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Chapter 1165:Crazy Cultivation

    Chapter 1165:Crazy Cultivation




    "The auction for the Boundless World Pill has already ended, but everyone need not feel regret. This is because there are a total of 10 items in our auction finale, and each one of them is a rare and precious treasure! There is always another chance! Now, we shall begin the auction for the second item!"

    On the auction stage, Princess Honeylush spoke with gusto. However, not many people agreed with her words. For the last nine items of the auction finale, many people had gone through their networks of information and learned what they were. Besides the last item perhaps having a final bid of a trillion, the other items likely wouldn’t surpass 300 billion.

    A hundred billion violet sun stones was already an extremely exaggerated number.

    And at this time, Lin Ming didn’t plan on staying and watching the rest of the auction. He stood up and directly walked to the back of the stage. According to the rules, one could pay as soon as their auction ended. Lin Ming intended to take the Boundless World Pill as soon as possible and leave the auction venue. The other items remaining had nothing to do with him.

    Lin Ming’s departure caught the attention of many people. There were several icy cold gazes on him, as sharp and bright as shining blades. Lin Ming could feel these eyes piercing through his back like razor sharp arrows. He didn’t need to turn his head to know just who was looking at him:Sacred Martial Mansion’s three prodigies, Zhong Wenshu, and even that red bamboo hat woman. All of them were looking at him with utter antipathy.

    The market was like a battlefield. If you stabbed someone on the battlefield with a sword, how could you not draw the envy and hatred of others?

    "Lin Ming, I want to see just what result you’ll have in the First Martial Meeting after eating up the Boundless World Pill. I hope that you aren’t eliminated early. The qualifying martial artists of Immemorial Imperial City should all be assigned to the same area, hehe! At that time I’ll play with you until you’re crippled and begging on the ground!"

    "Just wait until you get kicked out from the First Martial Meeting. Those who chase after you will blot out the skies!"

    Sacred Yueping and Zhong Wenshu’s voices resounded in Lin Ming’s ears. Lin Ming didn’t even bother with them, instead moving straight to the exit. As Lin Ming left, there were even some people that intentionally or unintentionally followed him.

    "Lin Ming, there are some people following you." River Feather said from beside Lin Ming, his heart racing. He could feel that these fellows following from behind clearly didn’t have good intentions.

    Lin Ming maintained his composure. He sneered, saying, "These people are only clowns. They are waiting for me to leave Immemorial Imperial City, but even if I left Immemorial Imperial City, these people would barely qualify as cannon fodder. And they think they can divide the soup? How ridiculous!"

    Lin Ming ignored them. He had already rented out a training room in Immemorial Imperial City. This training room was located at the Imperial City Auction House and was one of their many services.

    Lin Ming only had a general idea of Imperial City Auction House’s background. Part of it was owned by the True Martial Holy Lands. As for the rest, Lin Ming wasn’t too sure. It was possibly some reclusive great expert or disciple of some Empyrean.

    In short, this was an organization that no one in True Martial World dared to move against. He would have absolute safety inside.

    "Guest No. 235187, please show your identification jade slip, as well as:7 trillion violet sun stones or 700 million violet sun crystals. If you are currently lacking the funds, you can pawn some treasures."

    Lin Ming waved his hand and over 60,000 violet sun crystal cards left his spatial ring. These were the highest currency crystal cards that Starbind Bank had. Every crystal card was worth 100 million and could be exchanged for violet sun crystals or pills.

    Afterwards, Lin Ming waved his hand again and pile after pile of purple crystal mountains appeared. All of these purple crystal mountains were formed from violet sun stones and violet sun crystals. Luckily, the minor dimension of this auction room was large enough and could easily hold these several giant crystal mountains.

    However, the truth was that even though these crystal mountains seemed terrifying, they were only worth about 150 billion violet sun stones. These were the wealth left behind by Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan.

    As River Feather looked at this amount of wealth, he was stunned. Just where had Lin Ming obtained so much money? Actually, up until now, he still hadn’t been able to determine if Lin Ming came from some secretive great background or if he had simply stumbled upon some ridiculous lucky chance.

    "Count it." Lin Ming said. To count 7 trillion violet sun stones, even a martial artist with an extremely fast soul perception would have trouble taking full inventory in a short time. And, it was even more difficult to calculate the value of those material violet sun stones. The auction house sent out 10 treasury managers that used a full hour to count before they finished.

    "Here is your Boundless World Pill!"

    A middle-aged man with a bright smile plastered on his face presented a jade box to Lin Ming.

    After opening it, the Boundless World Pill flew up and danced in the air. A rainbow glow of light filled the air, shooting into the distance!

    "This is it!" Mo Eversnow said to Lin Ming. Although she believed in the reputation of the auction house, she still investigated it thoroughly.

    Lin Ming waved his hand and the Boundless World Pill was placed into the Extreme Violet Ring.

    "I previously reserved the Skyclass Training Chamber with a 1:10 time flow change at the auction house. Could you lead me there?" Lin Ming politely asked. The Skyclass Training Chamber was one of the most expensive cultivation rooms in the auction house. The time there was slowed to a rate of 1:10. If he trained there for three months, it would be two and a half years.

    "Of course!"

    The middle-aged man faintly smiled as he extended his hand, "Sir, if you will."

    The middle-aged man brought Lin Ming to a long corridor. On both sides of this corridor were a number of stone doors. Every door was carved with all sorts of mysterious and strange runes. This was a time array formation that changed the flow of time in every training chamber.

