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Chapter 1179:Merit Points

    Chapter 1179:Merit Points




    "Mm? The souls of many people are flying back…"

    As Lin Ming sat in meditation, he didn’t even need to open his eyes to feel the soul energy that represented martial artists flying back to the city. This was the result of having perceived the Laws of the Divine Dream World these past days. Otherwise, as a common participant, there was no way he could see the trajectories of these souls.

    "Many people have died. It seems these nightmare beasts aren’t easy to deal with…"

    Lin Ming wasn’t surprised. This Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was specifically aimed at the peak geniuses of the Divine Realm. Those who couldn’t even reach Ninefall were doomed to be eliminated at the end of the first round.

    Although this Divine Realm First Martial Meeting involved over 10 quadrillion individuals, it was actually extremely fair. There would be no case in which a powerhouse would be eliminated because they managed to get themselves thrust into a death group. There also wouldn’t be any weaklings that managed to pass because of some heaven-defying form of luck.

    Occurrences of fraud wouldn’t occur either. Whether one was a peak genius of a World King Holy Land or a common wandering martial artist, no matter which of the 3000 great worlds they came from, everyone started at the same line. Those with strength would inevitably pass through this qualification round.

    This also caused Lin Ming to sigh at Empyrean Divine Dream’s supernatural powers. He thought that gathering 10 quadrillion geniuses in any location of the Divine Realm was an impossible task to begin with, but Empyrean Divine Dream had done so with absolute ease. Moreover, the method of competition she devised was more than fair!

    "The nightmare beasts that kill martial artists will evolve, and the merit points obtained from killing them will be higher. At the same time, Ninefall martial artist that can kill nightmare beasts will accumulate more and more merit points. In other words, the efficiency of doing anything at the start will be very low. The true gap will form after one or two months."

    Lin Ming realized this and wasn’t anxious. These three months of time were very precious to him. Being able to perceive Empyrean Divine Dream’s transcendent divine might was much more important than whatever result he obtained. As for merit points or whatever else he needed, he was satisfied as long as he crossed the elimination hurdle.

    Near Immemorial Imperial City, battlefields of slaughter were occurring everywhere. It wasn’t just Eightfall Divine Sea participants, but even Ninefall Divine Sea participants saw their lives equally threatened.

    There were many nightmare beasts that became disgustingly fierce after evolving just once!

    In order to survive, many participants had no choice but to join forces and kill nightmare beasts together. But in doing this, the number of merit points they received dwindled as they were divided amongst everyone else. An ordinary nightmare beast gave just over 10 merit points. If 4-5 people joined together, everyone could only obtain a sad 2 or so merit points. Without needing to be told, these people knew they would be inevitably eliminated after three months passed.

    "This is too difficult! How can anyone deal with such freakish nightmare beasts!" several participants cursed out as they finally killed a nightmare beast with grueling effort.

    "This sort of test is not something a normal person can handle! Even if they are strong, they would still be devastated if they ran into a pack of nightmare beasts! All of their previous efforts will have been for naught! The luck factor in this competition is simply too great," the captain of this team of martial artists said.

    "Boss, there’s something happening up ahead." A martial artist suddenly spoke up. As everyone turned to look, they felt a tingling sensation crawl up their scalps. Not too far away, in the forest, there were dozens of nightmare beasts rushing towards them!

    After battling through a violent life or death battle for the entire day, this team of martial artists were well aware of what it meant for dozens of nightmare beasts to come rampaging towards them. They would be instantly slain!

    Although they were only soul forms that existed in the Divine Dream World, and would also be reincarnated if they died here, it was still mentally hard to withstand the pressure of imminent death!

    "Hide your aura and escape!"

    The head martial artist restrained his aura as he spoke with a true essence sound transmission.

    In this critical situation, everyone carefully restrained their aura and began slowly moving backwards, a step at a time. They didn’t want all those points they worked so hard for to shrink by over half.

    At this moment, they only heard a sharp whistle pass by their ears. There was a blur as a red shadow shot into the forest.

    The speed of this red shadow was far too fast; no one was able to clearly see it. They also saw the red shadow crash into place the dozens of nightmare beasts were at, arousing the angry roars and reactions of those nightmare beasts.

    That red shadow was a participant, and from the shape of their back, it was a woman!

    "This crazy woman!"

    "Shit! Does she want to die and bring us down with her!?"

    As these martial artists saw the red shadow anger the nightmare beasts, all of them were scared silly. Once those nightmare beasts killed that rabid woman, they would die from bearing the anger of those nightmare beasts!

    Just as everyone was about to escape, a burst of loud explosive sounds filled the air. Countless large trees imploded and 4 or 5 nightmare beasts emitted pitiful cries as they burst like a balloon of meat and blood. That red shadow was like a wisp of light smoke, shuttling within the pack of nightmare beasts. Two flywheels were in her hands, glowing with a cold light. Wherever she went, nightmare beasts would erupt into a puddle of bloody goo. She was no different from a death god that was harvesting lives!

    "Ho-how is this possible!?"

