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Chapter 815: Entering Motion

    Chapter 815: Entering Motion

    Bai Chen had actually failed. He had asked Yi Yun only to find a companion in misery. If Yi Yun was worse than him, he could at least have someone line the bottom with him to stabilize his mind. Yet, Yi Yun said that he had gained the recognition of a divine column?

    From the looks of Luo Fengling, she had just barely obtained recognition from the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column. Was he the only one amongst the rookies who failed? Or could it be that Yi Yun was just bluffing?

    "Alright, enough nonsense! The Phoenix Firmiana State's cultivators, wait by the side. It will soon be your turn. The Fire Cloud State's cultivators, stand over here!" Cang Mang was indifferent towards the conflict between the disciples. To survive in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, cutthroat competition was essential. If not, the Luo clan would not have survived so long.

    "Open!" Cang Mang stamped the ground with a foot as the large python around him opened its mouth and spat out its scarlet tongue.

    There were shimmering runes on the snake's tongue which were formed from energy. It was unknown if Cang Mang had placed it in the python's mouth beforehand or if it was actually condensed by the python. The runes looked extremely complex, dazzling anyone who took a few more looks.

    "The opening of the ancient twelve Fey God divine columns requires a special rune, just like a key."

    The twelve Fey divine columns were constructed by the Luo clan's mighty figures and were meant for their progeny to gain insights from. Naturally, there were means of protecting them.

    As Cang Mang spoke, the python's tongue stabbed forward like lightning, immediately causing the runes to float into the sky and explode!

    Buzz! A sound that could not be traced was heard as it instantly echoed in the minds of everyone.

    At this moment, a layer of hazy light suddenly fell from the Ancient Fey Edifice's starry sky. Immediately, it enveloped a Fire Cloud State cultivator within it.

    This Fire Cloud State disciple did not panic nor dodge. He just looked somewhat nervous.

    Simultaneously, a Fey divine column suddenly experienced some changes.

    It was the Kun Peng divine column. The engraved Kung Peng on it suddenly seemed to come alive. One of its claws began to slowly lift.

    The disciple looked on nervously with bated breath.

    The amount of recognition given by the twelve Fey divine columns depended on the extent to which the Luo clan disciples managed to awaken the ancient Fey God.

    At this moment, the Kun Peng lifted another claw causing the disciple to look excited. However, just as the claw was lifted halfway, it stopped before the Kun Peng appeared to return to its slumber. This Fire Cloud State disciple's talent was insufficient to wake it up.

    The pillar of light on the Fire Cloud State's disciple slowly turned to a pale white before disappearing.

    "Rating: Entering Motion!" Cang Mang said.

    The disciple's face turned gloomy because he was very disappointed.

    It was only Entering MotionHis goal was to gain the recognition rating of "Eye Opening". To reach the rating of Eye Opening, it needed the Kung Peng to open its eyes.

    However, his talent, perception, physique and nomological insights, when all added up, was only enough to make the Kun Peng moves its claws. It was still a distance away from making it open its eyes.

    And the most basic rating of Entering Motion was insufficient for him to obtain any treasures from the Ancient Fey Edifice nor open the Kun Peng ancient Fey column's door.

    Yi Yun asked, "How is the rating divided?"

    "Just gaining the least bit of recognition is the Entering Motion rating. It also means causing the ancient Fey that was condensed out of laws to move slightly. Above it, there is Eye Opening, Hibernation Awakening, Awakening, etc!"

    "This senior brother made the Kun Peng move a bit, but its eyes did not open to glance at him, so this is the lowest bit of recognition." Luo Fengling whispered to him.

    Bai Chen had an ugly expression by the side. He wasn’t even able to gain the lowest amount of recognition.

    As pillars of light appeared on the Fire Cloud State disciples, those who were enveloped by the light immediately tensed up.

    They only knew if they had gained the recognition of their respective Fey divine column, but was unsure of the extent of the recognition.

    After the first Fire Cloud State disciple, three others were given ratings of Entering Motion.

    Amongst the cultivators, it was most common to obtain the Entering Motion rating.

    And one of those who obtained Entering Motion was Lie Ya.

    When Cang Mang announced the result, Lie Ya's expression turned extremely glum.

    In fact, he had long learned about the situation with the twelve Fey divine columns from his family clan. Furthermore, he had already chosen the Kun Peng divine column beforehand as a target to pass the test.

    He originally believed that after a long preparation, he could at least reach the rating of Eye Opening.

    The Entering Motion rating was just ordinary and most critically, it had no rewards.

    In comparison, the Eye Opening rating pushed one to the ranks of excellence, allowing them to obtain some resources.

    Lie Ya thought highly of himself, so although he never wanted to compete with freaks like Ran Yu, Gu Luo or even Tian Shi and Luo Tian, he believed that he was at least stronger than the other Fire Cloud State disciples. But the final outcome was greatly disappointing.

    He took a sidelong glance at Yi Yun. Noticing how most people looked apprehensive unlike Yi Yun, who appeared as though he was an immortal touring the heavens, Lie Ya immediately turned infuriated. This kid was still pretending to posture, was he courting death?

    Lie Ya had only attained Entering Motion, and for a person like Yi Yun, he did not believe Yi Yun could obtain any recognition. It was as though he was shopping at a market, so how could he have gained any recognition?

    However, what if Yi Yun really had some dog-shit luck and as Yi Yun said, he had already obtained the recognition. Then wouldn't Yi Yun's results be the same as his!?

    Once recognition was obtained, it was Entering Motion. There was no difference between two Entering Motion ratings.

    "Senior Brother Bai Chen." Luo Fengling suddenly said with a change in expression.

    Bai Chen had suddenly been enveloped by a pillar of light and in it, his face turned slightly blue as he clenched his teeth.

    The Seven-colored Phoenix divine column did not reactand soon, the pillar of light on Bai Chen's body disappeared.

    At the moment he was enveloped by the pillar of light, he had become the focus of attention, but the feeling of being focused on by everyone was a torture that felt like years.

    "Bai Chen, no rating! Did not obtain any recognition!" Cang Mang glanced at him and said mercilessly.

    Bai Chen's body quivered as his face turned paler. His trembling lips was unable to utter a word.

    Bai Chen was not the first person who had failed to obtain any recognition. There was another Fire Cloud State disciple who had also failed to obtain any recognition.

    "Hahaha, Ran Yu, is this what you want me to see, the eminence of the Fire Cloud State disciples? Four Entering Motion and two that did not even gain any recognition. Such a result is indeed wonderful. It has never been seen before!" Luo Tian scoffed brazenly.

    The Phoenix Firmiana State disciples also laughed and began their derision, causing the expressions on the Fire Cloud State's disciples to change.

    Lie Ya also clenched his fists because he was one of the few who was being mocked!

    He was categorized into a group along with Bai Chen and Yi Yun!

    Actually, Entering Motion was not said to be too bad. Even amongst the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples, a majority of them would only obtain Entering Motion. However, from the smug looks of the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples, they clearly did not believe that there would be any disciple who failed to gain recognition. Such a comparison led to the Fire Cloud State having two disciples who failed to gain any recognition. In a while, there might be the addition of Yi Yun, making it three. The difference would appear extremely jarring.

    "Luo Tian, don't feel so smug too soon." The poor performance of the Fire Cloud State disciples was nothing of concern to Ran Yu. He only cared about his own rating and if it was enough to shut Luo Tian's savage gap.

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