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Chapter 812: Empress Earth Dao Tree

    Chapter 812: Empress Earth Dao Tree

    Although the cultivators were astonished that Ran Yu wanted to obtain the recognition of two ancient Fey columns, they did not think he was being overambitious. Instead, they felt a strange feeling suffuse from the bottom of their hearts.

    They were all the same participants of the same trial, but Tian Shi had been taken away in advance, while Ran Yu was prepared to obtain the recognition of two ancient Fey columns. As the best trial participants of the Fire Cloud State, they had opened a gap from normal participants like them right from the very beginning.

    However, despite feeling a bit of envy, the cultivators found it acceptable after thinking of Ran Yu's talents as well as his great reputation amongst the Fire Cloud State's younger generation. Two female cultivators were already looking at Ran Yu with a different look in their eyes.

    "As long as I do not fall behind others, it's fine losing to Tian Shi or Ran Yu." Lie Ya thought, as he gave a sidelong glance at Yi Yun.

    "It's fine if Ran Yu asks if one can gain the recognition of many divine columns. But what is this Yi Yun asking, does he really think"

    At this moment, Lie Ya was completely stumped. He saw Yi Yun strolling slowly and standing in front of the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column!

    What was he thinking of doing while standing there? Could it be

    An incredulous thought popped up in Lie Ya's mind. As he watched Yi Yun stand motionlessly before the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column, Yi Yun suddenly stretched out his hand and placed it on the divine column. His eyes were slightly shut like an old monk in meditation.

    What's going on?

    Other than Lie Ya, the other cultivators also noticed Yi Yun's actions.

    Even Ran Yu, who was sitting cross-legged in front of the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column gave a look of surprise.

    "What is this Yi Yun planning on doing?"

    "He has talent in fire-elemental laws, yet he does not put in further effort in it. What is he stopping in front of the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column for?"

    The Empress Earth Dao Tree contained 3000 Great Dao, and there may be fire-elemental laws in them, but that was such a trivial detail. It was impossible to obtain the recognition of the Empress Earth Dao Tree just using fire-elemental laws.

    "Can't you tell? Junior Brother Yi Yun is also trying to obtain the recognition of two divine columns." Lie Ya said nonchalantly, but anyone could tell that he was being sarcastic.

    Inquiring about obtaining recognition from multiple columns was fine, but Yi Yun actually treated it seriously!

    What sort of person was Ran Yu? He was a Heaven Fey, one of the best amongst the Fire Cloud State's younger generation. As for Yi Yun, he was only able to be here because of Prince Pingnan. He had some dog-sh*t luck and a bit of talent only.

    Yet, he wanted to obtain the recognition of two divine columns?

    These elites were already indignant about being on the same name list with Yi Yun. Now, seeing that Yi Yun was actually attempting to be equal to one of the best, and trample them beneath his feet, they immediately felt infuriated.

    At this moment, Yi Yun opened his eyes. He turned a deaf ear towards them and moved his hand away from the column.

    Upon seeing this scene, Lie Ya immediately chortled, "It's a misunderstanding. Junior Brother is just looking around."

    At least Yi Yun knew himself, but from the way he looked, it was such obvious posturing. This was enough to fool low-ranking disciples, but everyone present wasan elite from the Fire Cloud State, so when they saw Yi Yun's posturing, they found it amusing.

    However, just as Lie Ya said that, he saw Yi Yun standing in front of the Extreme Yang Illumination divine column. This time, Yi Yun was even more thorough and actually sat down in front of the divine column.

    Lie Ya was speechless. Yi Yun could not be considered arrogant anymore, but definitely had a screw loose in the head. Trying to obtain the recognition of the Extreme Yang Illumination was much harder than getting the recognition of the Empress Earth Dao Tree.

    Extreme Yang Illumination represented the pure Yang laws at the birth of Chaos. It was one of the supreme Great Dao that approached extremely closely to Heavenly Dao. It was much closer to the Great Dao of Origins compared to the Seven-colored Phoenix.

    They were only given one day's time, but Yi Yun was attempting three ancient Fey columns, the Seven-colored Phoenix, the Empress Earth Dao Tree and the Extreme Yang Illumination? This was absurd! Without mentioning the three divine columns, it was already extremely difficult to obtain the recognition from any one of the the two divine columns — Empress Earth Dao Tree and Extreme Yang Illumination.

    Besides, the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column was not to be looked down upon. Knowing fire-elemental laws did not necessarily mean one could obtain its recognition. There was just a slightly higher chance of success!

    Others began to shake their heads and ignore Yi Yun. A large number of them were still worried over being able to gain the recognition of one divine column, so they naturally could not be bothered with the overambitious Yi Yun.

    They had prepared decades for the trials and they were all Heaven Fire Hall disciples. Having finally obtained a spot through great difficulty, they had to take advantage of the precious one day that they had.

    As for Luo Fengling, she gave Yi Yun a worried glance.

    "Senior Sister Luo, I believe Junior Brother Yi will not be listening to you." Bai Chen's voice was suddenly heard. He was a newer generation disciple and was considered under the same camp as Luo Fengling and Yi Yun.

    Luo Fengling also noticed that Yi Yun had his own ideas, so whatever she said was unlikely to be useful. She could only sigh and face the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column in front of her.

    It was unknown if she could obtain the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column's recognition in a day. A resolute look flashed in Luo Fengling's delicate face. Although she was weak, it was only because she had cultivated for a short period of time. She did not think her talent as weak, so she could not squander the precious opportunity of this trial.

    At this moment, Yi Yun had already entered a completely ethereal state.

    The other cultivators' gaze and chatter did not affect him at all.

    From the moment when Yi Yun stood in front of the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column, Yi Yun had already obtained a full understanding of these divine columns, so he was blind and deaf to outside events.

    Yi Yun did not care how these people were reacting to him. The laws represented by the twelve divine columns and what they showed to him were things Yi Yun cared the most.

    They were the most profound and abstruse laws. Although they were not the real ancient twelve Fey Gods, they could benefit him greatly if he could see the glimmer of grace the ancient twelve Fey Gods had left inside the columns through the laws inscribed by the creators of the divine columns.

    The ancient twelve Fey God divine columns were not meant for gaining insight. However, by taking a look at the Great Dao Origins, warriors could broaden their horizons. Although they might not be able to obtain insight into Great Dao Origins through this, they could still verify the nomological insights they had.

    When Yi Yun came before the Empress Earth Dao Tree, he saw how each tree leaf was a world itself. Every world was an embodiment of a law. These 3000 worlds were the manifestation of 3000 Great Dao. The 3000 Great Dao had been condensed to form the entire Dao Tree.

    At the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun had once gained enlightenment in front of a Dao Tree. He still had a Dao Leaf on his body, and when he reached his hand out to touch the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column, a glimmer of grace from the Dao Tree immediately resonated with the Dao Leaf Yi Yun had.

    "Although the Dao Tree in the Pure Yang Sword Palace might not be the Empress Earth Dao Tree, they must be somehow related to each other."

    As Yi Yun looked at the Empress Earth Dao Tree, he felt a sense of familiarity. He had once experienced life as though he was a leaf on the Dao Tree during his enlightenment. Now, the Empress Earth Dao Tree had rustled its leaves in response, making him feel as though he had once again become one of the leaves on the tree.

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