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Chapter 824: The Path of Body-tempering

    Chapter 824: The Path of Body-tempering

    By now, everyone had realized that the rewards given by the twelve Fey divine columns were issued in order of recognition. After Gu Luo, it was likely Yi Yun's turn.

    Everyone's focus turned onto Yi Yun as they were all eager to know what sort of opportunities he would receive, with him being the cultivator with the highest ratings.

    Even Gu Luo's dead-like eyes turned to look at Yi Yun.

    "I wonder how Junior Brother Yi Yun's fated luck is" Luo Fengling looked from afar as she stood on the Seven-colored Phoenix stone bridge.

    The stone bridge beneath Yi Yun was like a shriveled piece of wood that appeared to have been in such a state for more than ten thousand years. Its surface was also covered in a layer of stone.

    But beneath the shriveled wood, it was covered with spiritual flowers and spiritual grass that grew lushly and colorfully in an extremely beautiful manner. These spiritual plants would usually only grow in grounds with rich spiritual energy, so it was rather surprising for them to grow on this shriveled wood in this interspatial space.

    Suddenly, a light curtain flew up from deep within the chasm. It began out as a tiny dot of light before quickly transforming into a long fogbow, and its direction was headed for the shriveled wood.

    The light curtain directly came before Yi Yun, and the moment he stretched his hand out, he felt his hand sink as a box appeared in his hand.

    "What is it?" The Luo clan disciples focused at his hand.

    Yi Yun immediately understood the moment he came into contact with the light curtain.

    This was the reward from the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column.

    Yi Yun had barely gained the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column's recognition, so he did not have his hopes up on the reward from it.

    Yi Yun opened the box and in it was a book. The cover was written in ancient Fey race text—Nine Volumed Celestial Axis.

    The first two volumes of the "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis"!

    "This reward is very average." Ran Yu said with a smile from the side.

    The "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis" was a top level body-tempering technique, but its price only began soaring past the fifth volume. Upon reaching the eighth volume, it was already a huge treasure of the Luo clan. As for the legendary ninth volume, it was already considered lost. The moment the ninth volume appeared, it would most definitely set off a blood storm in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven.

    In the world of martial arts, to create a copy of a cultivation technique one obtained, one needed to first master it. Mastering to whichever level allowed one to make a copy of that level. If not, it would be impossible to describe those profound and esoteric laws as well as the energy flow trajectories.

    The first few volumes of the "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis" were easy to cultivate, and there were many copies.

    Previously, a little-known Luo clan disciple whose rating had barely reached Entering Motion had also obtained the first two volumes of the "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis", so Yi Yun's treatment was identical to that disciple.

    This made Lie Ya gloat as he said, "It's after all a rating of Entering Motion. The 'Nine Volumed Celestial Axis' is still passable and it's much better than World Stones. However, with the physique of a human, cultivating the 'Nine Volumed Celestial Axis' is impossible"

    The opportunities handed out by the Ancient Fey Edifice differed from person to person. These twelve divine columns had been established for an extremely long period of time, and the grace within each of the twelve Fey divine columns was mysterious and profound, giving these divine columns a bit of consciousness. They had a special way of judgment, so the opportunities and rewards they handed out were usually best suited for the cultivator.

    For example, Ran Yu and Gu Luo had both obtained Intermediary Spirit Pearls, the reason being their weakness in laws.

    But Yi Yun obtained the "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis"?

    This made many people find it interesting. It was well known that humans could not temper their bodies, so for the Ancient Fey Edifice to give a "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis" to Yi Yun was no doubt smacking Yi Yun in the face.

    "It appears like Junior Brother Yi's body is too weak, resulting in the Ancient Fey Edifice to hand a body-tempering cultivation technique to make up for it. If Junior Brother Yi is confident, he can attempt learning it." Ran Yu said to Yi Yun with a smile that did not look like one.

    Time was very precious for warriors in their youth. If Yi Yun was being prideful and remained indignant which resulted in him attempting to temper his body, it would definitely waste a lot of his time. This was an outcome Ran Yu was very willing to see.

    "Junior Brother Yi, don't be provoked by him. It's best you cultivate on laws properly. As for body-tempering, it's not that humans can't do so, but the amount of effort and resources required outweighs the outcome from tempering one's body. The gains cannot make up for the losses."

    Luo Fengling was afraid that Yi Yun might be hot-headed due to his youth, and if he were to be led astray, the outcome would be disastrous.

    "Thank you Senior Sister Luo for your advice. This Junior Brother will keep it in mind."

    Yi Yun took a glance at the "Nine Volumed Celestial Axis" before keeping it into his interspatial ring.

    Although Ran Yu had deliberately belittled him, what he said was indeed true. His body was a pure Yang body, and this pure Yang body was inclined towards laws. As for body-tempering techniques, it was about having powerful bones, blood, muscles and veins. It had nothing to do with a pure Yang body.

    However, Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal. If he truly cultivated in body-tempering techniques, he could use the Purple Crystal to absorb large amounts of energy to reconstruct his body even if his body was not up to standard. It was still possible for him to cultivate in body-tempering techniques. It was just as Luo Fengling said, the amount of effort and resources could not outweigh the results. There was no need to do so.

    Yi Yun did not mind the first reward. After all, it was given by the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column. He had barely gained its recognition, so it was expected that the reward he obtained wasn't good.

    And next


    Another light curtain rushed out of the chasm, straight for Yi Yun!

    After the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column, there was the Empress Earth Dao Tree and Extreme Yang Illumination. Yi Yun had obtained Hibernation Awakening in both the two divine columns.

    "The first reward runs counter to Yi Yun's cultivation path. I'm interested to see what is the second reward he will receive. If it runs counter again from his path, that would be interesting." Ran Yu said with a laugh.

    He admitted that Yi Yun's nomological insights were good, but he still looked down on Yi Yun's origins and bloodline. Although he had obtained ratings of Hibernation Awakening, the opportunities given by the twelve Fey divine columns might not be something he could necessarily enjoy.

    His body and cultivation level was weak. If the item he received could not immediately improve his strength, it would also not help out at the Luo Divine Hall trials.

    In the Luo Divine Hall trials, no matter how high one's talent in laws were, it was useless because strength was everything.

    "I might not beat you in the Ancient Fey Edifice's twelve columns, but the Luo Divine Hall trials are what's critical. I will certainly surpass you." Ran Yu said silently in his heart.

    At this moment, the light curtain had landed in Yi Yun's palm.

    It was a squarish stone box.

    This stone box looked ordinary and even looked a bit crude.

    However, no one dared to belittle it. Quite a number of people shared the same thoughts as Ran Yu, believing that regardless of how good the items Yi Yun received, his low cultivation realm would render them temporarily useless. However, they still knew that the opportunity he received would not be bad.

    This was a reward given out for a Hibernation Awakening rating.

    Yi Yun looked at the stone box in his hand. It was about the length of a forearm and was simple in appearance. It did not appear special while held in his hand, and the aura inside it was completely isolated. He also had no idea what it was.

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