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Chapter 810: Sword and Phoenix

    Chapter 810: Sword and Phoenix

    "These ancient twelve Fey Gods stand atop the world, and are just too far away from us. However, in the Ancient Fey Edifice, it is said that it hides a lot of opportunities. Also, Lord Cang Mang had previously said that we can obtain things from the Ancient Fey Edifice." Luo Fengling said. With a sword in hand, her eyes were shimmering. Clearly, she was looking forward to the opportunities that awaited her.

    Although she was talented, the amount of time she spent cultivating had been short. After being nominated for the trials, she received a lot of pressure when she saw people like Lie Ya and Ran Yu. She had to use every available time to upgrade herself, if not, by wasting such a good opportunity having not done well, there was no way she could face Fairy Black Bamboo, who had given her guidance and support.

    At this moment, a disdainful voice was heard, "Obtain things? Lord Cang Mang did say that, but they are there only if you have the ability to get them. In the Ancient Fey Edifice, there are opportunities of all sizes, but only the able ones can obtain them."

    Luo Fengling looked at the speaking Lie Ya, but her pretty face did not change in expression. "I naturally know that, you do not need to worry yourself to remind me."

    "Hehe." Lie Ya gave an odd smile. Previously, Yi Yun had ignored him, so he could not be bothered to conceal his contempt for Yi Yun and Luo Fengling.

    "Senior Sister Luo, you don't have to mind him." Yi Yun said.

    "He is targeting us. The others are also hostile, but at least they aren't like him." Luo Fengling said with a frown.

    She usually only bothered herself with cultivation, so she seldom mingled with others and kept a low profile, yet she had become a thorn in the side of others.

    However, compared to her, the hostility Yi Yun received was even worse. Despite being an Earth Fire Hall disciple, he was able to join these elites in the same trials, so how could the elites feel mentally balanced?

    "This is the Ancient Fey Edifice's main hall!" The burly man with the python had also walked over.

    Yi Yun already knew his name was Lord Cang Mang.

    "The things you want to obtain are in this main hall." Cang Mang said.

    Yi Yun and Luo Fengling looked around them, but the main hall was empty, so what was there?

    However, Ran Yu, Lie Ya and company did not move. They only looked at the divine columns of the ancient twelve Fey Gods.

    They had prepared for the Luo Divine Hall trials for decades, so they had also obtained information about the Ancient Fey Edifice. Some of them were informed ahead of time by their family seniors.

    So while others were looking all around the main hall, these people looked calm like a breeze. It was obvious whose family clan's heritage was better just from this. Many Fey race had heritage passed down for tens of millions of years. Cultivators who were born in such Fey race naturally had the advantage against other cultivators.

    Seeing people of noble birth, like Ran Yu, apparently understanding everything beforehand, Yi Yun had a thought and opened his energy vision.

    "That means the things must be on these twelve Fey God columns."

    Yi Yun gave these people a nonchalant glance. They were standing by the side waiting to watch him make a fool of himself, but this did not affect Yi Yun at all. He cast his gaze at the twelve Fey God columns.

    These ancient twelve Fey God columns emanated a pressuring aura. If there was anything in the main hall, it had to do with these twelve Fey God columns.

    "The ancient twelve Fey Gods were born at the beginning of Chaos. They are the most primitive embodiment of laws. Their existences are also different manifestations of laws. However, these twelve Fey God columns were built by progeny. The laws they represent naturally are not the purest laws from the beginning of Chaos." Cang Mang spoke and indeed mentioned the ancient twelve Fey God columns.

    "However, the people who constructed these twelve Fey Gods columns were ancestors of our Luo clan. They were top mighty figures. The divine columns they constructed had managed to attract a glimmer of divine grace from the ancient twelve Fey Gods. These divine columns are also manifestations of laws. All of you can't stay long in this Ancient Fey Edifice because there are other disciples from other states that will come here a day later. Time is limited so make good use of it."

    The twelve mighty figures in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had managed to attract the ancient twelve Fey Gods after constructing the divine columns. Although it was just a glimmer of grace that merged into the divine column, it made the columns divine items too. The profoundness behind the twelve mighty figures' understanding of laws was beyond imagination.

    "These twelve divine columns are also twelve different entrances. The opportunities you obtain will differ according to the different entrances." Cang Mang said.

    "Similarly, the difficulty of opening each of the twelve Fey God columns are different as well." Cang Mang introduced the rules.

    Beside him, Ran Yu took a deep breath. As a descendant of the Xushui clan, an ancient royal clan, he naturally knew about the twelve Fey God columns ahead of time. His father had previously participated in the Luo Divine Hall trials as well.

    For this, Ran Yu naturally did not want to shame his father or bring disgrace to his family clan. It was imperative that he did well at this trial.

    "Lie Ya and company must know which divine columns are the easiest to open, but I will not do that. Choosing the fastest one from the onset might make it simple, but by choosing the easiest path before the beginning of the trials, one will definitely be the fastest to be eliminated during the trials." Ran Yu thought.

    His ambition was lofty. He chose to open one of the twelve Fey God columns that had a certain degree of difficulty.

    "Begin, all of you only have one day." Cang Mang said and crossed his legs to sit down on the same spot. He tightly closed his eyes while the python around him crept around his body in a slow fashion, its cold eyes sizing up the cultivators.

    Upon hearing Cang Mang's words, these cultivators also immediately began, but first all of them looked at Luo Fengling, Yi Yun and another rookie disciple that had been nominated by Black Bamboo—Bai Chen.

    The three of them were the most conspicuous in the group.

    Luo Fengling frowned slightly because these people were still waiting for them to make a fool of themselves.

    None of them were in a hurry to move and they were just waiting for Luo Fengling and Yi Yun's choice.

    As for Cang Mang, his eyes were tightly shut, ignoring everything that was going on.

    He did not provide the means to open the doors, and wanted them to figure it out themselves.

    "Junior Brother Yi, I'll go first." Luo Fengling said.

    But just as she finished her sentence, Yi Yun had already walked towards the twelve divine columns.

    "Junior Brother Yi" Luo Fengling hurriedly shouted.

    But at this moment, Yi Yun had already come before a divine column.

    This was the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column. Standing at the bottom of the divine column, Yi Yun was as small as an ant. He looked up and a Seven-colored Phoenix was circling the divine column in flight, with its eyes looking at the endless sky.

    However, when Yi Yun focused his eyes on it, the Seven-colored Phoenix's eyes seemed to look down. Immediately, an intense pressure surged over.

    Yi Yun's mind quivered. What a powerful aura! Cang Mang had already said that these divine columns only contained a glimmer of the divine charm of the ancient twelve Fey Gods, but just this glimmer was enough to make Yi Yun feel that there was a Seven-colored Phoenix right in front of him. It was able to blot out the sky and tear through the heavens.

    But how was he to open this divine column? Yi Yun stretched out his hand and placed it on the divine column.

    The ancient twelve Fey God columns were creations of top mighty figures. Every carving they made contained the martial insights of these mighty figures. While stroking the carvings, Yi Yun could even feel himself being threatened.

    It was sword, a sharp sword technique that had been carved out slash after slash. The phoenix flew high, soaring over the horizons with the wind as its companion. It was as flexible as this sword slash.

    The sword scar from the Pure Yang Sword Palace appeared before Yi Yun's eyes. That slash had managed to split apart a small world. It was no doubt a stunning strike. If he produced the Sword Intent from that strike, Yi Yun believed that the divine column in front of him would likely resonate.

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