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Chapter 0418-Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi

    Chapter 418:Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi

    After Chen Xiang came here, he discovered that other than the frigid evil aura, there was also quite a lot of pure Spirit Qi, these Spirit Qi filled up the sky, but once it sinks down, it will be corroded by the evil aura.

    "Worthy of being a mysterious realm, even after detaining so many beasts, it is still able to produce this much pure Spirit Qi." Chen Xiang looked at the tress and said, these trees were able to grow very well because of the Spirit Qi here.

    The creation of mysterious realm was very complicated, the conditions were very high, if it is a mysterious realm, the Spirit Qi is usually more thick, and this particular realm was used to detain beasts tens of thousands of years ago.

    Chen Xiang had to admire the lifeforms i this demon world, unexpectedly it is able to survive this long, although the strength did not increase, the lifespan had far overtook humans, this is not what humans can achieve.

    "There’s something coming!" Long Xueyi quickly shouted, Chen Xiang also heard some noise, like a huge group coming in all directions.

    Su Meiyao urged:"Don’t treat it lightly, these beasts were from tens of thousands of years ago, even if their strength did not increase, their intelligence will definitely not be bad, otherwise they wouldn’t have survived this long."

    Living here in this place for ten thousand years, those able to live till now were definitely strong, but now there is a group surrounding Chen Xiang.

    "Why did the King’s Continent back then detain so many things here? How did they do it?" Chen Xiang could tell from the movements that there is a lot beasts coming towards him, these beasts all have demon and beast characteristics, their sense of smell and other senses are much stronger than humans, thus they were able to detect that there is human at this direction.

    "Maybe Space formations were used to transport this bunch of beasts here, and this mysterious realm was definitely emptied by King’s Continent, this way, they could slowly kill those beasts without moving." Su Meiyao said.

    At this point, those beasts were like a thousand frantic horses running wildly, but Chen Xiang wasn’t afraid, he have already took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Blade, this blade was very effective against Demons and Beasts, and this time he also wanted to test out the prowess of Suppressing Devil divine art.

    Sensing that there is a large number of beasts nearby, Chen Xiang felt the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Blade tremble, seeming very excited, and Chen Xiang also felt the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi fluctuate, making Chen Xiang’s blood boil, infecting Chen Xiang, making him want to immediately start slaughtering.

    "Its coming!" Chen Xiang only saw a group of beast with human body or human with beast body rushing out from the forest, knocking down many trees, each showing their sharp claws, emitting different howls, making the scene very scary.

    Even if it was Chen Xiang, he still felt numb about it, in this dim environment, suddenly appeared a group of horrifying creatures, everyone would not feel good, luckily Chen Xiang had already met those beasts before, so at this moment he was pretty calm.

    "Haha… its human, everyone, release your poison, and poison this weak human to death, we can then slowly enjoy human meat." a sharp voice sounded Chen Xiang felt his hair standing when he heard the voice.

    Following the voice, Chen Xiang saw many beast emitting colourful gases from their mouth, these things were all poisonous, and when it touched a tree, the tree would instantly melt, showing that the toxicity was very strong.

    After cultivating Suppressing Devil divine arts, Chen Xiang was immune to all poisons, even Bai Youyou’s sister, Bai Ziqian was not able to poison him, let alone these small troops in the beast world.

    Chen Xiang moved his palm, and operated Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, a very strong suction forced was produced in his palm, sucking all the poisonous gas towards his palm, and then he concentrated the different poisonous gases together, along with the strong suctions force, the poison formed a vortex, pressed together, and finally formed into a small Qi ball.

    Those beasts blanked, they have lived for tens of thousands of years so they have high intelligence, they of course now what was happening in front of their own eyes, they also know very clearly that what the highly condensed Qi ball in Chen Xiang’s hands meant.

    "Ill return this to you!" Chen Xiang laughed coldly, only to see the "poison ball" in Chen Xiang’s palm fly out, it shot into the group of beast and explodes, exploding out a lot of dark mist, following it is a lot of miserable howling, those originally clumped up beasts separated, they all know that the poisonous gas was very scary.

    Those poisonous gas were made by Chen Xiang by merging and condensing to form a very strong poisonous gas, even these beasts could not easily touch it without any protection.

    These group of beasts were furiously scolding Chen Xiang this anomaly, who is unexpectedly not afraid of poison, and was even able to easily mix different poisonous gas together like a game.

    Chen Xiang smiled slightly, his body erupted a pure and holy light, the Qi scatters from his body and turns golden ,this was Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, Chen Xiang seldom used this.

    Feeling this type of aura, those beast suddenly felt scared, they felt that in front of this strength, they were like ants facing against the mighty gods.

    The Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi disappeared, Chen Xiang released the aura to test if the beasts were really afraid of it, from the way the beasts were shouting and wailing frantically, he knew that the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi was very strong.

    Chen Xiang rushed into the group of beasts, waved the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Blade ins his arms, when filling it with True Qi, he also added Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi.

    With a wave, Chen Xiang hacked a lion-headed man from the waist, this lion-headed man let out a ghastly wail and died, and there was smoke coming out from the part where he was cut, the beast’s body was very corroded by the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi.

    Chen Xiang slashed his blade, exploding out Qi waves into the surrounding and hits the body of the beast, he saw the beasts looked like it got hit by a scalding hot molten iron, they were producing smoke and melting.

    This point, Chen Xiang couldn’t help but admire the creator of this Suppressing Devil divine art, he was unexpectedly able to to make the Suppressing Yuan Qi so effective against beasts.

    Chen Xiang shua shua shua shua, waved his blade, his body filled with True Qi, following the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi exploding out, making those beasts near him run in all directions, originally, they thought that Chen Xiang was a weak human, but they had never thought that he was like a Devil God, madly slaughtering them, furthermore he can even use a type of energy that made them felt scared.

    [TL Note:shua shua shua shua is the sound of blade cutting through air.]

    "Want to flee? Impossible!" Chen Xiang jumped into the sky, quickly turning True Qi into Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, facing the ground with a palm, only to see a huge white palm made from Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi congeal, and ferociously pressed down, covering the group of beasts.

    The ground shook, that palm made from Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi exploded, Qi wave rushed everywhere, similar to a tide sweeping across the surrounding, instantly, the surrounding escaping beasts were submerged.

    Along with cries of agony, a very smelly odor arises, those beasts were corroded by the Suppressing Devil Yuan Qi, all of them were corroded beyond recognition.

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