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Chapter 1166:Opening the Gate of Life

    Chapter 1166:Opening the Gate of Life




    Time marched on.

    If three days went by outside, one month would have passed for Lin Ming.

    Imperceptibly, half a month passed.

    In the spirit artifact alchemy furnace, the violet sun stone embryo had completely melted. The dragon bone relics fused into it, forming a golden liquid that spilled out light in all directions.

    At the start, this ball of fluid was over a foot in diameter. Then, as it was slowly roasted by flames, the ball of liquid became increasingly small and concentrated.

    Rumble rumble rumble!

    The furnace shook. All around the body of the furnace, strange and ancient patterns lit up as if they were coming to life. These patterns took the likeness of wild great animals with long fangs, sharp claws, and one could even faintly make out the sound of horrendous roars coming from the furnace.

    "This furnace is like a living creature…" Lin Ming turned his head in surprise as he heard the roaring from the furnace become increasingly clear. Then, he immediately relaxed. As a spirit artifact, this furnace naturally had an artifact spirit within it. Although this was not a true source artifact spirit but a false artifact spirit, often a false artifact spirit wasn’t any worse than a true one. The greatest shortcoming of a false artifact spirit was that it couldn’t grow on its own. The only way was if one fused in a rare heavenly material like a nine aperture spirit crystal to forcefully enhance it.

    And in terms of true quality, many false artifact spirits were of an extremely high rank. This was because when these artifact spirits were sealed into the spirit artifact, they were already extremely powerful! This was a reasonable matter. If a supreme elder were refining their life spirit artifact, why would they not choose some powerful mystic creature as its source?

    If an Empyrean level supreme elder were to capture a God Beast’s soul and transform it into an artifact spirit, then it was even possible to refine a transcendent spirit treasure!

    This spirit artifact furnace’s artifact spirit was created by a supreme elder who had killed an ancient blue-eyed crystal beast and used its soul. The fierce patterns along the furnace were also formed by the blue-eyed crystal beast. This caused the furnace to have an extremely tyrannical and savage aura after it was completed. The blazing flames it produced were incomparably hot, burning away the heavens!

    The impurities were constantly melted away as the essence of the mixture became increasingly concentrated. Day by day, the originally foot wide ball of golden liquid slowly shrank to three inches. During this time, the nine aperture spirit crystal floated by the top of Mo Eversnow’s head. Faint lines of refreshing energy and mist fell down from the nine aperture spirit crystal, slowly fusing into Mo Eversnow’s soul form. The faint light revitalized her body the entire time.

    Without the nine aperture spirit crystal, even though Mo Eversnow would have been able to finish the refinement of the pill, it would have been an enormous drain on the power of her divine soul. After all, she was unable to use true essence and had to move materials around with her soul force. Alchemy was already exhausting work, but she had to pay a cost several times that of an ordinary martial artist.

    In these past days, the nine aperture spirit crystal’s volume shrank by a tenth.

    Mo Eversnow lifted her hand and tossed several 100,000 year old medicinal herbs into the furnace. These were medicinal herbs that Lin Ming had found in the Extreme Violet Ring when he had been exploring the Temple of Marvels.

    Now, Mo Eversnow used the essence of these herbs to nourish the Esoteric Immortality Pill. A top grade pill had a certain wisdom of its own. It could eat food by absorbing the essence of medicinal herbs.

    What Mo Eversnow was doing now was using the essence of these medicinal herbs to feed the Esoteric Immortality Pill.

    Underneath the scorching heat, these 100,000 year old herbs rapidly dried up. As they withered away, the liquid essence gushed out of them, constantly merging into the violet sun stone embryo’s golden liquid.

    Soon, the multicolored essence of these medicinal herbs had been completely absorbed!

    After the ball of golden liquid absorbed this essence, it became even more dazzling and more concentrated, shrinking down to the size of a small egg.

    The ball of liquid gradually transitioned to a half-solid state. The divine pill was almost formed!


    Time passed a day at a time. Lin Ming had already been in the training area for nearly two months.


    A beam of purple light suddenly cut across the skies. At that moment, all of the power of thunder within the skies seemed to gather in a single spot. Mountains and rivers split apart and a massive fissure was cracked open in the earth, causing lava to spew out into the world!

    Rumble rumble rumble!

    Volcanos erupted. Endless amounts of lava flooded outwards like countless galloping horses, causing even the earth to shake!

    In such an apocalyptic environment, Lin Ming flew high in the air. The spear strike just now had crossed a hundred miles, causing even the space around it to tremble. Beneath him, the rock that was harder than mortal steel was torn apart like cloth, causing a 100 mile long valley to form.


    Thunder tumbled, dancing around like manic purple snakes. Thick arcs of electricity twined around Lin Ming, moving up and down his body. At this moment, Lin Ming seemed like a god of thunder!

    Lin Ming looked at the long spear in his hands, feeling his body filling with strength. The source of the power he felt flowing through his body now was completely different from before.

    In the past, Lin Ming’s strength had come from constantly perceiving the Laws, and then using his own true essence to spur the power of Laws, transforming heaven and earth origin energy into his own weapon to fight. During this process, Lin Ming had always felt that his own strength was far too miniscule and weak. As for the world Laws, they were incomparably massive, causing all who stood before them to kneel in awe.

    But this time was completely different.

