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Chapter 1174:Miraculous Dream Laws

    Chapter 1174:Miraculous Dream Laws




    As Lin Ming entered the enchantment world, he began to glance over all of the other participants around him. He discovered that most of them weren’t peak talents. In fact, most of the participants were eighth stage Life Destruction Divine Sea martial artists.

    This was because Empyrean Divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe hadn’t laid down any rules stipulating that a participant had to have achieved a ninth stage Life Destruction to participate. As long as one was at a certain age and also at the Divine Sea then they could enter.

    However, although there were many Eightfall Divine Sea masters, those that had the confidence to participate in this event were all the most extraordinary of the Eightfall Divine Sea martial artists.

    In fact, in a large sect of the Divine Realm, a great portion of the disciples would have an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation. In just one of the 72 branch palaces of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Phoenix Cry Palace, they were able to choose disciples from a planet with over a billion people. Many Firebird Hall disciples:equal to outer court disciples:had an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation.

    But within eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists, because of various factors, the difference in strength was enormous. The weakest eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists could only be outer court disciples, but the peak geniuses amongst the eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists could even enter Phoenix Hall and become direct disciples. These people would have a combat strength superior to that of a weak Ninefall genius.

    This was just like the ninth stage Life Destruction Lin Ming being able to kill any One Layered Heavens Ninefall martial artist with nothing but a thought. The difference between him and weak Ninefall martial artists couldn’t even be described as the difference between clouds and mud.

    Of course, no matter how powerful these Eightfall participants were, it was impossible for them to make any significant progress in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. They were also aware of this point, but they still came to experience the wonders and grandness of the First Martial Meeting.

    Beside Lin Ming, many people had already entered the divine dream space in advance. Lin Ming also touched his true essence into the massive pillar that was the Divine Dream Light. Then, he felt his own true essence fluctuations being verified by some strange Laws within the Divine Dream Light. After this verification process was over, Lin Ming felt a massive and irresistible pulling force suck him in. His consciousness and his soul were completely pulled into the Divine Dream Light, causing everything around him to turn dim!

    When Lin Ming opened his eyes, he discovered that he had arrived in a city.

    Giant buildings, great city walls, wide and spacious streets…

    This city was…

    Lin Ming felt as if he had been struck by lightning. Wasn’t this city Immemorial Imperial City!?

    Lin Ming had stayed in Immemorial Imperial City long enough that he wouldn’t mistake the city walls and buildings for something else. Moreover, this place was near the center of the Imperial City urban district. He could even see the hanging sign of the Imperial City Auction House from here!

    What happened? Was there a problem in entering the divine dream space which caused him to be teleported outwards?

    Lin Ming was left speechless. But soon, he realized that something wasn’t right. The originally bustling and boisterous crowds of Immemorial Imperial City had disappeared, leaving open streets everywhere. Even the always busy Imperial City Auction House was empty and desolate!

    Could this be…

    Lin Ming suddenly thought of a possibility. He cast out his senses and as he found what he was looking for, he sucked in a breath of cold air!

    Gathered near the Imperial City Auction House were many heroic young elites. And, all of them were participants of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting!

    Not just that, but there were constantly people being transmitted here.

    In other words, this was not Immemorial Imperial City but the true Divine Dream World!

    The appearance of the Divine Dream World was actually the same as Immemorial Imperial City?

    …No, that was wrong!

    It would be better to say the Divine Dream World was a complete and faithful projection of the real world. This was the only reason why a replica of Immemorial Imperial City would appear here.

    Lin Ming quickly realized all of this. If he entered the Divine Dream World near Immemorial Imperial City and saw a projection of Immemorial Imperial City, then if he entered near Carefree Island, wouldn’t he see a projection of Carefree Island!?

    Could it be that… the Divine Dream World was a projection of the entire Divine Realm that was cast into a dreamland? If so… then wouldn’t the Divine Dream World be as broad and boundless as the Divine Realm?

    As Lin Ming realized this, he sucked in a breath of cold air.

    Empyrean Divine Dream:just what sort of character was that!

    "That’s right, I should check my things!"

    Lin Ming quickly investigated the Extreme Violet Ring. To his amazement, he discovered that the Phoenix Blood Spear, his pills, cultivation method jade slips, medicinal fields, random items, and everything else was still there.

    This included the Magic Cube and the Heretical God Seedling!

    His body, Ancient Phoenix blood, dragon marrow blood, dragon bone relics, Eight Inner Hidden Gates, everything was no different from in reality!

    It was just that… Mo Eversnow and Fishy had disappeared.

    If the Magic Cube were here then why wouldn’t Mo Eversnow and Fishy be here? Lin Ming felt his heart tighten with worry. The two of them had been staying in the Magic Cube space. Fishy had gone in there in order to keep her safer and also to keep Mo Eversnow company. And now, even though the Magic Cube was here, the two of them had disappeared.

    However, Lin Ming only had a brief moment of panic before figuring everything out. He felt silly for having overreacted. The Magic Cube within him was only a dreamland projection of the true Magic Cube. The true Magic Cube was still safely hidden within his body that was deep in slumber. Mo Eversnow and Fishy were naturally there too.

    Lin Ming kept a great number of violet sun stones in the Magic Cube. Although he had spent 7 trillion violet sun stones on a single auction, he still had more than enough for Fishy to live on. If the two of them were in the Magic Cube space they would have absolute safety. The Magic Cube space had its own independent Laws. Whether it was the great barrier blockade that Empyrean Primordius had set up over the Sky Spill Continent or this current barrier that Empyrean Divine Dream had set up around the Divine Dream Light, neither of them were able to stop people within the Magic Cube from entering.

