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Chapter 1173:Divine Dream World

    Chapter 1173:Divine Dream World




    Mu Qianyu was startled upon hearing Qin Xingxuan’s words. Could Lin Ming be entering the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting?

    There was really that possibility!

    In Mu Qianyu’s eyes, with Lin Ming’s talent and tenacity, even if the Divine Realm had countless geniuses and Lin Ming was in the giant Ancient Phoenix Clan, he would still gradually bloom into splendor, becoming someone amazing. Then, there would really be a high chance that Lin Ming would participate in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting on behalf of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

    If Lin Ming participated in the First Martial Meeting, would they be able to find him? After all, the Unbroken Cult’s Senior-apprentice Brother Yu Youming would also be entering the First Martial Meeting. Although he might be said to be going alone, the truth was that there would be a large retinue of people following him to dominate the scene. For such a grand event the sect would surely send some outer court disciples to handle miscellaneous matters.

    "Xingxuan, no matter what, we still have to manage the medicinal field for these next few months. Senior-apprentice Sister Feng is harsh and likes to find problems where there aren’t any. If we make any mistakes we will be targeted, and if there is any negligence then we will even be punished miserable! Only by perfectly performing all matters will we have a chance of going to the First Martial Meeting. I fear that no one will want to miss out on this sort of grand occasion. Even if it’s just going to perform labor, there will still be many people struggling for those spots!"

    "Mm… I understand." Qin Xingxuan nodded.


    Time slowly passed. The day of the First Martial Meeting approached nearer and nearer. As for Lin Ming, he stayed in Immemorial Imperial City, still not having heard any news about a trip to the ‘Divine Dream World’.

    Before this, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow had hypothesized that this ‘Divine Dream World’ was a separate space that Empyrean Divine Dream created herself. As for how great this space was, it was difficult to imagine. In any case, it was enough to hold at least 10 quadrillion geniuses.

    The truth was that it wasn’t strange for an Empyrean-created space to be large enough to hold 10 quadrillion geniuses. But, what Lin Ming thought was strange was just how would all of these geniuses gather at the ‘Divine Dream World’?

    It had to be known that the distances between the great worlds were incomparably vast. To journey from one great world to another required a spirit ship that could undergo great void shifts through space. Even then, one would have to pass through multiple transmission arrays. These transmission arrays required a massive amount of violet sun stones to activate. If one travelled like this, they would have to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of violet sun stones. Unless one came from a wealthy background, it was impossible for others to afford this amount of money.

    And if Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe were organizing this matter themselves, they would have to send out 10 billion spirit ships and create countless transmission arrays in the ‘Divine Dream World’. This was naturally even more impossible.

    Also, there was only half a month remaining until the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting began. In such a short period of time, it might not be possible for one to travel through space to another great world.

    Lin Ming was puzzled. After he trained, he went and inquired about the situation of how many people had registered for the First Martial Meeting. This inquiry left him flabbergasted. Currently, there were still 10 days left until the deadline for the registration arrived. But in just the True Martial Great World itself, there were already 2.2 trillion individuals that had registered. This was over 2 trillion people just in one great world! If all of the participants throughout the entire Divine Realm were added together, it was a simply incalculable number. With so many people competing together, just how would everyone be screened out?

    No matter how resourceful or powerful an Empyrean was, it would still be far too difficult to manage such a vast event.

    Mo Eversnow said, "I also think this is unbelievable. But… when grandfather was alive, he mentioned several times just how powerful Empyrean Divine Dream and Divine Dream Palace were. Since this First Martial Meeting is under the management of Empyrean Divine Dream, there should be no need for you to worry."

    Lin Ming said, "I also don’t think that Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe would manage the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting in a messy manner so that others would think it was a joke. I only think it’s confusing how the competition will be held… however, I was a bit surprised when Miss Mo said that Empyrean Divine Dream could equally compare with Empyrean Primordius… because the Chaos Laws were the most source energy present at the forming of the universe. If Empyrean Primordius managed to perceive the Chaos Grandmist Laws then I feel that these Laws are of the highest rank in existence and his attainments in this aspect already reached the peak. Within his world of will space, there is true grandmist energy. I have no idea what Laws Empyrean Divine Dream comprehended that she is able to compare with Empyrean Primordius…"

    Mo Eversnow said, "That is only my guess so I wouldn’t say it’s accurate. As for who is stronger and weaker amongst the Empyreans, I also have no way of knowing…"

    As Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were speaking, in the distant horizon, a brilliant light blazed in the skies. Then, a massive pillar of divine light soared up and passed the clouds, seeming to support the heavens themselves!

    Lin Ming was shocked. Looking as far as he could, he estimated that this pillar of light was tens of thousands of miles away. Even so, from this distance this beam of light was still as thick as an arm. If he really arrived at the beam of light, he would have no idea just how wide it was.

    Just by looking at the beam of light, Lin Ming could feel his entire body shaking, as if a massive pressure were pushing down on him and making it hard to breathe!

