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Chapter 809: Twelve Fey Gods

    Chapter 809: Twelve Fey Gods

    Extreme Yin Nether Glow was like the shadow of the Extreme Yang Illumination. It was born out of the Chaos together with Extreme Yang Illumination. It was a Fey God formed from the power of Yin entities and the essence of extreme Yin. All of this was a portrayal of how Chaos led to Yin and Yang.

    The Extreme Yin Nether Glow similarly was not in the shape of a beast. The image engraved on the column was a white halo with a mist in its outer ring that appeared like a burning flame.

    In the middle of the Extreme Yin Nether Glow, there was a black circle, as though it was where the Extreme Yang Illumination should sit. When the two Fey Gods were superimposed on each other, it appeared like a solar eclipse. It would be black in the middle, with a misty halo in its exterior. The saying of how Extreme Yin Nether Glow was the shadow of the Extreme Yang Illumination was a result of this.

    "Extreme Yang Illumination, Extreme Yin Nether GlowWhen the Universe was in its formative stages, the primordial universe (Wuji) generated supreme ultimate (Taiji), and therefore generated the two opposing forces."

    "The primordial universe is Chaos, and the two opposing forces are Yin and Yang. During the formation of the Heaven and Earth, the Fey Gods that were born alongside Yin and Yang can even be considered the embodiment of Heavenly Dao. They are the Extreme Yang Illumination and the Extreme Yin Nether Glow."

    Yi Yun seemed to gain something from it as he continued looking on.

    The third column had a large tree engraved on it. In the carving, the tree was shockingly large. Even the stars in the sky were like the size of fists, floating amongst the tree's leaves.

    The tree branches were lush and flourishing. Every leaf was large enough that they appeared like land that floated in space. On the leaf, a drop of dew could have formed an ocean.

    With time being pushed forward, after the large worlds were born, this Dao Tree’s leaves could still have plains, forests and a myriad of living beings exist on them.

    The third Fey God — Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    It was a divine tree formed from three thousand Great Dao after the formation of the Universe!

    When Yi Yun saw the third Fey God, the first thing that came to mind was the Dao Tree he had encountered in the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

    The Dao Tree that similarly existed for a long period of time was considered much smaller when compared to the engraved Dao Tree that was much bigger than stars.

    That tree was encountered by the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner, and by then, the tree had already existed for a long period of time.

    "What relationship does the Dao Tree I encountered in the Pure Yang Sword Palace have with the Empress Earth Dao Tree?"

    This question arose in Yi Yun's mind. Having come to the Ancient Fey Edifice, the twelve Fey Gods struck Yi Yun with surprise. The first three Fey Gods already made Yi Yun generate many feelings of longing in such an immense world like the 12 Empyrean Heavens. While being enlightened, he was simultaneously filled with questions.

    The fourth Fey God — Dragon Emperor!

    Near the beginning of the Heaven and Earth, the god bred out of Chaos was the king of all dragons.

    There were all sorts of divine dragons in the world, such as the noble five-clawed golden dragon, Red Dragon, Azure Dragon, Yellow Dragon as well as the Torch Dragon that fell into darkness and the bloodthirsty Blood Dragon.

    All these dragons came from the Dragon Emperor, they were its descendants.

    The fifth Fey God — Seven-colored Phoenix!

    If there was a dragon, there was naturally a phoenix. During the inception of the Heaven and Earth, the phoenix was born. It was the ancestor of all birds. The feathers had seven colors, and these seven feathers represented different powers of nature. The Seven-colored Phoenix could not only control fire, but it could also control Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning, as well as the five elements.

    The world's Fire Phoenix, Ice Phoenix, Azure Luan-bird, Vermilion Bird and even the Golden Crow came from the bloodline of the Seven-colored Phoenix.

    The sixth Fey God — Kun Peng!

    If the Seven-colored Phoenix was considered the ancestor of all birds, then there was probably only one bird that did not descend from it. That was the Heavenly Peng!

    The Heavenly Peng was not exactly a bird, but a fish and bird in one. In the form of a Kun, it could easily devour thousands of seas, and in the form of a Peng, spreading its wings spanned a distance of 45,000 kilometers. In its flying rage, it could tear apart galaxies!

    The seventh Fey God — Heavenly Man!

    Upon seeing this Fey God, Yi Yun was momentarily stunned. Heavenly Man?

    Different from the other Fey Gods, this was a Fey God in the shape of a man. His name was also Ancestor Pan. With a giant ax in hand, he was a giant with five different colored hair. He could split the heaven and earth apart, creating a world in the process!

