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Chapter 1158:Sky High Pawn Price

    Chapter 1158:Sky High Pawn Price




    Starbind Bank’s interior had different dimensional worlds located within it. And, its pawn store was in the shape of a six floored pagoda that floated high in the sky.

    Many masters arrived at the pagoda and turned into a beam of lightning, flying directly within.

    Lin Ming rubbed his chin. He bid farewell to River Feather and flew in alone.

    At this time, a light blue hazy mist covered his body, and one was barely able to make out the contours of his features. One couldn’t clearly see his appearance nor clearly make out his age. This was a protection that Starbind Bank arranged for those people that weren’t willing to disclose their identity. Of course, if one really wished to look through this concealment it would be easy. But in this aspect, Starbind Bank’s credibility had stood up to the most rigorous tests of time. It had operated for so many years and yet there had never been a single time when they tried to steal the belongings of their guests, nor had they ever secretly investigated the appearance of their guests or violated their privacy.

    After Lin Ming entered the pagoda, he went to the first level. The space here was a thousand miles long and wide, with a large crowd of talkative guests that were here to pawn treasures.

    Lin Ming moved straight to the second floor. According to what River Feather told him, expensive treasures had to be pawned on the second floor.

    Just as Lin Ming arrived at the second floor, a beautiful young woman dressed in white with a late Divine Sea cultivation stopped Lin Ming, saying with a smile, "Young Sir, please hold on. Do you have a VIP card?" Although she was technically refusing him entry, her tone and expression were actually quite comfortable.


    "My apologies. If you do not have a VIP card, you will have to have the appraiser on the first level appraise your treasure first. If the value is high enough, you may enter the second floor." As the young woman spoke to here, her voice caught in her throat. She felt a deep pressure suddenly enveloping her.

    Under this pressure, even her soul began to tremble.

    "Peak Holy Lord master? No… half-step World King!?"

    The white-clothed woman’s eyes flashed with a startled light as she took a step backwards. With her late Divine Sea cultivation, she could judge Lin Ming’s relative strength according to the pressure he released. This was not a level of perception that an ordinary Divine Sea master could possess. It was clear that many great masters often came to Starbind Bank’s second floor.

    Even so, peak Holy Lord and even half-step World King powerhouses were very rare. These were distinguished guests. The only level above them was World Kings, and it had to be known that one of Starbind Bank’s secret owners was the True Martial Great World King.

    The white-clothed woman’s voice immediately attracted everyone’s eyes. They all glanced at Lin Ming, "Half-step World King? Is it some super master from a Holy Land level influence? To think that they would personally come here… I wonder just what they are pawning!"

    "This is a half-step World King powerhouse… that’s the first time I’ve ever seen one, just incredible… even a half-step World King has come out. The grand auction three days from now will surely be worth watching."

    "Senior may certainly enter a higher level. Please." The white-clothed woman motioned with her hand, inviting Lin Ming upstairs.

    Like this, Lin Ming stepped onto the stairs leading to the second floor underneath the envious gaze of others. But, he didn’t stop at the second floor and went straight to the fourth.

    As he entered the fourth floor, a middle-aged scholar welcomed him. Together with the woman, they guided Lin Ming to an inner room.

    At this time, Lin Ming had already restrained his aura. Soul pressure itself was a kind of force field, and to use it required soul force. Since Mo Eversnow’s soul was still damaged, she wasn’t able to release this soul pressure for too long a time.

    He had disguised himself as a half-step World King master in order to increase his number of chips and ensure that this transaction would be absolutely safe.

    "Senior, are you here to pawn treasures for the auction three days from now? May I ask what Senior would like to pawn?" The middle-aged scholar said with anticipation. If the treasures pawned were valuable enough, the yearly interest would be quite considerable.

    "Correct. Take a look at these and tell me what their value is." Lin Ming raised a hand and tossed out six dragon bone relics.

    30 dragon bone relics were enough to refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill. These six remaining dragon bone relics were to be pawned to ensure that his chances in the auction would be better.

    "This is…"

    As the middle-aged scholar saw these six black crystal beads, his eyes shined. "God beast bones?"

    The middle-aged scholar was able to instantly discern the value of these dragon bone relics at first sight. Lin Ming praised this man inwardly. This middle-aged scholar was indeed a professional, able to tell whether something was a common treasure or a top treasure with just a single glance.

    The middle-aged scholar revealed a solemn look. He clapped his hands and the curtains outside moved. A robust and vibrant old man with a long beard walked in. This person only had an early Divine Lord realm cultivation, but his eyes shined exceptionally bright. It was clear that he was an appraisal master.

    The old man appraised the dragon bone relics for a moment. Then, with a slight movement of his lips, he sent a true essence sound transmission to the middle-aged scholar containing his appraisal results. The middle-aged scholar praised, "These are dragon bone relics refined from the bone of an Azure Dragon, they are truly wonderful items! But what a pity, the dragon marrow has already been taken out and there is only the pure skeleton left behind. Because of this, the value is reduced by 70-80%. Even so, these dragon bone relics are much more precious than a drop of dragon horn blood! For these six dragon bone relics, I am willing to pawn 350 billion violet sun stones for Senior! What does Senior think about this?"

