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Chapter 1288:Battle of the 12 Children

    Chapter 1288:Battle of the 12 Children




    The finals had 50 participants. In the first part, everyone would have to fight 18 matches, and the final 10 people would be chosen from this.

    The order of the matches in the first part was all dependent on the arrangement of the host, Vast Cosmos. He would try to separate the powerhouses as far away from each other as possible.

    After Lin Ming defeated his opponent in the first round of matches, he continued to earn a series of wins. The following opponents he fought were all weaker than Frost Moon.

    "I admit defeat."

    Facing Lin Ming, Blood Carnage wasn’t able to summon the least bit of courage to fight. If it was an opponent that was stronger than him, but not by too much, then Blood Carnage would still fight. Although he would be defeated, it would still be a glorious defeat that tempered himself.

    But facing this freak like Lin Ming who was included in the Divine Seal 12 Children, Blood Carnage was well aware that he would be defeated within two attacks if he fought. In front of several hundred million people, what reason was there to bring shame and trouble upon himself? If he was going to lose like that then it would be better to preserve his own strength to deal with the following matches, because no matter how bad his results were he still needed to fight the full 18 matches. No one hoped to lose all 18 matches in a miserable manner. He would at least need to win another one or two so that it didn’t look too ugly.

    Soon, Lin Ming obtained a 17 win winning streak. Only his last match remained.

    There were many people who had a 17 win winning streak. However, the first tier of people that formed after the first rounds in the finals would only consist of 10 people. Because of this, it wasn’t strange for some of these people to bump into each other, especially the Divine Seal 12 Children.

    At this time, Lin Ming’s opponent was one of the Divine Seal 12 Children:Ram Saber.

    This match would determine who would enter the final top 10.

    At the same time, Dragon Fang, Shiku, White King, and even Jun Bluemoon all met opponents who had won all 17 of their matches so far.

    The last battle would be far more intense than the previous matches.

    Lin Ming hefted the Phoenix Blood Spear and stepped onto the arena stage. His opponent was a thin young man carrying a thick saber on his back. He wasn’t tall and his skin was swarthy, serving as a direct contrast to the tremendous saber he carried that was nearly as wide as his body.

    "You are Lin Ming?"

    The thin youth coldly looked at Lin Ming, his eyes giving off an impression as if he were a wild beast staring at its prey. His gaze held no contempt nor did it carry arrogance. Rather, there was only an extremely fierce ruthlessness.

    This sort of person was absolutely strong. They had experienced countless battles and gone through numerous dangerous and risky situations. Their fighting intuition had been honed to a terrifying state and no matter the situation, they could remain completely calm and crazy at the same time.

    When someone faced this youth, it was like facing a wild desolate beast.

    Naturally, those that were included in the Divine Seal 12 Children weren’t common geniuses of their era.

    Vast Cosmos’s voice suddenly rang out.

    "Ram Saber, the descendant of Saber Sovereign. Senior Saber Sovereign is a hidden Empyrean that has long been in seclusion. He rose to fame 50 million years ago, and his skills with a saber are fantastic and unrivalled!"

    Vast Cosmos did something he rarely did and introduced Ram Saber. This was mostly because besides some peak high level figures here, no one, not even ordinary World King powerhouses, knew of the Saber Sovereign. That old man’s era had been far too long ago. In the past he had been known as the number one saber artist in the world, and in these past many years he had been living in seclusion. Nowadays there were very few people who knew of him.

    Hidden Empyreans did not create their own Heavenly Palaces and their wealth was naturally less than ordinary Empyreans’. At the same time, they wouldn’t receive too many direct disciples either. A hidden Empyrean would often receive around 20 disciples, about an average of one every few million years. These Empyreans had extremely harsh and stringent qualifications for who they accepted, so the average quality of their disciples far surpassed the Empyrean descendants of most Empyrean Heavenly Palaces!

    "To be specifically introduced by Vast Cosmos, this Saber Sovereign is no laughing matter!"

    "Ram Saber is ruthless, but Lin Ming is ruthless too! With two freaks bumping into each other, I wonder just who is fiercer." Lin Ming’s victory over Frost Moon was still fresh in everyone’s mind. No one thought that Lin Ming was weak any longer.

    "I’ve also seen their matches. From what I can tell, Ram Saber’s style is extremely vicious and cruel, whereas Lin Ming is more versatile, skilled in Laws, speed, and strength. If Lin Ming can draw Ram Saber into an extended battle then he should be able to win with a slight superiority!"

    As everyone was speaking, Ram Saber suddenly extracted the saber on his back. He slowly stroked the saber edge and said, "I have always followed my master and journeyed through the world. My master has taken 22 disciples in his life so far, but now only two remain; all of the others have died adventuring. This is my first time participating in the First Martial Meeting to gain experience, and you are an extremely wonderful saber whetting stone for me."

    Ram Saber’s words shocked the entire audience. 22 disciples and yet 19 had died? Wasn’t that just being cruel to one’s own disciples? Those disciples that Saber Sovereign chose must have been outstanding talents of their era, and yet over 90% of them had died in their adventures! This Saber Sovereign was truly heartless.

    "That is simply Saber Sovereign’s character. It was rumored that when he was young, he was captured by an assassin organization and trained as the ultimate killer. He was in a troop of 10,000 assassins, and they were slowly whittled down using the most brutal methods until only he was left remaining. Without being tempered through blood and pain it is impossible to train a master. When Saber Sovereign receives a disciple, he will always give them a choice and explain to them clearly what lays in their future if they choose to follow. If they fear death they can refuse him." In the honored guest area, an old man with some knowledge of the Saber Sovereign explained.

