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Chapter 813: Insights into Pure Yang

    Chapter 813: Insights into Pure Yang

    When Yi Yun closed his eyes, he seemed to merge with the Dao Leaves. They echo in unison how full and magnificent the Dao Tree was.

    The Empress Earth Dao Tree's aura was boundless. It was formed from the combination of 3000 Great Dao and was inclusive of everything and could accommodate anything. This admission of everything was the Dao of everything itself. It was too vast, and if Yi Yun had never transformed into a Dao Leaf, it was very difficult for him to obtain the recognition of the Dao Tree.

    And after the Dao Tree, Yi Yun came before the Extreme Yang Illumination divine column. It was a manifestation of pure Yang laws that was closest to the Origins. The mighty figure that created this divine column was an ancestor of the Luo clan who was also a fire-elemental Heaven Fey. Fire and pure Yang had features that corresponded to each other. When this particular ancestor carved the Extreme Yang Illumination, just the burning Yang flames that arose from this divine column alone was something enough to burn through a warrior's protective Yuan Qi, reducing them to ashes, what more obtaining its recognition.

    Only later, after an immense period of time did the divine column slowly cool down. Now, one could not experience the burning aura in the Ancient Fey Edifice, as though it was just a normal column, but Yi Yun knew that the pure Yang aura in the divine column had just converged within, making it harder to awaken it.

    Yi Yun circulated his pure Yang body. After receiving the tempering from the Fire Spirit Palace's Earth fire, his pure Yang body had become even purer. If one were to check his body internally, his bones and flesh were as crystalline as glass as they shimmered with a subtle luster.

    A faint plume of phantom flame slowly emerged after being drawn out by Yi Yun's pure Yang body. Soon, what gradually appeared out of the divine column was the fire-elemental laws left behind when the Luo clan Heaven Fey carved the Extreme Yang Illumination. This phantom image was the reconstruction of the Extreme Yang Illumination divine pillar from eons ago.

    The pure Yang body had successfully drawn out the phantom flame, but Yi Yun was not satisfied.

    In order to obtain the Extreme Yang Illumination's recognition, just drawing out the fire-elemental laws of a Luo clan Heaven Fey was far from enough.

    A flame plume appeared in Yi Yun's Dantian. It was the pure Yang spirit that had been quietly residing in the Purple Crystal ever since it was absorbed by Yi Yun.

    Once the flame appeared, the phantom flame on the divine column "leaped" out and expanded, as though the entire divine column was enveloped by the flame. The Extreme Yang Illumination that was carved on it loomed within the flames.

    This was still insufficient. The Extreme Yang Illumination's aura did not appear at all.

    Yi Yun focused his eyes on the Extreme Yang Illumination as his mind completely immersed itself into the flames.

    Scenes of what the Earth fire saw materialized in his eyes. The fire had been there when the Heaven and Earth was born, so although it was just an Earth fire that was born from the birth of a world, it was somewhat similar to the Extreme Yang Illumination that was born out of Chaos.

    Slowly, the engraved Extreme Yang Illumination seemed to have an additional halo surrounding it. This halo was inconspicuous between the burning flames, but all the flames seemed to be subject to it as they circled the halo.

    Extreme Yang Illumination was pure Yang laws at the beginning. Even flames were lit by it.

    Within this divine column was just the slightest bit of aura of the Extreme Yang Illumination, but when the halo appeared, Yi Yun immediately felt like his entire spirit was burning.

    Just a spark from the Extreme Yang Illumination was enough to kill respected figures. Even the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven's powerful Fey were like ants in front of it.

    Even just a trace of its flame was enough to reduce the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven to ashes.

    Flames born out of Pure Yang laws at the beginning could consume everything, pure Yang true flames that could even burn spirits to ashes.

    Yi Yun caught a glimpse of the pure Yang true flames' power and as his spirit was being burned, his eyes also felt like they were burning in flames. The Purple Crystal constantly released its energy, preventing Yi Yun's spirit from suffering the burns.

    As Yi Yun's eyes shimmered, he had managed to come into contact with the pure Yang true flames, allowing him to come to a realization that a pure Yang body was just the beginning. Having a pure Yang body was just passing through the beginning threshold of being able to truly grasp pure Yang laws.

