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Chapter 818: Yi Yun’s Rating

    Chapter 818: Yi Yun’s Rating

    "I wonder if Junior Brother Yi Yun really passed." Bai Chen was actually the person most concerned about Yi Yun. As a new disciple, Bai Chen truly wished that Yi Yun failed the test, just like him.

    Lie Ya also noticed Yi Yun, but did not pay him much attention. Ran Yu and Gu Luo's rating had given quite a setback to Lie Ya, so he was feeling disheartened.

    He did not look forward to Yi Yun making a fool of himself at all.

    He was not in the mood.

    As for whether Yi Yun's failure to gain any recognition would cause the Fire Cloud State to be ridiculed by the Phoenix Firmiana State, Lie Ya could not be bothered.

    At this moment, he heard Luo Fengling say, "The Seven-colored Phoenix is moving."

    Lie Ya was surprised and hurriedly turned over.

    It moved?

    A warrior's eyesight was very good, so Lie Ya instantly saw the Seven-colored Phoenix's tail feathers and one claw tremble slightly.

    Lie Ya's face sunk. Be it a tremble or a flap, as long as there was any motion from the Seven-colored Phoenix, it meant Entering Motion!

    "He actually managed to gain its recognition! Forget it, it's just luck, why do I need to care about him?"

    Lie Ya gave Yi Yun a displeased glance. This punk had truly gotten dog-shit luck! It was shameful for him to share the same rating as Yi Yun!

    Bai Chen also sighed and did not feel good. Yi Yun had truly passed!

    "Rating, Entering Motion." Cang Mang announced.

    Bai Chen looked at Yi Yun and said with a bit of bitterness, "Junior Brother Yi Yun, congratulations."

    Yi Yun did not speak. In fact, making the Seven-colored Phoenix ancient Fey column move was not easy for him.

    The other cultivators who had obtained the recognition from the Seven-colored Phoenix did it through fire-elemental laws. However, Yi Yun's fire-elemental laws was born out of pure Yang laws. Hence, it was not something great. He had to use a bit of Sword Intent to aid him — the Sword Intent from the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

    When he stood in front of the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column for the first time, Yi Yun knew that the Seven-colored Phoenix would resonate with the Pure Yang Sword Palace's Sword Intent. However, the source of the resonance was the Dao the carver of the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column had. He had used a sword to carve the ancient Fey column, giving the ancient Fey column a bit of Sword Intent.

    This was Yi Yun failing to use a Great Dao, but in fact, a trick.

    Hence, regardless how ingenious the Pure Yang Sword Palace's Sword Intent was, the amount of recognition gained by the pure Yang Sword Intent was not much in front of the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column. After all, the Seven-colored Phoenix was born out of Chaos, and not a companion of Sword Intent.

    Hence, Sword Intent combined with fire-elemental laws only allowed him to attain Entering Motion. It was only the basic recognition, but for this, Yi Yun was very satisfied.

    "Junior Brother Yi, your luck sure is good." Someone said sourly. It was as though they would feel better if they concluded that Yi Yun's Entering Motion was a result of luck.

    Bai Chen sighed and said, "Luck is also a form of strength. Junior Brother Yi, you sure are good. Unfortunately, I lack that bit of luck. If I were to have just a bit more"

    Bai Chen said indignantly, as though he felt bitter resentment.

    "There was indeed a bit of luck in this." Yi Yun smiled. It was true that there was a bit of luck. After all, he spent only a couple of hours in front of the Seven-colored Phoenix ancient Fey column, much shorter than others.

    "At least you know yourself." When Lie Ya heard Yi Yun's dialogue with Bai Chen, he cursed in his heart.

    "Your luck will not last forever." Lie Ya coldly said before turning his gaze away. Taking another glance at Yi Yun would only upset him.

    But at this moment, he suddenly heard Luo Fengling's puzzled voice say, "Why is the pillar of light still on Junior Brother Yi Yun's body?"


    Lie Ya turned his head back right immediately after he turned his head away.

    Seeing Yi Yun still being enveloped by the pillar of light, Lie Ya was unable to come to a quick realization. What was going on?

    The others had yet to notice this. Only Lie Ya, Luo Fengling, and Bai Chen were staring intently at Yi Yun.

    At this moment, a divine column had a reaction.

    "There's a sound."

    Luo Fengling also stared widely with her beautiful eyes.

    Phewa gentle breeze suddenly appeared.

