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Chapter 1184:Who Gave You This Courage?

    Chapter 1184:Who Gave You This Courage?




    "How is it? Brother Huo, Nephew Lin’s ranking has finally moved?" A cyan robed old man with a pair of dragon horns and a long beard slowly spoke, a smile spreading on his face. He was an Elder from the Ancient Dragon Clan, and Huo Violentstone had a nickname for him:Laughing Dragon.

    When the four God Beast Clans joined up, and when fully united, they surpassed even an ordinary World King Holy Land. But between the four clans was also an extremely fierce competition, each one hoping that their own people would tower over the other three clans. However, for so many years, every time the four clans competed, the one that always held the upper hand was the Ancient Dragon Clan.

    When Huo Violentstone saw Lin Ming join the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, as well as Xiao Ping and Yan Littlemoon, old man Huo was proud and elated. He felt the time for the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s true rising moment of glory had arrived. He even begun to brag and boast in front of Laughing Dragon with great gusto.

    But the result was that there was nothing to brag about, at all.

    As Huo Violentstone burst into anger, Laughing Dragon was all smiles. He looked at Lin Ming’s score, his words clearly containing ridicule in them.

    He had also guessed Lin Ming didn’t move at the start because of some reasons. But the result was this great difference that had opened up between him and everyone else. To say it in other words, if one fell down at the start, it would be far more difficult to catch up. One would need to put in a greater amount of effort and their ranking would also be lower. It would be very difficult to compare with the Ancient Dragon Clan’s new Dragon One. As for this new Dragon One, after the old Dragon One had died, Dragon Two naturally moved into his spot.

    Now, of the four God Beast Clans, the Ancient Dragon Clan took first place with Dragon One at the top. Dragon One was ranked 72nd on the Crimson Light World and Yan Littlemoon was ranked next, at rank 97 of the Crimson Light World.

    Huo Violentstone immediately put away the divine dream jade slip. He didn’t even bother looking at Laughing Dragon as he furiously said, "Lin Ming’s results have just started, what are you speaking so soon for!?"

    "Haha, there’s no need to be in a hurry. There’s still over half a month left. Nephew Lin is truly patient; what a peaceful heart. But with Nephew Lin’s talent, no matter how far off he is, he can still easily pass the first round of eliminations. However, compared with Dragon One, he is very far off!"

    Laughing Dragon smirked as he laughed out loud. Before this, Huo Violentstone had boasted that Lin Ming would sweep away Dragon One as if he was an adult playing with little children, so Laughing Dragon certainly wanted to retaliate. He slowly took out a divine dream jade slip from his spatial ring, ignoring the gloomy and simmering stare of Huo Violentstone, and began to check up on Lin Ming’s results.


    Divine Dream World –


    A bright ray of light flashed through the jungle. Another nightmare beast had its head chopped off by Lin Ming.

    "I’ve killed dozens of these beasts, yet the merit points are so little. My ranking still hasn’t advanced into the top 1%!"

    In such a short period of time, even if Lin Ming could cut down nightmare beasts at a ridiculous pace, it was still slower than how others had accumulated for over two months.

    "There are far too few nightmare beasts in this jungle and the level is also very low. It’s not a suitable place for me. How come those merit point party sacks still haven’t arrived? I’ve been waiting for them in this low level jungle for so long." Lin Ming frowned. At this time, he cast out his divine sense again and felt the fluctuation of energy he was waiting for. His lips curved up into a smile; they had finally arrived.

    He had made so many enemies within Immemorial Imperial City; just which ones had come for him?

    "Sir Zhong, he is right over there. We shouldn’t be wrong, us brothers have been following him all this time."

    "Haha, that garbage didn’t know he was being tracked all this time!"

    Two small martial artists suddenly jumped out from the jungle brush, large cloaks wrapped around their bodies. Behind them was a grinning Zhong Wenshu as well as 7 or 8 of Zhong Wenshu’s minions.

    The two cloaked martial artists laughed as they looked at Lin Ming. "Stupid boy, you never imagined we were following you, right? Hahaha!"

    "To be fooled by us two brothers is not an injustice!"

    "Accept your fate. When us brothers are eyeing someone, they can’t escape even if they’re 10 times stronger!"

    Lin Ming looked at the two idiotic tracking clowns that jumped out from the bush. He sighed and said, "Who gave you two the courage to act so daringly?"

    The two small martial artists were shocked. How come this Lin Ming brat wasn’t surprised and scared silly? Why was he so calm?

    Lin Ming didn’t bother with them. He looked at Zhong Wenshu and said, "So it’s you. I thought I would only get some tiny minions; I didn’t expect I would be able to reel in such a big fish."

    Zhong Wenshu was a bit startled. He traced his chin and thoughtfully looked at Lin Ming, "Are you saying you’ve already discovered that you were being tracked, and deliberately waited for me here?"

    Lin Ming didn’t answer. He merely drew out the Phoenix Blood Spear; his intent was clear.

    The two tiny fellows’ faces turned red. They quickly said, "Sir Zhong, this boy clearly know he’s reached the end of the road! He’s just trying to make up some random arguments. If he already knew he was being tracked, why wouldn’t he run?"

    "Yeah! Against us brothers, only middle or late Divine Transformation powerhouses can see through our tracking; otherwise, it’s impossible to discover us!"

    Zhong Wenshu was disinclined to pay attention to these two nothings. He looked at Lin Ming with zest in his eyes. "It seems you really did discover them and decided to wait for me here. You have quite the confidence in yourself, enough that it surpasses my imagination. You aren’t thinking that I came here like a loot bag to deliver merit points to you, right?"