    The audience was left dumbfounded. In all the various great influences, just who didn’t regard their top disciples as treasures that needed to be protected? When they went out on adventures, these top disciples were usually left with all sorts of contingency treasures to protect them from true death.

    But Saber Sovereign let them die as they did.

    And for Ram Saber to live through the deaths of nearly all his fellow apprentices, his strength could be imagined!

    "You think I’m a saber whetting stone? I’m only afraid that your saber will wear itself down and break…" Lin Ming said. He pointed the Phoenix Blood Spear to the ground and drew a full arc.


    On the arena stage, Ram Saber suddenly turned into a burst of wind as he rushed towards Lin Ming. The saber in his hands came slashing down. All around his body, saber energies gathered, spinning like a tornado. These saber energies fused with each other, rapidly flowing. Upon looking closer, one could see that these saber lights connected from head to toe, overlapping continuously. This was not only a sharp offensive move but it also had strong defensive characteristics.

    "That is Saber King Domain, one of Senior Saber Sovereign’s unique techniques!"

    For a peak genius like Ram Saber, having a domain skill was nothing strange at all. Once the Saber King Domain was revealed, the complete defensive and offensive system was difficult to deal with. Even if 10,000 martial artists attacked him, all of them launching a barrage of supernatural abilities, they would still find it hard to pierce through that saber light. If an enemy were to enter that domain they would instantly be torn apart by the wild saber light within.

    Ram Saber roared out loud and explosive popping noises came from his body. The muscles on his thin body suddenly bulged out as he soared up in height and size.

    "Blood Pond Hell!"

    Ram Saber suddenly slashed down with his saber. A saber light tore out like an electric python, bringing with it waves of killing intent that were beyond horrifying. This sort of killing intent was gathered by Ram Saber through countless life or death slaughters, finally substantializing into true ghostly demons.

    In that moment, behind Ram Saber, the phantom of a blood red demon king appeared. Facing this saber, many people felt as if they had fallen into an Asura hell and were sucked deep down into an infinite blood pond, living on the border of life and death as they suffered for all of eternity!

    "This saber attack!" Lin Ming’s pupil’s shrank. Ram Saber’s attack was not flashy or gorgeous like the techniques of other geniuses, rather, it was the meaning of absolute death and wild destruction. It was like facing an ancient desolate vicious beast; if words were to describe it then it would be called fierce to the extreme.

    Ram Saber’s saber potential was indomitable. During the last 17 matches, none of his opponents were able to defend against it head-on. The audience stared at Lin Ming with wide eyes, waiting to see how he dealt with this!

    Lin Ming took a step backwards, his knees sinking down and his spear coming down across his body. He opened all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and released the Heretical God Force.

    The Phoenix Blood Spear smashed outwards, so fast that it curved like a crescent moon to greet Ram Saber’s strike!


    Saber and spear collided and a terrifying energy recklessly erupted. The powerful impact forced the ground underneath Lin Ming to blow up, revealing the thundercrush steel and timeless god stone below. Only that sort of foundation was solid enough that it could withstand the tremendous force that tore through Lin Ming.

    Like this, Lin Ming’s arms were steady above his head as he forcefully blocked Ram Saber’s strike with the Phoenix Blood Spear.

    Ram Saber’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. "You can actually block my saber in a frontal strike? Out of all my peers I have fought, you are the first!"

    Ram Saber was not exaggerating. His saber strike was indeed fierce. The entire audience also knew this to be true. Even though they were separated by a great distance, they could still feel that saber light crawl up their back, making them shiver.

    "The first?" Lin Ming chuckled, "I think you will soon discover that there will be a second and a third, moreover… I’m not just blocking your saber."

    Lin Ming summoned his strength, rising up with power flowing through his waist. He swept out his spear, shaking Ram Saber away.

    He took a sudden step forwards and shot towards Ram Saber, "Blue Lotus Flame Dance!"

    His body exploded with tens of millions of jins of strength. The strength of his mortal body and the power of the Fire Laws combined together as Lin Ming heavily struck out at Ram Saber!

    Ka ka ka!

    The Saber King Domain’s saber energies were directly ripped open by brute force. Countless saber energies collapsed as if they were nothing more than threads of silk!

    Lin Ming’s spear came crashing down; flames howled!

    In a similar frontal attack, Lin Ming had just blocked Ram Saber. Now, it was Ram Saber’s turn to block Lin Ming!


    With a terrifying explosion, Ram Saber was forced backwards and then sent flying away!

    The audience didn’t even have time to shout out. At this time, Lin Ming took another step forwards as the Phoenix Blood Spear came pounding down once more!

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Spear after spear, each spear stronger than the last. The spear lights were like surging waves, howling in the air. Ram Saber was sent staggering back time and time again, his arms slowly going numb, even as Lin Ming grew increasingly strong and his strikes became increasingly brutal!

    This was full frontal suppression!

    Before this, many people weren’t sure who was stronger between Lin Ming and Ram Saber. In their opinion, it didn’t matter who won and who lost. But, they never imagined that Lin Ming would be pressing down Ram Saber in the frontal combat that he excelled in the most.

    Every strike he made came with overwhelming momentum, not allowing his opponent a single chance to turn the tables!

    What sort of strength was this?


    Soon, Lin Ming and Ram Saber had exchanged 100 moves! In this moment, Lin Ming shouted out loud and those 100 spear strikes from before gathered together, erupting with an incomparably terrifying might like a wild dragon soaring down a mountain, unparalleled!

    "Celestial Tyrant Manual:Hundred Layered Waves!"

    This spear heavily crashed onto Ram Saber’s saber point.


    Ram Saber only felt his palm shake and his entire arm go numb. The saber point was pushed to his own chest and his entire body flew a thousand feet. The tiles underneath him ruptured as his clothes tore apart and all the blood vitality within his body tumbled up and down.

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