    The Phoenix Firmiana State were also alarmed by this. They hurriedly looked over and soon, everyone noticed the strange phenomena from Yi Yun's body.

    Who was this punk? Wasn't it just announced that he had gained a divine column's recognition?

    Although the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples did not pay Yi Yun any attention, they had heard Cang Mang's announcement.

    It was only Entering Motion, so there was nothing to care about.

    However, why was there a commotion from a person who had obtained recognition?

    "A divine column is moving!" Someone suddenly exclaimed as everyone looked over.

    It'sthe Empress Earth Dao Tree!"

    At this moment, the Fire Cloud State disciples suddenly recalled that Yi Yun had stood in front of the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column for a period of time. Of course, everyone thought that he was being overambitious. Besides, he had left rather quickly.

    Could it be

    Motion meant Entering Motion!

    That meant that Yi Yun had obtained the recognition of the Empress Earth Dao Tree?

    This was something unbelievable!

    If obtaining the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column's recognition was luck, could it be the same for the Empress Earth Dao Tree?

    Then wouldn't this luck be preposterous!?


    A sound suddenly rang.

    In a trance, everyone felt like they were standing beneath a towering tree. Surrounding them was the sound produced by the rustling of the leaves.

    Under this large tree, everyone was extremely minute, like ants or dust.

    People looked up and saw the lush foliage on the tree. As they faced the sun, their Dao patterns seemed to form eyes as they blinked.

    "This is"

    "Eye Opening? The Empress Earth Dao Tree has opened its eyes???"

    The Fire Cloud State and Phoenix Firmiana State disciples were extremely shocked.

    People who previously thought that Yi Yun had gotten lucky were stunned. The Empress Earth Dao Tree's Eye Opening? This was a result from Yi Yun?

    If it was Entering Motion, they could use luck to explain, mainly to console themselves. But for Eye Opening, was this something that could be attained with luck?

    Furthermore, it was the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    The Empress Earth Dao Tree was much stronger than the ancient Fey columns like the Seven-colored Phoenix, Dragon Emperor or Kun Peng. To obtain its recognition was extremely difficult. Even the powerful Gu Luo only obtained the rating of Entering Motion in front of the Solitary Nothingness divine column, a column about the same level as the Empress Earth Dao Tree.

    But instead, Yi Yun had Entering Motion for the Seven-colored Phoenix, but Eye Opening for the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    This result might appear similar to Ran Yu, but in fact, it was much better than Ran Yu!

    Ran Yu's breathing stagnated as he looked at Yi Yun. Previously, he had treated Yi Yun as a sycophant that had gained Prince Pingnan's support, a shameless puny person that squeezed his brother from his spot. But who knew

    He could forget about Gu Luo, but even Yi Yun was about the same as him!

    "The Seven-colored Phoenix's rating Yi Yun obtained was him barely scraping through. But for the Empress Earth Dao Tree, is he using some treasure to cheat? I don't believe it. He's just a new disciple, how can he have such a rating?" A female disciple from the Fire Cloud State said with a resenting tone. She was an admirer of Ran Yu, so she could not help but speak out when she heard the surrounding people discuss how Yi Yun's rating was better than Ran Yu.

    Everyone did not believe her so-called "cheating" because in front of the twelve Fey divine columns, other than one's grasp of laws, no other means was effective.

    At this moment, something suddenly floated down from the top of the pillar of light where Yi Yun was at.

    At first, these people could not see it clearly, but slowly, they managed to discern what had floated down.

    It was an ordinary leaf.

    There was no splendor, just an ordinary leaf that was inferior to spiritual plants.

    However, when everyone saw the leaf, their pupils constricted as they could not move their gazes away.

    They watched intently as the leaf slowly floated to the top of Yi Yun's head.

    Yi Yun reached out his hand and the leaf fell into his palm.

    Once the leaf landed in his palm, it went from a bright green color to a withering yellow. It then went from yellow to powder. With a blow of the gentle wind, the powder was blown up, dispersing into the air.

    Many people were dazed seeing this.

    The Empress Earth Dao Tree had shed a leaf, letting it fall into Yi Yun's hand?

    What did Yi Yun do or deserve to make the Empress Earth Dao Tree shed one of its leaves!?

    And at this moment, Cang Mang suddenly stood up and gave Yi Yun a deep meaningful glance, and said, "Rating, Hibernation Awakening!"

    His formidable voice woke everyone up from their shock.

    HibernationHibernation Awakening!?

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