    Lin Ming’s lips curved up into a sly smile. He chuckled. "I thought you were stupid, but it seems you have some sense of self-awareness. Your last few words are correct. But you shouldn’t say ‘thinking that’, because the reason you are here is to give me your merit points. I wonder just how many merit points you’ll be able to give me?"

    "Humph!" Zhong Wenshu’s eyes turned icy cold.

    Zhong Wenshu’s minions were immediately angered. "You really have no idea of danger or death, you damned brat! To think you can still laugh in this sort of situation, you must have some kind of mental illness! Young Master, don’t bother with his nonsense, he is nothing but an idiot!"

    "Brothers, let’s chop off his hands and feet and see if he can still act so arrogant!"

    These minions were all Ninefall Divine Sea martial artists. If they were placed in a peak Holy Land, even though they couldn’t be a top disciple, they could still be a core disciple. Moreover, there were eight of them and they were all at the middle and late Divine Sea.

    Eight middle and late Divine Sea martial artists to deal with Lin Ming, an early Divine Sea martial artist. Even if they could see that Lin Ming’s foundation was solid and his aura was imposing, this was still a bit unreasonable.

    "Move into the formation!"

    They didn’t underestimate their opponent. They immediately set up an array on the battlefield as they were fighting against Lin Ming together!

    The eight martial artists each stood on one of the eight corners of an eight trigrams, forming a yin yang array. For a time, energy erupted forth. The power of the eight people gathered together as they ruthlessly attacked Lin Ming!

    Woosh woosh woosh!

    The lights of eight weapons gathered together, forming a torrent of energy that impacted toward Li Ming!

    "This is fine too. I’ll take your merit points first. You lot should have quite a bit!" Lin Ming temperately smiled. These people, although they were far from being able to compare with their lord, should still have the ability to pass the first round of eliminations. This meant they would have a reasonable amount of merit points on them.

    With a thought touching the Heretical God Seedling, the power of thunder and fire swelled forth. A purple and red twin-colored light began to twine over the Phoenix Blood Spear.

    Penetrating Rainbow!

    Thunder and fire origin energy roiled forth, emitting a brilliant divine light. A terrifying shockwave rumbled forth. Lin Ming had originally created this as a finishing move, but now it was nothing more than a normal attack.


    With a terrifying explosion, a purple red spear light thrust forwards into the wave of energy formed by the eight weapons. That wave of energy was instantly torn apart as the purple red spear light continued shooting into the array formation formed by Zhong Wenshu’s minions.


    The eight people all paled. They stimulated the energy in their bodies to the limit, wanting to keep off Lin Ming’s spear light. However, it was useless. The battlefield was torn apart by the spear light. As Zong Wenshu saw his eight minions about to be torn to pieces, a bright light shined in his eyes. He stepped forwards, wanting to use his sword to block the spear light to save his minions.

    At this moment, Lin Ming smiled. He growled, "Explode!"


    Thunder and fire twisted together. A violent and chaotic energy suddenly burst forth with a horrifying strength.

    The explosion area was too great. Even Zhong Wenshu was unable to instantly form a barrier that was able to block the explosive shockwaves. As he slashed out with his sword light, it only cut off less than half of the energy wave. He was able to protect his own body, but his minions were in a much more miserable state. In a situation where they had lost the protection of their array formation, waves of energy smashed into their bodies. Their protective true essence shattered and their flesh and blood blew up as howls of agony filled the skies.

    Hu:hu:hu –

    Five minions were ripped to shreds. They vanished in puffs of smokes that rapidly flew back to Immemorial Imperial City to be reformed.

    As for the other three, their bodies had blown up and they were suffocating on their own blood-filled gasps.

    Lin Ming’s strike had easily shattered the array formation that the eight martial artists had formed, killing five of them and completely ruining the other three people, causing them to lose all combat strength. Moreover, this was in a situation where Zhong Wenshu had helped to resist. Otherwise, the three alive would also have died.

    As the two trackers responsible for following Lin Ming saw all of this occur in front of them, their eyes filled with shock and panic. They recalled the words they said and the way they said it in. They subconsciously stepped backwards, their legs shaking.

    It had to be known that conflicts that occurred in this dreamland world could be resolved in the real world! In this dream world, Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to truly kill them. But in the real world, if Lin Ming revealed a strength equal to what he did just now, killing them would be as simply as waving a hand.

    On the other side, Zhong Wenshu’s complexion had become gloomier than stormy clouds!

    Just now, he had tried to save his minions but he was outmaneuvered by Lin Ming!

    Lin Ming had donated the power of thunderfire, causing a massive explosion that Zhong Wenshu wasn’t able to prevent. He could only look on helplessly as his minions were killed or ruined by Lin Ming.

    Lin Ming had not won by virtue of strength, but by the cunningness of his actions.

    Although this was the case, when others saw it they would only see successes and failures, and what just happened would make him seem inferior to Lin Ming. How could he not be flaming with rage?

    "You little bastard, I’ll destroy you!" Zhong Wenshu gnashed out from between his teeth.

    Lin Ming sneered. With a casual wave of his hand, he absorbed the five dead minion’s dreamland energy into his own soul, nourishing the two soul marks.

    Lin Ming’s guess was correct. After killing either a nightmare beast or participant, their dreamland energy could be used by him.

    He checked the merit points ranking within his spiritual sea. With a smile, he said to Zhong Wenshu, "It seems your minions weren’t too bad. They managed to give me around 20,000 merit points and now my ranking has advanced into the top 1%. However, they were only an opening appetizer:it’s about time to dig into the main course."

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