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Chapter 1159:The Grand Auction

    Chapter 1159:The Grand Auction




    True Martial World was originally one of the liveliest and most prosperous trading hubs of the Divine Realm. Immemorial Imperial City was the largest city on True Martial World, with the most citizens living within. And now, borrowing the great wind of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting to boost everyone’s spirit, the grand auction that was being held could be said to be the grandest event for the last several thousands of years!

    Before this grand Imperial City Auction was held, Immemorial Imperial City had already held many smaller auctions. But compared to the precious items at the Imperial City Auction, everything else was simply left in the dust.

    This auction would continue for three days and would include thousands of treasures. In addition, there were also 100,000 pieces that would only be bid on in private.

    Although these weren’t items that would be put up for public auction, the truth was that they were very precious. For instance, items such as peak top grade saint artifacts would be privately sold. In the past, even most direct disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace wouldn’t have such a treasure, but here they wouldn’t even see the light of day.

    "Two sirs, here are your seat numbers."

    Lin Ming and River Feather each took a jade slip. They looked through them and saw that their numbers were over 200,000. This was proof that just at this moment there were already over 200,000 guests at the auction site. And these 200,000 people all had to have shown proof of certain financial prowess or they wouldn’t have been able to take a single step inside.

    One could only say that the Divine Realm was far too great!

    The two moved towards their seats. Lin Ming hadn’t chosen to alter his appearance. He retained his original appearance as well as his original name.

    It was easy to hide his appearance in Starbind Bank because Starbind Bank protected the privacy of their customers. Even if there were powerhouses in the bank, they still wouldn’t do something so rude as investigate Lin Ming’s true appearance in front of everyone.

    But at this auction, many visitors were Holy Lords, peak Holy Lords, or even half-step World Kings. It was impossible for Lin Ming to use his appearance changing technique in front of them with any hope of success. Instead, if he remained secretive yet possessed a massive amount of wealth, that would only attract more eyes to him, and Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to do anything against this type of probing.

    So, he might as well use his true appearance and enter the stage. It didn’t matter if anyone noticed him. He had already rented out the best cultivation area he could at Immemorial Imperial City. As soon as this auction was finished, he could train in there for three months in absolute safety.

    After he joined the First Martial Meeting, he would be even more secure.

    This auction site was similar to the arena of the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament. However, it was a bit smaller. The venue was only a five mile wide square, and the seating areas were much taller at up to 10 miles. Like this, they could accommodate more guests.

    At first glance, the countless seats were just like little grains of sand in the desert.

    At the center of the auction venue there was also a battle array disc floating in the sky. It would project an image of the auction goods so that everyone could clearly see them.

    Lin Ming followed River Feather into the auction venue until they reached the area that the River Family had been assigned. Here, they couldn’t help but meet River Feather’s older brother:River Wind.

    River Wind looked at River Feather and Lin Ming with a smile on his face. He directly ignored Lin Ming and only looked to River Feather, "Dear little brother, I never imagined that you would manage to scrounge up enough money to come and bid on the trashiest items here. Did you borrow it from your pack of loser friends? Are you counting on buying a few top grade saint artifacts here and giving the First Martial Meeting a shot? Do you want to gain some experience or something?"

    River Wind’s words were clearly mocking. He had suppressed River Feather’s ability to borrow violet sun stones from his family and had expected that River Feather wouldn’t have any money to come here. Being able to buy a few top grade saint artifacts was already better than what he had expected. As for River Feather making any sort of progress in the First Martial Meeting, that was simply a joke. Let alone River Feather, that was impossible even for Yue Ironrock.

    River Feather sneered. He said, "The reason I came to this auction is to accompany my friend to participate. As for the First Martial Meeting three months from now, Big Brother doesn’t need to waste energy and worry about me."

    "Friend?" River Wind shot Lin Ming a glance and then heartily laughed, not even bothering to toss out any cruel words. After all, he didn’t have any hatred or conflict with Lin Ming, and he wasn’t stupid enough to randomly create a new enemy. Moreover, Lin Ming only had a ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation; River Wind simply didn’t place him in his heart.

    Lin Ming didn’t look at River Wind. This sort of lowly and trivial character didn’t even enter his eyes. At this time, his only competition was the heroic young elites of the World King level Holy Lands!

    And these people were all seated at the uppermost, reserved seats.

    "No one from the True Martial Holy Lands has come… it does make sense though. The True Martial Holy Lands’ Holy Lord is the True Martial Great World King. This person has managed True Martial Great World and Starbind Bank for so many years that he must have accumulated an incalculable amount of wealth and resources. These resources should be more than enough to supply the disciples of his Holy Land with everything they need. In just this aspect alone, an ordinary World King level Holy Land like the Sacred Martial Mansion simply cannot compare…"

    As Lin Ming was thinking, he looked over the young elites sitting in the reserved section. Not only were there people from Sacred Martial Mansion, but there were also disciples of other super influences. These disciples had come from outside of Immemorial Imperial City. If they could sit in the highest levels, the level of the influences they came from must be no worse than the Ancient Dragon Clan!

    All around Lin Ming, 90% of the martial artists present were heroic young elites. They had all come for this auction and also the First Martial Meeting three months from now. They were constantly discussing all of the exciting events that were recently occurring.

