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Chapter 2053:Torturing World Devastator

    Chapter 2053:Torturing World Devastator


    Suddenly, the World Devastator Immortal turned around. His footsteps moved in rapid succession. With each step, he would leave a flickering imprint of golden light behind in the sky.

    Those golden imprints were extremely dazzling. However, they soon disappeared. However, those golden imprints were capable of increasing the World Devastator Immortal’s speed, and allow him to run as if he were flying. In a flash, he had traveled ten thousand miles.

    It was a Heaven Taboo Movement Martial Skill.

    "This…" At that moment, many people were struck dumb.

    The World Devastator Immortal had insisted over and over again that he would kill Chu Feng to avenge his son. Yet now, he was actually escaping. Furthermore, he was using a Heaven Taboo Movement Martial Skill to escape. This scene truly came as an enormous shock to the crowd.


    As for Chu Feng, he chuckled coldly at the rapidly escaping World Devastator Immortal. With a smile on his face, he began to chase after him.

    Chu Feng was chasing after the World Devastator Immortal one step at a time. He had a very composed appearance. His steps were neither fast nor slow, and looked extremely graceful. However, his speed was extremely fast. He was so fast that even though the World Devastator Immortal was escaping with a Heaven Taboo Movement Martial Skill, he was unable to increase the distance between him and Chu Feng. Just like that, Chu Feng continued to follow behind the World Devastator Immortal.

    This sort of situation caused the World Devastator Immortal to panic more and more. causing sweat to cover his handsome face. In fact, even his special clothes were soaked in sweat.

    The two men moved further and further away. Currently they had already separated themselves from the battlefield. After leaving the crowd’s line of sight, the World Devastator Immortal revealed a difficult expression. It was as if he was making some sort of resolve.


    Suddenly, the World Devastator Immortal stopped moving. Not only that, he even turned around and faced Chu Feng. Just like that, he knelt in midair.

    "Chu Feng, I only tortured and humiliated you at the Blood Devouring Killing Formation."

    "But you, you killed my only son that I had painstakingly nurtured. And now you have strangled my hope for living. You have already taken revenge for what I did to you that day."

    "However, if you feel that that is still not enough to satisfy your hatred, I will apologize to you right now. Please, please spare me. Please let me live. I am willing to serve you all and help you all take care of the Dark Hall."

    Surrender. The World Devastator Immortal had actually decided to surrender to Chu Feng.

    However, Chu Feng smiled coldly at the World Devastator Immortal. He said, "You’ve only tormented me and humiliated me? If that were the case, then it would be true that my killing of your son would’ve sufficed as revenge."

    "However, could you have forgotten about all the Ancient Era’s Elves you killed at the Blood Devouring Killing Formation? You even killed the Little Princess of the Ancient Era’s Elves, Xian Miaomiao. If she didn’t have the means to protect her life, she would’ve already been erased from this world."

    "Yet now, you actually have the nerve to say that you only tormented and humiliated me? You’ve actually completely disregarded all those that you’ve killed. It would seem that you do not consider them to be people at all. Even though they were killed by you, you do not even put that matter to heart at all."

    "However, I might as well tell you this. To me, those people were extremely important. Since you killed them, I will definitely not spare you."

    As Chu Feng said those words, the coldness in his eyes increased explosively. Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body shifted; he arrived before the World Devastator Immortal. At that moment, violently whistling wind could be heard as Chu Feng’s fist smashed onto the World Devastator Immortal’s face like a meteor. It did not stop with a single fist. Each one of Chu Feng’s fists landed straight onto the World Devastator Immortal’s face. In a flash, many fist strikes had landed.

    When Chu Feng’s final fist landed, the World Devastator Immortal was already submerged deep into the ground. Chu Feng had actually punched him directly from the sky all the way to the ground.

    When Chu Feng retracted his fists, the World Devastator Immortal’s face was not only badly battered, it had changed beyond recognition. Even his skull had been shattered by Chu Feng’s fists. In other words, it was not only his handsome face, his entire head had been destroyed.


    However, a stream of world spirit power suddenly condensed from the World Devastator Immortal’s body. It formed a new head with the same exact appearance as the World Devastator Immortal’s destroyed head.

    No matter what, the World Devastator Immortal was someone with renowned world spirit techniques. To him, instantly recovering a portion of his body was only a trifling task.

