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Chapter 1981:Well Deserved Death

    Chapter 1981:Well Deserved Death

    "Everyone, we’re safe now," Chu Feng said after sensing that the crowd was in disbelief over what had happened.

    As Chu Feng said those words, he removed the defensive formation he had set up. Then, he walked over to the seventh path’s gate and opened it once more.


    Seeing that the seventh path’s gate was successfully opened, Chu Feng had come out uninjured and they were no longer able to sense that killing formation’s frightening aura, the crowd was overjoyed after a brief moment of silence passed.

    They knew that the killing formation really had been destroyed. Even though they found it to be extremely unbelievable, they knew that Chu Feng had succeeded.

    After a series of loud cheers, the crowd began to frantically rush toward the seventh path’s gate. Even though there were a lot of them, their speed was extremely fast. In merely a blink of an eye, all twelve million people entered the seventh path.

    "Long live Chu Feng, long live Chu Feng!!!"

    In excitement, some people began to shout Chu Feng’s name. Following that, more and more people began to shout Chu Feng’s name. Originally, they were members of the younger generation, but later on, even those from the older generation began to loudly shout Chu Feng’s name.

    At that moment, Chu Feng’s name resonated throughout the seventh path like thunder.

    Suddenly, Snow Blade Mad Demon pointed at a person and shouted, "Hey, Yue Ling, you actually still have the shame to enter the seventh path? Have you forgotten what you said earlier?" His voice was so loud and clear that it overshadowed everyone’s cheering.

    At that moment, the crowd all noticed that the Heavenly Law Palace’s crowd had actually also entered the seventh path. As for the person leading them, it was precisely that Elder Yue Ling who had wrongly accused Chu Feng earlier.

    At that moment, the crowd were not only looking at Elder Yue Ling with cold gazes, their gazes were also murderous.

    It was precisely because this old man had sowed dissension that they were nearly killed. If it wasn’t for Chu Feng, they would all be mutilated corpses now.

    Thus, at that moment, the crowd all felt enormous hatred for Elder Yue Ling.

    "Little friend Chu Feng, it was this old man who was in the wrong earlier. Please, I hope that you will have the magnanimity of a great man and forgive me this one time," Elder Yue Ling said to Chu Feng in a very embarrassed manner.

    Even though he knew that his actions were very unbefitting of his status, he really didn’t wish to die. As such, he could only throw away his aged face and act shamelessly.

    "Haha…" However, Chu Feng merely lightly smiled at Elder Yue Ling’s apology, and simply did not even bother to respond to him. At that moment, Chu Feng did not even bother to speak with Elder Yue Ling.

    The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew that, even without him doing anything, Elder Yue Ling would undoubtedly die today, for he had enraged everyone here.

    As for Chu Feng, he only wished to be an observer right now. He wanted to see how Yue Ling would be hounded to death by the crowd.

    "Yue Ling, have you forgotten what you said earlier? You said that if it were proven that you had wrongly accused little friend Chu Feng, you would apologize with your life," Snow Blade Mad Demon said.

    "That’s right. No matter what, you are a management elder of the Heavenly Law Palace. You couldn’t possibly be someone who would go back on his word, right?" Elder Huang Guan added.

    After that, more and more people began to criticize Elder Yue Ling. In the end, even many of the people from the younger generation began to criticize Elder Yue Ling. As Chu Feng had expected, the crowd began to hound Yue Ling to death.

    "Insolent disciples! Who did you think you are to dare criticize our Lord Elder?!" When the younger generation began to criticize Elder Yue Ling, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were finally unable to bear it any further.

    It was one thing for those grand characters to criticize Elder Yue Ling. However, as they were one of the strongest human powers, the Heavenly Law Palace, they would absolutely not allow those of the younger generation to behave atrociously toward them.


    Right after that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder reprimanded the younger generation, a cold light suddenly shone. As blood swirled in the air, that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder was chopped in two.

    It was the Snow Blade Mad Demon. He had unsheathed his cloth-covered Snow Blade. Not only that, he had killed that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder who had reprimanded the younger generation with a single slash.

    "Snow Blade Mad Demon, you, you, you…" Another Heavenly Law Palace’s elder pointed at the Snow Blade Mad Demon with glaring eyes.

