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Chapter 816: Hibernation Awakening

    Chapter 816: Hibernation Awakening

    "You seem pretty confident this time," said Luo Tian as his smile disappeared. "Indeed, these ordinary disciples don't matter at all. At the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials, they are not participants at all, but only there to make up the numbers. The true participants are people like us. Ran Yu, I wish you would not disappoint me"

    Before he finished his words, a pillar of light fell from the sky, enveloping Ran Yu's body!

    Luo Tian stopped speaking as he revealed a faint smile. "Let's see if you have what it takes to back your words."

    Luo Tian's words incensed the other ordinary cultivators, but with Ran Yu's evaluation beginning, they ignored Luo Tian.

    Ran Yu was a person with top-tier strength amongst all the Fire Cloud State disciples present. If he failed, Luo Tian and the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples would definitely laugh their heads off.

    However, Ran Yu, who was cloaked in the pillar of light, had calm eyes and appeared poised, giving off a confident demeanor.

    Even the arrogant Luo Tian did not speak. Although he still hung a faint smile on his lips, he had already stopped giving a look of contempt.

    For Ran Yu to dare make such a claim, it was definitely not without reason. With his personality, unless he was extremely certain, he would definitely not have made such a bold claim. Ran Yu was an extremely prideful person, a person who did not tolerate failure from himself.

    As the pillar of light emitted a faint glow, Ran Yu stood silently within.

    "It's the Dragon Emperor divine column!" All the cultivators immediately noticed a divine column turn abnormal.

    The Dragon Emperor divine column had been attempted by a previous Fire Cloud State disciple. He had received a reaction, but it was extremely weak.

    At this moment, the Dragon Emperor divine column that appeared to be deep in slumber immediately roused its scales when it was Ran Yu's turn.

    Up to this point, the rating would still be at Entering Motion, but despite being in the same state, the previous cultivator had only managed to make the Dragon Emperor move its claws slightly. In comparison, Ran Yu was able to rouse all the scales on the Dragon Emperor to stand up, making the contrast obvious.

    "This difference" The particular Fire Cloud State disciple who had attempted the same divine column turned pale as he silently shook his head.

    More transformations happened as the Dragon Emperor's head shook as its pair of eyes suddenly opened!

    The pair of eyes was as bright as the stars. Its gaze looked indifferent, as though the people in front of it were just ants. For a powerful ancient life that was born at the beginning of time — even if it was just a glimmer of its grace — these warriors were like specks of dust.

    Everyone held their breaths and focused. Dragon Emperor, Eye Opening!

    This was reaching the second rating of Eye Opening!

    He was the first person amongst the Fire Cloud State disciples to obtain the rating of Eye Opening!

    The Dragon Emperor's star-like eyes stared intently at Ran Yu, who was immersed in the pillar of light. It was as though this minute life had given it the slightest cause of attention. One of its claws suddenly raised up before it clasped the divine column. Its body seemed like it was about to move.

    "Could it be"

    Lie Ya's expression looked unsettled. If the Dragon Emperor moved its entire body, that would mean Ran Yu had attained the third rating, Hibernation Awakening. The difference between him and Ran Yu would be even greater

    Above Eye Opening, there was Hibernation Awakening. It meant making a dormant ancient Fey, who had been hibernating for billions of years, move.

    To make an ancient Fey God open its eyes to take a look at an ant-like person meant that this ant was a stronger ant. If the ant made the ancient Fey move and hold its head up to size the ant up properly, that meant the ant was an outstanding one!

    The ancient Fey represented the laws of Chaos, the most Origins of energy. The more they belittled people, the more people felt awed by the Great Dao increased their yearning for it.

    The Phoenix Firmiana State cultivators had mixed looks. Could this Ran Yu really attain Hibernation Awakening!?

    Even Cang Mang, who did not show any interest about what recognition the cultivators obtained, raised his eyes to look at Ran Yu. If he really obtained the Hibernation Awakening rating, Ran Yu was a person worthy of attention

    "Boom!" The pillar of light that enveloped Ran Yu suddenly became extremely bright, but it was only an instant before the burst of light disappeared.

    Everyone immediately looked towards the Dragon Emperor divine column. All the visions they had seen had already disappeared.

    "Rating: Eye Opening!" Cang Mang said.

    Luo Tian immediately revealed a schadenfreudian expression.

    "After all this choosing, it was only the Dragon Emperor. Even if you obtain the Eye Opening rating, it is also nothing impressive." Luo Tian said as he shook his head.

