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Chapter 377-Fall of an Overwhelming Prodigy

    Chapter 377-Fall of an Overwhelming Prodigy

    "My target isn’t the stone man, but trash like you… one move is enough to finish you two off."

    The blue haired youth'seyes were cold and didn’t seem to care about them at all.

    This sentence was so savage that even Taiyun Shuangzi who was known for his cruelty was stunned.

    "One move is enough? Where does Zhao Feng’s confidence come from?"

    Tantai Lanyue who followed behind was surprised by this scene.

    Of the original five overwhelming prodigies Taiyun Shuangzi was a twin bodied person who’s battle power was terrifying when they worked together. They were gruesome and had the signs of the second strongest.

    Taiyun Shuangzi was even a strong contestant for first place this Sacred True Dragon Gathering and had a large chance of challenging Yu Tianhao.

    Shi Chengtian who had buried himself in the ground thought:"This Zhao Feng’s bullshitting way too much."

    However, being someone who had fought Zhao Feng before, he knew the latter’s power and so was half in doubt and half in belief.

    He didn’t run far and quickly used the time to recover while paying attention to the battlefield.

    "One move to beat us? Arrogant!"

    "Yayayaya…. He’s not putting us brothers in his eyes at all!"

    Taiyun Shuangzi roared and his True Spirit realm was unleashed and seemed to contain a cruelty to it.

    Thinking how they had swept across the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and even normal overwhelming prodigies would avoid them, they were now humiliated here??

    When had they been this much underestimated?

    One move was enough.

    This was total disrespect.

    "Cruel, easy to anger, selfish…"

    Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back as his watched Taiyun Shuangzi charge over.


    A nearby mountaintop was sliced off and the small mountain exploded.

    Flaming nine sky blades!

    Earth Ice Sword soul!

    The sword and blade interacted with ice and fire, turning everything within a mile radius into a dead zone. The terrifying power was enough to instantly kill normal True Mystic Ranks.

    These two peak skills were of directly opposite elements and his battle power was top tier.

    "His attack can be considered perfect with the merging of ice and fire, blade and sword."

    Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

    Under this situation he wouldn’t have an advantage against Taiyun Shuangzi.


    A blur was left behind, and the sky was filled with after images.


    Taiyun Shuangzi’s first round of attacks missed and he soon locked onto a lone hill where a person stood.

    "Ugly monster, you two were born together and have no freedom or privacy. Even your life is linked together. How pitiful is it for you two to live in this world? Maybe this is why you two are so bloodthirsty."

    Zhao Feng stood on the hill, his face full of pity and mockery.

    Hearing this Taiyun Shuangzi roared and his anger reached a boiling point.

    "Graaaaa… kid, you’re dead!"

    "Yayaya…. Blue haired brat, how dare you look down on us!? Everyone that did this before were chopped into ten thousand pieces by us and eaten."

    Killing intent flashed in Taiyun Shuangzi’s eyes.

    Zhao Feng had touched Taiyun Shuangzi’s sore point. Although they were two people, the two lived in the same problem and had no freedom nor privacy. Even when they used woman they used the same body.

    "Hehe, it’s actually very simple. As long as one of you kills the other, the one surviving will receive freedom and have a new life."

    A smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s lips.

    Kill the other.

    Taiyun Shuangzi had obviously thought of this before. They were all tired of this body and each other. However, they were brothers and were guarded by their faction.

    Eye of the Heart!

    Zhao Feng’s left eye seemed to create Heaven.

    The enraged Taiyun Shuangzi had almost lost his mind and when he saw Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye, he became dazed and stood still.

    Immediately following that.

    The two faces on Taiyun Shuangzi’s faces started to struggle and then smiled retardedly as well as become possessed by cunningness.

    Their gazes then ignored Zhao Feng and looked at each other.

    "Big bro, I’ve been tired of you for a long time now. Why now let me live? I want to live a free and casual life. I don’t like to share my women…."

    The younger brother of the Taiyun Shuangzi said in a deadly tone as a sword flash struck towards the big bro.

    "Hehe, I knew this day would come."

    The elder Taiyun Shuangzi laughed and his blade flashed with a brilliant light as he slashed towards his younger brother.

    Ding Ding Dang Dang

    The two fought without hiding back and on the same body, the blade clashed with the sword and sparks flew everywhere.

    The two shared a body and their Qi of True Spirit intertwined.

    In just a short while the two had caused fires to burn and ice storms to howl.

    Zhao Feng’s figure started to fade, and his left eye became full of the future that could be achieved.

    "The Eye of Heart is very effective towards those that have weak mental energy will."

    Zhao Feng watched Taiyun Shuangzi attack himself.