    It wasn’t just Lin Ming, but everyone in Immemorial Imperial City, even those at the center and everyone for millions of miles around saw this incomparably massive pillar of light!

    This pillar of light made one want to fall to their knees and worship, as if it were a divine being. In front of this pillar of light, even breathing became difficult, leaving everyone panting for breath.

    As this beam of light appeared, that boundless and infinite voice he heard at the Sacred Martial Grand Tournament’s arena sounded out once more –

    "Empyrean Divine Dream has cast down pillars of Divine Dream Light over all 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm. All participants of the First Martial Meeting must go within 10,000 miles of the nearest Divine Dream Light. There, you will insert your true essence and soul force into the Divine Dream Light. Your bodies will fall into slumber but your consciousness will enter into the greatest dreamland space:the Divine Dream World!

    "Half a month from now, the First Martial Meeting will officially begin in the Divine Dream World!

    "Besides participants of the First Martial Meeting, no one may enter within 10,000 miles of the Divine Dream Light. If anyone dares to violate this order, then their souls will be sucked up by the Divine Dream Light and they will perish for eternity!"

    This grand and boundless voice echoed for a long time throughout the Divine Realm. It was filled with a masculine vigor. If one didn’t guess wrongly then one could sense it was Empyrean Vast Universe’s voice!

    This voice repeated itself three times before slowly vanishing. As this voice vanished, Lin Ming finally recovered from his completely shocked stated. He felt a thin layer of sweat covering his entire body. Beside him, he could see some people that were unable to withstand the pressure and were kneeling on the ground.

    As he remembered Empyrean Vast Universe’s words, Lin Ming felt all of this to be too unbelievable. Approach the Divine Dream Light and insert his true essence and soul force into it. Then, his body would fall asleep and his consciousness would enter into a dreamland space:the Divine Dream World?

    This Divine Dream World wasn’t a true world, but a so-called dream world?

    The body of all these geniuses would fall asleep as their minds entered into this dreamland world, and this was also where the First Martial Meeting would be carried out?

    This was Empyrean Divine Dream’s ability? Moreover, she had managed to lay down countless Divine Dream Lights in all 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm, having 10 quadrillion geniuses all sleeping at the same time and dreaming the same dream?

    This was far too terrifying an ability!

    Mo Eversnow sucked in a breath of cold air. She said, "So it’s like this. This is the meaning of the ‘Divine Dream World’. If I’m not wrong, then this is a world created by Empyrean Divine Dream herself and she uses her dream related transcendent divine might to form the foundation of the world Laws within this dreamland:this is her divine dream space. Not only can it hold 10 quadrillion geniuses, but there is no need to gather them all together. Moreover, by fighting in the dreamland space, there are far less resources required. This is really… this sort of method is really too incredible to believe…"

    "Empyrean Divine Dream’s transcendent divine might…" Lin Ming whispered. Every Empyrean was an extraordinary individual with heaven-shaking methods of their own. Empyrean Divine Dream’s descendant would study the transcendent divine might of Empyrean Divine Dream. Her strength from this alone could be imagined.

    Lin Ming wondered just what sort of fighting style she would use…

    As Lin Ming thought this, his heart burned with an even greater fighting spirit. This Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was far more magnificent than what he had imagined, and the final results where a complete unknown.

    "Let’s go and enter that divine dream space. I want to see just what sort of scene is within it…"


    It wasn’t just Lin Ming, but countless geniuses of Immemorial Imperial City also set out towards that massive Divine Dream Light.

    Soon, within Immemorial Imperial City, a river of people converged onto the road towards that giant pillar of light. Some people flew on their own, some flew in groups, some rode on mounts, but gathered together, they were an overwhelming mass of people that blotted out the heavens, as dense as a plague of locusts.

    As Lin Ming stepped within 10,000 miles of the Divine Dream Light, he felt the world Laws around him change, as if he had entered a completely separate space and time.

    "This is an enchantment." Mo Eversnow said, "There is a force field surrounding the 10,000 mile radius of this Divine Dream Light. I believe that only participants who have recorded their true essence fluctuations are able to enter. Those who try to forcefully break their way in will suffer a fate as Empyrean Vast Universe described. Their souls will be swallowed up by the Divine Dream Light. All of this is to ensure the safety of the participants. Otherwise, if you were to fall unconscious here while your mind was in the divine dream space, then it would be bad if someone tried to do something to your body."

    "That should be it." Lin Ming nodded, entering in deeper.

    After entering the enchantment, everyone was cautious at the start and prepared against all others. No one dared to pour their true essence and soul force into the Divine Dream Light, lest they fall into a deep slumber and then be looted while they were unconscious.

    However, this worry soon evaporated. They realized that once someone made a connection to the Divine Dream Light, they would fall asleep and a force field would surround their body, protecting them.

    This force field was similar to the force field that surrounded the 10,000 mile boundary of the Divine Dream Light. It seemed that if someone tried to start a fight within 10,000 miles of the Divine Dream Light then their fate would truly be miserable!

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