    Just as Yi Yun was being slightly enlightened, the Extreme Yang Illumination suddenly sent out a burst of radiance, causing the flames on the divine column to surge down like flowing water, flooding the entire hall in a blink of an eye.

    Yi Yun's body trembled and when he suddenly jolted out of his trance, he realized that everything in front of him had been restored to normal.

    As for his body, he did not know when it stood up and took several steps back.

    The Extreme Yang Illumination's aura had been completely released and it was the power of the Heaven and Earth. Although it was just an instant, it was enough to give Yi Yun an utter shock.

    At this moment, Lie Ya's laughter could be heard coming from the Kun Peng divine column.

    The other cultivators could not sense the Extreme Yang Illumination's changes, but Lie Ya had personally witnessed Yi Yun suddenly stand up and retreat.

    Seeing Yi Yun's face sullen and him appearing in a shocked daze, Lie Ya could not help but burst out laughing. He did not believe Yi Yun could obtain the recognition of the Extreme Yang Illumination. Obtaining its recognition was extremely difficult and even if one could obtain its recognition, it could not be so easily accomplished in such a short period of time.

    "Junior Brother Yi, are you fine? You don't look so good." Lie Ya asked with concern.

    Yi Yun gave him a glance and could not be bothered with him.

    When Lie Ya saw Yi Yun repeatedly ignoring him, he snorted in a cold and contemptuous manner. He continued trying his best to obtain the Kun Peng divine column's recognition.

    After Yi Yun stood up and rested for a while, he returned once again to the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column.

    "A day's time is almost up and you are changing again? So awesome." A few cultivators were impressed at Yi Yun's laughable actions. Yi Yun had switched ancient Fey columns several times. And for warriors, a day's time would pass in a blink of an eye and more than half the allotted time had passed.

    Simultaneously, these cultivators also looked towards Ran Yu as he sat in front of the Empress Earth Dao Tree. Suddenly a faint white gas emitted from the top of his head as the aura he expelled suddenly turned misty.

    Seeing Ran Yu's change, the cultivators were astonished. Could this reaction be an indication of having obtained the Empress Earth Dao Tree's recognition?

    Instantly, the other cultivators were both feeling both envious and jealous. They were all trial takers for the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials, but compared to these peerless figures, they appeared extremely normal.

    "However, the peerless ones are only limited to Ran Yu, Tian Shi and Gu Luo. We still have a chance." Upon thinking of this, these cultivators looked at the people beside them. They had already given up competing with Ran Yu and company. They just needed to be better than the people beside them.

    Everyone felt a burst of motivational energy rise up them.

    Luo Fengling also glanced at Ran Yu enviously. Ran Yu was truly extremely talented and he had cultivated for a long period of time, giving him outstanding strength.

    At this moment, Luo Fengling also saw Yi Yun come in front of the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column. Compared to Ran Yu, who was suspected to obtain the Empress Earth Dao Tree's recognition, Yi Yun, who had given up the Extreme Yang Illumination and returned to the Seven-colored Phoenix, was probably somewhat frustrated.

    "Junior Brother Yi, channel your fire-elemental laws and there will be a higher chance of obtaining the Seven-colored Phoenix's recognition. This is just a collective training and not a trial." Luo Fengling said.

    Yi Yun looked up and gave her a glance, but he was somewhat stumped. He then said, "Thank you Senior Sister Luo."

    At this moment, Ran Yu suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. His face had a look of satisfaction on it before he came before another divine column — the Dragon Emperor divine column!

    Dragons were considered royalty amongst the Ten Thousand Fey. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the dragon totem meant something special, symbolizing supreme imperial power!

    Ran Yu's expression was filled with confidence, making everyone feel envious.

    This meant that he was certain he could obtain the recognition of two divine columns. The first was the Empress Earth Dao Tree and the second was the Dragon Emperor. Being able to accomplish that feat with two ancient Fey columns was no trifling matter!

    At the Ancient Fey Edifice, Ran Yu was clearly the best!

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