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Chapter 1160:Zhong Wenshu

    Chapter 1160:Zhong Wenshu




    "A guest has bid 7.5 billion, is there another guest that is willing to bid a higher price?" Princess Honeylush asked on the auction stage with a flirtatious tone, a tone that caused many young elites to bubble over with heated blood. But, as they thought of this 7.5 billion cost, they were all discouraged. This price was simply too high.

    "7.5 billion, huh, whoever bids this high must be rich!"

    A young disciple sighed enviously from beside Lin Ming. For many present, their total usage of resources growing up until now didn’t surpass 7.5 billion. But, this cost was actually used to bid on a nine aperture spirit crystal to nourish a spirit artifact. There was simply no way to describe this gap.

    "It’s impossible to withstand the world of the wealthy."

    As some were discussing, in the higher level reserved seats, someone suddenly called out, "10 billion!"

    The one who spoke was a young man who looked to be 15-16 years old. He was handsome with clear eyes and shining teeth, and also had an early Divine Sea cultivation. Although he only appeared to be 15-16 years old, for him to have reached a Divine Sea cultivation, his natural age had to be over 30.

    "That is Dual Polarity Palace’s Zhong Wenshu. Dual Polarity Palace is also a World King Holy Land! They’re on a similar level to Sacred Martial Mansion and one of their branch divisions is located in White Sun City. White Sun City is only slightly inferior to Immemorial Imperial City in terms of trade. There must be an auction held over there, but these fellows actually decided to cross tens of millions of miles to come to our Immemorial Imperial City and steal our meat!"

    In True Martial World, the highest ranked World King level Holy Land influence was naturally True Martial Holy Lands. As for Sacred Martial Mansion and Dual Polarity Palace, they could only be considered as being on the lower end of the spectrum of World King level Holy Lands. This was simply how things were. Even so, they weren’t something that the Yue Family or the River Family could compare with. They had tens of millions of years of accumulation and just a tiny hair from them was thicker than some of these distinguished families’ thighs.

    "Humph, these World King Holy Lands are too widely distributed and there are far too many young disciples. Even Sacred Martial Mansion has a massive amount of their power distributed outside of Immemorial Imperial City. It is impossible for them to fully hedge on a single city auction. With the First Martial Meeting approaching, they have to spread their net out as much as possible and buy as many goods as they can. This Immemorial Imperial City auction is a battlefield that many World King Holy Lands are gambling on. We shouldn’t think of being able to partake in any of the good treasures. Just eating a bit of the soup should be enough."

    Disciples of ordinary Holy Lands and small families understood their own worth. It was impossible for them to purchase any of the major items, but they had hopes of buying some of the smaller goods.

    At this time, beside them, a youth suddenly raised a jade slip in his hands. "10.5 billion!"

    The youth who called out this bid sat in the lower seats of the auditorium where the disciples of the ordinary families were. To call out this bid from that seating position, this action immediately attracted everyone’s eyes!

    "Who is he? What sort of background does he have?"

    All of the young elites couldn’t help but wonder this.

    Lin Ming remained calm. He was already prepared to be noticed by others in this auction. The true war of wealth was still to come!

    "This brat, could he be randomly shouting?"

    "What a joke. In this auction there are very serious consequences for maliciously bidding without meaning it! Moreover, the 200 million violet sun stones we put out to come here won’t be returned either!"

    For a disciple of an ordinary family, having to give up 200 million violet sun stones would absolutely ruin them. No one was so crazy that they would waste all of their hard-earned wealth to do some grandstanding, much less risk the danger of being executed later.

    Beside Lin Ming, River Feather wasn’t surprised at all. He already knew that Lin Ming had a spirit artifact spear, and an extremely high quality one at that!

    But River Feather’s older brother, River Wind, was left completely dumbfounded. He looked at Lin Ming and gulped. 10.5 billion to buy a spirit crystal to enhance a weapon? Moreover, this was proof that Lin Ming had a spirit artifact as a weapon! How could his little brother possibly know such a person?

    Zhong Wenshu looked at Lin Ming with some surprise before revealing a playful smile. He simply hadn’t placed Lin Ming’s competing bid in his heart. He adjusted his seat to a more comfortable position and then lazily lifted the jade slip in his hand, calling out another bid, "12 billion!"

    "12.5 billion!" Lin Ming said before a single breath of time passed. This second bid he shouted was as if he were tossing out a pile of rocks instead of violet sun stones.

    "How interesting!" Zhong Wenshu humphed. "13 billion!"

    "13.5 billion!" Every time Lin Ming put in a higher bid, it was 500 million more. It was succinct and the same no matter what the other party called. This was a reflection of his rich property and his determination to purchase the nine aperture spirit crystal. Against this sort of momentum, it was easy for others to give birth to fear in their hearts, a feeling that it was impossible to win a bidding war against Lin Ming.

    Zhong Wenshu frowned. He sat up, his expression serious.

    "15 billion!"

    "15.5 billion!"

    "This brat!" Zhong Wenshu’s handsome face flashed with a trace of impatience. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were a bit cold.

    He had his own spirit artifact. Although his family had spent a great deal of wealth to refine it for him and help train him to use it, if he really sold it then he would only be able to receive 80-90 billion. If he had to buy this nine aperture spirit crystal to enhance his spirit artifact’s artifact spirit, that would be nearly a sixth of the entire value. It would be an overall loss for him.

    If it weren’t for Lin Ming, he definitely wouldn’t spend so much.

