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Chapter 1181:Lin Ming’s Whereabouts

    Chapter 1181:Lin Ming’s Whereabouts




    "Thank you, Elder!" Mu Qianyu hurriedly bowed.

    Yu Feng grit her teeth, maliciously glaring at Mu Qianyu. She commanded, "Hurry up and say what you want!"

    She spoke with a true essence sound transmission toward Mu Qianyu, "Once we return I’ll deal with you. You are becoming more and more impolite. Not even an inner court disciple can speak so rudely with the Elder. Luckily, Senior-apprentice Brother Yu’s results have put the Great Elder in a good mood. Consider yourself lucky, or you would have dragged me into your bad luck!"

    Yu Feng’s words weren’t exaggerated at all. This was similar to many mortal countries, where a commoner was struck with 50 lashes if they dared to protest a case against a higher authority. Even if they won, they would still be exiled 2000 miles.

    The world of martial artists was even stricter between low and high statuses. For an outer court disciple to request a favor from an Elder during such a serious occasion, that was a truly impolite form of behavior.

    Mu Qianyu ignored Yu Feng’s threat. She clearly said to the Unbroken Cult’s Great Elder, "Reporting to Great Elder, this disciple’s husband may be participating in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. I hope I can use this chance to find my husband. I humbly request for Great Elder’s help!"

    Mu Qianyu’s expression and tone as she spoke were very sincere. The Great Elder’s eyebrows arched up. He asked with a bit of surprise, "Oh? Your husband has also entered the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting? How many stages of Life Destruction has he reached?"

    The First Martial Meeting only set requirements on one’s age and cultivation. If one could satisfy both of these requirements, that would actually mean their cultivation speed was considered at the upper echelons among those of their age. This sort of person would not have average talent. In fact, even the weakest participants of the First Martial Meeting, if they were to be placed in the Unbroken Cult, could be considered a peak inner court disciple or even a core disciple.

    Because of Yu Youming’s rise, the high level figures of the Unbroken Cult were all smug and complacent. If they could gain another core disciple, that was certainly a good thing. With this in mind, the Great Elder had ideas of bringing Lin Ming into the Unbroken Cult.

    "Reporting to Great Elder, when I separated with my husband, he was only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction. But my husband’s talent is extremely high, he definitely would have smoothly crossed the ninth stage of Life Destruction!"

    Mu Qianyu wasn’t too clear on what sort of concept a ninth stage Life Destruction was. But she knew that among core disciple of the Unbroken Cult there were 20 ninth stage Life Destruction disciples. Lin Ming shouldn’t be worse than any of them.

    "Ninefall?" The Great Elder only smiled, clearly not believing Mu Qianyu’s speculations. Mu Qianyu was only someone that ascended from the lower realms, so how could she possibly know about the gap between an Eightfall and Ninefall martial artist? Moreover, a woman would always believe her husband was always stronger than he really was.

    The Great Elder said without hesitation, "Since that’s the case, I shall help you look for him. If we find him, he may also join the Unbroken Cult so that you may reunite with your husband."

    "That is… My husband has already joined another sect," Mu Qianyu awkwardly said.

    As she spoke, Yu Feng was immediately angered. "Mu Qianyu, how could you say such words! Great Elder is showing such kindness to you and yet not only do you not thank him but you are completely unappreciative!"

    "It doesn’t matter." The Great Elder waved his hand, interrupting Yu Feng. Bringing Lin Ming into the Unbroken Cult was just a casual suggestion. If Lin Ming could join their ranks that would naturally be good, but if he couldn’t, that wasn’t a loss either. "Since your husband has joined another sect, tell me what sect he is from as well as his name. I will look him up for you."

    "He is… My husband is in the Ancient Phoenix Clan, his name is Lin Ming!"

    "Ancient Phoenix Clan?" The Great Elder nearly choked upon hearing Mu Qianyu’s words. As for Yu Feng, she paused for a moment before suddenly recalling something. Her eyes became a bit uneasy and strange as she glared at Mu Qianyu.

    The peak Holy Lands of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds were all quite famous. A martial artist had an extremely good memory. As long as it was a peak Holy Land, they would have a faint understanding of it. Compared to their Unbroken Cult, the Ancient Phoenix Clan was hundreds and thousands of times more powerful!

    "He is a disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan? Moreover, he has even joined the First Martial Meeting!" The Great Elder sized up Mu Qianyu. A peak Holy Land would normally be extremely selective about which outstanding disciples they chose to send to the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. They wouldn’t send out random disciples just to increase their numbers. If what Mu Qianyu said was true, perhaps her husband was doing quite well in the Ancient Phoenix Clan. That would indeed be extraordinary.

    Although he didn’t believe this, his eyes became much more gentle as he looked at Mu Qianyu and his expression was much more temperate. "Are you sure he joined the First Martial Meeting!"

    "Well, that is only my guess." Mu Qianyu couldn’t confirm this. However, she believed that if the Ancient Phoenix Clan had chosen disciples to enter into the First Martial Meeting, Lin Ming would definitely be among them!

    "Mm… You have been separated for far too many years, so you probably do not understand." The Great Elder shook his head, thinking back to his previous assumptions. Perhaps Mu Qianyu’s husband was only an outer court disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. If that were true, he wouldn’t be considered anything at all.

    "Yes. We’ve been separated for many years." Mu Qianyu’s words lacked energy behind them.

    The Great Elder didn’t think much of it. He began to search the divine dream jade for the ‘Ancient Phoenix Clan:Lin Ming’.