    Originally, he had wanted to reprimand the Snow Blade Mad Demon. However, he suddenly did not dare to say anything. The reason for that was because the Snow Blade Mad Demon was emitting an enormous killing intent right now. He was extremely frightening. That Heavenly Law Palace’s elder feared that he would also be killed should he reprimand the Snow Blade Mad Demon.

    "Heavenly Law Palace, do not bother to threaten me. If I, Snow Blade Mad Demon, feared death, I would not have killed your Heavenly Law Palace’s elder."

    "As little friend Chu Feng has saved me, he is my benefactor. Earlier, Yue Ling wrongly accused little friend Chu Feng. This is a matter that I will absolutely not leave as-is. Today… if Yue Ling is to commit suicide, everything will be settled. However, if he doesn’t kill himself, I will personally end him. Not only that, I will also make all of the people from the Heavenly Law Palace here accompany him in death," The Snow Blade Mad Demon said fiercely.

    Hearing those words, the crowd from the Heavenly Law Palace grew extremely nervous. Many among them turned pale and shivered from fear.

    The Snow Blade Mad Demon had always been someone who would do whatever he said. Since he said those words, it was clear that he was prepared to carry them out.

    At that moment, no one bothered to speak for Elder Yue Ling anymore. In fact, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace also began to urge their Elder Yue Ling, "Lord Elder, even though we should not say these sorts of words as we are your subordinates, it remains that you are a management elder. As such, you should do what you declared you’d do. Else, you’ll only bring shame upon the reputation of our Heavenly Law Palace."

    "Insolent bastard!!!" Hearing those words, Elder Yue Ling nearly vomited blood from anger. Bring shame upon the reputation of the Heavenly Law Palace? It was clear that they feared being implicated by him, and wished for him to kill himself because of that.

    "Good, good, good, you all, great," Elder Yue Ling pointed to the people from the Heavenly Law Palace with a shaking arm. He truly did not expect that, during the life and death crisis of his life, these people who followed him would actually want him to die.

    However, in the end, he did not do anything to his subordinates. After all, it was him who had said that he would kill himself. Furthermore, he knew that he would likely not be able to get out of the Moonlight Maze alive.

    However, even so, he was still feeling very unwilling to die. He was unreconciled that he, a management elder of the Heavenly Law Palace, would be hounded to death by Chu Feng, a person from the younger generation.

    Thus, he turned his ferocious gaze toward Chu Feng. He pointed at Chu Feng and said, "Chu Feng… remember this, I, Yue Ling, was hounded to death by you today. Even if I am to become a ghost, I will not let you get away with it."

    "Sure, I’ll wait for you to come get me," Chu Feng smiled disdainfully at Yue Ling’s threat.

    Hearing what Chu Feng said and seeing his disdainful smile, Yue Ling’s expression immediately changed. It was as if he had woken up from a dream.

    Whether or not he would become a ghost after death was one thing. However, as he was no match for Chu Feng when he was alive, even if he were to become a ghost after death, how could he possibly be a match for Chu Feng?

    Chu Feng was a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. As for world spiritists, they were generally the nemeses of evil spirits and other such things.

    Chu Feng was capable of breaking through even the Moonlight Maze’s killing formation. It was sufficient to show how powerful his world spirit techniques were. As such, even if he were to search for Chu Feng after successfully becoming a ghost, he would only be destined to be tormented by Chu Feng.

    At that moment, even he felt himself to be ridiculous. As matters stood, he started to regret. He felt that he should not have tried to deliberately make things difficult on Chu Feng. If he hadn’t done that, he would not have been forced to such a state by Chu Feng.

    Suddenly, Yue Ling sighed. "Fate, this is fate," After he finished saying those words, ‘bang,’ Yue Ling’s body exploded. He had killed himself.

    This Heavenly Law Palace’s management elder had died. He had been hounded to death by the crowd.

    Even though he was hounded to death by the crowd today, everyone knew very well that his death was all due to Chu Feng.

    However, other than the people from the Heavenly Law Palace, there was not a single person who felt sympathy for his death. To the crowd, his death was well deserved.

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