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Chapter 11:Green Headed Tiger King

    Chapter 11:Green Headed Tiger King


    An afterimage was left behind as the arrow pierced through the air, heading towards the “Metal Pecker Eagle” that was in midair. This arrow contained the Continuous Meteorite Arrows skill and followed the route set by his left eye.


    An angry screech was heard coming from the eagle. Zhao Feng then saw the eagle charge towards him, with the arrow still lodged in its stomach.

    “Not good!”

    Seeing this, Zhao Feng’s expression changed and he quickly used Lightly Floating Ferry to escape towards the hedges.

    Although Zhao Feng’s arrow had hit the target, it did not hit any vital parts.

    The Metal Pecker Eagle’s reaction, flying speed and defense all far surpassed that of normal beasts. It was on par with deadly beasts. So this arrow did not cause any life threatening damage.


    Zhao Feng was like an agile bird as he flew through the forest.

    Nevertheless, his left eye did not forget to lock onto the the eagle.


    Soon, another arrow was shot out. However, although this arrow hit the eagle in the throat, it did not manage to pierce through its feathers.

    “The throat is usually the weakness of normal beasts. From the fact that it did not pierce through, it can be seen that the defense of this eagle is insane.”

    Zhao Feng stalled for a little while and then saw the Metal Pecker Eagle fall towards the ground. This was because the arrows that Zhao Feng had shot contained poison, and now the poison had spread, killing the eagle.

    Zhao Feng let out a deep breath and revealed happiness on his face. This Metal Pecker Eagle was worth seven to eight hundred silver.

    Adding in the Golden Striped Snake, Zhao Feng’s wealth now exceeded over a thousand pieces of silver.

    He had never come across such wealth in his entire life.

    “However, the silver I have is still not enough for me to buy precious resources.”

    Although Zhao Feng was excited, he quickly calmed down.

    For the next three days, Zhao Feng’s body could be seen travelling around inside the Sky Cloud Forest.

    Every time Zhao Feng pulled his bow, a scream of pain would soon follow.

    “Five Poison Centipede, extremely poisonous. Can be used to make wine and strengthen one’s body. Worth two-hundred silver……..”

    “Green Wind Bird, strength is around the peak of the third rank. Worth nine-hundred silver…..”

    “Black-spotted Wild Pig, strength approaching the third rank. Worth four-hundred silver……”

    To kill as many beasts as possible, Zhao Feng used Lightly Floating Ferry and Continuous Meteorite Arrows to the highest degree possible.

    Through these efforts, Lightly Floating Ferry had been trained to the low level.

    His speed probably exceeded all the sects third rankers and was now close to the fourth rankers.

    Continuous Meteorite Arrows had easily been trained to the peak of the high level.

    Zhao Feng could not help but think that he was a born archer.

    If he were to face the Metal Pecker Eagle again, he would only needed one hit to kill it.

    For the last three days, he had gained a lot. He had killed another two Metal Pecker Eagles, as well as seven to eight other different beasts.

    “The beasts I now have are, in total, worth around three to four thousand silver.”

    Zhao Feng had a satisfied expression on his face as he organised his two big bags.

    On the way back he still used his left eye to hunt prey.

    This was because his vision was blocked by trees so he could not guarantee that there weren’t any targets that he would miss.


    At this moment, a powerful roar came from the north side of Sky Cloud Forest. This roar made Zhao Feng ear’s burst with pain.

    “What kind of beast is this? It’s so powerful.”

    Zhao Feng quickly used his left eye and saw that, four or five miles away, there was a five metre long Green Headed Tiger.

    The Green Headed Tiger was bigger than normal tigers by half its size and gave off a devastating aura. Its roar caused all the animals within a ten kilometre radius to tremble with fear.

    Five or six youths, who had cultivations between the second and third rank of the Martial Path, were running away in fear.

    “Everyone run in different directions!”

    The leader of the group was a youth who had a scarred face. He seemed to be fifteen or sixteen years of age and had reached the peak of the third rank. He held a long sword that could easily cut a tree in half in order to stall the tiger.


    The tiger waved his paws and the tree shattered.

    “The strength of deadly beasts is so dangerous.”

    Zhao Feng thought.

    Once a wild beast entered the ranks of a deadly beast, only martial artists of the fourth rank or higher could fight them.

    The strength of the tiger king could flatten two or three Zhao Feng’s in one paw.

    “Xin Fei! Watch out!” Some of the youths yelled.

    The Green Headed Tiger King was heading straight towards the scarred face youth, who had the strongest strength.

    “They’re surnamed Xin? Are they disciples of the Xin family, which is also one of the top three families of Sun Feather City?”

    Zhao Feng then saw the symbols on their clothes which confirmed his guess.