    "This is really all too real. Everything is the same as in reality. My strength, my cultivation methods, my body, even my transcendent divine mights have formed a perfect projection here. This is a truly unbelievable supernatural ability!"

    Lin Ming sighed. Then, he suddenly heard a loud shout.

    "Heavens! Top grade saint artifacts are placed here with no one managing them??

    "There are even top grade pills! These are high-grade earth-step pills! What an amazing find!

    "Saint artifacts! Pills! This is Immemorial Imperial City’s Hundred Treasure Pavilion that specializes in selling all sorts of things. Hahaha, we’re rich! I couldn’t even pass through the gate of this place before, now I can take anything I want!"

    A tall and bearded Eightfall late Divine Sea youth laughed. In the past, not even the Four Layered Heavens Huo Yanguang had a top grade saint artifact. To an Eightfall martial artist, not to mention a top grade saint artifact, even a high-grade saint artifact was a great luxury!

    These weapons were treasures they could only dream of obtaining. Even if they sold all of their possessions they still wouldn’t be able to afford one!

    "Haha, worth it, worth it! I thought that it would be fun to join the First Martial Meeting because I barely qualified, but I never imagined that I would be able to use a top grade saint artifact! Awesome!"

    "This one’s mine!"

    "I’m taking this one!"

    At this time, young elites from all sorts of random backgrounds began to loot everything. But then, they suddenly thought of something. Loot the Hundred Treasures Pavilion? If they were going to loot something, they might as well loot the Imperial City Auction House!

    In the Imperial City Auction House were spirit artifacts and heaven-step pills!

    "Brothers, let’s go to the Imperial City Auction House!"

    A group of bandit origin Eightfall Divine Sea powerhouses immediately rushed over to the Imperial City Auction House. Although the Divine Realm was vast, wanting to find 10 quadrillion peak geniuses was actually impossible. Most of those participating were ordinary geniuses. If they were placed within small regions of the Divine Realm, they would surely stand out. But placed within Immemorial Imperial City, they weren’t anything at all. These people were originally like countryside beggars coming to Immemorial Imperial City, and now that they realized they could snatch anything they wanted to, how could they not be ecstatic with joy?

    Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He also sped up and moved towards the Imperial City Auction House.

    Although he believed that it was impossible for heaven-step pills and spirit artifacts to appear in the Divine Dream World in a situation where they could be casually used, he wasn’t absolutely sure of this. This Divine Dream World was clearly a reflection of the Divine Realm, so it wouldn’t necessarily not have such things. Moreover, the Divine Dream World was completely similar to the real world. These heaven-step pills and spirit artifacts would likely be able to display a similar effect as in the real world!

    So he might as well go and take a look. If there really were heaven-step pills and spirit artifacts everywhere, then he had to find a chance to grab some resources for himself to use at this First Martial Meeting.

    However, just as Lin Ming walked into the Imperial City Auction House, he felt a huge strength erupt in front of him. He was fine, but several Eightfall Divine Sea powerhouses running in front of him were blown backwards.

    "Out of my way!"

    An overbearing voice came echoing out. Four middle Divine Sea realm guards swept out the ragtag group of martial artists. For a time, those martial artists complained as they were sent packing.

    This difference in strength was not minor at all.

    "Four Ninefall Divine Sea martial artists are only guards. Who is their master?" As Lin Ming was thinking, a 15-16 year old-looking youth with bright eyes walked up and casually went through the selection of treasures within the Imperial City Auction House.

    This individual was Zhong Wenshu, the one who had competed for the Boundless World Pill with Lin Ming!

    This was really enemies bumping into each other on a narrow road. However, this was also within reason. If one truly was able to freely select whatever resources they wanted to, Zhong Wenshu naturally wouldn’t miss out on the fat piece of meat that was the Imperial City Auction House.

    "Humph, what a load of garbage! I said that there was no such good thing in this world! If I was able to casually take whatever heaven-step pills I wanted to in the Imperial City Auction House then I might as well take seven or eight Boundless Worlds Pills and eat them all up! And after that I would take a transmission array to an Empyrean level Holy Land and snatch their transcendent divine might. If my resources and inheritances were the same as theirs, then an Empyrean disciple wouldn’t be anything at all! I would still be able to fight evenly against them!"

    Zhong Wenshu boasted. The reason that an Empyrean disciple felt so out of reach was not only because of their talent, but also because the resources and inheritances they enjoyed were incomparable to those of ordinary geniuses.

    With an Empyrean level influence’s resources, buying an extremely luxurious pill like the Boundless World Pill wasn’t difficult at all. As for inheritances, they had transcendent divine mights.

    "Haha, Brother Zhong is still brooding over the Boundless World Pill!" With a hearty laugh, a side door was shoved open and two men and a one woman casually walked in. One of them was a red-haired youth, followed behind by a thick and strong man and a charming young woman. They were the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion:Sacred Yueping, Sacred Tianhao, and Sacred Yanran.

    "We’ve already looked over this side. The highest level weapon here is a top grade spirit artifact and there are no pills that surpass the heaven-step. They might be valuable to the disciples of some ordinary families or small sects, but for us they aren’t anything at all!" Sacred Yueping slowly said. He had arrived in the divine dream space just a few steps earlier than Zhong Wenshu, thus he had reached the auction house first.

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