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Chapter 820: Interspatial Space

    Chapter 820: Interspatial Space

    After the plume of fire on the Extreme Yang Illumination divine column came into being, it began to burgeon like prairie fire.

    As it burst out, even the large python coiled around Cang Mang raised its head up high!

    The face which Cang Mang used to look at the Extreme Yang Illumination was filled with astonishment.

    As the halo of light expanded, a layer of the halo suddenly burst outwards with a loud boom!

    Everyone could not help but take a step back. Even though they knew that it was a phantom image, they could not help but feel that infinite heat radiating towards them. It felt like just touching it would render any protective Yuan Qi useless, reducing immediately to ashes! Even the heaven and earth could not withstand the terrifying heat, what more them?

    This was naturally not Yi Yun's strength, but the Fey God's grace contained within the Extreme Yang Illumination divine column. As for Yi Yun, he was just the person who had triggered it.

    But what truly shocked them was not the power of the heavens and earth, but Cang Mang's words

    "Hibernation Awakening"

    Cang Mang muttered to himself as the way he looked at Yi Yun completely changed.

    Seven-colored Phoenix, Entering Motion.

    Empress Earth Dao Tree, Hibernation Awakening!

    Extreme Yang Illumination, Hibernation Awakening!

    Obtaining the recognition of three divine columns, with two of them being at an extremely high difficulty, and it were these two extremely difficult divine columns that Yi Yun had obtained a rating of Hibernation Awakening!

    To obtain the recognition of three divine columns in a day's time, he had to do so in a third the time what others had for each divine column.

    At this moment, even the zombie-like Gu Luo's pupils had contracted into a needle tip.

    Regardless of the speculation from before, be it about having good luck or being good at fire-elemental laws, the halo that burst forth was like a resounding slap, slapping them hard in their faces.

    Luo Tian remained silent for a long time before he silently turned around. He was in fact thinking of turning around and leave the place. After knowing of Yi Yun's ratings and then recall the words he had just said, he felt like he would be sitting on pins and needles just staying here.

    In particular, he had even commented on Yi Yun's performance in the capacity as a senior disciple. Seeing the result, Luo Tian's face was burning.

    And at this moment, not a single Fire Cloud State disciple cared about what Luo Tian had previously said. Compared to the immense shock Yi Yun gave to them, Luo Tian's words were nothing.

    "Two Hibernation Awakening, one Entering Motion. You are very good. Yi Yun, right? I shall remember your name." Cang Mang looked at Yi Yun and said with a deep voice.

    Upon hearing Cang Mang's words, Ran Yu immediately clenched his fists. Cang Mang's status and identity was far from simply leading them around for their training. And even though Ran Yu's performance was not bad, Cang Mang had not said any additional words at all. This Yi Yun had gotten the favor of Cang Mang.

    Ran Yu had intended to chase after Tian Shi, hoping to prove that even without Tian Shi's resources, he too could excel. Ran Yu was actually satisfied with his performance, but now, compared with Yi Yun, he was greatly inferior.

    He was inferior to Tian Shi and Gu Luo, and now, he was even inferior to a rookie disciple of the Earth Fire Hall!

    "However, the twelve Fey divine columns is just a testing of one's nomological insight. Just having insights alone is not enough for a warrior, because a warrior also requires sufficient strength." Cang Mang said with great meaning behind his words. Yi Yun's performance was indeed amazing, and combined with his cultivation realm and age, it could only be described as absolutely brilliant. However, the more Cang Mang favored Yi Yun, the more he wanted to specially say those words to warn Yi Yun so as to prevent him from feeling inflated.

    "That's right, Yi Yun is only having the upper hand for the time being. Now, I still possess great advantages in various other aspects, such as my body!"

    A keenness flashed at the bottom of Ran Yu's eyes. When it came to bodily strength, the Human race was inferior to the Fey race. Furthermore, Yi Yun's cultivation had been short, so even if he was a true genius, the Luo Divine Hall trials were not his stage.

    Other than those outstanding disciples being able to receive the attention from various factions at the Luo Divine Hall trials, those who passed the trials would also receive generous rewards! These rewards were very helpful in increasing their strength.

    Before the Luo Divine Hall trials that lasted a decade began, they needed to use such training experiences like this to attempt to go one step further, as well as the opportunities obtained during these training experiences.

    Following that, pillars of light appeared on the other Fire Cloud State disciples. However, after Ran Yu, Gu Luo and Yi Yun's rating, no one paid attention to the remaining disciples, regardless if they received any recognition or not.

    Even they themselves felt a lack of interest. Previously, every disciple was feeling nervous, wishing they could gain the recognition of the Fey divine columns. But now, this feeling of unease was already gone. Even if they passed, it was just Entering Motion, they did not offer any grounds for comparison with Yi Yun.

    The remaining disciples quickly obtained their ratings of the twelve Fey divine columns.

    The evaluation had given them quite a setback.

    Cang Mang glanced at the disciples with a smile that did not look like a smile.

    The Fire Cloud State disciples were all having a myriad of expressions. After the evaluation, nearly everyone had different expressions from when they first came in.

    However, this was one of the goals of organizing the Luo Divine Hall trials. The Luo clan was able to last for eons through the steady stream of genius warriors.

    Letting these elites with eyes as high as the heavens gather together was the only way to let them recognize their shortcomings, inspiring greater potential from them.

    As for those disciples who suffered setbacks and could not recover from them would be eliminated without any worries. The Luo clan did not need such warriors.

    "Previously, I mentioned that in the Ancient Fey Edifice, a large number of opportunities are prepared for you. The only thing that determines whether you can obtain it is based on your individual skill." Cang Mang said.

    Immediately, all the disciples who gained the recognition of the twelve Fey divine columns felt their spirits lifted. The twelve Fey divine columns made them clearly understand their own nomological insights and limitations. This resulted in their minds being focused on this, making them nearly forget there were still opportunities waiting for them!

    "The twelve Fey divine columns represent laws. They are profound and esoteric. To obtain their opportunities is not a simple task." Cang Mang looked at the disciples and slowly said, "Although it's just a hint of their grace, the ancient Fey columns have their own consciousness. The constructors back then left their mantle behind, sealing them in the ancient Fey column's interspatial space. It will provide you with different opportunities depending on the recognition you received!"

    Those who had gained the recognition of any of the twelve Fey divine columns obtained the qualification to enter the twelve Fey divine columns interspatial space.

    As Cang Mang spoke, everyone who gained the recognition of the twelve Fey divine columns were enshrouded by a sheen of pale light.

    Following that, the ground began to issue a dull, rumbling sound, as though an extremely gigantic Fey beast was being awaken beneath it.

    A feeling of being stared at by a primordial existence enveloped the crowd as the grounds trembled gently, causing the cultivators to tremble in fear.

    At the same time, they also began having an intense anticipatory feeling!

    The door was about to open!

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