, they were truly outstanding individuals amongst all Empyreans. As for World Kings, most of them didn’t have a transcendent divine might. In fact, it was already incredible if a Great World King possessed an incomplete transcendent divine might.

    "Also, an Empyrean can live for tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years. In the Holy Land that they establish themselves, I imagine that most of the disciples haven’t even seen the Empyrean. As for the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, although it is a gathering of all the young geniuses in the Divine Realm, it is still something that occurs every several thousand years. Compared to the long life of an Empyrean, this is far too short a time."

    As Lin Ming thought of this, he also gained a deeper understanding into just how high the status of an Empyrean was. To them, even a Holy Lord level powerhouse was nothing more than an ant. The chief disciple of an Empyrean was also an extraordinary person. Even a Great World King had to politely greet them and treat them with the utmost respect!

    "Lin Ming, you do not have to think about an Empyrean guiding you, or even their chief disciple guiding you. To the current you, they are an existence that you cannot yet get close to. What you need to do now is increase your own strength as much as possible and enter into the top 10 rankings of the First Martial Meeting! If possible, you need to enter into the top three and obtain a transcendent divine might!

    "There is still three months remaining. If I create a time enchantment for you then you can steadily enter into the early Divine Sea or even reach the peak of the early Divine Sea. But, a higher cultivation is impossible. The Laws within a time enchantment are distorted and mediating within them for too long is a waste of time."

    As Mo Eversnow spoke, Lin Ming nodded. As he crossed Life Destruction, he had ruthlessly suppressed his cultivation to the limit. This allowed him to complete a 33 Layered Heavens 99 mile origin energy cloud when he broke into Ninefall. But, this also made his cultivation speed much slower than that of other geniuses.

    Back when Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Continent, even the likes of Yang Yun had broken through to the Divine Sea in his forties. And right now, Lin Ming was just over 30 years old but still at the ninth stage of Life Destruction!

    If his cultivation was too low and he was still so young, he would definitely be at a disadvantage in this First Martial Meeting!

    Just as Lin Ming was preparing to look for a place and set up a time enchantment area to train, at this time, a flame lit up in front of him. It was the light of a sound transmitting talisman.

    River Feather’s voice immediately sounded in his ears, "Brother Lin, three days from now Immemorial Imperial City will be holding a grand auction that will encompass all of Imperial City! The trade associations will be bringing out rare items to sell, and many of these treasures will be extremely suitable for young elites such as ourselves. There will be many treasures that can increase one’s strength, such as pills, weapons, heavenly materials, and so many other things. Brother Lin, you definitely can’t miss out on this!"

    River Feather’s true essence sound transmission caused Lin Ming’s heart to stir. Imperial City Auction!

    That was it!

    Because there had been competition after competition recently, a massive number of young elites had gathered at Immemorial Imperial City. And, these young elites all came from influential sects, martial families, or even as secret disciples of hidden supreme experts. All of them were superbly wealthy!

    And now, since the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was going to be held soon, in this situation where every sword needed to be sharpened to the extreme, time had become the most important factor of all. These geniuses needed to enhance their own strength as quickly as possible!

    As one of the busiest and liveliest places in the Divine Realm, how could Immemorial Imperial City miss such a grand chance to do business?

    This auction was deliberately aimed at these young elites. The heated fervor with which these youths would struggle for these treasures could be imagined! There were many rare treasures that could greatly enhance one’s strength and cause countless young geniuses to fight for them!

    And among these great influences, there were many direct disciples and descendants who would have been given a great deal of capital so that they could obtain better results in the Divine Realm First Marital Meeting. At the very least, they could go just a bit higher and be tempered that much more!

    "Imperial City Auction, I wonder just what my 500 billion will be able to buy."

    Lin Ming took a deep breath. He knew that 500 billion was a great deal of wealth, but if those great sects and families really did put forth their full capital, it truly wouldn’t be enough!

    Whether it was Carefree Island or the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, 99% of their wealth was actually in fixed assets that couldn’t easily be moved. For instance, immortal palaces, array formations, spirit artifacts, medicine gardens, all sorts of heavenly materials, and so forth. These influences didn’t have much liquid capital. For instance, taking Carefree Island as an example, the Carefree Palace that Mo Riverbliss had left behind accounted for 80-90% of the entire sect’s wealth!

    If these influences wished to sell these fixed assets for violet sun stones and crimson sun pills, they would be able to gather a monumental amount of wealth in a relatively short period of time.

    Moreover, before the Verdant Feather Holy Lands had been destroyed in the past, Mo Eversnow had only carried off with her a tiny portion of the wealth, and most that was Mo Eversnow’s own collection to begin with. If this 500 billion was compared with the total wealth of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands in the past, it would simply be a drop of water in a vast ocean!

    If Lin Ming really wished to struggle in an auction with these geniuses of World King level Holy Lands, 500 billion was far from enough! It had to be known that in the trading fair from before, Yue Ironrock had taken out a few hundred million, and that had only been casually. If Yue Ironrock had time to exchange all of his assets into pure liquid currency, he would be able to gather billions in currency!

    And Yue Ironrock was only a disciple of a stronger Holy Land. Compared to influences like Sacred Martial Mansion and others, they still fell far short.

    Lin Ming felt a great pressure on him. As he thought of his own possessions, there really weren’t many things he could sell off. For instance, he definitely wouldn’t sell the Phoenix Blood Spear. There were some things like the dragon bone relics that could sell for a good price, but Lin Ming wasn’t willing to sell such precious objects. Moreover, it might cause a disturbance and bring trouble upon himself if he took them out.

    As Lin Ming was thinking, he took out a sound transmitting talisman and sent it to River Feather, asking if he could borrow some wealth from him. Of course, this was only a thoughtless question. He didn’t expect to borrow much from River Feather.

    River Feather’s family wasn’t a top influence to begin with and he was also one in a long line of potential successors. Among these successors, he didn’t have the highest status and the wealth he had was limited.

    However, what surprised Lin Ming was that River Feather invited him to a branch division of his family to lend Lin Ming a part of his wealth.

    News of the auction soon spread throughout the entire Immemorial Imperial City like an unstoppable tide. Currently, the number of young geniuses in the city was measured in units of a hundred million. The explosiveness of the auction happening three days from now could be imagined.

    And in just half a day, another piece of news crashed into the city like a meteor. This was because in the auction, there would be a pill that neared a transcendent divine pill in quality, called the Boundless World Pill!

    As the name suggested, this pill would have unimaginable benefits in forming and developing a Divine Sea powerhouse’s inner world. Its value surpassed even Carefree Island’s Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree!

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