    Everyone was shocked. They had to join forces in order to barely take down a single nightmare beast with their coordinated efforts, and yet this woman was killing an entire pack of them as if she were slaughtering chickens and cows. The difference between them was simply too great! Although these martial artists knew the Divine Realm was unimaginably vast and there was always a higher peak and a stronger martial artist, they always subconsciously thought that their strength was equal to the peak geniuses from Holy Lands. At least the difference shouldn’t be too great. But now, with this red-clothed woman in front of them, all of the confidence they built up was completely shattered.

    In just a short 10 breaths of time, the dozens of nightmare beasts were slaughtered by that red-clothed woman!

    She calmly stood among the wreckage of corpses, her body stained red with blood.

    Her figure was slender and she wore a bamboo hat on her head. It was impossible to discern her appearance. One could only see she was incomparably mysterious.

    "35 nightmare beasts. With the 70 I killed before, I’ve already killed over a hundred. This is over 1000 merit points! I wonder just how Zhong Wenshu and the three prodigies from Sacred Martial Mansion are doing. There is also that boy who bought the Boundless World Pill… Humph, I will prove to everyone that just having resources and talent is meaningless! Although my background is inferior and my wealth is inferior, I am not weaker than any of you! I will be the one who takes first place in Immemorial Imperial City!"

    The bamboo hat woman thought out loud. As she spoke, her words carried with it a faint hoarse and gravelly tone, causing her voice to lose all its charm.

    Meanwhile, somewhere else, Zhong Wenshu and the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion were also engaged in a frigid slaughtering.

    "None of you need to fight. If you do anything you will just take a part of my merit points. All that you need to do is to guide the nightmare beasts over here, the more the better! Evolved nightmare beasts are the best!" Zhong Wenshu said as he crushed the skull of a nightmare beast beneath his boot. A confident smile hung on his face. "My cultivation method excels in group battles. I want to see just who in all of Immemorial Imperial City can obtain merit points faster than I can!"

    "That’s right, I had you investigate the whereabouts of that little bastard who bought the Boundless World Pill. Haven’t you found him yet? Looking for him is a top priority. I want to have as much fun with him as I can! It’s perfect we can revive in this Divine Dream World. I will wait until he resurrects and kill him again! I want to kill him until he is dirt poor and shits his pants whenever he sees me!"

    As Zhong Wenshu cruelly smiled, the minion beside him said, "Young Master, that garbage Lin Ming withdrew from the city and has yet to emerge!"

    "Mm?" Zhong Wenshu frowned. "That little bastard. He clearly knows I’m looking for him, so he doesn’t dare to come out and face me?"

    "That should be it!"

    "Ugh, how pathetic! I was hoping to kill him and take away his merit points, but now killing him doesn’t even seem worth the time."

    To Zhong Wenshu, the best way to get revenge would have been to kill Lin Ming and also take away all of his efforts. But now, since that wouldn’t work, the enjoyment he received from taking revenge against Lin Ming would be severely diminished.

    "Humph, I don’t believe he won’t come out and hunt for nightmare beasts and then let himself be eliminated in the first round. Although that little bastard is nothing compared to me, he should still be able to enter the second round with his qualifications. I can’t believe he is willing to simply resign himself to being eliminated. I will wait. As long as he leaves the city, I will instantly kill him. I want to chop him into 70 to 80 pieces and let him experience true suffering!"

    "Haha, what Young Master says will be done! Rest assured, we have already bribed several participants to stand guard outside the city. As soon as that boy appears, we will inform Young Master. At that time, Young Master can deal with Lin Ming and enjoy him to your heart’s content!"

    "Good! Well done!" Now, go and quickly look for nightmare beasts. I have to guarantee that my merit points will be the number one rank of Immemorial Imperial City! Not only will I win this qualification round, but I must also struggle for the top five ranks of the True Martial Great World!

    Zhong Wenshu had great ambitions. Although he was currently the greatest genius of Dual Polarity Palace’s young generation, the sect still wasn’t willing to train him regardless of cost. For instance, it was impossible for him to enjoy medicines like the Boundless World Pill. He had to prove to everyone he had value, and perhaps even the potential to become a World King! Only by reaching the top five rankings of the True Martial Great World would he have enough qualifications to gain the attention of Dual Polarity Palace’s upper level figures. In the future, during the finals of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, if he could enter the top 10,000 or the top 8000, he would become the best disciple within Dual Polarity Palace for the last tens of thousands of years!


    As endless slaughtering was occurring within the Divine Dream World like a raging fire that spread without end, outside of the Divine Dream World, the near infinite audience was all gazing at the massive golden scroll in the sky, captivated. They soon discovered that on the scroll, the positions of the participants names were constantly shifting and changing.

    "Look! There’s numbers appearing behind people’s names! 1027, what number is that?" Everyone discovered that as the positions of names changed on the scrolls, there were also many names that had numbers attached to them. From the start it was only a few, but slowly, more and more names were given a number.

    "1130, 1150. The numbers are increasing. Look, someone even has 2000!"

    "That’s not 2000, that’s 2500! It’s even about to break 3000! Moreover, I saw that some numbers even vanished altogether!"

    "What do these numbers mean?" Many people asked, puzzled.

    "They should be merit points! These numbers represent the merit points they have!" When Empyrean Vast Universe used his great supernatural power to speak, his sound transmission passed through the entire Divine Realm and the audience also heard the rules of the competition. To say these numbers were the merit points the participants had was the most reasonable explanation.

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