    At this moment, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were both tense. Their eyes were completely focused on the divine dream jade slip in the Great Elder’s hands. They really did fear that they would be unable to find Lin Ming. There were two possibilities for this to happen. The first was that Lin Ming’s talent was insufficient to rank among the higher level disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, so he wasn’t able to participate. However, Mu Qianyu didn’t think this possibility was too high. To her, Lin Ming was the most extraordinary person she ever met.

    That left a second possibility. Lin Ming had encountered some accident!

    The Divine Realm was filled with endless horrendous risks and dangers. There were countless masters everywhere, many of them ruthless and willing to kill for the tiniest bit of profit. As for Lin Ming, he was only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction when he first ascended to the Divine Realm. Placed within the Divine Realm, such a cultivation was less than an ant. Moreover, the growth of a genius was brutal and tough, and one needed to undergo countless life or death situations too find their own lucky chances. If Lin Ming had encountered an accident, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan simply weren’t able to imagine the consequences.

    None of them dared to think of this possibility, but that didn’t mean they didn’t worry in their hearts. This was just like in the mortal world when a husband would go off to sea and the wife would worry over him. Although the chances of dying in the great oceans was very small, the wife would still stay up late at night, their hearts filled with fear and trepidation.

    It was also this worry that caused Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan to ascend to the Divine Realm to search for Lin Ming. However, they had underestimated the difficulty in finding him.

    That tiny divine dream jade slip had become the only object that existed within Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan’s gazes. It seemed as if time had stopped around them.

    "Mm? I actually found him!" As the divine dream jade slip flashed with a blue light, the Great Elder was a bit surprised.

    Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were immediately overjoyed.

    Lin Ming was really participating in the First Martial Meeting! And most importantly, this meant that Lin Ming was safe!

    Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan felt their noses burn and nearly fell into a bout of tears. If they counted the time they spent in a time enchantment, they were already separated from Lin Ming for dozens of years. At this point, what they cared about was not Lin Ming’s results or how he ranked amongst the young elites of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, but about his safety and wellbeing. Even if they couldn’t see Lin Ming, they were more than satisfied knowing he was alive and well.

    "Oh, he’s really there? How many merit points does he have?" The Vice Sect Master casually asked from the side. Although he knew what was occurring, he hadn’t been paying much attention.

    "It doesn’t say; it should be less than a thousand merit points," The Great Elder said. A feeling of superiority appeared in his heart. Of their Unbroken Cult, besides Yu Youming who was blossoming in glory, there were also 2 other core disciples that managed to gather more than a 1000 merit points each. As for the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s disciples, it seemed they were only so-so. One of them actually wasn’t able to achieve over a thousand merit points.

    "I never thought the peak Holy Land, the Ancient Phoenix Clan, would actually send out disciples to boost numbers." The Vice Sect Master faintly smiled, his mood much better than before. He didn’t lower his voice, letting all the other eighth-grade sect Elders hear him. But they didn’t speak up either. Currently, the Unbroken Cult was brimming with success. Anything they said would be useless.

    "But something is a bit strange. The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan should be participating from Atlas World, Crimson Light World, or at least somewhere in that area. How come Lin Ming is at the True Martial Great World?"

    "Well, I’m not too sure about that." The Great Elder shook his head, no longer bothering with such minor matters and no longer paying attention to Mu Qianyu. For this sort of tiny interlude, he naturally didn’t place such a low level character in his heart.

    At this time, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan didn’t care about Lin Ming’s results. If it weren’t for the current situation, the two of them would have been joyously hugging each other and jumping in glee. But now, they merely tightly held their hands together, transmitting their feelings and strength to each other.

    As Yu Feng saw Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan’s slightly wet eyes, she sneered and said with a true essence sound transmission, "Why are you two so happy? Looking at your expressions, it’s as if you think your husband has managed to rank in the top one million! Look at him, he doesn’t even have any visible merit points yet! What kind of result could he possibly have? Moreover, your husband is in the True Martial Great World and you are in the Good Fortune World. You are separated by countless trillions of miles, traversing this distance is impossibly difficult. Even if you could, with the seas of people there, how could you possibly find him? I think you will never find him for the rest of your lives. You might as well consider marrying someone else and consider your relationship over!"

    Yu Feng unhappily mocked the disciples under her command. For Mu Qianyu to speak up to an Elder in this sort of situation had affected her image, and she was also jealous that Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were able to marry someone that could join the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. At the very least, this proved that in the Unbroken Cult, this Lin Ming would have qualified to be a core disciple. Now, as she cynically berated Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, this caused their hearts to sink and they subconsciously released their hands.

    Yes. He was lost within a vast ocean of people and there was also an endless expanse of stars separating them. Wasn’t finding Lin Ming easier said than done!? After this First Martial Meeting was over, they would lose any news of Lin Ming once more. Their chances of finding Lin Ming would be no different from finding a single grain of sand within the entire universe.

    "Little Sister Xingxuan, do not be discouraged. We already knew things would be hard before ascending to the Divine Realm, and we have already made plans. If we cannot find Lin Ming here, we shall diligently cultivate until we reach the middle or late Divine Transformation realm. We can rely on Senior Fairy Feng to help us. There is also the accumulation that Lin Ming has left with us in the past. If we try harder, there will always be hope. We also have the ability to return to the Sky Spill Continent. We can enjoy a longer youth and wait for him there."

    To return to the lower realms, the amount of wealth required to do so was similar to travelling between great worlds. However, they would just about be able to do this if they reached the middle or late Divine Transformation realm. Moreover, in the Sky Spill Continent’s world, the great enchantment barrier that Empyrean Primordius had left behind didn’t hinder those who came from that world. This was what Fairy Feng had speculated. Otherwise, the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness would never have been able to return to the Sky Spill Continent to establish the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas.

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