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Chapter 806: Mt. Azure Billow

    Chapter 806: Mt. Azure Billow

    "Missus, it's time to come out!"

    Mt. Fengling had also received news of the notice about the Luo Divine Hall trials being released. When Tao'er learned that her mistress had been one of the sixteen selected to represent the Fire Cloud State in the Luo Divine Hall trials, she was completely overjoyed.

    There were only sixteen people selected, but how many years had it been since her mistress joined the Heaven Fire Hall? So how could she not be excited for her mistress to be one of the sixteen?

    Furthermore, the people who were selected for the Luo Divine Hall trials could undergo a collective training at Mt Azure Billow before the trials began. It was a place even Tao'er had heard of before. It was one of the few holy grounds of the Luo clan, a great benefit to be able to undergo training there.

    "Missus, did you hear me?"

    While Luo Fengling was in reclusion, Tao'er was the only one who could contact her. Tao'er would only contact Luo Fengling unless it was an important matter.

    A few moments after Tao'er called out, Luo Fengling's cultivation chamber's entrance gradually rumbled before it opened. A white-dressed Luo Fengling came out of the chamber.

    Previously, when Tao'er informed Luo Fengling about the news, she had told her of the news. Tao'er handed her a letter that came from Fairy Black Bamboo.

    Fairy Black Bamboo made it very clear in her letter that it was Prince Pingnan who had given her the chance to participate in the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials.

    Even with Luo Fengling's tranquil personality, she could not calm herself upon receiving this news.

    Members who were selected for the Luo Divine Hall trials were once targets she strived for. She never imagined that the opportunity had befallen her in just a few years.

    As for Prince PingnanLuo Fengling was very aware of his identity. She knew that by accepting to participate in the upcoming trial, she would naturally be labeled under Xuanhou's camp.

    Luo Fengling had never joined any faction prior to this, but she was deeply aware that for a minor figure like her in the Luo clan, it was better to choose sides in order to obtain greater support.

    Furthermore, with such good conditions, there was no reason for Luo Fengling to reject it. Or it should be said that for a junior like her, such conditions was a form of flattery.

    "I'll be going to the main mountain now."

    As Luo Fengling spoke, she made some minor preparations before she flew up into the clouds towards the Fire Cloud State's main peak.

    From afar, Luo Fengling saw two gigantic spirit cruisers floating above the Fire Cloud State's main mountain.

    And below it were numerous Luo clan disciples gathered. With a scan, Luo Fengling saw a few people she was familiar with, including Ran Yu and Gu Luo.

    To Luo Fengling, these powerful seniors in the Heaven Fire Hall were targets she strived for in the future. Now, they were fearsome peers that Luo Fengling had deep respect for.

    Just as Luo Fengling was about to land, her gaze made her suddenly see a very familiar person. She gaped her mouth in astonishment.

    She was surprised to notice that amongst the illustrious and powerful Heaven Fire Hall disciples, there was a youth that looked sixteen or seventeen wearing Earth Fire Hall garbs.

    "Yi Yun?"

    Luo Fengling was momentarily at a loss. Yi Yun was a steward disciple she had taken in, so from her reclusion up to now, she had no idea what had happened to Yi Yun nor did she care.

    Wasn't he supposed to be in Mt. Fengling? Why was he here?

    "Senior Luo."

    Yi Yun cupped his hands when he saw Luo Fengling. He too had just seen the list and had naturally seen her name.

    "Why are you here?"

    Luo Fengling asked in astonishment when she landed in front of Yi Yun.

    Yi Yun smiled and said, "I was chosen to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials, so I came."

    "Ah?" Luo Fengling's shock was stupendous. Others at least knew that Yi Yun had previously entered the Earth Fire Hall, but for Luo Fengling, her memory was still stuck at the moment of Yi Yun being her steward disciple, a miscellaneous chores disciple. Suddenly, he was her equal by joining the Luo Divine Hall trials!?

    She immediately rushed to take a look at the list that was still hung on the wall in the square. From taking a glance, she indeed saw Yi Yun's name right at the bottom of the list.

    He was really selected?

    Was this steward disciple she had taken in an impressive genius? In just a few months, he had showcased his talent and become one of the participants for the Luo Divine Hall trials? It sounded beguiling.

    She took a look at how Yi Yun was dressed in Earth Fire Hall disciples garb and clearly he had been selected into the Earth Fire Hall. Luo Fengling had left in a hurry, so Tao'er did not have the time to inform Luo Fengling about the news.

    As for Yi Yun being chosen for the Luo Divine Hall trials, Tao'er apparently did not know either. After all, Mt. Fengling was separated from the main mountain by quite a distance, so she naturally did not have time to travel to the main mountain with her strength.

    "Junior Sister Fengling, you have hidden so much."

    Just after Luo Fengling spoke with Yi Yun, a voice came from behind Luo Fengling. Turning her head, she saw the originator of the voice, a thin man by the name Lie Ya.

    Although this man had nothing to speak of for his looks, he was not a weakling, considering he was able to stand there. Furthermore, Lie Ya had spent more than fifty years in the Heaven Fire Hall.

    "Senior Brother Lie Ya, you are teasing me. I didn't hide anything."

    Luo Fengling gave Lie Ya a gentle bow in an extremely respectful manner.

    "It's not a joke. Why would I joke? For Junior Sister Fengling to stand here, I'm astonished as a senior brother. Using the term well-hidden isn't enough to describe it. And most impressive of all, even your steward is able to stand here. That makes it amazing! I believe since the establishment of the Fire Cloud State, you are the only one who has been capable of doing that!" Lie Ya said with a grin. His words did not seem hostile and he was just stating facts, but they sounded somewhat harsh in Luo Fengling's ears.

    Luo Fengling took a glance at Yi Yun. By calling Yi Yun her steward, Lie Ya clearly did not consider Yi Yun as a peer.

    This was understandable. As a senior Heaven Fire Hall disciple, Lie Ya had arduously cultivated for decades and endured through so much just to participate in a single Luo Divine Hall trial. But now, Yi Yun, who had just entered the Fire Cloud State for only a few months, had risen up from a miscellaneous chores disciple to the Earth Fire Hall and then immediately leapfrogged past the Heaven Fire Hall, directly entering the Luo Divine Hall trials.

    These senior disciples had worked so hard to obtain the same results as Yi Yun, so it was natural for them to be displeased.

    Ignoring Yi Yun, just having Luo Fengling participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials with them already made them peeved. Was the decades of dedication they put in worth anything compared to her?

    Behind Lie Ya, several Heaven Fire Hall disciples looked at Luo Fengling with a myriad of expressions — doubt, puzzlement, suspicion as well as hostility.

    As for Ran Yu, he only gave Luo Fengling a nonchalant glance before he retracted his gaze. He did not express anything and simply floated in mid air. He was in meditation with his legs crossed and eyes slightly shut.

    Ran Yu appeared very calm. He did not think much about being selected into the Luo Divine Hall trials as it was something within expectations. What concerned him was how to be outstanding in the Luo Divine Hall trials and achieve brilliant results.

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