    Lin Ming sat with his eyes closed in meditation, ignoring all the conversation around him. This auction would be similar to a battlefield. If he couldn’t win here then it would be difficult for him to rapidly increase his strength in these next three months. It would greatly affect his performance in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting! If he wanted to advance into the top 10 then, it would be far too difficult!

    "Esteemed guests, you have waited for a long time! The Imperial City Auction will begin now!"

    At this time, at the very center of the auction site, a charming and flirtatious voice echoed out, easily spreading over a dozen miles.

    Lin Ming opened his eyes. He could see that at the center of the auction site, there was a red-clothed woman standing there. She was delicate and naively beautiful, with icy white skin and a body that seemed molded from water. She had a playful look with eyes that promised 10,000 different dreams. Overall, she was incredibly beautiful. Moreover, what was strange was that she had a long, winter-white fox tail.

    "That is the Wintry Fox Clan’s Princess Honeylush. I didn’t think that this auction would be managed by her." River Feather commented from the side. Lin Ming was from one of the four God Beast Clans, but even though they were called God Beast Clans, they only had the bloodline of a God Beast transplanted into their bodies. As for the Wintry Fox Clan, they clearly had a true wintry fox ancestor. They were descendants of a human and a wintry fox that had lived long enough to manifest a human form. They were considered half-monsters, thus they had certain characteristics like a fox tail! As for the four God Beast Clan juniors, although they could use some secret skills to take on the shape or characteristics of God Beasts, they weren’t true body parts.

    "This is… wow, I heard that Princess Honeylush’s talent is extremely high, not inferior to the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion. There are countless suitors chasing after her. With her presiding over this auction, those countless young elites will crazily kick up the price in their feverish desire to please her!"

    Lin Ming thought little of it. "It doesn’t matter. Princess Honeylush will at most be able to affect the prices of some ordinary goods. As for those true final closing treasures that involve a massive amount of money, no one will carelessly increase the price just for a smile from a random beauty."

    Lin Ming sat down, keeping his heart and mind calm and clear. At this time, the first auction item was placed on stage.

    For every auction, the best items would naturally be placed at the end. But, the very first item would be of high quality too, with value no lower than those that would come at the end. This was to rouse the good mood of the guests and to bring a grand opening to the event.

    Princess Honeylush patted the box near her and sweetly smiled. She said in a clear and coy tone, "Thank you distinguished guests for your support. In this Imperial City Auction, there are over 300,000 guests present. This is the first auction item for this grand and momentous event! What could it possibly be? Not even I know!"

    Princess Honeylush’s voice was just as sweet as honey, causing those who heard her to feel their hearts twitch. She was skilled at galvanizing the mood of heroic young elites. Many people shouted, asking her to immediately open the box and start the auction.

    "The first item up for auction is…" As Princess Honeylush spoke to here, she slowly opened the box, revealing a piece of flawless crystal. This crystal was in the shape of a baby, only half a foot high. Through the projection of a battle array disc, one could clearly make out every single inch and texture of the crystal. What was strange was that this ‘baby’ had nine holes in its body. Coincidently, these nine holes all corresponded to vital acupoints on a human body. They were naturally formed and not carved, a miracle of nature.

    And beside this crystal was a card. Princess Honeylush picked up the card and looked over it. She laughed and said, "The first item for auction is a nine aperture spirit crystal! Hehe, so it was this sort of thing! I think that many guests present will be joining the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting in three months. If you lose to an opponent in strength, then there is nothing left to say. However, if you lose to an opponent not because of your strength but because of a weapon, then that would truly be regretful!

    "This nine orifice spirit crystal can be used to nourish a spirit artifact’s artifact spirit! I think that there is no need for me to mention just how useful an artifact spirit is to a spirit artifact and what benefits a stronger artifact spirit would bring. In order to perform well, the necessary tools are required. With a superior weapon, the battle is already half won! This nine orifice spirit crystal has a base price of 4 billion violet sun stones, and the minimum bid increase each time is 500 million violet sun stones. And now, it is time to begin the auction!"

    Nine orifice spirit crystal!

    Many of the young elites present gulped. The first auction item was actually aimed at a spirit artifact! One couldn’t forget that this auction was aimed at Divine Sea martial artists. A Divine Sea martial artist using a spirit artifact? Just what kind of luxury was that! This sort of spirit artifact required a top supreme elder to expend a great deal of time and energy so that a young elite could be attuned to it. Besides juniors of super influences, no other Divine Sea martial artists could possibly be so extravagant.

    From this alone, one could see just how magnificent and lofty this auction was! Some poorer young elites felt their hearts ache. They had collected the lowest amount possible to hopefully join this auction as a foil, but they couldn’t even afford a fifth of the starting bidding price!

    "Nine orifice spirit crystal, not bad!"

    Lin Ming thought to himself. The first auction item was something that would actually be extremely useful to him. This was a very good sign but also well within reason. Everything in this auction was aimed at top Divine Sea geniuses!

    "5 billion!" In the audience, a youth called out, suddenly attracting the envy and admiration of many others. This proved that this youth had a spirit artifact as a weapon. His background could be imagined!

    This youth faintly smiled as if this wasn’t something worth mentioning. But in the next breath of time, another person raised the price.

    "5.5 billion!"

    "6 billion!"

    The price climbed higher and higher but Lin Ming remained unmoved for now. He knew that the starting price was only a tentative exploration. The true buyers still hadn’t yet shown themselves!

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