    Lin Ming felt that the power of Laws he used just now had not come from him meditating on them, but from his own body. In that moment, Lin Ming could feel his own body become one with the world. The world Laws naturally flowed out from his flesh, blood, and organs. It was like his body had been condensed from the Laws!

    And when he used these Laws to control heaven and earth origin energy, he didn’t feel the jerky feeling he did before. Now everything seemed to flow smoothly and perfectly.

    Such a feeling was far too wonderful!

    "To think I touched upon the threshold of fusing the Thunder Laws’ first three Concepts of Thunder so quickly. Although my Thunder Laws are inferior to my Fire Laws, they are still slowly evening out. Moreover, I can faintly feel a new power brewing within me."

    At the Sky Spill Continent, Lin Ming had once trained for years before fighting Yang Yun. He had studied the Thunder Concept jade slip that the Electric Violet Kirin Clan’s Jiang Ziji had left behind and had perceived the first three concepts of the Thunder Laws from them:the Power of Death, the Power of Life, and the Concept of Extreme Speed.

    However, Lin Ming’s understandings towards these three concepts weren’t particularly deep, and he had been unbelievably far from ever hoping to fuse them together. But now, he had already traced the threshold of fusing them.

    These last two months of training were equal to nearly a year within Fire Spirit Star!

    Of course, this didn’t mean that Imperial City Auction House’s training areas were of a higher quality that Fire Spirit Star. Rather, when Lin Ming had broken into Ninefall, a massive amount of the world Laws had been integrated into his body. Now, all he had to do was sense them in order to rapidly master them.

    "Lin Ming, you’ve done well! Your Ninefall crossed 33 Layered Heavens, and the nine by nine Life Destruction you experienced has brought you unimaginable benefits. This is the combined contribution of the Magic Cube, two transcendent divine mights, gold grandmist battle spirit, and also that transcendent divine pill demon bead replica. Only by combining all of these factors together were you able to achieve what you have now! I would venture a guess that even a descendant of an Empyrean would not have a more perfect Life Destruction than you! Your Ninefall is singular and unique, allowing you to experience heavenly tribulation nine times. Moreover, because you managed to cross heavenly tribulation, to a certain degree you have become someone that lives partially outside the rules of the Heavenly Dao and controls your own destiny. In fact, you should be able to control the Heavenly Dao Laws to a certain extent. Of course, your cultivation is far, far too low. Even if you did, it would be nothing worth mentioning at all."

    Mo Eversnow said, suddenly appearing in front of Lin Ming. She hadn’t said a single exaggerated word. Lin Ming’s current body, in terms of Laws, could even be compared with a God Beast!

    A God Beast was the beloved of the natural Laws. Their bones were carved with the Laws and their flesh and blood were fused with Law runes. Their organs were able to commune with the world, forming a five element grand array. Their bodies were not what human bodies could compare with. They were like amalgamations of the Heavenly Dao, capable of directly accessing and using the power of the world!

    If a God Beast’s strength didn’t mainly rely on their talent while their ability to learn was extremely poor, then they would have even surpassed human Empyreans.

    And now, Lin Ming had a perception equal to a monstrous genius and he also had a body that could compare with a God Beast in the aspect of Laws. If Lin Ming continued cultivating body transformation in the future and was capable of enhancing his body until it was just as powerful as a God Beast’s body, then he would become like a humanoid God Beast that was also skilled at learning and cultivating.

    "Miss Mo, have you finished refining the pill?" Lin Ming was startled to see Mo Eversnow. In these past months, Mo Eversnow had sealed her senses and isolated herself from the world. Now that she suddenly appeared again, presumably the pill should be finished or almost finished.


    Mo Eversnow pointed a finger. Lin Ming turned and saw the alchemy furnace still floating between the heavens and earth as before. Endless amounts of fire still gathered towards it. The bottom was roasted red even as countless bolts of lightning smashed into it from the sky, recklessly baptizing it with thunder and fire.

    This sort of feeling was similar to heavenly tribulation. Of course, Lin Ming knew that the Esoteric Immortality Pill was impossibly far from quickening its own heavenly tribulation. Only when a transcendent divine pill appeared would such a phenomenon occur.

    Let alone a transcendent divine pill, the Esoteric Immortality Pill was far inferior to the Boundless World Pill.

    Flames burned, thunder swelled. The furnace gathered more and more strength. Finally, it reached a critical point and erupted!

    The lid of the furnace popped off and a pigeon egg-sized golden red pill flew out, as if it wanted to escape from the world.

    Lin Ming was already prepared. His body moved and his extreme speed erupted. He instantly appeared in front of the Esoteric Immortality Pill and caught it!

    He had succeeded in obtaining this divine pill!

    In his hands, this pill was boiling hot and extremely heavy. Lin Ming felt like what he caught wasn’t a pill, but the reduced essence of a blazing fire star.

    "Lin Ming, you already have the jade slip of the Celestial Tyrant Manual and you should have improved your understandings of it in these past days. Now, follow the method of revolving the energy within your body according to the Celestial Tyrant Manual. Have it flow through the threshold of life and death and attack the Gate of Life! With your current foundation, there shouldn’t be any problems at all!

    "In addition, I perceived that fragmented bone slip from before. I discovered that there was an outline to an ancient body transformation technique within it. Although it was far too incomplete, I was able to glean a new discovery from it!"

    "Mm? What discovery?" Lin Ming asked, surprised. If Mo Eversnow’s voice and expression were so serious then this harvest shouldn’t be small at all.

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