    In terms of battle power Zhao Feng was wary of Taiyun Shuangzi. Even Goddess Bing Wei, Tantai Lanyue and the other overwhelming prodigies were as well.

    Taiyun Shuangzi’s combination of sword and blade was considered perfect and Zhao Feng had to admit that he didn’t have much confidence against him in a head on battle.

    However, sometimes winning didn’t need strength. It could be achieved through a more elegant manner.

    Taiyun Shuangzi was affected by his surroundings and had a major flaw in his heart which was exposed by Zhao Feng.

    Winning in one move wasn’t a lie.

    Zhao Feng didn’t even need to use his hands and could make Taiyun Shuangzi attack each other which would most likely end in them both dying.

    "My God? What happened to Taiyun Shuangzi? Was he really defeated by Zhao Feng in one move?"

    Tantai Lanyue from behind had surprise all written over her face.

    "One move is enough. Looks like Zhao Feng indeed didn’t lie."

    Ding Dang! Ding Dang!

    The two brothers of Taiyun Shuangzi fought more and more fiercely and soon the two were injured.

    Because they shared the same body they tried their best to attack the opponents head and limbs.

    The elder brother of Taiyun Shuangzi had his right arm injured and several marks on his face.

    The younger brother of Taiyun Shuangzi had one ear cut off.

    At this point in time the two had gruesome expressions.

    An hour later.

    Taiyun Shuangzi’s body staggered as the two looked at one another.


    A sudden flash of lightning passed through their back.

    "Not good!"

    The two brothers felt a coldness from behind them, but it was too late.


    A leg was cut off and blood squirted everywhere.


    After losing his balance, Taiyun Shuangzi instantly fell onto the ground and the injuries on them was left from their battle.

    Zhao Feng’s attack had also aimed towards Taiyun Shuangzi’s weakness as Taiyun Shuangzi shared a body but only had two legs. After losing one leg his movement decreased significantly.

    "Damn it, we were tricked by this brat…."

    The elder Taiyun Shuangzi said regretfully.

    At this moment.

    Taiyun Shuangzi was severely injured and had lost a leg. His overall strength had dropped by over half.

    Zhao Feng stood on the hill with a playful smile on his face. He looked like a Lord of the Wicked path who had forced the opponent into a desperate situation.


    Taiyun Shuangzi wasn’t dumb and forced down the pain as he circulated his Qi of True Spirit to fly into the air.

    Their current state was horrible. Putting aside the overwhelming prodigies, even those at the first tier might win against them.

    Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s methods were weird and tricky. Thinking about what just happened made them cold.

    "Taiyun Shuangzi, die!"

    A bright voice sounded from the mountain and a large powerful gravity landed on Taiyun Shuangzi.

    "Shi Chengtian!"

    Taiyun Shuangzi found that he was falling down and screamed in fear.


    Shi Chengtian came out from the mountain and his large body stepped heavily on Taiyun Shuangzi’s body.


    Taiyun Shuangzi instantly spat out a mouthful of blood as his bones broke and organs started to bleed.

    Shi Chengtian had the most powerful body in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and with all his force condensed, that power was terrifying.

    Furthermore, Shi Chengtian didn’t have any signs of stopping as he continuously stomped on Taiyun Shuangzi’s body while he took the True Dragon Token.


    Two shining gold dragons intertwined but because the amount of dragon blessing within a True Dragon Token was so large, it couldn’t be fully absorbed within a short amount of time.

    When the True Dragon Token’s colour almost faded by half, Shi Chengtian threw it over to Zhao Feng.

    Zhao Feng didn’t reject this and took over the True Dragon Token. There was still 60% in it.

    "You did more work in killing Taiyun Shuangzi. This one owes you a favour."

    Shi Chengtian promised to Zhao Feng as he stepped on Taiyun Shuangzi’s body.

    Coming over to cause trouble to Taiyun Shuangzi had also saved Shi Chengtian’s life.

    Shi Chengtian was one of the most honest ones in the five overwhelming prodigies and promised to owe Zhao Feng a favour.


    The golden dragon behind Zhao Feng’s back started to expand.

    Taiyun Shuangzi’s dragon blessing was enormous and sixty percent of it allowed Zhao Feng’s dragon to surpass Goddess Bing Wei’s and Tantai Lanyue’s.


    Shi Chengtian shattered Taiyun Shuangzi’s body into pieces and Taiyun Shuangzi unleashed a howl before dying.

    An overwhelming prodigy had fallen now.

    Tantai Lanyue who was spectating nearby couldn’t help but take a cold breath as her face went pale.

    She inspected the blue haired youth on the hill once again now with wary and solemnness.

    Taiyun Shuangzi’s death didn’t move Zhao Feng and instead he murmured to himself:"It’s better that he died to Shi Chengtian."

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