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Chapter 823: Intermediary Spirit Pearl

    Chapter 823: Intermediary Spirit Pearl


    Ran Yu suddenly clenched his five fingers, shattering the pocket-sized tiny golden snake with a squeeze.

    When he opened his fingers, a golden piece of paper-like charm was revealed.

    The golden beam of light that could transform into different shapes autonomously was actually a charm?

    All the Luo clan disciples looked at the charm with astonishment and curiosity.

    And the moment the charm came into being, those cultivators that had been staring at the charm immediately felt a sense of danger. It was as though they were the ones being stared at by the charm.

    Without even using the charm, it already imposed such feelings on others. Could it be weak when it was truly put into use?

    Compared to other opportunities, charms were actually considered a consumable item, but truly powerful charms could be used at critical junctures. Some extremely profound charms were equivalent to a strike of a warrior at the supreme level. To Yuan Opening and Heaven Ascension realm warriors, this charm was especially valuable.

    However, the more profound a charm was, the more difficult it was to produce one. Like the one Ran Yu had, the difficulty of constructing it was extremely high.

    Upon thinking of this, the other cultivators were filled with envy. The cost of the charm definitely would not be low.

    Ran Yu was rather satisfied with this charm as he silently kept it.

    Ran Yu glanced at Yi Yun beside him, and he immediately sneered when he saw Yi Yun having a ruminating look. Clearly, this was the first time Yi Yun had seen such a charm.

    Warriors from the lower realm were limited in their world view, so how could they recognize the charms from the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven?

    At this moment, another light curtain flew over.

    "It's headed straight for Ran Yu."

    Ran Yu reached out his hand and grabbed the curtain of light.

    As the beam of light shattered, an extremely lustrous pearl appeared in Ran Yu's hand.

    This pearl gave off a faint azure luster and emitted light. As it quietly sat in Ran Yu's palm, its incandescent radiation fixated the gazes of those cultivators.

    "This is" Some cultivators did not recognize it at all.

    "Intermediary Spirit Pearl!" Someone exclaimed. This was not an offensive or defensive item, but a Dao pearl carved with all the nomological insights of a mighty figure of the Luo clan when he was close to his death. Once it was shattered, one could gain enlightenment from the nomological fragments.

    Of course, a mighty figure could produce many Intermediary Spirit Pearl over tens of thousands of years. And if one managed to gain insight from an Intermediary Spirit Pearl, it was still impossible to directly obtain the nomological insights of that particular mighty figure.

    But even so, it was still extremely valuable.

    A cultivator said with an envious tone, "This is similar to the pill Luo Fengling received, but it is much higher in grade than that pill."

    "Ran Yu is a Heaven Fey, so he has a powerful body. Now, by having his nomological insights improved, his strength would improve before the Luo Divine Hall trials begin. He would definitely obtain a higher placing at the trials."

    The cultivators broke out into discussion.

    They shook their heads gloomily as they looked at Ran Yu. The opportunities they had obtained was nothing compared to Ran Yu's.

    However, Cang Mang said, "This is the most basic grade of Intermediary Spirit Pearl."

    The most basic grade?

    But it was still an Intermediary Spirit Pearl

    "However, being able to obtain an Intermediary Spirit Pearl is indeed not easy. People in the past have also gained the recognition of the Empress Earth Dao Tree, but the ones who obtained an Intermediary Spirit Pearl are few in number. There is a bit of luck involved in this." Cang Mang followed up.

    When these disciples heard it, they immediately sighed with emotion over the Intermediary Spirit Pearl's value.

    A sneer flashed beneath Ran Yu's eyes. Although the grade wasn't high, the opportunity he had received was not bad. Just as people had said to Yi Yun, luck was also a form of strength.

    "For Ran Yu to obtain this opportunity, it's a wonder what Gu Luo and Yi Yun would obtain." A cultivator turned his gaze towards Gu Luo and Yi Yun. This cultivator had obtained his opportunity, a notebook from a mighty Fey in his youth. If he carefully studied it, he too could gain some insights and knowledge.

    This group of cultivators had already obtained their opportunities, so they had lost all sense of anticipation. Hence, they focused their attention on Gu Luo and Yi Yun.

    "The opportunities depend on fated luck. Senior Brother Li, you just got Entering Motion and was weaker than younger brother me. However, the item you received is so much better than mine." Another cultivator spoke with a look of speechlessness. He too had only obtained twenty World Stones.

    "Haha." That particular Senior Brother Li could not conceal his laughter as he said, "Hence, Gu Luo and Yi Yun might not received much better opportunities. The ancient Fey columns have strange rules with their ratings. Maybe as a human, Yi Yun might receive something even worse! Then, his results would be for nothing."

    The other cultivators nodded their heads in unison. Yi Yun's rating had made their face warm, as though they had been smacked in the face. If the opportunities Yi Yun received were not that great, they could feel more comforted.

    Of course, they also knew that with Yi Yun's ratings, no matter how bad his luck was, the opportunities he received would be much better than theirs.

    "It's Gu Luo's turn!"

    A beam of light shot into Gu Luo's hands and when everyone managed to make out the beam of light, they were taken aback.

    Gu Luo's first opportunity was also an Intermediary Spirit Pearl!

    And when this Intermediary Spirit Pearl appeared, it immediately made the people present feel like their skin was being pricked. A sharp aura made everyone involuntarily retreat.

    Upon seeing this Intermediary Spirit Pearl, Ran Yu frowned. It appeared as though Gu Luo's Intermediary Spirit Pearl was of a higher grade.

    The first treasure was an Intermediary Spirit Pearl, and for the next item

    Solitary Nothingness divine column, Eye Opening!

    A light curtain flew out of the Solitary Nothingness divine column, transforming into a stone slip.

    "It's a fragmentary technique!" A keen-eyed person shouted.

    This stone slip was unwhole, and only a portion of the technique recorded on it remained.

    Gu Luo was seen silently putting away the Intermediary Spirit Pearl and stone slip into his interspatial ring with a deadpan expression. No one could tell if he was happy or not.

    Everyone were engaged in discussion, but Gu Luo did not have the intention to take the two treasures out.

    They were curious about the fragmentary technique, and speculated that it was an ancient fragmentary technique, and if Gu Luo managed to master 10 or 20% of it, it would be extremely good.

    However, the comprehension of fragmentary techniques also depended on luck. Whether it could be comprehended and the amount one could comprehend was an unknown. Hence, from this point of view, this fragmentary technique might not be better than Ran Yu's charm.

    The other cultivators also came to this conclusion as they looked at Ran Yu. Although Ran Yu had received a relatively disadvantaged rating, his luck was still not bad

    However, Ran Yu appeared expressionless. After saying those words to Yi Yun, he had restored his refined and indifferent collectedness.

    He had thought things through. As a Heaven Fey, and a member of the Xushui Ran clan, even if his nomological insights were inferior to Yi Yun, he surpassed Yi Yun in various other aspects! Why did he need to use his weakness as a comparison?

    As for now, all that mattered was what opportunities Yi Yun obtained.

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