    However, at that moment, the World Devastator Immortal was still grimacing in pain, and his face distorted. It was not because he had failed to recover his face and head. Rather, the pain from Chu Feng’s beating was still vivid in his mind.

    Chu Feng’s fists were no ordinary fists. With each fist, he not only destroyed the World Devastator Immortal’s face and shattered his skull, but also inflicted serious damage to the World Devastator Immortal’s soul. Thus, even though the World Devastator Immortal had condensed a new head, the pain of his shattered bones was still vivid in his mind.

    However, even though he was in so much pain that his face grew extremely distorted, the World Devastator Immortal still squeezed out a smile. He said to Chu Feng, "Have you managed to alleviate your anger?"

    "Alleviate my anger?"

    "Even if I am to kill you ten thousand times, it would not suffice to eliminate the hatred in my heart."

    "However, before killing you, I must make you suffer," As Chu Feng spoke, he took out an item from his Cosmos Sack. It was an invisible spirit formation. Contained within that spirit formation was a pile of sesame seed-like objects. However, they were crimson in color, and emitted fiery light.

    "Blazing Heart Poisoning Insect! What are you planning to do with those?!!"

    Upon seeing the insects, the World Devastator Immortal immediately started to panic. As a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he naturally knew how frightening the Blazing Heart Poisoning Insects were. If one were to be bitten by a single Blazing Heart Poisoning Insect, one would feel a blazing pain at the location where one was bitten. Even if one were to turn incorporeal, the pain would not disappear.

    Like its name implied, the pain from the Blazing Heart Poisoning Insect reached one’s heart and soul. It was a pain that could not be erased.

    It would be alright if one were to be bitten once by a single Blazing Heart Poisoning Insect. After all, martial cultivators were able to endure small wounds and pains.

    However, the pain brought forth by the Blazing Heart Poisoning Insect was a pain that would increase exponentially the more one was bitten.

    At that moment, there were over ten thousand Blazing Heart Poisoning Insects in Chu Feng’s spirit formation. The increased pain from over ten thousand Blazing Heart Poisoning Insects was simply something unimaginable and definitely intolerable.

    "I created these Blazing Heart Poisoning Insects especially for you."

    As Chu Feng spoke, he grabbed that spirit formation and pushed it into the World Devastator Immortal’s body. As that spirit formation collided with his body, it immediately shattered and released the over ten thousand Blazing Heart Poisoning Insects. The insects began to crawl all over the World Devastator Immortal’s body, biting everywhere.


    Unable to endure the pain, the World Devastator Immortal soon started to scream. His screams grew more and more miserable. As the number of places he was bitten by the Blazing Heart Poisoning Insects increased, the pain that he felt also grew more and more unbearable.

    Soon, his flesh started to split open. It was a very frightening sight. However, other than screaming, there was nothing the World Devastator Immortal could do. As such, he did not possess the heart to recover his body.

    As for Chu Feng, he stood there watching the World Devastator Immortal being tormented by pain.

    One’s ability to endure something would always be limited. The pain brought forth by all those Blazing Heart Poisoning Insects was unimaginably frightening. Even if they did not cause the World Devastator Immortal to die from the shock of being overwhelmed by pain, they would still cause him to have a nervous breakdown. That was precisely what Chu Feng wanted to do to him.

    "Chu Feng, you ruthless little bastard! Even if I am to become a ghost, I will not let you get away with this!!!"

    Overwhelmed with pain, the World Devastator Immortal started to rain curses upon Chu Feng. The way he saw it, he had killed countless people throughout his life. However, he had never used such a ruthless method to torment them. Yet, Chu Feng had done so. Not only had he done so, he had done it to him.

    "Ruthless?" Chu Feng snorted lightly. Then, he said, "I only use my ruthlessness on ruthless individuals."

    After saying those words, Chu Feng clenched a fist, and a golden sword appeared in his hand.

    That sword was very long. Yet, it was also very thin, needle thin. That sword… was formed with world spirit power.

    "Pu, pu, pu, pu, pu~~~"

    Then, Chu Feng began to use that sword to pierce the World Devastator Immortal’s body all over.

    With each pierce, the World Devastator Immortal would let out an even more miserable scream.

    At that moment, Chu Feng began to recall the Ancient Era’s Elves the World Devastator Immortal had killed one by one at the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. He also recalled the scene where the World Devastator Immortal killed Xian Miaomiao.

    Chu Feng grew more and more angry. The speed with which he pierced the needle-thin sword grew faster and faster, more and more ruthless.

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