    Everywhere the Green Headed Tiger King passed, destruction soon followed, as if nothing could withstand its might.

    Normal martial learners would probably have died due to fear. Zhao Feng however realised that this “Xin Fei” was extremely strong. He had learned a knife throwing skill as well as a footwork skill and they were both high rank martial arts.

    “This Xin Fei’s knife can easily slice through trees. His strength is probably double that of normal third rank cultivators. He is probably even stronger than Zhao Yijian.”

    “Quickly! Save Xin Fei!”

    Two other disciples of the Xin family took out their bows and attacked the Green Headed Tiger.

    However, all their attacks did was stall and disperse the tiger’s concentration.

    The tiger’s defense was stronger than the Metal Pecker Eagle’s by two or three time, so all the attacks that came from cultivators beneath the fourth rank only felt like a tickle.

    “If I can kill this Green Headed Tiger King, it will probably be worth around twenty to thirty thousand silver, which is the worth of around forty beasts.”

    Zhao Feng thought out a dangerous plan.

    Teng! Teng! …..

    He immediately used Lightly Floating Ferry and closed in towards the place of the incident. As Zhao Feng arrived, the six disciples of the Xin family were under great pressure.

    “Cracking Wind Sword!”

    Xin Fei eye’s flashed as he used his long sword to stab towards the forehead of the tiger.

    What a dangerous sword!

    Zhao Feng saw the entire process of the sword, it power could instantly kill two normal cultivators of the third rank. Not even he would be able to block it.

    He also felt the faint green aura inside of Xin Fei’s body. This was the sign that Inner Strength would soon be formed.


    The sword was able to cut half an inch into the Green Headed Tiger’s head, but the forced of it made Xin Fei vomit blood.

    That sword’s strength came close to the damage dealt by a fourth ranker. It was even able to hurt a deadly beast!


    The Green Headed Tiger howled and then moved towards Xin Fei at an even greater speed.

    Xin Fei had reached the peak of the third rank and, by using his high rank martial art skill, he dodged the attack.

    However, his sword attack also used up a lot of energy, almost falling victim to the tiger’s counterattack.

    “Cracking Wind Sword!”

    Covered with blood, Xin Fei once again used the same move and left another bloody mark on the tiger’s forehead.

    His body was once again sent flying.


    The green headed tiger king opened its jaws and leapt towards Xin Fei. The latter was exhausted and could not dodge.

    “Xin Fei!”

    The other disciples screamed, but just at this moment.


    Suddenly, an arrows whipped through the air, straight through the branches and leaves, hitting the tiger.


    The tiger mournfully howled. At that moment, every living thing trembled.

    The Xin disciples looked on in a daze as one of its eyes had been shot by an arrow…..

    Although the defense of the tiger was strong, its eyes were its weakest part.

    Because the tiger turned around to find the “culprit” Xin Fei was able to escape.

    However, as it surveyed its surrounding, where was the sign of the culprit?

    “So close!”

    Zhao Feng hid behind a towering, ancient tree, which was only one hundred metres away from the tiger.

    As the tiger was trying to find the culprit, the Xin family disciples started to run.

    However, since the tiger could not find its target, it started to attack in a more frenzied manner.


    There was a scream as one of the youths of the second rank was ripped into shreds. This view made Zhao Feng, who wasn’t far away, feel cold.

    Just as another of the Xin family disciples were in danger


    Another arrow came flying through the air, piercing towards the tiger’s other eye.


    The tiger roared and then closed its eyes, the arrow was barely able to scratch its eyelids.


    Zhao Feng sighed as he shook his head.

    It wasn’t that his archery skills weren’t high enough, it was because the tiger was on guard, making it hard for the same trick to succeed again.

    “Cracking Wind Sword!”

    Using the short time gap, Xin Fei quickly powered another sword attack and hit the same spot as before.

    “Good chance.”

    Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed as he drew more arrows and fired them. Every time he shot an arrow, it would hit the injury on the tiger’s forehead.

    Eventually, the tiger’s attack rate slowed down. Firstly, it was because it was severely injured. Secondly, there was poison in the arrows.

    At this point, the tiger turned and ran towards the deep sections of Sky Cloud Forest.


    The Xin disciples bit their teeth and vowed to kill the tiger in order to avenge their peers.

    Although the tiger was severely injured, its speed was not something that cultivators of the second and third rank could catch up to.

    Only Xin Fei was barely able to catch up, but as he was exhausted he did not have much spare energy.

    “Hahaha! What a good chance……. Where are you going to run?”

    Zhao Feng laughed as he used Lightly Floating Ferry to easily catch up to the tiger.

    In his eyes, the tiger represented an enormous wealth of twenty to thirty thousand silver……

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