    "16.5 billion!" Zhong Wenshu shouted out as he raised his jade slip again. This nine aperture spirit crystal was extremely valuable to him. If he missed out on it this time, there was a chance that he would lose to his opponent in the First Martial Meeting due to the difference in weapons. Nine aperture spirit crystals were extremely rare; it wasn’t possible to buy one whenever he wanted to. Thus, as he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes became increasingly cold.

    "17 billion!" Lin Ming calmly said, raising the bid by another 500 million. He definitely had to obtain the nine aperture spirit crystal. This was because his Phoenix Blood Spear was much more valuable than the weapons that these other young elites used!

    There was no other reason than the fact that the Phoenix Blood Spear was personally raised by Lin Ming. For the other young elites, no matter how wondrous or magnificent their backgrounds were, their weapons were still granted to them by their Elders. This was because no matter what sort of heaven-defying lucky chances they had experienced in their 30-40 years of life, it was impossible for them to form their own source artifact spirit.

    Lin Ming was able to become one with the Phoenix Blood Spear, thus the Phoenix Blood Spear was not a spirit artifact that the weapons of other geniuses could compare with. So, the Phoenix Blood Spear was worth Lin Ming spending a great deal of money to buy the nine aperture spirit crystal, so that he could raise the Phoenix Blood Spear to become his own life weapon in the future.

    In the higher reserved seats, some peak disciples of World King Holy Lands looked down at Lin Ming and Zhong Wenshu competing in their bidding war. Some revealed a bemused expression, but some were frowning. They also wanted the nine aperture spirit crystal, but because of Lin Ming and Zhong Wenshu’s competition, they didn’t have the chance to enter into this bidding war. And by this point, the bid had already surpassed the original value of the nine aperture spirit crystal by a great deal. There wasn’t much meaning to shouting out another price. Moreover, Lin Ming appeared as if he were willing to obtain the nine aperture spirit crystal no matter the cost. This caused them to immediately lose interest in competing with him.

    "Let them struggle and buy the nine aperture spirit crystal at a higher price so that they can use up their resources. That youth sitting down below probably isn’t planning on bidding on the closing treasures, so he’s bidding so unscrupulously now. As for us, we have to focus on those last few treasures. Even if it is only 10 billion or 5 billion, every amount is precious. A tiny straw can be the weight that crushes the camel. That tiny bit of wealth can decide our victory in the final auction bids!"

    If the nine aperture spirit crystal was said to raise a martial artist’s strength by a single point, then the Boundless World Pill could increase a martial artist’s strength by dozens of points. Moreover, one was aimed at an external object and the other was aimed at the martial artist themselves. Their values naturally couldn’t be compared.

    What these young elites were thinking was also what Zhong Wenshu was thinking. Zhong Wenshu deeply looked at Lin Ming as if he were carving Lin Ming’s looks into his mind. "Second Uncle, did that boy change his appearance?"

    Zhong Wenshu asked an old man meditating beside him. This old man was a peak Holy Lord level powerhouse.

    The old man opened his macerated eyes and looked at Lin Ming for a few breaths of time before expressionlessly saying, "No."

    "He’s sitting in the seating area of the commoners and still doesn’t understand how to restrain himself. Instead, he swaggers around trying to struggle with the disciples of World King Holy Lands. It’s as if he wants to die! Find someone to thoroughly investigate his origin and just what family he comes from!"

    Zhong Wenshu sneered. Since Lin Ming wasn’t sitting in the reserved section, that meant he likely didn’t have a World King Holy Land background. Even so, it was best to be careful and investigate Lin Ming’s background lest he be forced to kick himself later.

    Of course, it was impossible for him to do anything in Immemorial Imperia City:that would be a blatant violation of the rules. If anyone dared to provoke the sanctuary of the True Martial Holy Lands, their future might not be so safe.

    This wasn’t a particular grievance that Zhong Wenshu was looking to take revenge on, but a natural process of the world of martial arts. In the world of martial arts, the law of the jungle was all that mattered and the strong ate the weak. Besides in some super cities and other areas, there weren’t any legal constraints at all. Killing someone and stealing their possessions was common. This was because the strong did not need to reason with the weak. Strength was the only reasoning required!

    Thus, if one only had a minor background and managed to stumble into a great deal of wealth and come to this auction to play around, then that was completely suicidal behavior!

    "17 billion. Is there anyone that would like to place a higher bid?" Princess Honeylush gently smiled on the auction stage, her eyes on Zhong Wenshu. She had already glanced over the young elites from the other World King Holy Lands, and he was the only one who seemed willing to raise the bid.

    One had to admit that Princess Honeylush’s warm and watery eyes seemed to speak volumes. Her vision seemed to contain 10,000 temptations, causing one to lose concentration as if they were lost in freefall.

    Zhong Wenshu coldly coughed and sat back down in his chair. He said in a cold and clear voice, "Little girl, there’s no need for you to try to stir me up with your eyes. It doesn’t matter to me how you keep batting your eyes at me. What is 17 billion? Much less 17 billion, if I were in a better mood, even 170 billion would be nothing at all! However, the reason for me coming here today is for the Boundless World Pill, so I can’t be bothered to haggle with those little mice sitting down below. This nine aperture spirit crystal, what’s the big deal if I grant it to you?"

    Zhong Wenshu’s words were filled with energy as they spread throughout the entire audience. This sort of appearance made it seem as if Lin Ming didn’t win the bidding for the nine aperture spirit crystal, but rather that Zhong Wenshu bestowed it to Lin Ming.

    Moreover, when he said ‘those little mice sitting down below’, that was clearly mocking all of the young elites from ordinary family backgrounds. This caused those ordinary young elites to immediately be enraged. Yet, they had no words to refute him.

    Zhong Wenshu was absolutely not someone they could provoke.

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