    Lin Ming nodded. This was about the price he expected. The price for pawning something was only 50-60% of the selling price. This was the only way that the pawn store could make a profit once the original master decided they didn’t want the item anymore.

    "Haha, Senior truly is great. Does Senior have any more items that you wish to pawn?" The middle-aged scholar personally poured a cup of tea for Lin Ming. "This is nine fog tea formed from 10,000 year camellia flowers. They are infused with high quality spirit spring water. Senior, please have a taste."

    Lin Ming received the teacup and took a sip. Really, this tea was quite fragrant. There was even a light feeling of having his soul revitalized. Compared to the chaotic crowd downstairs, the treatment on the fourth floor was worlds apart. This was the difference power and wealth brought.

    Lin Ming drank the tea and then took out the goddess’ necklace from his spatial ring, placing it in front of the middle-aged scholar.

    "This is…" A doubtful expression crossed the middle-aged scholar’s face. As he looked at this necklace, he didn’t notice anything special about it.

    The middle-aged scholar picked up the necklace. It was quite heavy and ice cold to the touch. Moreover, there were some faint Law fluctuations exuding from it.

    "This is a spirit artifact… however, it seems to lack an artifact spirit… no, that’s not right. This is…"

    The long-bearded old man was the first to respond, startled. He looked at Lin Ming with incredulity in his eyes and then began to rapidly whisper to the middle-aged scholar.

    After the middle-aged scholar listened to him, he suddenly shot up from his chair. "Are you serious!?"

    The old man nodded. The middle-aged scholar was completely floored. He investigated the necklace again, but was more or less assured in the old man’s opinion.

    Although the old man didn’t have a high cultivation, he was actually the chief appraisal master of this pawn store. If there was something that caught his interest like this, he certainly wouldn’t make a mistake, especially if it was so valuable. If he didn’t have absolute assurance in his guess, he wouldn’t have said anything.

    "This is… a spirit treasure created by an Empyrean!? Senior actually has such a treasure…" The middle-aged scholar sucked in a deep breath and looked at Lin Ming with awe in his eyes!

    An Empyrean spirit treasure was something that normally only Great World King level powerhouses possessed. For instance, when direct disciples of Empyreans grew up they were on the same level as Great World Kings. The weapons they used would often be Empyrean spirit treasures.

    Of course, this spirit treasure that Lin Ming presented was broken and could no longer be used. Even so, the value was tremendous! If the inherent refining techniques and Law fluctuations within this necklace were obtained by someone, the comprehensions they could gain would be a truly serendipitous lucky chance!

    As the middle-aged scholar saw this necklace, he found it hard to remain calm even though he had come across many treasures. For someone who worked in a pawn store, the most exciting matter was to come across extremely rare heavenly treasures like this.

    "Senior, do you plan on selling this necklace? We will pay you a full and satisfying price!" The middle-aged scholar politely said as he rubbed his hands together. If it weren’t for a special time like right now, normally others wouldn’t bring out such a treasure to sell. They would only trade it for something equally precious.

    But Lin Ming firmly shook his head and said, "I am not selling, only pawning. I will return to redeem it within five years."

    Lin Ming certainly couldn’t sell something that Empyrean Primordius had left behind. Even if it had no value to him, he would still redeem it. This was his respect to Empyrean Primordius. After all, Empyrean Primordius had been his teacher.

    "What a pity." The middle-aged scholar secretly shook his head. If this was sold, he could even present it to the True Martial Great World King. Although the True Martial Great World King already had a complete Empyrean spirit treasure, just the Laws within this necklace would be enough to tempt him.

    As the middle-aged scholar and Lin Ming spoke, the curtains around them lifted once more and two additional appraisal masters walked in. One was a white-haired old woman and another was a skinny man. These two didn’t even speak to the long-bearded old man. Instead, all three of them were completely engrossed in appraising this Empyrean spirit treasure, their eyes shining with obvious excitement.

    They constantly moved around, changing their perspective and speaking with true essence sound transmissions. It was only after an hour that they finished appraising the goddess’ necklace. The long-bearded old man told the middle-aged scholar the appraisal result. Even in the end, the three appraisal masters weren’t able to discern which Empyrean had crafted this necklace.

    This was also within reason. The world of Empyreans was incomparably mysterious. Even with the long-bearded old man’s experience, he still wasn’t able to touch upon such a high realm. He was only able to determine that this was an Empyrean spirit treasure, a vague estimation of its quality, and an approximate price. For someone to be able to do this was already extremely rare.

    The middle-aged scholar hesitated for a moment and then waved his hand, tossing out a sound transmitting talisman. A moment later, he received a sound transmitting talisman in reply. After several exchanges, he made a final decision. Only after this was finalized again did he stretch out his two hands and stick out six fingers. He calmly and clearly enunciated, "6 trillion!"

    Lin Ming’s eyebrows jumped up. Silently, he began to rapidly converse with Mo Eversnow in his spiritual sea. "Okay, it’s a deal at 6 trillion!"

    The following matters were much simpler. Lin Ming left behind a password array formation symbol. Then, he took away a total of 63,600 violet sun stone crystal cards from Starbind Bank and left. When this was added to his original wealth as well as the thousand some crystal cards that River Feather had given him, he had a total of 60,000 crystal cards. This was a total of 7 trillion!

    And at this time, the auction for the Boundless World Pill had finally begun!

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