    The Fire Cloud State cultivators were incensed. By saying that Eye Opening was nothing impressive, wasn't that implying that they who had received Entering Motion were trash?

    Entering Motion could be ignored, but the difficulty of Eye Opening was not low at all. Luo Tian was being too arrogant!

    Ran Yu chuckled, "Oh? I wonder if the Empress Earth Dao Tree would make you, Luo Tian, see it in a different light?"

    Luo Tian's pupils immediately constricted.

    The cultivators also noticed that the pillar of light enveloping Ran Yu only changed in intensity but did not disappear. And at this moment, another divine column began to experience changes!

    It was the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    The Fire Cloud State disciples immediately recalled that Ran Yu had attempted to gain the recognition of two divine columns!

    The Dragon Emperor divine column had a rating of Eye Opening, but it was only one. Next, there was the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    The Empress Earth Dao Tree had an extensive magnificence to its aura. People could only feel a heavy feeling emanate the surroundings and following that, an azure-colored gas appeared from Ran Yu's pillar of light.

    This azure gas contained extremely profound Great Dao, as well as extremely vigorous life energy.

    Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    The Empress Earth Dao Tree was too esoteric. As people looked at the azure-colored gas, no one could decipher what recognition rating this was.

    As the azure gas turned increasingly rich, as though it was about to condense into something, it slowly dissipated moments later.

    The ancient Fey column was restored to its calm state.

    At this moment, Cang Mang's voice boomed, "Rating, Entering Motion!"

    Only Entering Motion!

    Ran Yu frowned and was somewhat disappointed. The Empress Earth Dao Tree was a manifestation of the 3000 Great Dao laws. It was too terrifying and complicated. Trying to gain its recognition was too, too difficult!

    Luo Tian's brows moved. It was not surprising to obtain Entering Motion. If the Empress Earth Dao Tree's Dao Leaves condensed Dao Eyes, that would be terrifying. Luo Tian knew that even if it came to him, he was still very far from that step. It could be said that in the 196 states of the Luo clan, such a genius was nearly impossible to find. How could gaining insight into 3000 Great Dao be easy?

    Having obtained Entering Motion for the Empress Earth Dao Tree and simultaneously obtain Eye Opening for the Dragon Emperor, it meant that Ran Yu's strength was indeed good.

    Seeing Luo Tian and the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples relatively silent, the Fire Cloud State disciples also heaved a sigh of relief.

    Although Ran Yu's achievements made them feel somewhat jealous, they felt great being able to vent their anger once the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples had their mouths gagged.

    The shock brought about by Ran Yu did not dissipate immediately as the next pillar of light enveloped Gu Luo!

    "Right, Gu Luo also wanted to gain the recognition of two divine columns!"

    "Gu Luo" Phoenix Firmiana State's Luo Tian looked at Gu Luo with a slight daze.

    Amongst the Fire Cloud State's younger generation, Tian Shi, Ran Yu and Gu Luo were the leaders of the pack. The person that was hardest to see through was Gu Luo.

    Gu Luo was like a shadow that lived in the dark shadows, with no one being able to notice him usually.

    Gu Luo walked straight into a pillar of light and was illuminated by it.

    However, under the wrapping of the gray cloth, no one could see Gu Luo's mouth move. His voice seemed to directly come out of his head. It sounded dreary and buzzed in one's ears.


    On the Kun Peng divine column, the Kun Peng suddenly rolled around in the sea of clouds. Half its body flew out of the divine column and formed a phantom image in the sky, overlooking Gu Luo!

    Next, the Kun Peng opened both its eyes!

    It eyes were open! Having the eyes open immediately was a scene that stunned both the Fire Cloud State and Phoenix Firmiana State's disciples.

    The motionless Gu Luo formed a contrast with the moving Kun Peng that was like an irresistible force. It was extremely shocking!


    At this moment, the ancient Kun Peng let out a shrill as it began to flap its wings, causing a violent wind to rise up. It made the Luo clan disciples present have trouble finding their footing. They nearly did not react in time.

    "Could this be" Someone said in utter surprise, "HibHibernation Awakening!"

    Ran Yu's pupils immediately constricted to the size of a needle tip.

    Gu Luo, who was from the Fire Cloud State just like him, had returned ten years after an experiential training outside the Fire Cloud State, but now he had managed to stir the Kun Peng Fey God on the ancient Fey column, completing Hibernation Awakening!

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