    The eighth Fey God — River of Forgetfulness

    This eighth Fey God was even more fascinating. Its shape was in an endless surging river. And what flowed in the river was not water, but time.

    The river of time only surged ahead in one direction, the future.

    By heading only for the future, it meant forgetting the past. Thus, the river's name was named River of Forgetfulness!

    The ninth Fey Godwas empty!


    Yi Yun was momentarily stunned. He only understood after looking carefully. The ninth Fey God was not missing but because its form was — "nothingness". It had no shape or form, no edge or limits!

    The ninth Fey God — Solitary Nothingness

    With time, there would naturally be space. Space-time was like Yin-Yang. They were Dao formed at the formation of the Universe.

    Solitary Nothingness was an endless void with complete silence, and had nothing in it. Like the graveyard for the thousands of worlds, it was like the abode to everything.

    Worlds were created, but they were also annihilated. Everything would ultimately be transformed to nothingness, returning to the solitary void.

    Solitary Nothingness' name was a result of this.

    Legends said that "Solitary Nothingness" was an endless void itself. Being devoured into Solitary Nothingness' stomach would result in permanent annihilation

    The tenth Fey God

    When Yi Yun came to this point, he was stunned. If the ninth Fey God was a blank because "Solitary Nothingness" did not have any shape or form, then the tenth Fey God was truly missing.

    He did not see the tenth, eleventh or twelfth Fey Gods.

    In fact, the Fey race only knew that there existed twelve Fey Gods, but the last three Fey Gods were extremely mysterious. In the canonical books of the Fey race, there were many legends about it that attempted to reveal or speculate the identity of the three great Fey Gods. However, every one of them was rather unconvincing. Eventually, the identities of the three great Fey Gods could not be confirmed and was still a mystery up to now

    "They don't even know what sort of existence they are, but they know there are twelve Fey Gods?"

    Yi Yun was momentarily stunned as he found it incredulous.

    At this moment, Luo Fengling said, "Junior Brother Yi, the twelve Fey Gods were inferred by the mighty figures of the Fey race when they gain insight into the Heavenly Dao. It is not only the opinion of the Fey race. In the other Empyrean Heavens, mighty human figures have also gained insight into the Heavenly Dao and they have also obtained the same conclusion. Of course, they are just not called 'Fey Gods'. Their common names are — Twelve Dao Ancestors."

    "I see" Yi Yun nodded. Since all the mighty figures in the 12 Empyrean Heavens came to the same conclusion, then it was probably true. The only thing was that the last three great Fey Gods, or Dao Ancestors were lost in the misty Heavenly Dao, preventing others from seeing them clearly.

    However, Ran Yu had previously mentioned that the twelve Fey Gods were the ancestors of the Fey race, other than the seventh Fey God — Heavenly Man. There was no way the Fey race could categorize the Heavenly Man into the form of Fey, as he resembled humans in every form and manner. As for the other Fey Gods being said to be "naturally closer to Fey" was in Yi Yun's opinion, just fictitious.

    Other than the Dragon Emperor, the Seven-colored Phoenix, the Kun Peng, Yi Yun could not tell how the other Fey Gods had a closer relationship with the Fey race.

    "The twelve Fey Gods, or the twelve Dao Ancestors must be the beginnings of Heavenly Dao! They were born directly out of the Chaos. Many divine beasts that sounded amazing, such as the divine beasts of the Four Symbols — Azure Dragon, the Vermilion Bird, White Tiger — while Bifang, Taotie, Responding Dragon evolved after the five elements were split apart, and with everything being born. Compared to the twelve Fey Gods, they are greatly inferior.”

    With this thought in mind, Yi Yun suddenly felt like he had broadened his horizons.

    Although the twelve columns were engraved by progeny, nor did they contain any profound laws, just looking at them made Yi Yun feel like he had gained a lot.

    His gain came in the form of mental benefit. The more he knew how vast and spectacular the world was, the more motivation Yi Yun gained. This motivation came from the unwillingness to be tiny and the ambition of being equal to Heavenly Dao.

    Kun Peng is a giant bird (Peng) that transforms from a giant fish (Kun). Sometimes translated as Roc.

    Bifang is a mythical bird. It looks like a crane which owns red marking, white beak, and has only one foot. This creature does not eat grains but flames. Its appearance is a signal of big fire.

    Taotie is a mysterious monster in Chinese culture. The monster was very greedy and would eat anything within its sight and even ate its own body, so its image is just a big head and a big mouth without body. The Taotie ate too much and died as a result, and then it became a symbol of greedy people. A Taotie-derived beast is the primary antagonist in the 2016 historical-fantasy epic film The Great Wall.

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