    "This is the room. Please enter!" The middle-aged man nodded towards a training chamber with a red and purple door and extended his hand in invitation.

    Lin Ming turned towards River Feather, "Thank you Brother River for accompanying me here. I would like to suggest that Brother River also finds a chamber here to train in. If they cannot find me, there might be a chance that they do something to you instead. Although you have the protection of your family, many of these people probably won’t take that into consideration…"

    Compared to these World King level influences, the ordinary Holy Land level River Family was just far too small and weak.


    This was River Feather’s plan to begin with.

    Then, Lin Ming entered the training chamber alone. The reason he chose this training chamber was because it was a training ground for thunder and fire!

    After entering the training chamber, the scenery suddenly changed. Lin Ming arrived in a different space with lava flowing all around him. As for himself, he was standing at the summit of a giant mountain. Dark crimson chains wrapped around the mountain peak, each link as thick as a grown man’s thigh. One end of the dark crimson chains wrapped around the mountain peak and the other extended hundreds of thousands of feet into the sky, sinking into the clouds for an unknowable distance.

    Below the mountain peak, volcanos erupted all over the land, gushing forth fresh heated lava. And high above Lin Ming’s head, dark clouds surged with purple thunder roiling within them.

    In front of Lin Ming, just 10 miles away, a massive bronze furnace floated in the air. This furnace was the size of a palace, and as countless bolts of thunder struck against it, sparks of divine light and earth-shaking rumbles filled the heavens. The flames beneath were also sucked up by this furnace, constantly flowing into it. After being burnt for countless years, this furnace had been seared fire red!

    This was a spirit artifact treasure furnace. It was also masterless. Every training chamber of this rank was generally provided with a furnace like this. The reason that Lin Ming had chosen the Skyclass Training Chamber was in no small part because he had taken notice of this alchemy furnace.

    With Mo Eversnow’s strength and her power of Laws, she could certainly activate the powers of the spirit artifact alchemy furnace. Of course, this would inevitably consume a portion of Mo Eversnow’s soul force. Luckily, Lin Ming had won the bidding for the nine aperture spirit crystal before this. The nine aperture spirit crystal was a type of soul medicine that could nourish spirits.

    If the nine aperture spirit crystal could nourish artifact spirits then it could also revitalize a person’s soul to a certain degree. If one’s soul force was weakened, they could recover by eating a tiny piece of the nine aperture spirit crystal.

    "This is the training chamber of thunder and fire. The dual thunder and fire origin energies here are indeed extremely rich. This is truly worthy of being called the Skyclass Training Chamber!"

    In truth, the stone door that Lin Ming had passed through earlier was a transmission array. The transmission array had led to this different world. This different world was not a divergent mystic realm nor was it a man-made dimensional realm. Rather, it was one of the countless tiny worlds that were located in the gaps between the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds.

    This tiny world had been explored and refined by the Imperial Capital Auction House, becoming an absolute separate world space. It was completely safe to train here!

    Such a place suited Lin Ming the most!

    "Great. Now we can begin… the crazy cultivation!"

    Facing the vast and boundless force of nature in this training place, Lin Ming felt his blood begin to seethe with excitement, his heroic and daring spirit soaring into the heavens! For the First Martial Meeting happening three months from now, he had absolute confidence in himself!


    All of the alchemy materials were taking out from the Extreme Violet Ring by Mo Eversnow. These materials floated in the air and included the violet sun stone embryo as well as the 30 dragon bone relics!

    "Lin Ming, I will first refine the Esoteric Immortality Pill. It will probably take around two months for me to finish. In the meantime, you can train here as you wish and gather your strength. You must cultivate your world seed to prepare for breaking into the Divine Sea." Mo Eversnow floated in the skies. Her white dress danced around her pale and bare feet and her long hair was whipped up in the wind. Combined with the apocalyptic scenery around her, she looked like a lost immortal fairy, ready to return to the winds at any moment.


    Lin Ming didn’t waste time speaking and left everything in Mo Eversnow’s hands. He shot outwards, turning into a beam of light moving through the rich thunder and fire origin energy of this world.

    Within this vast land of heaven and earth origin energy, the Heretical God Seedling greedily absorbed all of the available energy around it. Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and wildly twisted around. With himself and his spear, it was like he was fighting against the world itself.

    After Lin Ming reached Ninefall, there were far too many Laws within him that he needed to meditate on and also far too much energy that he needed to thoroughly master. As long as he had a place to train and improve himself, then given time, his strength would increase by leaps and bounds!

    "Blue Lotus Flame Dance!"

    Lin Ming thrust his spear outwards and an incredible scene followed it. Deep in the rivers of fire below, waves of lava tumbled into the area and began swirling up into a giant whirlpool. And within the center of this whirlpool, a blue lotus flower was born, slowly blooming within the monstrous flames!

    "I have to fuse the fourth Concept of Fire into the first three Concepts of Fire. Although the altered time flow here will create some obstacles in perceiving the Concepts, I can still overcome them!"

    Lin Ming constantly thrust out his spear. The blue lotus flower soon grew to be hundreds of feet tall, as if this lotus flower were holding up the heavens!

    And in the skies, the white-dressed Mo Eversnow floated in the wind. All of the materials for refining the Esoteric Immortality Pill had been placed into the spirit artifact furnace by her. She began the long process of refining.

    This giant bronze furnace could gather the limitless power of fire sealed within the world. The flames were incomparably hot, blazing without end! Besides the violet sun stone embryo and dragon bone relics, everything that entered instantly turned into liquid before being absorbed by the violet sun stone embryo!

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