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Chapter 819: Extreme Yang Body Illumination

    Chapter 819: Extreme Yang Body Illumination

    The crowd of people that was jolted awake could not believe their ears.

    Hibernation Awakening! Furthermore, it was the Hibernation Awakening recognition of the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    People were such curious creatures. When a person that was always much stronger than their wildest imagination, such as Ran Yu or Gu Luo, they would not doubt feats accomplished by those people despite feeling shocked. They would only accept it reluctantly, and they would even look up to the person as an idol. An idol being great was taken for granted.

    But if the person who accomplished a feat was one who everyone believed was someone weaker than them, it would become something unacceptable.

    Eye Opening was already unbelievable for them, but nowit was Hibernation Awakening!

    "Impossible!" The moment Cang Mang said his words, Lie Ya could not help but cry out.

    "Are you doubting me? Or are you doubting our Luo clan's twelve Fey divine columns?" Cang Mang looked coldly at Lie Ya. A dangerous aura immediately arose from Cang Mang's body. The gigantic python coiled around him also raised its head and stared at Lie Ya.

    Lie Ya immediately felt his scalp go numb as he uttered, "No"

    Cang Mang coldly grunted.

    The twelve Fey divine columns contained a tinge of the ancient Fey Gods' grace, of course it was impossible to cheat!

    The truth was placed before them. Yi Yun had truly obtained the rating of Hibernation Awakening from the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    Ran Yu's delicate face could no longer maintain its calm, as his expression turned extremely ugly.

    Although the rating on the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column was weaker, just the Empress Earth Dao Tree's Hibernation Awakening rating was enough to indicate that Yi Yun's performance was better than Ran Yu.

    Luo Tian also revealed an unexpected expression. "I thought the Fire Cloud State was just only average. Who knew that a Yuan Opening realm disciple can have such good performance, howeverthe short period of cultivation might mean a disadvantage for people with low cultivation levels, but from another point of view, having a young bone age gives a bonus. The test of the twelve ancient Fey columns may not be one's final evaluation of strength."

    What Luo Tian said was actually a fact, but it had been proven over numerous occasions that the longer one cultivated, the deeper one's nomological insight was. The recognition obtained would be higher; hence, a disciple that had cultivated for sixty years should be stronger than a new disciple.

    "Senior Brother Luo, does that mean you can exceed this rating?"

    "Could it be that Senior Brother Luo is going to attempt to obtain the recognition of three ancient Fey columns?"

    On the Phoenix Firmiana State's side, a few disciples were shocked from hearing Luo Tian's words. Luo Tian's confidence made them all believe that he had the chance to achieve even better results.

    Luo Tian shook his head, "Forget about three columns. That's just pomposity. I will only choose two columns, one with Eye Opening and another with Hibernation Awakening. That, I can still guarantee."

    Luo Tian may have remarked that three columns was just "pomposity", but the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples knew that it was just Luo Tian's prideful way of expressing himself. As meditating before three ancient Fey columns was too much a rush for time, it was very difficult to obtain good results. It was safer to meditate over two ancient Fey columns.

    An Eye Opening and a Hibernation Awakening would be a better result than Yi Yun.

    However, could the Hibernation Awakening rating that Luo Tian guaranteed exceed the Empress Earth Dao Tree? That was the Empress Earth Dao Tree!

    Seeing the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples still in doubt, Luo Tian laughed and said, "He's just a Yuan Opening realm disciple junior. Surpassing him will be very easy!"

    Just as he wanted to say more confident words, someone suddenly said, "WhyWhy hasn't the pillar of light around Junior Brother Yi's body disappeared?"

    "That's right, and in fact, it seems to be getting brighter"

    People broke out into a flurry of discussion, but these discussions made Luo Tian feel like he was a rooster that had its neck strangled. Slowly, he lowered his voice till it was completely stuck in his throat.

    As though he had seen a ghost, he stared intently at Yi Yun.

    Why was the situation not over!?

    It was not only limited to him, the gazes people gave Yi Yun were completely filled with incredulity.


    A more intense golden beam of light fell from the sky, as though a brilliant sun was illuminating Yi Yun from the nine heavens. It bathed him in its golden light, making him look like a god.

    Ran Yu immediately felt as though his brain had been brutally punched. It began to buzz.

    Even the way Cang Mang looked at Yi Yun had an additional strange hint to it.

    Could therebe more!?

    The corners of a Fire Cloud State disciple's eyes twitched as he whispered, "Speaking of which, didn't Yi Yun meditate for quite a period of time in front of the Extreme Yang Illumination divine column? Could it be"

    He did not need to finish his sentence as everyone recalled.

    Immediately, everyone's expressions appeared extremely complicated.

    Yi Yun had obtained the Hibernation Awakening rating from the Empress Earth Dao Tree. He couldn't have also obtained the recognition of the Extreme Yang Illumination, right?

    The Extreme Yang Illumination's birth was immediately after Chaos. The difficulty of grasping it was extremely horrifying.

    The Empress Earth Dao Tree was the fusion of 3000 Great Dao, while the Extreme Yang Illumination was the ultimate embodiment of pure Yang laws. It was a Great Dao of Supremacy that was born alongside the beginning of the Universe.

    Yi Yun's previous performance had already shamed them to the point of not being able to raise their heads. Only Ran Yu and Gu Luo, as well as Luo Tian, could still compete with Yi Yun.

    If he obtained the additional recognition of the Extreme Yang Illumination

    "Just now for the Empress Earth Dao Tree, Yi Yun might have used some small Dao, including fire-elemental laws to obtain its recognition. However, for the Extreme Yang Illumination, no matter how profound one's fire-elemental laws are, it is just too weak in front of the pure Yang laws at the beginning. In my point of view, even if Yi Yun gains its recognition, it will just be Entering Motion." A cultivator said.

    "Entering Motion would also be terrifying enough!"

    Many people said with great difficulty. Saying that Yi Yun would obtain Entering Motion was not because they were sure of it, but because such a result was something more acceptable for them.

    These people originally believed that they were much stronger than Yi Yun. They were the ones who truly had the qualifications to participate in the Luo Divine Hall trials. As for Yi Yun, he came from a lower realm, and had just joined the Earth Fire Hall. If not for Prince Pingnan, how could he have been able to participate in the trials?

    This understanding formed a huge contrast with the reality before their eyes. How could this bunch of elites accept it?

    If the Empress Earth Dao Tree's rating was because of Yi Yun's amazing talents in fire-elemental laws, and if the Extreme Yang Illumination was only at the Entering Motion rating, this result would still make them uncomfortable, but at least it was something acceptable.

    Ran Yu did not speak, but in his heart, he too was having similar thoughts. He really could not accept that he who was a Heaven Fey with noble blood would be surpassed by a human from the lower realms.

    "To obtain Hibernation Awakening from the Empress Earth Dao Tree, obtaining Entering Motion from the Extreme Yang Illumination is also extremely good." Bai Chen thought bitterly. Previously, he wished that Yi Yun would fail to gain any recognition, but now, he did not care what rating Yi Yun obtained. The differences between the two of them was too great. It did not matter if there was one bit more or less.

    Everyone had disparate thoughts, however, the Extreme Yang Illumination would not change its inclination because of these people's thoughts.

    A small fire plume suddenly lit up from the Extreme Yang Illumination.

    Seeing this plume of fire, everyone immediately felt the same thing, as though this was the only ray of light left in the entire world.

    The light from their surroundings, even the starlight above their heads appeared deficient in comparison before the plume of flame, as though they had all been engulfed.

    The first ancient Fey column, Extreme Yang Illumination, moved

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